August, September, October, November 2003


Associate Editors:

Aydin Akan, Georgios Sirakoulis, Ali Gholipour, Caro Lucas,
Philippos Pouyioutas,
Shlomo Greenberg, Minh Hung Le, Ranjith Liyana-Pathirana, Ines Brosso

ACCEPTED PAPERS after review by -- at least -- two independent Reviewers.
SELECTED PAPERS from the following digest are also published in WSEAS TRANSACTIONS

    Dimensionality / Uncertainty Problem of Complex Interfaces

       by :  Zdeněk Votruba, Mirko Novák
Keywords: - Hybrid system, Interface, dimensionality, regularity, system analysis, uncertainty, fuzzy sets,  n-volume


  Scene-Based Temporal Spread Spectrum Video Watermarking

       by :  Yoon-Hee Choi, Vladimir Shin, and Tae-Sun Choi*
Keywords: - video,watermarking,
,Watermarked Video ,scene-based blind video


     Fuzzy Based Twin Controllers for Overhead Crane

       by :    Cheng-yuan Chang
Keywords: -
Fuzzy, Overhead crane, Feedback, Swing angle, Heavy load, Twin controller


    Kola Codes: A Constructive Technique for Trellis Codes with Large dfree

       by :   Ranjan Bose
Keywords: - Trellis codes, Error correcting codes, Minimum free distance, Trellis diagram, Convolutional codes

    On the Performance of Turbo Codes over UWB Channels at Low SNR

       by :   Ranjan Bose
Keywords: - Turbo codes, Ultra wideband communication, Error control coding, Pulse position modulation

    Performance of hybrid Turbo Coding Scheme for optical ppm communication systems

       by :  V.S.Chiranjeevi And R.Bose
Keywords: - Turbo codes, , Error control coding, Pulse position modulation, Optical communications

    Joint Encryption & Compression using Variable Model Arithmetic Coding

       by :   Ranjan Bose and Saumitr Pathak
Keywords: - Symmetric key cryptography, Variable model, Arithmetic coding, chaos, Compression, Encryption

   Using wavelets for texture classification

       by :   Bayram Kara, Nurdal Watsuji
Keywords: - Wavelets, Texture analysis, Pattern recognition, Image processing

    Developing and Testing on-line Survey Instrument

       by :   Norazlina Zainul and Abbas Cheddad
Keywords: - Questionnaire, Online System, Researcher, Form Manipulation, and Data Analysis

    Wideband Sound Compression for Multimedia Application

       by :   Adrian Rominski, Zygmunt Ciota
Keywords: - MPEG codec, Vorbis codec, speech processing, voice compression


    Design and Measurements of Current Mode Filters Using CMOS Technology

     by : Mariusz Jankowski, Zygmunt Ciota, Bartosz Maciejewski, Andrzej Napieralski
Keywords: - Current mode filters, Switched current filters, Transconductance amplifier, CMOS technology

    Church-Turing Thesis is Almost Equivalent to Zuse-Fredkin Thesis (An Argument in Support of Zuse-Fredkin Thesis)

       by :   Plamen Petrov
Keywords: - Cellular automata, Church-Turing thesis, Zuse-Fredkin thesis, Digital physics, Digital mechanics

    Optimum Signal Linear Detector in the Discrete Wavelet Transform-Domain

       by :   Ignacio Melgar, Jaime Gomez, Juan Seijas
Keywords: - Wavelet, signal detection, signal-to-noise ratio, probability of false alarm, probability of detection

    Modeling Of Cellular Mobile Radio Communication In Urban Areas

       by :   Bharoti Sinha
Keywords: - Propagation Model, Mobile communication ,urban area, shadow zone

    A Survey of Reservation Schemes for Optical Burst Switching (OBS)

       by :   Karamitsos Ioannis, Evagelos Varthis
Keywords: - Optical Burst Switching (OBS), Quality of Service (QoS)

  New method for time series forecasting

       by :   Theodor D. Popescu
Keywords: - Independent component analysis, Multivariate time series modeling and forecasting, Algorithms, Second order statistics, High order statistics, Simulation.

    Hierarchical Verification of Reactive Systems with Timing Constraints

       by :   J. Sebestyenova
Keywords: - Hierarchical verification, Reactive systems, Concurrent, Real-time, Timing constraints, Statecharts, Model checking, Temporal logic

   Improvement of web-based intelligent tutoring systems with the use of fuzzy logic

       by :   Constantinos Koutsojannis, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis
Keywords: - Web Based Education, Hybrid Expert System, Biomedical technology

    Towards Wireless IT Infrastructure

       by :   Seppo Sirkemaa
Keywords: - Wireless technology, Networks, Information technology infrastructure

    Terminological Reasoning in a Persistent LOGIDATA++ Object-Oriented Database

       by :   Ovidiu Pop
Keywords: - Object-oriented databases, terminological reasoning, persistence, SQL query language

    A Novel Transadmittance-Type KHN-Biquad Employing DO-OTA with Only Two Grounded Capacitors

       by :   Muhammed A. Ibrahim and Hakan Kuntman
Keywords: - Transadmittance-Mode, KHN-Biquad, DO-OTA

    A High Performance CMOS Opamp and An LP Filter Design Example for Video Applications

       by :   Atilla Uygur and Hakan Kuntman
Keywords: - Circuit and System, Active Filters, High Performance Opamp.

    Modern Communication , Information and Educational Technologies in Nigerian Schools

       by :   Celestine Achi
Keywords: - Modern Information, Educational Technologies, Learning Community, Infrastructure, Educational Institutions

    Comparative study of Geometric product and Mixed product

       by :   Md. Shah Alam, M.H. Ahsan,
Keywords: - Geometric product, Mixed product

    Audio-on-demand System Using rtp Protocol Based on jmf api

       by :   Ibrahim Aref - Abd Rahman Ramli - Mohamed Derahman - Syed Al-Haddad
Keywords: - Multimedia, Real-time Transport protocol, audio-on-Demand, buffering time, Java Media Framework, Media Locator.

    Synchronous State analysis for a Master-Slave clock distribution architecture

       by :   J.R.C. Piqueira and S.A.C. Vargas
Keywords: - Bifurcation, Dynamical Systems, Equilibrium, Master-slave network, Phase-locked loop, Synchronous network

    The System Parameter Fusion Principle and its Application to Evaluating the Core Competence of the Corporation

       by :   Qiangguo Pu, Haili Xia, Zhengqin Wu, Ying Liao, Nikos E. Mastorakis
Keywords: - Core competence, evaluation, data fusion, system parameter fusion principle

    Satellite-based networking for the enterprise

       by :   Stanislav Milanovic,Nikos E. Mastorakis
Keywords: - scpc/dama vsat, satellite-based network, internet service provider (isp), quality of service (qos)

    Analysis of Polyphase Filter Section with CFAs

       by :   Mahmut Un
Keywords: - Analog filter, polyphase filter, CFA filter, leakage, mismatch, simulation.

    The Optimal Routing and Uncertainty Processing of Moving Objects in e-Logistics

       by :   Dong Ho Kim, Jin Suk Kim, Keun Ho Ryu
Keywords: - e-Logistics, Collaborative Logistics Chain, Routes and Scheduling, Moving Object, GPS/GIS/ITS, Vehicles Tracing, Uncertainty Processing, Spatio-temporal Database

    Fingerprint Image Enhancement in Person Identification

       by :   Arun Gaikwad , Navnath Pasalkar
Keywords: - IndexTerms: Minutiae, Ridges, Matching, Verification, Segmentation

    A precise DA converter Realised with Imprecise resistors

  by :LJubisa Stankovic, Rada Dragovic-Ivanovic, Zoran Mijanovic, Nedjeljko Lekic
Keywords: - 2R+/R DA Converter, Input/Output Characteristics, Gap, Calibration, Max INL

    Design Maintenance System (Transformational Software Maintenance by Reuse):Invited Paper

       by :   Shubh Shrivastava
Keywords: - Design Maintenance System Software Reuse

    A Learner-Centered Distributed Learning Environment

       by :   Peter Holt, Oscar Lin, Harris Wang, Qiangguo Pu, Nikos Mastorakis
Keywords: - E-Learning, learner environment, privacy, agents, distributed

    A unit resolution approach to knowledge Compilation

       by :   Arindama Singh and Manoj k Raut
Keywords: - First Order Logic, Resolution Restriction, Horn Clauses

    Hybrid FEC/ARQ Delay for DiffServ Over IP and MPLS Multicast Networks

     by : Abdullah AlWehaibi, Anjali Agarwal, Michael Kadoch and Ahmed ElHakeem
Keywords: - Multicast, IP, MPLS, DiffServ, FEC/ARQ

    Evaluation of the Level of Real Estate Enterprise Informatization

       by :   Yong Wu, Qiangguo Pu, Nikos Mastorakis
Keywords: - Real estate enterprise, informatization, index system, evaluation

    High frequency Silicon-germanium heterostructure devices:simulation and analysis

       by :   Brishbhan Panwar, Gagan Khanduri
Keywords: - SiGe, Heterojunction, Homojunction, Retarding potential barrier, Collector current density,

    Active Queue Management: Comparison of Sliding Mode Controller and Linear Quadratic Regulator

       by :   Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo And Alireza Dehestani
Keywords: - Active queue management, congestion control, robust control, sliding mode control, linear quadratic regulator.

    Application of Computational Intelligence Techniques in Active Networking Technology

       by :   Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo And Alireza Dehestani
Keywords: - Active Networks, computational intelligence, fuzzy logic, neural networks.

    Application of Robust Control Issues in Differentiated Services Networks

       by :    Alireza Dehestani And Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo
Keywords: - Differentiated services networks, network management, robust control theory.

    Discrete-Time Sliding Mode Control Design for Linear Time-varying Systems with Application to Steering Control of Highway Vehicles

       by :    Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo And Behzad Moshiri
Keywords: - Discrete-time sliding mode control, linear time-varying systems, steering control, highway vehicle.

    Control of General Nonlinear Systems Using a Novel Dynamic Structure Neural Network

       by :   Behzad Moshiri And Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo
Keywords: - Neural networks, dynamic structure, control systems, nonlinear systems.

    Predicting Geomagnetic Activity Index by Brain Emotional Learning

       by :   Ali Gholipour,Caro Lucas, Danial Shahmirzadi
Keywords: - Prediction, Emotional Learning, BEL, Multi Objective Decision Making, Space Weather, Geomagnetic

    Emotional Reinforcement Learning for Portfolio Selection

       by :   Ali Abbaspour, Caro Lucas
Keywords: - Q-learning, Neural networks, Emotional learning, Portfolio selection

    Introducing a New Approach for Defining Personality of Artificial Agents

       by :   Roozbeh Daneshvar, Caro Lucas
Keywords: - Artificial Intelligence, Agent Based Systems, Defining Personality, Learning

    Fuzzy Neural Network Implementation of Q(e) for Mobile Robots

       by :   Amir Massoud Farahmand, Caro Lucas
Keywords: - Mobile robots, Reinforcement learning, Fuzzy neural network,

    Multi-Critics Based Intelligent Control

       by :   Mehrdad Fatourechi, Caro Lucas, Ali Khaki Sedigh
Keywords: - Intelligent control, multi-objective systems, emotional learning, neurofuzzy control, agents

    Speed Control Of A Switched Reluctance Motor Using Belbic (Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller)

       by :   G. Zandesh,J. Moghani,C. Lucas,D. Shahmirzadi,B. N. Araabi,O. Namaki,H. Kord
Keywords: - BELBIC, Speed Control, Switched

    Applying BELBIC (Brain Emotional Learning Based Intelligent Controller) to an Autolanding System

       by :   Caro Lucas, Sahar Moghimi
Keywords: - BELBIC, Autolanding System, Vertical Velocity, Altitude

    Zamin Environment: Review and Comparison

         by :   Saman Harati Zadeh, Abolfazl Keighobadi Lamjiri, Caro Lucas
Keywords: - Artificial life, Case-based Reasoning, Fuzzy decision making, Immerging behavior, Genetic evolution

    New techniques for video based indoor exploration with mobile robots

       by :   Stefan Florczyk
Keywords: - Robot vision, Computer vision, Computer aided design, Object reconstruction, Object recognition, Redundant programming

    FSP: Forecasting Community Portal

       by :  E.Tavanidou, Dr.K.Nikolopoulos, Dr.K.Metaxiotis, Prof.V.Assimakopoulos
Keywords: - Web Portal; Community portal; Forecasting; Web Services Web application

    Source localization of brain electrical activity via time-frequency Linearly Constrained Minimum Variance method

       by :   Riaz ahmed Khan, Ejaz Khan
Time-frequency, Chirp signals, linearly constrained minimum variance method,                    Magnetoencephalography

    State-machine based e-commerce application

       by :  Mihaela Ordean
Keywords: - State-mashine, E-commerce, State, Transition, Actor, Application framework.

    Compression of Persian Text for Web-Based Applications, Without Explicit Decompression

       by :   Fattane Taghiyareh, Ehsan Darrudi, Farhad Oroumchian, Neeyaz Angoshtari
Keywords: - N-gram Compression, Text Compression, Farsi, Unicode, Font, Genetic Algorithm

    Real Life Data Mart - Models Comparison

       by :   Mario Milicevic, Vedran Batos, Vedran Mornar
Keywords: - Data warehouse, Data mart, Dimensional modeling, Star schema

    Computerized Office Scheduling System

       by :   Mahmoud Iskandarani and Nidal Shilbayeh
Keywords: - Key-Words: - Office automation, Computer-based application, Data communication, Interface, Database System, Automation software, Circuit design.

    Estimation of the permanent of the binary matrix

       by :   Dobromir Kralchev,Dimcho Dimov,Alexander Penev
Keywords: - Matrix, Permanent, Algortithm, Complexity, Assignment

    A Methodology for Modeling Ecological Systems based on Cellular Automata.

        by :   g. Gh. Sirakoulis, i. Karafyllidis, a. Thanailakis, and ph. Tsalides
Keywords: - Cellular Automata; Modeling; Ecological Systems; Forest fire spreading; Oil slick movement; ASICs.

    Numerical Simulation of Neural Network-Controlled Unmanned Undersea Vehicle

       by :   Ashraf Hussein
Keywords: - Numerical Simulation, Unsteady Flow, Unsteady Panel Method, Unmanned Undersea Vehicle, Neural Network Control

    High Performance Computing in Protein Secondary Structure Prediction

       by :   Yutao Qi, Feng Lin and Kin Keong Wong
Keywords: - Computational biology, Protein secondary structure prediction, Parallel computing, MPI

    Minimum-Knowledge Schemes for low-power, low-memory Devices

       by :   Thomas Newe, Tom Coffey
Keywords: - Minimum-Knowledge, Authentication, Signature, Ohta-Okamoto, Fiat-Shamir, Guillou-Quisquater, Mobile

    Data Flows Algorithms with Neural Networks

       by :   Luis Mingo, Miguel Diaz, Rafael Gonzalo, Levon Aslanyan, Eugenio Santos
Keywords: - Neural networks, Time series, Function approximation, Clustering, Data flows

    Reliability Analysis of Time-Constrained Distributed Software

       by :    Hai Jin Xia Xie Yunfa Li Zongfen Han
Keywords: - Reliability analysis, Distributed software, File spanning tree, Time-constrained distributed software, Response time, Transmission time

    Summing Amplifier as a Multi-Valued Logical Element

       by :   Victor Varshavsky, Viacheslav Marakhovsky, Ilya Levin, Nayaly Kravchenko
Keywords: - Fuzzy logic control, Fuzzy rules, Fuzzy inference, Multi-valued logic, Multi-threshold element, Summing amplifier, Operational amplifier.

    QoS Comparison for DiffServ over Heterogeneous MPLS Multicast Networks  : A Simulation Study

      by :  Abdullah Alwehaibi, Anjali Agarwal, Michael Kadoch and Ahmed Elhakeem
Keywords: - Heterogeneous, IP, MPLS, DiffServ, FEC/ARQ

    Context–free grammar Induction Using Evolutionary Methods

       by :   Olgierd Unold
Keywords: - Grammatical inference, context–free grammars, natural language processing, evolutionary computation

    A Semigroup Representation of the World Wide Web

       by :   Paraskevas V. Lekeas
Keywords: - Key words: - Constraint Satisfaction Problem, NP-complete, semigroups, web

    Two-dimensional cellular automata of radius one for synchronization task

       by :   Rene Reynaga and Franz Yupanqui
Keywords: - Cellular automata, 2D Synchronization Task.

    A model to approximately cover an area by antennas

       by :   S. A. Paschos, V. Th. Paschos, V. Zissimopoulos
Keywords: - wireless communications, simulated annealing, circular cutting

    Enumerative and structural aspects of incomplete generating languages

       by :   Martin Juras
Keywords: - Incomplete generating language, Finite automaton, Regular language.

    The System Parameter Fusion Principle and its Application to Evaluating the Level of Real Estate Enterprise Informatization

       by :   Qiangguo Pu, Yong Wu, Nikos E. Mastorakis
Keywords: - Data fusion, real estate enterprise, informatization, index system, evaluation

    A Bounded Local Adaptive Packet Pricing (BLAPP) Scheme for IP Networks

       by :   Chanan Glezer, Yuval Elovici, Yehuda Ben-Shimol
Keywords: - IP-pricing, IP-billing, Quality of Service (QoS), Differentiated Services (DiffServ), Service Level Agreement (SLA), Internet Service Provider (ISP)

    Discrete Time Linear Quadratic Optimal Control for an Electrical Servo Drive System

       by :   Corneliu Botan, Florin Ostafi, Alexandru Onea
Keywords: - Optimal control, Brushless, DC machines, Efficiency, Servo drives

    The Church-Turing Thesis as an Immature Form of the Zuse-Fredkin Thesis (More Arguments in Support of the "Universe as a Cellular Automaton" Idea)

       by :   Plamen Petrov
Keywords: - Cellular automata, Church-Turing thesis, Zuse-Fredkin thesis, Digital Physics, Digital Mechanics

    Integrated Wideband Low-Noise Current-Mode Transimpedance Preamplifiers for Optical Receivers

       by :   Farid Touati
Keywords: - High gain, Low Noise, Optical Receivers, Transimpedance amplifiers

    Neural Networks: a Versatile and Robust Tool for Mobile Space Communications

       by :   Francis Castanie, Daniel Roviras
Keywords: - Mobile communications, Satellite communications, Identification, Equalization, Predistortion

    Simulation Analysis of Packet Scheduling Algorithm for WWW and Video Streaming Service in UMTS Downlink FDD Mode

       by :   Marko Porjazoski, Borislav Popovski
Keywords: - UMTS, WCDMA, Packet Scheduling, DCH, DSCH, Streaming Video, Interactive WWW Service

    Objective functions for systolic arrays

       by :   Dragan M. Randjelovic
Keywords: - Systolic arrays, Adaptable algorithms, Systolic arrays characteristics, Matrix multiplication

    A Configurable and Scalable SIMD Machine for Computation-Intensive Applications

       by :   Xizhen Xu, Sotirios G. Ziavras
Keywords: - SIMD (Single Instruction and Multiple Data), PE (Processing Element), ILP (Instruction Level Parallelism), pipeline, FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array).

    A novel eye localization method for face recognition

       by :    Hyunwoo Kim, Jong Ha Lee
Keywords: - Eye localization, Face recognition, Gabor wavelet, Face detection, Face animation

    A Recursive Matching Method for Content-based Image Retrieval

       by :   Hyunwoo Kim, Tae-Kyun Kim, Sang Ryong Kim, Wonjun Hwang, Seok Cheol Kee
Keywords: - Content-based image retrieval, Recursive matching, Face recognition

    Fast Algorithm for Solution of Dirichlet Problem for Laplace Equation

       by :   Alexandre Grebennikov
Keywords: - fast algorithms, Dirichlet problem, Laplace equation, Radon transformation

    An Adaptive Encoder for Audio Watermarking

       by :   B. Gunsel, S. Sener, and Y. Yaslan
Keywords: - Physcoacoustic masking, Data hiding, Watermark decoding.

    Incoherent Detection of Distributed Targets in Structured Gaussian Interference

       by :   A. De Maio and G. Foglia
Keywords: - Detection

    Improving Image Data Processing

       by :   Noriaki Asada
Keywords: - Computer vision, Camera intrinsic parameter, Affine transformation, Area oriented interpolation, Multi-band image, Category classification, Spatial resolution, SNR

    Performance investigation of a broadband ofdm system employing spatial diversity and turbo coding

       by :   Emmanouil I. Kalantzis, Panagiotis I. Dallas, Bayan S. Sharif
Keywords: - Adaptive Modulation, Turbo Coding, BFWA System, Diversity, Maximal Ratio Combining

    Cellular Automata Modelling and Fractal Analysis of High Burn-up Structures in UO2

       by :   Ioannis Antoniou, Elena Akishina, Viktor Ivanov, Boris Kostenko
Keywords: - Nuclear Fuel, High Burn-up Structures, Cellular Automata, Fractal Analysis

    Noncausal vector linear prediction filters

           by :   Kh. Manglem Singh and Prabin K. Bora
 Keywords: - Scalar, Vector, Linear prediction, Threshold, Center–weighted median filter, Vector median filter, noncausal

    ARMAX parameter estimation using hybrid optimization techniques

       by :   Dimitris Koulocheris, Vasilis Dertimanis, Harry Vrazopoulos
Keywords: - System Identification, Evolutionary Algorithms, Hybrid Methods.

    Design of an I-Beam using a deterministic multiobjective optimization algorithm

       by :   Dimitris Koulocheris, Harry Vrazopoulos, Vasilis Dertimanis
Keywords: - multi-objective optimization, Pareto front, deterministic algorithms

    Evolutionary Algorithms Software - Parametrisation Possibilities and Performance

       by :   Thomas Schnattinger, Gabriella Kokai, Zoltan Toth
Keywords: - Evolutionary Algorithms, Parameters, Categorisation, Benchmarks

    Wavelet Representation of Differentially Fed ANN

       by :   Reg Manjunath, K.S. Garamurthy
Keywords: - Discrete wavelet transform, Artificial neural networks, Differential feeding.

    Spectral Analysis of Differentially Fed Artificial Neural Network

       by :   Reg Manjunath, K.S. Garamurthy
Keywords: - Spectral analysis, Artificial neural networks, Differential feeding.

    Differentially Fed Neural Networks as Ideal Estimators in Bayesian Space

       by :   Reg Manjunath, K.S. Garamurthy
Keywords: - Bayesian Estimation, Artificial neural networks, Differential feeding.

    Convolution of Gaussian Manifolds in a Differentially Fed Neural Networks

       by :   Reg Manjunath, K.S. Gurumurthy
Keywords: - Convulotion,Gaussian manifolds, Differentially fed Artificial Neural Networks,

    Bayesian Decisions with Differentially Fed Neural Networks

       by :   Reg Manjunath, K.S. Gurumurthy
Keywords: - Bayesian Decision, Differentially fed Artificial Neural Networks,

    The Software Architecture of a Decision Support System for Process Plant Instrumentation

       by :   Gustavo Vazquez, Sebastian Ferraro, Jessica Carballido, Ignacio Ponzoni, Mabel Sanchez, Nelida Brignole
Keywords: - Instrumentation – Decision Support System – Observability – Redundancy – Software Engineering

    An extended notion of Cellular Automata for surface flows modelling

       by :   M.V. Avolio, G.M. Crisci, D. D’Ambrosio, S. Di Gregorio, G. Iovine, R. Rongo, W. Spataro
Keywords: - Cellular Automata, Modelling, Simulation, Fluid-dynamics, Lava, Debris flows, Pyroclastic flows

    Database Technology and Real Time Industrial Transaction Techniques In Control

       by :  Iveta Zolotova, Jana Flochova
Keywords: - Control System,    Information Technology,    Database Management Systems,   Relational Databases, Control Education, SCADA/HMI – Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition/Human Machine Interface


    Notes on control and observation in cellular automata models

       by :   S. El Yacoubi and A. El Jai
Keywords: - Cellular automata, distributed parameter systems, control, observation

    Design of dedicated parallel processors for the simulation of physical processes using cellular automata and genetic algorithms.

       by :   G. Gh. Sirakoulis, I. Karafyllidis, A. Thanailakis, and Ph. Tsalides
Keywords: - Cellular Automata, Genetic Algorithms, Simulation, Parallel processors, VLSI, Physical processes

    Fuzzy Rule 110 Dynamics and The Golden Number

       by :   Angelo B. Mingarelli
Keywords: - Fuzzy, Cellular Automata, Rule 110, Global Evolution, Golden Number, Fibonacci numbers

    A novel framework for the evaluation, verification and validation of distributed applications and services

       by :   Antonio Liotta, Carmelo Ragusa, Marco Ballette
Keywords: - Application-level simulation; Simulation tools; Parallel and distributed computing; Performance evaluation

    A statistical approach to distinguish between different DNA functional parts.

       by :   I. Abnizova, M. Schilstra, R. te Boekhorst, C.L. Nehaniv
Keywords: - Statistical computational methods, Bioinformatics, Genome sequencing, Regulatory dna regions, Coding dna regions

    Modelling and control of cotton sliver drafting process

       by :   Jaroslav Hlava
Keywords: - Time delay systems, Distributed delays, Quasipolynomials, Internal model control, Textile sliver drafting process

    A Proposal for the Specification of a SVC Service in a MPLS UNI

       by :   Edson Moreira Silva Neto, Sergio Vianna Fialho
Keywords: - Access Network, MPLS, SVC, UNI, QoS

    Camera Positioning within a Driving Simulator

       by :   Tersia Janse van rensburg, Anton van wyk
Keywords: - Coordinate transformations, Camera positioning, Driving simulator

    On bit-level systolic arrays for digitized contour derivatives estimation (invited paper)

       by :   Jan Glasa
Keywords: - bit-level systolic arrays, VLSI, digital contour smoothing, digitized contour derivatives

    Discrimination of Perfumes Using an Electronic Nose System

       by :   Nidal Shilbayeh and Mahmoud Iskandarani
Keywords: - Electronic nose, Olfactory, Gas sensor, Hardware, Software.

    Combining Neural Networks and CLP for Production Scheduling

       by :   Dimitrios Panopoulos, Dimitrios Ptochos, Athina Oikonomou, Dimitrios Askounis, John Psarras
Keywords: - Scheduling, Neural Networks, CLP, Job-shop, Eclipse, Optimisation

    Performance Evaluation of an Adaptive Volterra/Hybrid Equalizer in a Nonlinear Magneto-Optic Data Storage Channel

       by :   Sunil Gupta
Keywords: - ISI, Nonlinear Equalization, Volterra, Optical Data Storage, SNR, eigenvalue, convergence ratio

    Noncausal vector linear prediction filters

       by :   Kh. Manglem Singh and Prabin K. Bora
Keywords: - Scalar, Vector, Linear prediction, Threshold, Center–weighted median filter, Vector median filter, noncausal

    Petri Net Modeling of Transformer Fault Diagnosis Process

       by :   Pavlos S. Georgilakis and John A. Katsigiannis
Keywords: - Power System, Transformer, Transformer Fault Diagnosis, Transformer Repair, Artificial Intelligence, Petri Nets

    A Closed-form Discrete Fractional Gabor Expansion

       by :   Erol Onen, Aydin Akan
Keywords: - Gabor expansion, Time-frequency analysis, Fractional Fourier transform.

    Cellular Automata equivalent to D0L Systems

       by :   Abdel Latif Abu Dalhoum, Alfonso Ortega, Manuel Alfonseca
Keywords: - Cellular automata, Lindenmayer systems, parallel derivation grammar, theoretical computer science, formal languages

   Cooperative Competing Technologies Enhancing the Publishing industry: the xml Revolution

       by :   Tor A. Kwembe, Jan-jo Chen, Azungwe I. Kwembe
Keywords: - Extensible,Stylesheet, Language, Xml, Database, Network, Management


    Simple design of Photonic Crystal mmi Couplers

       by :   M. Mamalis, d. Varoutas, a. Chipouras & th. Kamalakis
Keywords: - Integrated optics, photonic crystals, waveguide couplers.


    Evaluation Of The Probability Density Function Of The Four-Wave Mixing Noise

       by :   J. Neokosmidis, th. Kamalakis, a. Chipouras & d. Varoutas
Keywords: - Dense wavelength division multiplexing, nonlinearity, optical networks, optical mixing.

    Electrical Crosstalk Estimations on flip-chip and wire-bonded OEICs

       by :   D. Varoutas, a. Chipouras, a. Arapoyianni & t. Sphicopoulos
Keywords: - Optoelectronics, OE-VLSI, OEICs, Integrated circuits modelling, electrical crosstalk.

    Learning Object Model for Laboratory-based Lessons

       by :   Habib Mir Hosseini, Keck-Voon Ling, Bing Duan, Robert Kheng Leng Gay
Keywords: - Online Laboratory, Virtual Laboratory, e-learning, Reusable Learning Objects

  Analysis of 1/f Nature of Sea-Wave Noise Data

       by :   Tayfun Akgul
Keywords: - 1/f processes, self-similarity, wavelet-based analysis.


Optimal Gabor filter subset using a genetic algorithm

       by :   C. Mandriota, N. Ancona, E. Stella, A. Distante
Keywords: -
Gabor filters, Texture analysis, Defect detection, Genetic Algorithm, SVM


   802.11 Wireless LAN performance estimation under varying network load

       by :   Chris Basios,Panagiotis Kostarakis
Keywords: - 802.11, DCF, throughput, ad-hoc, infrastructure, TCP, UDP


   A soft computing algorithm for designing fixed-topologies in wireless networks

       by :   Salah Al-Sharhan
Keywords: - Soft Computing, Wireless Networks

   A Benchmark Generator for Dynamic Optimization

       by :   Abdunnaser Younes and Otman Basir and Paul Calamai
Keywords: - Dynamic Optimization, Traveling Salesman Problem, Genetic Algorithms, Combinatorial Problems

   A Block Decomposition Method for Block Quindiagonal Matrices

       by :   Hsin-Chu Chen
Keywords: - Block Fourier decomposition, Orthogonal transformation, Simularity transformation, Block quindiagonal matrices, Linear systems, Eigenvalue problems s,

   A case study for ATM over ADSL network evaluation

       by :   Stanislav Milanovic,Nikos E. Mastorakis
Keywords: - Residential Broadband, ADSL Access Network, ATM core network, Quality of Service,Internet

   A Collection of Interaction Patterns for Design the Visual Feedback of Interactive Applications

       by :   Jaime Munoz Arteaga, Gustavo Rodriguez Gomez
Keywords: - -Design and interaction patterns, visual feedback, usability factors and interaction styles

   A Comparative Study on JPEG-Like and EZW Based Image Coders

       by :   Bruno Roque, Jose Salvado
Keywords: - Image Coding, JPEG-Like Architectures, Discrete Cosine Transform, Discrete Wavelet Transform, EZW Coding.

   A Comparison Between Implicit and Explicit Spacecraft Gyro Calibration

       by :   Itzhack Y. Bar-Itzhack Richard R. Harman
Keywords: - Calibration, Gyroscopes, Spacecraft, Kalman-Filter

   A comparison of supervised pixel-based color image segmentation methods. application in cancerology

       by :   C. Meurie, G. Lebrun, O.Lezoray, A.Elmoataz
Keywords: - Segmentation, Pixel classification, Color image, Quality evaluation, Watershed growing

   A complete attribute reduction algorithm in rough set theory

       by :   Bing Wang, Shang-ben Chen
Keywords: -
Rough sets theory; Attribute reduction; Complete algorithm; Discernibility matrix

   A Computer Vision System for Graphical Pattern Recognition and Semantic Object Detection

       by :   Tudor Barbu
Keywords: - pattern recognition, shape classification, graphical objects structure, image interpretation, semantic extraction, moments, image retrieval

   A coordination Model for Ubiquitous computing

       by :   Amine Tafat-Bouzid, Michele Courant, Beat Hirsbrunner
Keywords: - Distributed computing, Ubiquitous systems, Coordination, Service, Composition.

   A dynamic programming approach to search similar portions of 3d models

       by :   Motofumi T. Suzuki
Keywords: - Similarity search, 3D model, Dynamic programming, Partial search, Multimedia

   A Dynamic Sliding Mode Control Scheme for a Synchronous Reluctance Motor

       by :   Mohamed Zrib, Muthana Alrifai and Jamal Al-Sumait
Keywords: - Nonlinear Control, Synchronous Reluctance Motor

   A fast entropy contrained vector quantizer for Subbands image compression versus variable rate tree structured vector quantizer

       by :   Souheila Hechaichi & Alain Mérigot
Keywords: -
 image compression, vector quantizer, signal processing

   A Flow Management Scheme for Multimedia Traffic for High-Speed Network Based on Statistical Weibull Distribution

       by :   Ahmad Sharifinejad
Keywords: - Congestion control, ATM, Cell packing, video source traffic distribution

   A framework for hybrid computational models

       by :   Roman Neruda
Keywords: - Hybrid models, artificial intelligence, sof
t computing, multi-agent systems, intelligent agents

   A Framework for QoS Negotiation in Future Mobile Networks

       by :   Milan Bjelica, Zoran Petrovic
Keywords: - Mobile Networks, QoS Negotiation

   A framework of integration and optimized software testing process

       by :   Ljubomir Lazic, Dusan Velasevic, Nikos Mastorakis
Keywords: -
Software testing, Design of Experiment, Modeling, Simulation, Six Sigma, Optimization

   A full-order model of Cuk PWM converter with DCM

       by :   Elena Niculescu
Keywords: - uk PWM converter with DCM, PWM switch with DCM, Full-order model

   A Fuzzy Approach to Uncertainty Principle in Quantum Theory

       by :   Shahriyar Kaboli, Nasser Sadati
Keywords: - Quantum theory, Uncertainty principle, Fuzzy logic

   A Fuzzy Fusion Strategy for the Multimodel Approach Application

       by :   Ltaief Majda, Abderrahim Kamel, Ben Abdennour Ridha, Ksouri Mekki
Keywords: - Multimodel, Validity fusion, Fuzzy supervisor, ModelsÔ base, Uncertain systems

   A Fuzzy Image Matching Algorithm with Linguistic Spatial Queries

       by :   Tzung-pei Hong, Szu-po Wang, Tien-chin Wang, Been-chian Chien
Keywords: - Fuzzy set, Fuzzy match, Image database, Linguistic query, Spatial relation, Membership functions

   A Generalized Linear Programming Approach to Efficiency Improvement

       by :   Chiang Kao
Keywords: - Linear programming, Data envelopment analysis, Efficiency, Nonlinear programming, Fractional programming, Generalized linear program

   A Generator Excitation controller Based on Fuzzy Set Theory

       by :   Rasool Mohammadi Milasi, Caro Lucas
Keywords: - Fuzzy set theory, Excitation controller, Power system, Single machine infinit bus power

   A Geometry of Coding Theory

       by :   Partha Dey
Keywords: -
Projective planes, dimension, cartesian pair, incidence matrix, codes, centralizers

   A Hybrid Dynamic Self-Organizing Map For Clustering Of Document Collections

       by :   Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem, Mostafa M. Syiam, and Ayad F. Ayad
Keywords: -
Neural networks, Self-Organizing Map, Document Clustering.

   A Hybrid Evolution Strategy for vehicle suspension optimization

       by :   Dimitris Koulocheris, Harry Vrazopoulos, Vasilis Dertimanis
Keywords: - Evolution Strategy, Hybrid Optimization, Deterministic Algorithms, Vehicle Suspension.

   A Hybrid Fuzzy Logic and PID Controller for Control of Nonlinear HVAC Systems

       by :   Farzan Rashidi, Mehran Rashidi
Keywords: -
HVAC System, Fuzzy Logic, PID Controller

   A Java-Based Embedded Digital Signal Processing System

       by :   Zhe Lou, Stefaan Verschuere, Jo Plentickx, Xing-Zhi Qiu, Jan Vandewege
Keywords: - Digital Signal Processing, Embedded, Real-Time, FPGA, DSP

   A Learning Environment to Teach Computer Architecture

       by :   Sebastiano Pizzutilo and Filippo Tangorra
Keywords: - Educational software, Courseware, Computer architecture simulation

   A light-weight Internet protocol for Internet telephony purpose on small devices

       by :   King-Man Ho, Kwok-Tung Lo
Keywords: -
TCP/IP, SIP, Internet Telephony, Embedded System

   A Linear Programming Approach for Calculation of All Stabilizing Parameters of Lead-Lag Compensator for Continuous-Time Plants

       by :   Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo and Babak N Araabi
Keywords: - Lead-lag type compensator, All stabilizing parameters, Continuous-time systems, Linear programming

   A Low Noise, 2.0GHz CMOS VCO Design

       by :   Kuo-Hsing Cheng, Shu-Chang Kuo, Chia-Ming Tu
Keywords: -
Phase noise, power supply noise, dual-delay path technique.

   A method for the synthesis of nonlinear controllers using a Taylor series expansion of the control law

       by :   Stratis A. Kanarachos, Konstantinos Spentzas
Keywords: - System dynamics; Control; Neural networks; Parameter optimization; Taylor series expansion

   A methodology to model and simulate an environment for e-learning

       by :   Ines Brosso; Alessandro La Neve
Keywords: - Petri Nets, XML, Java, MOVIX, e-learning, simulation, Markov

   A Neural Network-Based Data Managing and Manipulating System

       by :   Wanwu Guo, Anthony Watson
Keywords: - Neural Network, Data Managing and Manipulation, Data Integration, Supervised Learning

   A neural system for digital data processing

       by :   Wanwu Guo, Anthony Watson
Keywords: - Neural network, Digital data processing, Data integration, Supervised learning

   A new “min-max” Hamiltonian method for computing optimal obstacle avoidance trajectories of vehicles

       by :   Stratis A. Kanarachos Konstantinos Spentzas
Keywords: - Optimal vehicle trajectories; Guidance using a modified Maximum Principle; Intelligent transportation systems; Dugoff’s tire model

   A New Algorithm for T/2-Soft Decision Feedback Blind Equalizer

       by :   Vladimir R. Krstic, Zoran Petrovic
Keywords: - Blind equalizer, White filter, Fractionally spaced FIR filter, Performance index, Soft decision feedback

   A new class of convolutional codes for coded TPSK schemes

       by :   Makoto Nakamura , Hideyuki Torii
Keywords: - Error correcting code, Convolutional code, Minimum free distance, Coded modulation,Ternary phase shift keying, Mobile communication

   A new competitive learning neural network for document clustering

    by :   Worapoj Kreesuradej, Somkid Saensanor,Songpol Chutipongpattnkul, Warune Kruaklai
Keywords: - Competitive Learning Neural Network, Text Data Mining, Text Clustering, Unsupervised Learning Algorithm, Document Clustering

   A New Crossover Technique to Improve Convergence in Genetic Algorithm Search

       by :   Goutam Chakraborty and Basabi Chakraborty
Keywords: - Genetic Algorithm, Crossover, Fitness, Selection pressure

   A new evaluation index for comparison of treatise filtering system's performance

       by :   Masao Yamamoto, Hiroshi Yajima, Hiroshi Kinukawa
Keywords: - document filtering, profile, treatise, class separability, relevance, evaluation index

   A new Hardware Algorithm for Fast IP Routing Targeting Programmable Routers

       by :   Mahmoud Meribout and Lazhar Khriji
Keywords: -
IP forwarding, Internet Router, FPGA, DRL, Networking, distributed hardware.

   A New High Level Model Based on Integer Equations to Check CTL Properties in VHDL Environment

       by :   Bijan Alizadeh, Mohammad R. Kakoee, Zainalabedin Navabi
Keywords: -
Integer equation, Symbolic model checking, CTL, ILP solver

   A new method to determine a similarity threshold in clustering problems

       by :   G. Sanchez-Diaz,J. fco. Martinez-Trinidad,J. Waissman-Vilanova
Keywords: -
Unsupervised classification, Clustering, Graph theory, Similarity threshold, Logical combinatorial pattern recognition.

   A new multi-output neural model with tunable activation function

       by :   Yanjum Shen, Bingwen Wang, Fangxim Clen, Liang Cheng
Keywords: - Neural model, neural network, multi-output, tunable activation function, recursive least squares algorithm

   A New Non Radio Active Flow Metering Method for Use in Multi-Phase Flow

       by :   Mahmoud Meribout1, Mohamed Habli1, Ahmed Al-Naamany, And Khamis Al-Busaidi
Keywords: - Multiphase flow, Ultrasound wave, oil fraction, water fraction

   A New Receiver for Chaotic Digital Transmissions: The Symbolic Matching Approach

       by :   Gilles Burel and Stephane Azou
Keywords: - Chaos, Digital Transmissions, Communications, Receiver, Symbolic Matching

   A New Technique of Validities' Computation for Models' base

       by :   Talmoudi Samia, Abderrahim Kamel, Ben Abdennour Ridha, Ksouri Mekki
Keywords: - Multimodel Approach - Uncertain Systems - Validity Computation - New Approach - Residues

   A New Ultrasonic-based device for Accurate Measurement of Oil, Emulsion, and Water Levels in Oil Tanks

       by :  Mahmoud Meribout1, Mohamed Habli1, Ahmed Al-Naamany1, And Khamis Al-Busaidi
Keywords: - Ultrasonic Device, Emulsion Level Detection, Oil Tank, Multi-layer Level Measurement

   A non-classical view of coverings and its implications in the formalization of pattern recognition problems

       by :   Salvador Godoy-Calderon Manuel Lazo-Cortes Jose Fco. Martinez-Trinidad
Keywords: - Logical-Combinatorial Pattern ecognition, Covering, Testor theory, Fuzzy environments

   A novel approach for mass detection in digitized mammograms

       by :   Noha Youssry, Fatma E. Z. Abou-Chadi
Keywords: -
Mammography, Mass detection, Wavelet Enhancement, Texture analysis, Neuro-Fuzzy

   A novel approach for three phase fault loaction and classification using discrete wavelet transform

       by :   N.P.Subramaniam, K.Bhoopathy Bagan and M.Manikandan
Keywords: -
Wavelet Transform, Fault Location, Power System Disturbances, Transients, Fault Location

   A novel architecture of optimized truncation for jpeg2000

       by :   Ning Chen, Shigen Xie, Xiang Xie, Leibo Liu, Li Zhang, Zhihua Wang
Keywords: - Optimized Truncation, EBCOT, JPEG2000, VLSI, FPGA

   A Novel Decoupled Iterative Method for Deep-Submicron MOSFET RF Circuit Simulation

       by :  Chuan-Sheng Wang And Yiming Li
Keywords: - Nonlinear Circuit Model, Mosfet Device, ODE, Monotone Iterative Method

   A Novel Methodology of Working Capital Management for Large Public Constructions by Using Fuzzy S-curve Regression

       by :   Cheng-Wu Chen, Morris H. -L. Wang, Ting-Ya Hsieh  
Keywords: - Fuzzy S-curve Regression, Working  Capital management, Cash flow.

   A Novel Optimization Algorithm for Deep-submicron MOSFET EKV Model Parameters Extraction

       by :   Yen-Yu Cho And Yiming Li
Keywords: - MOSFET, EKV model, parameters extraction, genetic algorithm, Levenberg-Marquardt method

   A novel single-element- controlled cfoa-based square wave oscillator

       by :   Mashhour Bani Amer and Mohammad Ibbini,
Keywords: - Square wave oscillator, Current-feedback operational amplifier

   A numerical method to solve the nonlinear stochastic differential equations

       by :   Omid Soleimani fard , Ali Vahidian kamyad
Keywords: - Stochastic differential equation, Chebyshev approximation, Moment bounds, Nonlinearity,Euler method

   A parallel environment using taboo search and genetic algorithms for solving partitioning problems in codesign

       by :   Abderrazak Henni, Mouloud Koudil, Karima Benatchba, Hassane Oumsalem, Kamel Chaouche
Keywords: - Partitioning, Optimization, Genetic Algorithms, Taboo Search, Parallel Architectures

   A Planning Algorithm for Predictive State Representation

       by :   Masoumeh T. Izadi and Abeer G. Ghuneim
Keywords: - Algorithms, Policy evaluation, Policy iteration, Decision making

   A preventive process model of the incremental integration level of software testing

       by :   Z. Mihajlovic, D. Velasevic, N. Mastorakis
Keywords: -
Software Testing, Incremental Integration Testing, Test Processes, Modeling, Planning, Replanning, Preventive Strategy.

   A Principle-tactics Based Approach for Guiding Student Project Management

       by :   Wanwu Guo
Keywords: -
Student project management, Teamwork, Undergraduate education, Principle-tactics

   A propagation model of cellualr mobile radio communication in urban areas

       by :   Sachendra N Sinha,Bharoti Sinha
Keywords: - Propagation Model,Mobile communication,Urban area, Shadow zone

   A Protocol for Adaptive Autoconfiguration of Active Networks

       by :   Arso Savanovic, Borka Jerman Blazic
Keywords: - protocol, autoconfiguration, active networks, adaptive systems

   A ProtoG Algorithm Applied to the Traveling Salesman Problem

       by :   Marco Goldbarg, Elizabeth Goldbarg, Iloneide Ramos
Keywords: - Traveling Salesman Problem, Transgenetic Algorithm, ProtoG, Simulated Annealing, Statistical Analysis

   A Prototype Web-Enhanced Teaching Environment

       by :   Vasso Stylianou, Andreas Savva
Keywords: - Web-enhanced teaching, Internet-based instruction, Distance learning

   A QoS provisioning framework for multimedia cellular networks

       by :   Zheng Lin,Yang Zongkai,He Jianhua
Keywords: -
 CAC, Bandwidth Reservation, QoS Framework

   A Quantitative Model for Capacity Estimation of Products

       by :   Rajeshwari G.,Renuka S.R.
Keywords: - Performance Modeling, Workload, Queuing Networks, Scalability, Benchmarks

   A Quantitatively Study of Threshold Voltage Fluctuation with Quantum Mechanical Models for Deep-Submicron MOSFETs

       by :   C.S. Tang, S.C Lo, J.H. Tsai, and Y. Li
Keywords: - Threshold voltage, Quantum mechanical effects, device channel length, gate oxide thickness, doping concentration

   A region-based trimmed feature matching approach to content-based image retrieval

       by :   Yajuan Cheng,Laiyao Fan
Keywords: - Content-based image retrieval,Image segmentation,Trimmed region feature,Similarity measure

   A remotely controlled measurement system for experiments in wind tunnel

       by :   Francesco Fusco, Michele Inverno, Alessandro Masi, Andrea Ruggiero
Keywords: - Remote laboratories, e-learning applications, geographical network, remote control, wind tunnel

   A Robust Continuous State Feedback Current Control

       by :   faical Mnif
Keywords: - : robust control, induction motor, current control, PWM

   A robust disturbance observer for multivariable systems

       by :   Xinkai Chen, Guisheng Zhai
Keywords: - Disturbance observer, Multivariable systems, Relative degree, Nonminimum phase dynamical systems, Least square approximation.

   A robust optimal control for robot manipulators

       by :   Faical Mnif
Keywords: - Robot, Optimal, Robust, Uncertainties

   A Rule-Based Morphological Analyzer of Arabic Words

       by :   Arafat Awajan
Keywords: - Natural Language Processing, Arabic Word Recognition, Lexical Form, Roots, Morphological Patterns, Morphological Analyzer

   A Scheme for Form Identification System

   by :  Wichian Premchaiswadi, Nucharee Premchaiswadi, Suparat Aphiwongsophon, Seinosuke Narita
Keywords: - Form identification, Document processing, Form processing, Filled form, Empty form

   A Second Law Thermoeconomic Optimization Of A Gas Turbine Power Plant And Flue Gas Emissions Evaluation

       by : J.m. Rodriguez lelis ; sosimo e. Diaz mendez 
Keywords: - optimization, exergy, gas turbine, energy

   A Sensor with Embedded Ethernet

       by :   Petr Cach, Petr Fiedler, Miroslav Sveda, Milos Prokop, Marek Wagner
Keywords: -
sensor, Ethernet interface

   A Shortcut into Speaker Verification

       by :   Roxana Saint-Nom
Keywords: - Speaker Verification, Speaker Models, Feature Extraction, Matching Score, Corpora

   A simple diagnostic method for memory testing

       by :   Keon-jik Lee, Byeong-jik Lee, Seong-Woon Kim
Keywords: - Memory diagnosis, Memory testing

   A simulation test-bed for the design of dependable e-services

       by :   Panajotis Katsaros - Constantine Lazos
Keywords: - Simulation, Quality of service, Fault tolerance, Load distribution, Performance evaluation, Distributed object systems, E-services

   A solid state power amplifier at X-band

       by :   Ozlem Sen, Celal Dudak, Baris Nakiboglu
Keywords: - Power amplifier, class AB, X-band, low earth orbit satellite, high data rate, intermodulation products.

   A solid state power amplifier at X-band for satellite communication

       by :   Dr. Ozlem Sen, Celal Dudak, Baris Nakiboglu
Keywords: -
Power amplifier, class AB, X-band, low earth orbit satellite, high data rate, intermodulation products.

   A solving prototype dedicated to a transport problem case study

       by :   Meriam Kefi,Khaled Ghþdira
Keywords: - Optimization, Heuristic, Vehicle routing problem, Dial-a-ride problem, Pickup and delivery problem

   A Statistical Correction-Rejection Strategy for OCR Outputs in Persian Personal Information Forms

       by :   Ramin Mehran, Amin Shali, Farbod Razzazi
Keywords: -
Natural Language Processing, OCR, MAP, Neural Networks, Persian language.

   A stopping rule for stochastic simulated annealing with constant temperature

       by :   Mahmoud Alrefaei
Keywords: - Stochastic Programming, Simulation Optimization, Simulated Annealing, Stopping Rules.

   A study of the makespan objective considering processing and machine setup times

       by :   Georgette Kanarachou, Vrasidas Leopoulos
Keywords: - Makespan; Nonlinear manufacturing environment; Time simulation; Hybrid combinatorial evolution strategy

   A Study on the reduction of bit rate using duration control of speech in CELP vocoder

       by :   KyungA Jang, Soyeon Min, Myungjin Bae
Keywords: - Prosody parameter, CELP vocoder, G.723.1 dual rate ACELP, duration

   A support-vector rule based method for the construction of motion controllers via natural language training

       by :   Guanghong Wang, Ping Jiang
Keywords: -
Support vector machines, Fuzzy neural networks, Motion primitives, Language instruction based training, Natural language programming

   A time re-scaling function proposal for the Adaptive Verlet Method of the 8-choreography and a comparison with other finite differences solutions.

       by :   Jorge Sanchez-Sanchez
Keywords: - Implicit, Simplectic, Time reversible, Adaptive, Numerical Integration Methods, Movement Equations.

   A Transgenetic Algorithm for the Permutation Flow-shop Sequencing Problem

       by :   Elizabeth Goldbarg,Marco Goldbarg,Wagner Costa
Keywords: - Permutation Flow-shop, Transgenetic Algorithm, Evolutionary Algorithm, Tabu Search, Combinatorial Optimization, Metaheuristics

   A Visual Tool for Specifying MPI Collective Communication Operations

       by :   Robert R. Roxas and Nikolay N. Mirenkov
Keywords: - Visual tool, Collective operation, Broadcast operation, Master/slave, Parallel computing, Algorithmic film

   A VLSI Design of a Low Sensitivity Programmable Sampled Data Filter

       by :   Sherif Michael
Keywords: - Filter Programmable Switched-Capacitor Vlsi-Chip Low-Sensitivity

   A WTLS handshake protocol against active attack

       by :   Jongsu Han, Eunsung Cho, Dongho Won
Keywords: - WTLS, Handshake protocol, Active attack, Elliptic curve cryptosystem

   A zero-cost preconditioning for a class of indefinite linear systems

       by :   Avram Sidi
Keywords: - Krylov subspace methods, Preconditioning, Indefinite linear systems

   A ZVS PWM three-phase inverter with active clamping technique using only a single auxiliary switch

       by :   Denizar Cruz Martins, Marcelo Mezaroba, and Ivo Barbi
Keywords: -
Three-Phase Inverter, ZVS commutation, Active Clamping Technique.

   A zvs-pwm inverter with voltage clamping technique Using only a single auxiliary switch

       by :   Denizar Cruz Martins, Marcelo Mezaroba, and Ivo Barbi
Keywords: -
Single Phase Inverter, Soft Commutation, Voltage Clamping Technique

   About the Reliability of Simulations of MIMO Transmission Systems

       by :   Gilles Burel
Keywords: - Wireless Digital Transmissions, MIMO, Error Rate, Random matrices, Simulation, Precision, Reliability

   Accessibility Number And Vulnerability Measures of Recursive Complete Graphs

       by :   Pinar Dundar
Keywords: - Keywords:Graph Theory, Connectivity, Combinatorial Optimization,Programming involving graphs or networks, Communication Networks

   Accident and Emergency Section Simulation in Hospital

       by :   shamsuddin ahmed
Keywords: -
Simulation, Hospital, AweSim, Emergency, System Time, Queue Analysis, Bottleneck

   Acoustic feedback cancellation in hearing aids using spectral subtraction

       by :   Won-seok, Ryu Kyoung, Park Jang-sik, Park
Keywords: - Acoustic feedback cancellation, Howling, Hearing aids, Wiener filter, Adaptive filter, Spectral subtraction

   Active noise control for a one-dimensional acoustic duct using feedback control techniques: modelling and simulation

       by :   Zhenyu Yang
Keywords: - Active noise control, feedback control, acoustic

   Adaptive Filtering Based on Gradient Information

       by :   Yulin Liu, Xiaojun Jing, Gangbing Tan
Keywords: - Image Filtering, Gradient Information, Adaptive Smoothing, Smooth Noise, Sharp Edge

   Adaptive group mutation for tackling deception in genetic search

       by :   Shengxiang Yang
Keywords: - Genetic algorithm, Adaptive group mutation, Bit mutation, Deceptive functions, Building blocks

   Adaptive Load Sharing in Video-On-Demand Distributed Multimedia System Using Parallel Servers

       by :   Mohammad Riaz Moghal, Mohammad Saleem Mian
Keywords: - Video-On-Demand, Video-Server, Distributed Multimedia Systems, Client-Server Architecture, Load Balancing, Load Sharing, Adaptive Resource Management.

   Adaptive Nonlinear Model Based Predictive Control:Application to an Esterification Semi Batch Reactor

       by :   Ben nasr nejib, M'sahli faouzi, Ben abdennour ridha
Keywords: - Predictive Control- Esterification Reactor - Parametric Volterra Model - Constrained Optimization.

   Adaptive Sliding Mode Speed Control with Fuzzy Approach for Induction Motor

       by :   Farzan Rashidi, Caro Lucas, Mehran Rashidi
Keywords: - Sliding mode control, Fuzzy systems, Induction motors

   Admission Control and Channel Mapping Strategies for GEO Satellite Multicast/Broadcast Systems

       by :   Evangelos Angelou, Nektarios Koutsokeras, Athanasios Kanatas,Ilias Andrikopoulos, Philip Constantinou
Keywords: -

   Aerospace Maintenance Supply Chain Optimization Via Simulation

       by :   Ki-young Jeong, Jae-hyuk Oh
Keywords: - Simulation, Aerospace Maintenance Supply Chain, Condition Based Maintenance

   Age-based Multilevel Regression Modelling of Melanoma

       by :   Antony Brown Carsten Maple Malcolm Keech
Keywords: - Epidemiology, Melanoma, Modelling, Regression, Prediction.

   Algebraic Geometrical Treatment of Numerical Algorithms

       by :   Toshiaki Itoh
Keywords: - Algebraic discrete equation, Algebraic Numerical Algorithm

   Algorithm for studying the linear optical incremental encoder

       by :   Dorina-Mioara Purcaru
Keywords: - Computerized measurement, Linear optical incremental encoder, Working mode, Displacement, Position, Velocity

   An e-commerce secured system

       by :   Florin Hartescu
Keywords: - E-commerce, Secure socket connections, Client-server application, Software tools, Real-time transactions, Distributed database

   An algorithm for detection of calibration points for photogrammetric camera calibrations independent of illumination variations

       by :   Otniel Portillo, Luciano Chirinos, Carlos Vazquez
Keywords: - Machine vision, Image processing, Applications

   An alternate approach in finding optimum load impedance for maximum power transfer using vector representation

       by :   K.Bhoopathy Bagan, K.Mozhiarasi ,N.P.Subramaniam, M.Manikandan and G.Selvakumar
Keywords: - Maximum Power Transfer Theorem, KVL, KCL, Resistors, Inductors, Network Theorems,Electric Circuits

   An analytical model and a fast mechanism for fault restoration with QoS constraints in MPLS networks based on n:m protection

       by :   Tan Xiansi, Chen Jingwen, Ma Yajie, Ou liang, Yang Zongkai
Keywords: -
: MPLS; Fault Restoration; QoS; Analytical Framework; Policy

   An Application of Ordered Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network in Online Short Term Load Forecasting

       by :   Shahram Javadi, Hossein Shourestani, Shahriar Javadi
Keywords: -
Power Systems, Short Term, Load Forecasting, Ordered Fuzzy ARTMAP, Neural network

   An Approach to Solving Traveling Salesman Problem Using a Fine-Grain Parallel Genetic Algorithm

       by :   Fattaneh Taghiyareh, Hiroshi Nagahashi
Keywords: - Butterfly network, Genetic algorithms, Systolic Arrays, Fine-grain Parallel gas, Traveling salesman problem, Edge recombination operator

   An Approach To The Dominating Subset With The Minimal Weigt Problem

       by :   Burak Ordin
Keywords: - Dominating Subset with the Minimal Weight, Global Optimization, Assignment Problem, Weighted Set-

   An approach to unstructured finite element mesh generation using Coons mapping and smoothing techniques

       by :   V. Dimitriou, A. Kanarachos, D. Koulocheris
Keywords: - Mesh generation; Coons mapping; Adaptive meshes

   An Architecture of a Multi-Agent System for Power System Operation

       by :   Alexandre Rasi Aoki, Ahmed Ali Abdalla Esmin, and Germano Lambert Torres
Keywords: - Multi-Agent System, Object-Oriented Approach, and Power System Operation

   An assistance environment for the classification of knowledge on risk project

       by :   Rachid Chalal, Razika Ouamane
Keywords: - Knowledge, concept, term, risk, relationship, classification.

   An autonoumous chaotic CNN hysteresis circuit

       by :   Cherif Aissi and Demetrios Kazakos
Keywords: - CNN, chaotic circuits, chaos, attractor, bifurcation, oscillator.

   An efficient algorithm for shape identification in tactile recognition

       by :   Dorina-Mioara Purcaru
Keywords: - Shape, Descriptor, Prototype, Classification, Similarity, Identification.

   An Efficient Simple Algorithm for Building Optimal Alphabetic Trees in Parallel

       by :   Shymaa M. Arafat
Keywords: - Optimal Alphabetic Trees- Divide and conquer-NC algorithms-Multiprocessors-Multicomputers-Shared memory- Distributed memory- Hypercube networks.

   An Employment Agent with a Speech Module

       by :   Tomaz Sef
Keywords: - Intelligent systems, Intelligent agents, Natural language interface, Text-to-speech synthesis, Employment

   An evolutionary algorithm for camera calibration

       by :   Philippe Guermeur, Jean Louchet
Keywords: - Calibration; Evolutionary Algorithm; Lens Distortion; Collinearity; Geometric Invariant; Optimization.

   An Implementation Of A Pipelined Encryption Multi-Processing Unit Utilizing Vhdl And Field Programmable Gate Arrays

       by :   Magdy Saeb, Samy Salamah
Keywords: - Micro-architecture, Encryption, FPGA, VHDL, ISA, IP-sec

   An improvement in the FARSI syllable segmentation using contouring spectogram

       by :   Mahdi Eslami
Keywords: - Syllable segmentation Spectrogram Syllable core Contouring algorithm Farsi Syllable.

   An information broadcasting system with infrared data communication protocol

       by :   Dawei CAI~{!!~}Yuji Saito Yoshihiko Abe
Keywords: - Infrared optical, IrDA, Communication protocol, PDA, Broadcasting, Palm OS

   An Invariant Framework For Adaptive Detection in Partially Homogeneous Environment

       by :   E. Conte A. De Maio
Keywords: - Signal detection, Gaussian noise, Transformations

   An LP-rounding-based Algorithm for the Shortest Common Superstring Problem

       by :   Noriyuki Fujimoto
Keywords: - Combinatorial optimization, 0-1 integer linear programming, LP-rounding, Performance guarantee

   An Observer for Switching Nonlinear Systems with Mode Dependent Time Delays

       by :   P Pepe
Keywords: - Switching Nonlinear Systems, Time Delay Systems, State Observers, Infinite Dimensional Systems

   An Optimal Design for an Ordered-entry Array Flexible Assembly System

       by :   Alireza Feyzbakhsh, Masayuki Matsui
Keywords: - RIC of generalized CSPS, Simple flexible assembly system, Two-stage design method, Optimization

   Analysis and improvement on robustness of AQM in DiffServ networks

       by :   Wei Liu, Jianhua He, Zongkai Yang
Keywords: -
DiffServ, Adaptive, AQM, Robustness, RIO

   Analytical model for ieee 802.11 dcf supporting service differentiation

       by :   He Jianhua,Zheng Lin,Yang Zongkai,Chun Tung Chou
Keywords: -
802.11 WLAN, Media Access Control, Quality of Service, Network Performance

   Antenna Array on PBG Layers of GaAs

       by :   Humberto Fernandes, Alysson Moura and Antonio Teixeira
Keywords: -
TTL method, PBG, Antenna array, resonator.

   Application of CLEAN algorithm in incomplete mictrotremors recordings

       by :   George Hloupis, Margarita Moisidi, Filippos Vallianatos, John Stonham, John Makris, Dimos Triantis
Keywords: - CLEAN algorithm, Incomplete time series, Microtremors

   Application of Decentralized Neural Control On Space Reflector

       by :   Alex Khoshafian, Helen Boussalis, Khosrow Rad, Jane Dong, Charles Liu, Salvador Fallorina, Anastassios Chassiakos, Elias Kosmatopoulos
Keywords: - Large scale system, Decentralized control, Real time application, Segmented space reflector, Neural networks, Next Generation Space Telescope

   Application of recurrent neural network in dynamic modeling of sensors

       by :   Meng Shi,Sheping Tian,Pingping Jiang,Guozheng Yan
Keywords: - Recurrent neural network; Sensor; Dynamic modeling; Recursive prediction error algorithm; Dynamic response; Mechanical sensor

   Application of Satisfiability algorithms to time-table problems

       by :   Fahima Nader, Mouloud Koudil, Karima Benatchba, Lotfi Admane, Said Gharout, Nacer Hamani
Keywords: - Support Systems, Satisfiability, Optimization, Ant Colony Systems

   Approximate estimation of the Cramer-Rao Lower Bound for Sinusoidal Parameters

       by :   Evangelos Dermatas
Keywords: - Statistical estimation, Sinusoidal signals, White gaussian noise, Cramer-Rao lower bound

   Asymmetric digital watermarking using nonlinear adaptive sytems trained on frequency domain

       by :   Ruo Ando,Yoshiyasu Takefuji
Keywords: -
Asymmetric watermark, Fragile watermark, HVS watermark, trasform-based watermark, nonlinear adaptive system, Location information embedding, RSA, backpropagtion, Recognition prosess as watermark extraction

   Attribute core of decision table in the algebra view and information view

       by :   Guoyin Wang
Keywords: - Rough set, Decision table, Attribute core, Algebra view, Information view, Computational learning, Artificial intelligence

   Automatic Lumbar Vertebrae Segmentation In Fluoroscopic Images Via A New Parallel Hough Transform

       by :   Mahmoud Meribout and LAzhar Kheriji
Keywords: - - Image Segmentation, Digital Video Fluoroscopy, Real-time processing, Hardware design.

   Automatic Running Planning for Omni Directional Mobile Robot By Genetic Programming

       by :   Peng Chen, Takashi Isoda, Shinichiro Mitutake and Shinji Koyama
Keywords: -
off-road running, omni-directional mobile robot, crawler-roller running system, genetic programming, obstacle, running planning.

   Borland Pascal Tools for Bootstrapping

       by :   A. Mouiha
Keywords: - Borland Pascal, S-Plus, Blocks bootstrap, Bootstrap for

   Broken Characters Identification for Thai Character Recognition Systems

       by :   Nucharee Premchaiswadi, Wichian Premchaiswadi, Ubolrat Pachiyanukul, Seinosuke Narita
Keywords: - Broken characters, Thai character, Character recognition, Vertical broken, Character code

   Building speech synthesis for bahasa melayu text-to-speech system

       by :   Shanmugasilan Anantan, Reena Ram Tawar,Gunavathy Loganathan, Natarajan Sriraam
Keywords: - Speech Technology, Text- to-Speech System, Speech Synthesis, Bahasa Melayu, Diphone, Speech database

   Business Process Modelling using Simul8

       by :   Vesna Bosilj- Vuksic and Vlatka Hlupic
Keywords: - Business process modelling, Business process renovation, Simulation modelling, Simul8, Case study

   Cam Optimal Design with Evolutionary Algorithms

       by :   Alberto Borboni
Keywords: - Soft computing, Evolution strategy, Genetic algorithms, Mechanical design, Motion profiles, Cam-follower system

   Channel coding with very low decoding complexity

       by :   Dante Mantini, Federico Volponi, Giovanni Cancellieri
Keywords: - Linear algebra, De Bruijn graphs, Channel coding, Decoding complexity, Shannon limit, Polynomial codes

   Characterization of emc chambers at high frequencies and spline interpolation for missing experimental data

       by :   Zia Nadir, Hemen Goswami, Md. Abdus Salam
Keywords: - Emc, Tem cell, Gtem cell.

   Characterization of hexagonal ferrite based radar absorber at Ku Band

       by :   M R Meshram, Bharoti Sinha &Nawal k.Agrawal,P.S.Misra
Keywords: -
Hexagonal Ferrite, Radar Cross Section, Microwave Absorbing Paint,EMC

   Check High Level Properties in Arithmetic Circuits

       by :   Bijan Alizadeh, Hamid Shojaee
Keywords: - Arithmetic circuit verification, Linear TED, Equation solving, Canonical form

   Clustering for Network Planning

       by :   Lamiaa Fattouh, Omar Karam, Mohammed El Sharkawy, Walaa Khaled
Keywords: -
Spatial data mining, clustering algorithms, network planning, shortest path.

   Clustering of Scientific Information for Optoelectronics Material GaN

       by :   Vassiliki Gountsidou, Hariton M Polatoglou
Keywords: -
Abstract, gan, article, journal, data mining, temperature, substrate, measurement, material.

   Clustering on antimatroids and convex geometries

       by :   Yulia Kempner, Ilya Muchnik
Keywords: - Quasi-concave function, Antimatroid, Convex geometry, Cluster, Greedy algorithm

   Clustering text data using text art neural network

       by :   Worapoj Kreesuradej, Warune Kruakli and Norraseth Chantasut
Keywords: - , Document Clustering, Unsupervised Learning, Artificial Neural Networks

   Color picture enhancement using rational unsharp masking-based approach

       by :   Lazhar Khriji, Mahmoud Meribout, Moncef Gabbouj, Samir Akkari.
Keywords: - Color Image enhancement, Unsharp Masking, Control Rational Function.

   Combining Gauss and Genetic Algorithms for Multi-Objective Transmission Expansion Planning

       by :   Francisco Reis, Pedro Carvalho, Luis Ferreira
Keywords: - Transmission planning, Genetic algorithms, Project scheduling, Optimisation and mathematical programming

   Comments On Schemes And Algorithms For RTCP Scalability Problems

       by :   N.A. Elramly, H.M Harb, A.S Habib, and O.S Essa1
Keywords: - RTP, RTCP, RTCP Scalability, Multimedia Protocols, Real-time protocols

   Comparative Study on Feature Extraction for On-Line Handwritten Character Recognition

       by :   Basabi Chakraborty and Goutam Chakraborty
Keywords: - On-line handwriting recognition, Writer adaptation, Feature extraction

   Comparison of advanced modulation schemes for leo satellite uplink communications

       by :   Onder Belce, Dr. Stephen Hodgart
Keywords: - Satellite communications, advanced modulation techniques, phase shift keying, little LEO uplink

   Comparison of Hybrid Neural Systems of Kohonen SOM with Back-propagation Learning in Artificial Odor Recognition System

       by :   Benyamin Kusumoputro,Aniati Murni
Keywords: -
Hybrid neural networks, adaptive vector quantization, nonstationary probability distribution, Artificial odor recognition system

   Complete Complementary Codes Composed of Perfect Sequences and their Application to Mobile Communications

       by :   Naoki Suehiro, Toshiaki Imoto
Keywords: - Complete complementary code, ZCZ sequence, Perfect sequence, Mobile communication, Multipath

   Complex Derivative: A Basis Free Definition

       by :   Partha Dey
Keywords: - Key-Words:- Linear operator, matrix, basis, complex, derivative, Frechet derivative

   Complex Wavelet Packets-based DWMT for Digital Subscriber Line

       by :   Ahmed muthana M. Nadhim, Abdul-Karim a-r. Kadhim, and Zongkai Yang
Keywords: -
Multicarrier modulation, DWMT, Wavelet packets, VDSL, and ADSL.

   Computational Comparison of Transport Models for Ultra Short Channel Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors

       by :   S.C. Lo, J.W. Tsai, and Yiming Li
Keywords: - Quantum effects, Drift-Diffusion model, Hydrodynamic model, Schr?dinger equation, Density Gradient model, Computer Simulation

   Computational Geometry Algorithms for Animation of a Segmented Space Reflector Telescope

       by :   Yulu Chen, Charles w. Liu, Jane Dong, Helen Boussalis, Khosrow Rad, Charalambos Poullis
Keywords: -
computational geometry algorithms, segmented telescope, 3-D animation

   Computer sumulations on industrial mrmi for inspecting several nuclei

       by :Toshihiro Akita, Takakazu Yonezawa, Norio Tayama, Hironori Kato, Masahiro Daibo
Keywords: - Magnetic Resonance Multiple Imaging (MRMI), Fast Model Reconstruction (FMR), Image Sensing, Industrial System

   Computerized study of the linear optical incremental encoder

       by :   Dorina-Mioara Purcaru
Keywords: - Computerized measurement, Linear optical incremental encoder, Working mode, Displacement, Position, Velocity

   Considerations and Calculations for Coverage and Capacity for 3G Mobile Network Planning

       by :   Carsten Maple Liang Guo
Keywords: - 3G, CDMA, Planning, Coverage, Capacity

   Contribuition to Model Eucalyptus's Growth Curves in Portugal

       by :   Anabela Gouveia da Silva
Keywords: - Eucalyptus, Dominant height, Precipitation, Temperature, Non linear regression

   Convolutional Coded Coherent and Differential Unitary Space-Time Modulated OFDM with Bit Interleaving for Multiple Antennas system

       by :   Chang-Jun Ahn and Iwao Sasase
Keywords: - Unitary Space-Time Modulation, OFDM, Frequency-selective channel.

   CRAMS - Curriculum Repository and Metatagging System

       by :   Joseph Sant, Gary Closson, Peggy Hilliard, Xiaolan Shi
Keywords: - Learning Object Repository, Curriculum, Metatag, Database, Distributed System

   Cross-correlation Neural Network: A New Neural Network Classifier

       by :   Arit Thammano, Narodom Klomiam
Keywords: - Neural network, Cross-correlation, Classification, Data mining

   Czech Audio-Visual Speech Synthesis with an HMM-trained Speech Database and Enhanced Coarticulation

       by :   Milos Zelezny, Zdenek Krnoul
Keywords: - Audio-visual speech synthesis, Hidden markov models, Coarticulation, Talking head, Multimodal speech processing

   Damping Enhancement in the Presence of Load Parameters Uncertainty Using Reinforcement Learning

       by :   Farzan Rashidi, Mehran Rashidi
Keywords: -
Load Model, SVC Model, Reinforcement Learning, critic, PD Controller.

   Data Acquisition System Exploiting Bluetooth Technology

       by :   Ondrej Sajdl, Zdenek Bradac, Radimir Vrba, Miroslav Sveda
Keywords: -
Bluetooth, measurement system, control system, wireless communication, process control net, sensor.

   Database Imperatives in Managing Supply Chain: An Empirical Study

       by :   Noor raihan Ab hamid; Ali Khatibi
Keywords: - Database Management Systems, Warehousing, Data Mining, Supply Chain, Competitive Advantage

   Data-Driven Web Sites

       by :   Yuri Boreisha, Oksana Myronovych
Keywords: -
XML, content management, database, Web site development.

   Decisional portal using approximate query processing

       by :   Carlo dell'Aquila, Ezio Lefons, Filippo Tangorra
Keywords: - Aggregate queries, Approximate query answering, Analytic methods, Multidimensional data distribution, OLAP applications, Orthogonal polynomial series, Canonical coefficients.

   Design of powerful digital servo-controller

       by :   Vladislav Skorpil, Jiri Stastny
Keywords: - Control, Simulation, ATLAS-system, Servo-system, PL2code

   Design and Implementation of a Secret key Steganographic Micro-Architecture Employing FPGA

       by :   Hala A. Farouk, Magdy Saeb
Keywords: - Steganography, Data hiding, FPGA, Architecture, Covert communications, Subliminal channel

   Design of Logic Arithmetical Unit and Its Application of Control of Motors

       by :   Bustillo Dºaz Mario Bustillo, Cortez Josþ Italo, Celaya Borges Carlos, Quiroz Maldonado Leonel
Keywords: - Keys-Words: Fuzzyfication, Defuzzyfication, Control, ALU

   Design of low-power content addressable memory cell

       by :   Kuo-Hsing Cheng, Chia-Hung Wei, Jiann-Chyi Rau
Keywords: -
 low-power, static pseudo nMOS, fully parallel CAM

   Design of small slot array including the effect of coupling and wall thickness

       by :   Bharoti Sinha
Keywords: -
Slot Array, Method of Moment, Mutual Coupling ,rectangular wave guide,Radiation pattern,wall thicknness

   Design of user management system for e-logistics system based on ebxml

       by :   Jeongsook Chae,Younghee Kim,Jaegak Hwang,Yongjoon Lee
Keywords: - RBAC, Role-based access control, Access control, Privilege, Authentication

   Determination of 3-D Image Viewpoint Using Modified Nearest Feature Line Method in Its Eigenspace Domain

       by :   Lina,Benyamin Kusumoputro
Keywords: -
Viewpoint recognition system, Feature-line method, Karhunen-Loeve Transformation

   Determination of All Stabilizing Constant Feedback Gains for Open-loop Unstable Second-order Systems with Time Delay

       by :   Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo and Babak N Araabi
Keywords: - Second-order systems, open-loop unstable plants, feedback stabilization, time delay, constant

   Determination of reactions in yielding supports by a numerical method

       by :   Prof. Dr. Olga Martin
Keywords: - Yielding supports, Trapezoidal loading, Three unknowns method, Slope deflection method, Reaction.

   Determing Differences between Two Sets of Polygons

       by :   Matej Gomboãi Borut Ïalik
Keywords: - Geographical information systems (GIS), Polygons, Polygon comparison, Computational geometry, Algorithm.

   Development of (Co-Mn-Ti) substituted M type barium hexagonal ferrite based microwave absorber at X-band

       by :   MekhramMeshram,Bharoti Sinha,Nawal K. Agarwal,P.S.Mishra
Keywords: - Hexagonal Ferrite, Radar Cross Section, Microwave Absorbing Paint

   Development of 3D Face Databases by Using Merging and Splitting Eigenspace Models

       by :   Benyamin Kusumoputro,Yudhi Satria
Keywords: -
3D recognition system, eigenspace models, singular value decomposition, principal component analysis,

   Development of ferrite based absorbing paints for reduction of EMI /EMC problems in microwave range

       by :   M R Meshram, Bharoti Sinha &Nawal k.Agrawal,P.S.Misra
Keywords: - EMI/EMC Hexagonal ferrite,Microwave absorber, ComplexPermeability, Radar Absorbing Materials

   Development of Web-based Multimedia News Management System for News On Demand Kiosk Network

       by :   S.N.Cheong, AzharK.M. , M. Hanmandlu
Keywords: - SMIL, XML, XSLT, News Multimedia Management System, Multimedia Interactive News

   Dielectric characteristics of marble rocks after the application of various stress modes before fracture.

       by :   Dimos Triantis, Cimon Anastasiadis, Ilias Stavrakas, Filippos Vallianatos
Keywords: - Dielectric Spectroscopy, marble rocks, permittivity, conductivity, axial stress.

   Discovering Fuzzy Classifiers With Genetic Algorithm And Aggregation Operators

       by :   Hasanzade, M., Bagheri, S.,Lucas, C.
Keywords: - Classification, Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithm, Evolution, Aggregation Operators, machine learning and Data mining.

   Dynamic ART : advanced web documents clustering algorithm

       by :   Kwangcheol Shin, Sangyong Han
Keywords: - Dynamic ART, Vector space model, Concept vector, Fuzzy ART, Vigilance parameter

   Dynamic Power Management of Streaming Applications over a Wireless LAN

       by :   Andrea Acquaviva, Emanuele Lattanzi, Alessandro Bogliolo, Luca Benini
Keywords: - Dynamic power management, Streaming data, Wireless LAN, Real-time constraints, Streaming video

   EbXML Business Process Analysis in a Logistics Industry

       by :   Hye Jin Park, Yong-Joon Lee
Keywords: - E-Commerce, ebXML, XML, UN/CEFACT Modeling Methodology, Business process, Logistics

   Education by Correspondence in Russia.

       by :   Tatiana Burukhina, Michael Dimitriev, Galina Zhukova,Valery Sokolov
Keywords: - Education by correspondence, External higher education, Distance learning

   EEG signal compression using generalized regression neural network estimator model

       by :   N.Sriraam, C.Eswaran, R.Kannan
Keywords: - Neural Networks, EEE signal, GRNN, Two-stage compression, lossless compression, arithmetic encoder

   Effect of Adjacent IS-95 Network to FDSS Uplink Capacity

       by :   Bazil Taha-Ahmed, Miguel Calvo-Ramon AND Leandro de Haro-Ariet
Keywords: - Adjacent system interference, uplink capacity, IS-95, FDSS, Multicarrier CDMA.

   Effect of Finite Grounded Dielectric Slab on the Radiation of Microstrip Antenna

       by :   Golge Ogucu, Lale Alatan, Ozlem Aydin Civi, Tuncay Ege
Keywords: -
Green’s functions, microstrip antenna, radiation pattern, diffraction, volume polarization currents

   Efficient Algorithms for Invariant Discrete Wavelet Decomposition

       by :   Chi-Man Pun
Keywords: - Wavelet Transforms, Shift Invariance, Rotation Invariance, Polar Transform

   Efficient Implementation of G.729 Annex A Speech Codec On a Fixed-Point DSP

       by :   Mojtaba Valinataj,Behjat Foruzandeh
Keywords: - Speech coding,G.729 standard,Fixed-point DSP,Real-time implementation

   Efficient Security Mechanisms for Multicast and Group Communication

       by :   V. Zorkadis
Keywords: - Secure group communication, Secure multicast communication, High-performance security mechanisms, Quality of service, Performance optimization

   E-Government. Integrated approach using citizen's life cycle

       by :   B. Visvesvara Rao, K. R. Rajeswari, Satyam Bheemarasetti
Keywords: - -government, Citizen’s Life Cycle, Unified Processes, Data Aggregation

   Electromagnetic spectrum and human color vision

       by :   Jesus Irigoyen, Eloina Coll, Jose-Carlos Martinez , Jose Herraez
Keywords: - Vision
, Color, Acetylene, Image, Spectrum, Light.

   Embedded System Specifications Reuse by a Case Based Reasoning Approach

       by :   Miroslav Sveda, Radimir Vrba
Keywords: -
Embedded systems, formal specifications, finite-state and timed automata, case-based reasoning, reuse

   Emerging Technologies Making a Business Case for Networking Convergence

       by :   O. Satty Joshua and Constantine Coutras
Keywords: - Integration and Convergence, Emerging Technologies, IP Protocol.

   Engineering-based computer simulation for modeling greenhouse whitefly population growth

       by :   Bahram Tafaghodinia - Alaeddin Malek
Keywords: - model, whitefly, simulation, Trialeurodes, greenhouse

   Errors and Their Cancellation in ADC Using Switched Capacitors Technique

       by :   Jiri Haze, Radimir Vrba
Keywords: -
Switched capacitors, ADC, error cancellation

   Estimation of stator resistance of induction motor for direct torque control scheme using adaptive neuro fuzzy inference systems Using Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy inference Systems

       by :   M.Vasudevan, dr. R.Arumugam, G.Venkatesan,S.Paramasivam
Keywords: - Induction motor, Stator resistance, Direct torque control, ANFIS

   Euler-Based 3D spatial Position and Direction measurements algorithm using a magnetic sensor

       by : Tomoyuki Nagase, Masaya Komata, And Takashi Araki
Keywords: - Magnetic Sensor, Dipole field, Virtual Reality, Position, Direction, Euler

   Evolutionary switching devices for all-optical networks

       by :   Francesco Palmieri
Keywords: - All-optical transport network, WDM, Optical Cross-connect, MEMS

   Exploring Coprocessor Interfaces in an Embedded Java Environment

       by :   Emanuele Lattanzi, Andrea Acquaviva, Alessandro Bogliolo, Luca Benini
Keywords: - Java; Coprocessor; Hardware-software interface; Simulation; Timing constraints

   Extension of some probability inequalities and application

       by :   Abolghasem Bozorgnia
Keywords: - Probability Inequalities,Strong law of large numbers, Negatively Dependent

   Factorial experiment with fuzzy and statistical techniques

       by :   Onur Baskan, Sansli Senol, Sinem Peker
Keywords: - fuzzy regression, vagueness, fuzziness, randomness, insufficient data, assumptions, factorial design

   Fast and Accurate Closest Point Search on Triangulated Surfaces and its Application to Head Motion Estimation

       by :   Dennis Maier, Jurgen Hesser, Reinhard M?nner
Keywords: - Iterative Closest Point, 3D Registration, Stereo, Head Motion Estimation

   Fault-Tolerant Parallel Implementation of Decentralized Control for a Segmented Telescope Test-bed

       by :   Salvador Fallorina, Helen Boussalis, Khosrow Rad, Charles Liu, Jane Dong, Alex Khoshafian
Keywords: - Fault-Tolerance, Parallel Processing, Pipelined Task Mapping, Dynamic Task Mapping, Real-time

   Feature Extraction and Rule Classification Algorithm of Digital Mammography based on Rough Set Theory

       by :   AboulElla H. and Jafar M. H. Ali.
Keywords: - rough sets, mammograms, classification, feature extraction, rule generation, similarity measure, gray-level co-occurrence matrices

   Firing Angle Control of TCSC Using Emotional Learning

       by :   Farzan Rashidi1, James Ashok2
Keywords: - TCSC-Emotional Learning

   Firwire Camera Calibration for Video See-through Augmented Reality System

       by :   Wen Qi
Keywords: - Camera calibration,Augmented reality,Firewire, TsaiÔs model

   Flow shop scheduling using hybrid combinatorial evolution strategy

       by :   Georgette Kanarachou, Vrasidas Leopoulos
Keywords: - Key words: - Flow shop scheduling; Makespan; Nonlinear models; Time simulation; Hybrid combinatorial evolution strategy

   FLoWPASS-based Applications Suggested to Portuguese Parliament and Supported by XML Web Services

       by :   Nascimento, Rogerio P.C. do; Martins, Joaquim A.C.; Pinto, Joaquim M.S.
Keywords: - XML Web-Services, Workflow Process Automation, E-Government, Web-based Software Engineering

   Forward-Backward Saulyev method to solve pdes

       by :   Mohammad Taghi Darvishi
Keywords: - Heat equation, Explicit method, Saul'yev methods, Time step.

   FPGA Implementation of a Parallel Pipelined Hardware Genetic Algorithm (PPHGA) and its Applications in Function Approximation

       by :   Ahmed Khadragi, Hossam Mostafa, Yasser Hanafi.
Keywords: - Hardware Genetic Algorithm, FPGAs, Optimization, Interpolation, Thermistor, Lateral Acceleration.

   Fractal Analysis of Microscopic Images of Breast Tissue

       by :   Lucia Ballerini and Lennart Franzen
Keywords: -
Medical images, breast cancer, fractal analysis, quantitative pathology, classification

   Free Projection SOM: A New Method For SOM-Based Cluster Visualization

       by :   Abdel-Badeeh M. Salem, Emad Monier, Khaled Nagaty
Keywords: -
Data Mining, Cluster Visualization, Self-organizing Maps, High-dimensional Data Projection.

   Full wave analysis of scattering from a stub-loaded microstrip patch antenna

       by :   Sachendra N. Sinha and Pujara Dhaval Kumar
Keywords: - Microstrip reflectarray, Microstrip antennas, Stub-loaded patch antennas

   Full-bridge dc-dc converter using zvs-pwm commutation cell

       by :   Denizar Cruz Martins and Fernando C. Castaldo
Keywords: -
solar energy, photovoltaic cell, static inverter.

   Further Evolution of Fieldbuses

       by :   Petr Fiedler, Zdenek Bradac, Frantisek Bradac, Milos Prokop, Marek Wagner
Keywords: - Interoperability, Fieldbus, XML, SOAP, Bluetooth, Ethernet, Gateway

   Fusion filtering and an advanced algorithm

       by :   Xiaojun Jing, Yulin Liu
Keywords: - Information Fusion; Fusion Entropy Criterion; Minimum Total Error Probability Criterion; Neyman-Pearson Criterion; Hybrid Filtering

   Fuzzy c-means and Its Generalization by Lp Norm Space

       by :   A. ISAZADEH M. GORBANI
Keywords: - Clustering, Fuzzy partition, Fuzzy C-means, Lp Norm Space

   Fuzzy Models For Gas Distribution Network Optimization

       by :   Radek Sindelar Petr Pavlik
Keywords: - fuzzy modelling, hierarchical system, fuzzy system, optimization, gas industry

   Fuzzy Models of Cam Systems

       by :   Alberto Borboni, Horia Nicolai Teodorescu
Keywords: - cam system, fuzzy systems, dynamics, kinemtics, motion equations, design

   Fuzzy neural network implementation of Q(lambda) for mobile robots

       by :   Amir massoud Farahmand, Caro Lucas
Keywords: -
Mobile robots,  Reinforcement learning, Fuzzy neural network, TD(ë)

   Fuzzy neurules: Edging over Neurules

       by :   John Hatzilygeroudis, Constantinos Koutsojannis
Keywords: - Neurules, Neurofuzzy modeling, Fuzzy neuron

   GA optimization of a oliding mode montroller for an underactuated system

       by :   Faical Mnif
Keywords: - U
nderactuated, Whiling pendulum, Optimization, Sliding mode, Genetic algorithms.

   Generalized Directional Distance-Rational Hybrid Filters

       by :   Lazhar Khriji, Mahmoud Meribout, Moncef Gabbouj, Samir Akkari
Keywords: - Color Image Processing, Vector Median Filter, Vector directional Filter, Vector Rational Filter

   Generalized Inverses of Bezoutian and Resultant Matrices over Integral Domains

       by :   M.C.Gouveia
Keywords: - Hankel, Bþzout and Resultant matrices. Integral domains. Generalized inverses.

   Generalized Mersenne prime numbers: characterization and distributions

       by :   Vladimir Pletser
Keywords: - Mersenne numbers, Prime numbers, Generalized Mersenne numbers, Distributions

   Generating knowledge through workflow management systems

       by :   Paraskevas Dalianis
Keywords: -
Workflow systems, knowledge management, knowledge processing, business process automation

   Generating Periodic Functions

       by :   Matilde Legua, Josþ A. Mora±o, Luis M. SÜnchez Ruiz
Keywords: - Periodic function, computer algebra system

   Generating Smooth Curves from a Control Polygon Using a Recursive Approach of Bþzier Splines

       by :   Andreas Savva, Vasso Stylianou
Keywords: - Curve-fitting, Splines, Geometric modelling

   Genetic Fourier Descriptor for the Detection of Rotational Symmetry

       by :   Yip Kit Kuen
Keywords: - Genetic Algorithm, Fourier Descriptors, Rotational Symmetry Detection

   Global handover latency minimisation in HMIPv6

       by :   Saurabh Bansal, Aboubaker Lasebae, Richard Comley
Keywords: -
Mobile IP, Hierarchical Mobile IP, Seamless Handoff

   H Infinity Fuzzy Control of Structural Systems

       by :   Cheng-Wu Chen, Ken Yeh
Keywords: - control, linear matrix inequality, parallel distributed compensation.

   Hall's Theorem: A Group Algebra Approach

       by :   Partha Dey
Keywords: - Group algebra, idempotent, abelian, character, multiplier, difference set.

   High efficiency sequential switching hpwm inverter

       by :   g.venkatesan, dr. r.arumugam, m.vasudevan,s.balamurugan
Keywords: - Uninterruptible Power Supply, Full Bridge Inverter, Hybrid Pulse Width Modulation,

   High-Level Synthesis of Priority Resolution Networks

       by :   Walter Dosch
Keywords: - High-level synthesis, Combinational circuit, Priority resolution module, Tree network, Iterative network, Functional hardware description

   High-Performance CMOS and BiCMOS Transimpedance Preamplifiers for Optical Communications

       by :   Farid Touati
Keywords: - Transimpedance Preamplifiers, Optical Receivers, Low Noise, Optical Communication

   High-Performance Optical Receiver Using Conventional Sub-Micron CMOS Technology for Optical Communication Applications

       by :   Farid Touati
Keywords: -
Technology, Optical Receivers, Transimpedance Gain, Low Noise

   Hybrid f.e.b. face recognition algorithm

       by :   S.K. Singh, D.S. Chauhan, Richa Singh, Mayank Vatsa
Keywords: - Face recognition, Detection, Color space, Features, PCA, Unified Bayesian, Image processing.

   Hybrid modelling of the second-order PWM converters with DCM

       by :   Elena Niculescu
Keywords: - Averaged PWM switch model, PWM converters with DCM, characteristic coefficients

   Hybrid PSO-DS for non-convex economic dispatch problems

       by :   T. Aruldoss albert Victoire, A. Ebenezer Jeyakumar
Keywords: - Particle swarm optimization; Direct search; Evolutionary computation: Heuristics; Economic dispatch

   Hybrid simulation of qualitative bond graph model

       by :   C.H. Lo, Y.K. Wong and A.B. Rad
Keywords: - Bond graph, Dynamic system, Hybrid simulation, Qualitative reasoning

   Image compression using adaptive Chebyshev polynomials

       by :   Nader Ahmed Al-Mutawwa & Mohamed Jamal Zemerly
Keywords: - Lossy Compression, Chebyshev Polynomial, Adaptive Least Squares Fitting, JPEG

   Image information content estimation and elicitation

       by :   Emanuel Diamant
Keywords: - Key-Words: - image information content, image understanding, image analysis, image description.

   Image noise removal using graph theory concepts

       by :   S. Georgakopoulos, I. Andreadis
Keywords: -
Color image processing, noise suppression, graph theory

   Impact of angle and delay spread on the fading envelope through use of critical scattering zone for microcell environments

       by :   Claudio Lopez-Miranda, David Covarrubias-Rosales
Keywords: -
Angle spread, elliptical model, multipath, propagation, mobile radio

   Implementation of ebXML compliant Business Process Management System

       by :   Sunghwan Choi, JaeGak Hwang, Yong-Joon Lee, Hye Jin Park
Keywords: - ebXML, BPSS, BSI, eCommerce, eBusiness

   Implementing PNNI signaling in the optical control plane

       by :   John Soldatos, Giannis Pikramenos, Georgios E. Kylafas, Basilis Lianos,        Sergio  Sanchez, Josep Solé-Pareta
Keywords: -
PNNI, Signaling, Optical Networks, Control Plane

   Improved Estimation of Evoked Potentials Using an Iterative Independent Component Analysis Procedure

       by :   George Zouridakis and Darshan Iyer
Keywords: -
Independent Component Analysis, EEG, Auditory Evoked Potentials

   Improved local-projection algorithm applied to noise reduction for chaotic signal

       by :   Yang Zongkai, Zheng Lin, Hu Jing
Keywords: -
Noise reduction, Deterministic, Chaotic dynamic system, Local-projection algorithm.

   Improving a Keyword Spotting System Using Phoneme Sequence Generated by a Filler Model

       by :   Lubos Smidl, Ludek Muller, Josef Psutka
Keywords: - Keyword Spotting, Speech Recognition, Filler Model, Confidence Measure, Acoustic Baseforms

   Improving Real-Time Capability of TCP for Multimedia Streaming using Time-Controlled Window Algorithm

       by :   King-Man HO, Kwok-Tung LO
Keywords: -
TCP, Multimedia Streaming

   Improving Recognition Accuracy on CVSD Speech under Mismatched Conditions

       by :   Madhavi K. Ganapathiraju, N. Balakrishnan, Raj Reddy
Keywords: - CVSD, bitstream, speech recognition, corrected MFCC estimation

   Inducing Stability by Linear Rewards and Penalties

       by :   Uriel G. Rothblum
Keywords: - Nash equilibrium, Linear prices, Optimization, Game theory,Stability

   Information society services provided by access networks

       by :   Jouni Ikonen and Jari Porras
Keywords: -
Services, information society, basic services, networking

   Information Systems Security Policy - Human Factor Modelling and Simulation

       by :   Denis Trcek, Gorazd Kandus
Keywords: - information systems security, security policy, human factor management, modeling, simulation

   Instrumentation and Measurement of a Room Air Conditioner Performances

       by :   T.M.I. Mahlia, M.N. Izham
Keywords: - Room air conditioners; coefficient of performance; Performance analysis; Instrumentation and measurement; Malaysia

   Integrated modeling and simulation of customer order process, production order process and discrete production system, for production planning evaluation using Petri Nets

       by :   Leopoulos Vrassidas
Keywords: - Petri-Nets, Enterprise modelling, Production Planning and Control

   Integration of IP and Trunked Radio Network

       by :   Dan Komosny, Milan Vajdºk
Keywords: - QoS, Network, Interconnection, Trunked, Radio

   Intelligent Spatial Filters Based On Fuzzy Logic

       by :   F.Kaleem, K.Yen, A.Caballero
Keywords: -
Fuzzy Filters, 2D median Filter, Fuzzy-Estimate-Selection

   Interaction of electromagnetic energy emitted by mobile communicationhandset with human head

       by :   Bharoti Sinha
Keywords: - Specific absorption rate,Interaction of e.m. energy,Mobile handset,Human head Health hazards

   Interactive Notes: The notion of interactivity in e-learning

       by :   Vassiliki Bouki
Keywords: - Interactivity, E-learning, Interactive notes, Learning objectives at cognitive domain

   Interconnection of pv modules to the utility grid using an electronic inverter circuit

       by :   Denizar Cruz Martins & Rogers Demonti
Keywords: -
Electronic Inverter Circuit, PV Modules, Electric Utility Grid.

   Inter-domain usable self-certified public key

       by :   Youngseok Chung, Seungwoo Lee, Dongho Won
Keywords: - Self-certified, Verifiable self-certified, Trusty relationship, Inter-domain, Interoperability

   Internet Technologies for Use in Virtual Laboratories

       by :   Petr Honzik, Sediva Sona, Bradac Zdenek, Prokop Milos, Wagner Marek
Keywords: - Elearning, Distance learning, Virtual laboratory, Internet technology

   Interval computations with BK-products of fuzzy relations in disgnostic knowledge-based system Clinaid

       by :   Ladislav kohout isabel Stabile
Keywords: - Diagnostic knowledge-based systems, interval computing, fuzzy relations, BK-products of relations, fuzzy interval logics, medicine, soft computing

   Invariant Recognition Of Human Faces

       by :   Gulzar Khuwaja
Keywords: - Pattern Recognition, Computer Vision, Adaptive Classification, Invariant Face Recognition

   Isolated three-phase rectifier using a sepic dc-dc converter in continuous conduction mode for power factor correction

       by :   Denizar Cruz Martins and Anderson H. de Oliveira
Keywords: -
Three-Phase Rectifier, Sepic DC-DC Converter, Power Factor Correction.

   knowledge compilation method: a unit resolution approach

       by :   Manoj K Raut and Arindama Singh
Keywords: - First order logic, Resolution restriction, Horn clauses

   Knowledge-based automatic fault detection for dynamic physical systems

       by :   C.H. Lo, Y.K. Wong and A.B. Rad
Keywords: - Fault detection, Fuzzy logic, Genetic algorithms

   Knowledge-based measurement fusion in bioreactors

       by :   Julio Waissman-Vilanova, Josep Aguilar-Martin, Gilles Roux, Boutaieb Dahhou
Keywords: -
Condition Monitoring, Data mining, Clustering, Biotechnology.

   Large step optimization approach to flexible job shop scheduling

       by :   Yangja Jang, Hoon Jung, Jinsuk Kim
Keywords: - Flexible Job Shop, Genetic Algorithm, Large Step Optimization

   Learning Robotic Behaviors with Association Rules

       by :   Thomas Hellstrom
Keywords: - Learning robots, Association rules, Reactive behaviors, Intelligent robotics, Machine learning, Autonomous robotics

   LeaSel: A Highly Secure Scalable Multicast Model

       by :   Elijah Blessing.R, Rhymend Uthariaraj.V
Keywords: - Multicasting, Security, Centralized, Distributed Subgroup, LeaSel, Confidentiality

   Least-Delay widest-bandwidth routing algorithm

       by :   Jiaqing Huang, Zongkai Yang, Du Xu
Keywords: - Group Multicast, Routing Algorithm, Available Bandwidth, Delay, Cost, K-Widest Paths

   Load balancing routing policies in wavelength-routed WDM networks

       by :   Ching-Lung Chang, Steven Lee, and Chih-Cheng Lin
Keywords: - WDM Network, Adaptive Routing, Alternative Routing, Exponential Link-cost Function

   Load Forecasting in Power Systems Using Emotional Learning

       by :   Farzan Rashidi, Mehran Rashidi, Caro Lucas
Keywords: - Load forecasting, Emotional learning, Critic, Neurofuzzy

   Local Time for Formal Specifications of Networked Embedded Systems

       by :   Miroslav Sveda
Keywords: -
Sensor-based embedded systems, behavioral specifications, local time semantics, IEEE 1451, Internet

   Location-driven watermark extraction using supervised learning on frequency domain

       by :   Ruo Ando,Yoshiyasu Takefuji
Keywords: -
location-driven extraction, nonlinear adaptive signal processing, supervised learning on DCT domain, backpropagation, teacher signal for secret bit code, connection weight matrix for key, short length of embedded code

   Locus of Relative Velocities Approach to Robot Collision Avoidance

       by :   Tsvi M. Kopelowitz, Ezra J. Auerbach, and Mordechai N. Reif
Keywords: - Robot control, Multi-robot cooperation, Computational geometry

   MACS: Multi-agent charter system

       by :   Maja Ëtula, Darko Stipaniûev, Mirjana Bonkoviü
Keywords: - Multi-agent system, charter system model, agent behaviour

   Majorization Principle and its Application

       by :   R.Lashkaripour
Keywords: - Majorization, Inequality, Lower bound, Weighted mean matrix.

   Many Faces of Hamming Code

       by :   Partha Dey
Keywords: -
Linear Code, Hamming Matrix, Encoder, Parity Check Matrix, Hadamard Matrix, Polynomial.

   Mathematical and Numerical Modelling of Scanning and Penetrating Computer Tomography

       by :   Alexandre Grebennikov
Keywords: - Images Reconstruction, Electrical Tomography, Spline, Regularization

   Mathematical modeling of crown forest fire initiation

       by :   Valeri Perminov
Keywords: - Forest fire; Mathematical model; Discrete analogue; Control volume

   Mathematical Morphology Elements Used for the Ridges Extraction of Linear AM-FM Modulated Signals

       by :   Cornelia Gordan, Romulus Reiz
Keywords: - Signature, Time-frequency representations, Ridges extraction, Gaussian noise

   Matrix analysis anchored structures

       by :   Olga Martin
Keywords: - Matrix displacement method, Static loading , Anchored cables

   Maximising the Alternative Resources for Solving the Rescheduling Problems in Software Project Development

       by :   Ho-Leung Tsoi and Terry Rout
Keywords: -
Information System, Project Management, Schedule

   ME: Mobile E-Personality

       by :   Pekka Júppinen and Jari Porras
Keywords: - Personalisation, Privacy, Mobility, Personal Information, Services

   Meta-Model Simulation for Custom Clearence

       by :   shamsuddin ahmed
Keywords: -
Simulation, Meta-Model, GPSS, Sea-Port, Manpower-planning, Document processing

   Methods of Current Mode Analog-to-Digital Converter Design

       by :   Michal Skocdopole, Radimir Vrba
Keywords: -
Switched current mode, AD converters, ADC design

   Microstrip Antenna Array Applied in High Frequency

       by :   Humberto Cþsar Chaves Fernandes, Josþ ElesbÞo C. Neto, Davi Ara jo Nascimento, Raykleison Igor R..Moraes And, Giuliano F. B. Oliveira
Keywords: - Resonator, antenna array, transverse transmission line method

   Min-max optimization of investment processes using a hybrid evolution strategy

       by :   Georgette Kanarachos, Vrasidas Leopoulos
Keywords: - Key words: - Portfolio; Min-max optimization; Nonlinear models; Time simulation; Hybrid evolution strategy

   Model-Based Validation of Complex Reactive Systems: A Case Study

       by :   Mark Trakhtenbrot
Keywords: - systems, behavior modeling, statecharts, testing and validation, environment simulation

   Modeling and Numerical Analysis for Dynamic Speed of Traffic Flow

       by :   Shih-Ching Lo
Keywords: - Traffic flow, Speed, Speed variance, Link travel time, Dynamic traffic assignment

   Modeling and simulation of arterial pressure control

       by :   Eugen Iancu, Ionela Iancu
Keywords: - Heart rate variability, Baroreflex, Process control, Modeling and simulation.

   Modeling and simulation of failures in dynamic systems

       by :   Eugen Iancu
Keywords: - Fault detection and isolation, Process control, Modeling and simulation.

   Modeling and simulation of the ammonia synthesis column

       by :   Matei Vinatoru, Eugen Iancu
Keywords: - Advanced control system, Modeling, Simulation, Ammonia plant synthesis

   Modeling of substrate noise coupling in CMOS mixed signal circuits

       by :   Maria Rizzi, Beniamino Castagnolo
Keywords: -
mixed signal systems, CMOS devices, substrate noise, guard-ring

   Modeling turbulence using a nonautonomous system

       by :   Cherif Aissi and Demetrios Kazakos
Keywords: - Turbulence modelling, chaos, attractor, bifurcation, oscillator.

   Modeling Two-Windows TCP Behavior in Internet Differentiated Services Networks

       by :   Jianhua He, Zongkai Yang, Zhen Fan
Keywords: - Internet, Assured services, TCP, networks

   Modeling, simulation and experimental validation of a palm oil mill boiler

       by :   T.M.I. Mahlia
Keywords: - Palm oil millboiler; Dynamic modeling; State space; Simulation; Power plant

   Modular Structure for Software Implementation of H.323 Multimedia Conferencing Terminal

       by :   King-Man HO, Kwok-Tung LO
Keywords: -
Video conferencing, multimedia communications, H.323

   Monolithic down-converters for 5-GHz WLAN applications

       by :   Alessandro Italia, Egidio Ragonese, Giovanni Girlando, Giuseppe Palmisano
Keywords: -
WLAN, down-converter, LNA, mixer, noise figure, monolithic inductors, IRR, LC notch filters, IRFs

   More Scalable Scheme Based on Management Distribution for the Real-time Control Protocol (RTCP)

       by :   N.A.Elrmly1, H.M.Harb2, A.S.Habib1, O.S.Essa1
Keywords: - RTCP Scalability, Distributed Management, Multimedia Protocols, Multimedia Communication

   Motion Estimation and Video Compression with Spatio-temporal Motion-Tuned wavelets

       by :   Patrice Brault and Alain Merigot
Keywords: - Video compression, spatio-temporal motion-tuning wavelet, object trajectory, identification.

   Mpeg-based Interactive Video Streaming:A Review

       by :   Kostas Psannis, Marios Hadjinicolaou
Keywords: - Multimedia Communications, Interactive Operations, VCR Control

   MPI Communication in Clusters of SMP Workstations

       by :   Pentti Huttunen, Jouni Ikonen, Jari Porras
Keywords: -
SMP, Clusters, Communication, MPI, Networks of workstations, message passing, performance evaluation

   Multi Objective Emotional Learning Approach

       by :   Ali Abbaspour, Caro Lucas, Babak Nadjar Araabi
Keywords: -
Emotional Learning, Investment Management, Decision Making, Portfolio Selection, Neurofuzzy Model

   Multi-user Detection by Sequential Interference Cancellation for W-CDMA

       by :   Hirofumi Nakano, Atsushi Fukasawa, Yumi Takizawa
Keywords: - multiuser detection, sequential cancellation, wideband CDMA, multipass phase rotation, pilot signal

   Near optimum solutions and sensitivity analyses based structural optimization applied to truss structures under arbitrary constraints

       by :   Stratis Kanarachos, Dimitrios Koulocheris, Harris Vrazopoulos
Keywords: - Structural optimization; Truss structures; Finite element method; Optimality criteria

   Necessary and sufficient conditions for generalized invariant subspaces

       by :   Naohisa Otsuka, and Rixat Abdursul
Keywords: - Generalized invariant subspaces, Geometric approach, Linear systems, Feedback control, Disturbance-rejection problems

   Neighborhood Model: An Efficient approach for Secure Mobile Multicast Communications

       by :   Elijah Blessing.R, Rhymend Uthariaraj.V
Keywords: - Key-words:- Multicast, Mobile, Security, Complexity, Encryption, Neighborhood

   Network Selection Strategies for All-IP Heterogeneous Networks

       by :   Li-Der Chou Meng-Hsin Ou
Keywords: -
All-IP networks, Bandwidth, Delay, GPRS, Heterogeneous networks, Network selection, Price, Wireless LAN

   New Application for the Edge Detection Algorithm

       by :   Vladislav Skorpil, Jiri Stastny
Keywords: - Wavelet transform, Edge detection, Image, Signal, Analysis

   New E-Business Model Supported by Web Services Technology

       by :   Zeljko Panian
Keywords: - e-business model, business processes, Web services, Web Services Network, service-centric enterprise

   Non-Invasive, Cardiac Risk Stratification Using Wavelet Coefficients

       by :   Matthew Wiggins, Lichu Zhao, George Vachtsevanos, and Brian Litt
Keywords: - Risk Stratification, Sudden Cardiac Death, Wavelets, EKG

   Nonlinear Model Predictive Control of an Esterification Semi Batch Reactor Using Second-order Volterra Models

       by :   Ben nasr nejib, MÔsahli faouzi, Ben abdennour ridha
Keywords: - Predictive Control- Esterification Reactor - Parametric Volterra Model - Constrained Optimization

   Nonlinear Observers for Perspective Time-Varying Linear Systems

       by :   Rixat Abdursul and Hiroshi Inaba
Keywords: - Nonlinear observer, Perspective system, Time-varying systems, Observability, Exponential stability

   Nonlinear power plant control using immune algorithm based multiobjective optimization

       by :   Dong Hwa Kim
Keywords: - Fuzzy control; Power plant control; Immune algorithm, Multiobjective control

   Nonlinear vibration control of a flexible-link robot arm based on a Taylor series expansion of the control law

       by :   Stratis A. Kanarachos, Konstantinos Spentzas
Keywords: - Flexible robot arm; Control; Neural networks; Parameter optimization; Taylor series expansion;

   Novel Developments in the Attitude Control of an Underactuated satellite using two wheels

       by :   nadjim mehdi Horri , stephen Hodgart
Keywords: - Underactuated, Time varying, Discontinuous control, 3-axis stabilization, Reaction wheel, Satellite.

   Novel Method to Estimate Peak Electric Load Demand ANN and Principal Components

       by :   shamsuddin ahmed
Keywords: -
Seasonal Peak Electric Load, Meta-Model, Principal Component, Correlation

   Numerical integration with respect to Wiener measure in studying the open quantum systems

       by :   Yuri Lobanov
Keywords: - Functional integral, Metric space, Gaussian measure, Approximations, Quantum mechanics, Propagator, Markovian open system, Density operator, Numerical integration

   Numerical Treatment and Evaluation of Inverse Problems

       by :   Pantelis Soupios, Constantinos Papazachos, Filipos Vallianatos, Taxiarchis Papakostas
Keywords: - Inverse problems, Regularization, L-curve, Picard’s condition, Resolution matrix, Spread function.

   ObAn – an Application Supporting e-Learning

       by :   Alina Stasiecka, Jacek Plodzien, Ewa Stemposz
Keywords: - Distance learning, Teaching resources, Learning methodology, System for supporting learning, Reuse assets

   Observation of disturbances for multivariable systems

       by :   Xinkai Chen, Guisheng Zhai
Keywords: - Disturbance observer, multivariable systems, relative degree, nonminimum phase dynamical systems, least square approximation.

   On a Reliability Polynomial of Fibonacci and Some Other Graphs

       by :   Mark Korenblit and Vadim E. Levit
Keywords: - Coefficients of reliability polynomial, Fibonacci graph, Mincut, Operating path, Probabilistic graph, Reliability, Reliability polynomial, Size of mincut, St-connectedness, St-dag

  On an Interactive Fault-Sensitive Stack - From Communication Histories to State Transition Tables

       by :   Walter Dosch
Keywords: -
Interactive stack, communication history, history compactification, control state, data state, black-box view, glass-box view

   On noncooperative scheduling: existence of efficient equilibria

       by :   Tiina Heikkinen
Keywords: - Game theory, scheduling, ad hoc networks

   On Relation between Gender and Aptitude in Mathematics: A Case Study

       by :   Partha Dey
Keywords: - Gender, aptitude, mathematics, test, hypothesis, sample, distribution

   On solutions of the plasma vertical stability problem in a tokamak

       by :   Nizami Gasilov
Keywords: - Eigenvalue problem, Tokamak, Plasma, Vertical stability

   On the classification of term ordering types

       by :   Giovanna Roda
Keywords: - Term orderings Lexicographic orderings Groebner bases Polynomial reduction

   On the Concept of ‘Learning Object Design by Contract’

       by :   Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Salvador S?nchez
Keywords: - Learning technology, Learning Objects, Design By Contract

   On the Design and Implementation of User-friendly Interface for Scientific and Engineering Applications

       by :   Wei Sun, Yulu Chen, Helen Boussalis, Charles Liu, Khosrow Rad, Jane Dong
Keywords: - Graphic User Interface, Interactivity, User-friendliness

   On The Overlay of Intelligent FDSS (MC-CDMA) on AMPS System (Downlink and Uplink Analysis)

       by :   Bazil Taha-Ahmed, Miguel Calvo-Ram?n AND Leandro de Haro-Ariet
Keywords: - AMPS, FDSS, Multicarrier CDMA, Overlay, Down and uplink capacities

   On the Scheme of Infrared Re ection Measurements and Regularization Data Processing Algorithm

       by :   Alexandre Grebennikov, Jose Italo Cortez, Mario Mauricio Bustillo Diaz
Keywords: - Infrared reflectometry, Data processing, Regularization algorithm, Spline, Dental enamel

   On the Use of Fuzzy Regression in Parametric Software Estimation Models: Integrating Imprecision in COCOMO Cost Drivers

       by :   Javier Crespo, Miguel-Angel Sicilia, Juan-Jose Cuadrado
Keywords: - Software effort estimation, fuzzy regression, parametric estimation models, fuzzy variables, COCOMO.

   On the use of fuzzy techniques for partial scan insertion based on the testability metrics

       by :   Caro Lucas,Naghmeh Karimi
Keywords: - Fuzzy,Testability,Controllability,Observability,Partial Scan

   OPNET modeler and ns-2: comparing the accuracy of network simulators for packet-level analysis using a network testbed

       by :   Gilberto Flores Lucio, Marcos Paredes-Farrera, Emmanuel Jammeh, Martin Fleury, Martin J. Reed
Keywords: - network simulator, OPNET Modeler, Ns-2, simulation methodology

   Optimal Control in Superpotential for Evolution Hemivariational Inequality

       by :   Anna Ochal
Keywords: - hemivariational inequality,pseudomonotone operator, multifunction, optimal control problem,Clarke's subdifferential, constitution law

   Optimal Prefetching Cache Size for a Unibus DSP-Based Multiprocessor Shared Memory System

       by :   Charalambos S. Christou
Keywords: - Cache-size, Shared-memory, Multiprocessor, DSP, Prefetching

   Optimum Supply and Threshold Voltages and Transistor Sizing Effects on Low Power Circuit Design

       by :   Farzan Farbiz - Mohammad Emadi
Keywords: -
Low power design, Energy-Delay Product, EDP contour, Transistor sizing, Alpha power model.

   Order Statistics Applied to Risk Management

       by :   Radu Tunaru
Keywords: - Order statistics, Multivariate joint distributions; Value-at-Risk, Expected tail loss,

   Organization of an intellectual searching to support vehicles control.

       by :   Bocharov Lev Aleksandrovich, Sokolov Nikolay Leonidovich, Udaloy Valeriy Alekseevich
Keywords: - Intellectual systems, control, knowledge base, acceptance of the solutions

   P- Manager: A System to Support Managers

       by :   Carlos J. Costa, J. Paulo Costa, Manuela Aparicio
Keywords: - Handheld applications, information systems, software analysis and design, management

   Palmprint verification by bi-directional crease matching

       by :   Wenxin Li, Shengxiong Xia, David Zhang, Zhuoqun Xu
Keywords: - Biometrics, Palmprint Verification, Palmprint Registration, Feature Matching, Bi-directional matching.

   Parallel and Cooperative Architecture for a Scalable VOD Integrated System

       by :   Feng Huang, Yuwen He, Yuzhuo Zhong
Keywords: - VOD integrated system, MPEG-4, Transcoding, Cluster-based, Dynamic load-balancing, Admission probability

   Parallel functions in recursive program schemes

       by :   Mark Trakhtenbrot
Keywords: - Program models, Semantics, Parallel functions, Expressive power

   Parameterization Function: A Novel Modeling Approach For Large Scale Distributed Information Systems

       by :   Slim Hariri
Keywords: - Performance modeling, Performance Functions, Modeling of large distributed systems, Hierarchical Modeling, Video on demand modeling

   Parametric time domain identification of a flexible robotic arm using evolutionary algorithms

       by :   Dimitris Koulocheris, Vasilis Dertimanis, Harry Vrazopoulos
Keywords: - System Identification, Evolutionary Algorithms, Modal Analysis.

   Peer-to-Peer Networking with Firewalls

       by :   Lu Yan, Kaisa Sere and Xinrong Zhou
Keywords: - Firewall, Peer-to-peer, Object-oriented, Action systems, Gnutella

   Performance Analysis of DS Spread Spectrum System in Multiple Narrowband Interference

       by :   Demosthenes Vouyioukas, Philip Constantinou
Keywords: -
Spread Spectrum, Direct Sequence (DS), Analog FM, AWGN, Interference, Bit-Error-Rate.

   Performance analysis of PC based SIMD parallel mechanism

       by :   Y.F. Fung, M.F. Ercan, W.L. Cheung, T.K. Ho, C.Y. Chung, G. Singh
Keywords: - SIMD Parallel Mechanism, LU Decomposition, Performance Optimization

   Performance Analysis of Security Mechanisms for Computer Networks

       by :   V. Zorkadis
Keywords: - Secure computer networks, Security mechanisms, Performance evaluation, Performance optimization, High-performance security mechanisms

   Performance evaluation of different wireless network topologies using the IEEE 802.11 MAC Protocol

       by :   Chris Basios, Panagiotis Kostarakis, Evangelos Pallis
Keywords: -
802.11, DCF, throughput, ad-hoc, LMDS, infrastructure

   Performance Evaluation of Mobile Agent-based Dynamic Load Balancing Algorithm

       by :   Magdy Saeb, Cherine Fathy
Keywords: - Mobile agent, routing agent, load balancing, convergence rate, data communication, Time To Live.

   Performance Evaluation of Rake Receiver for Wavelet Video with UEP Codes in W-CDMA System and Fading Channels

       by :   Minh Hung Le and Ranjith Liyana-Pathirana
Keywords: - Rake receiver, Unequal error protection codes, Embedded zero-tree wavelet transform, Two dimensional wavelet packet transform, Wide-band code division multiple access, Additive white Gaussian noise, Rayleigh fading channel.

   Performance evaluation of X-ray detectors

       by :   Maria Rizzi, Beniamino Castagnolo
Keywords: -
X-ray detector, substrate noise, pixel matrix

   Periodical solutions for the neutron transport equation

       by :   Olga Martin
Keywords: - neutronTransport equation, Method of finite differences, Trapezoidal rule, Series uniformly convergent

   PHIMA-U Model and Digital Library Evaluation

       by :   Pedro Isaias
Keywords: - Digital Libraries, Evaluation, Models

   PID controller with fuzzy error predictive

       by :   Josþ F. Solºs V., Omar J. Santos SÜnchez, Ram?n Soto C.
Keywords: - Fuzzy logic, Automatic control, Time series

   Portfolio Analysis Using Single Index Model

       by :   Anton Abdulbasah Kamil
Keywords: - Investment return, Investment risk, Diversification, Portfolio theory, Expected return and risk

   Portuguese Parliament as a Case Study of FLoWPASS - Framework to Laws Workflow Process Automation Systems

       by :   NASCIMENTO, Rogerio P.C. do; MARTINS, Joaquim A.C.; PINTO, Joaquim M.S.
Keywords: -
Empirical Studies; Design Recovery and Documentation, XML Web-Services, Workflow Process Automation

   Power Plant Boiler Level Control Using Immune Algorithm Based Fuzzy Rule Auto-Tuning

       by :   Dong Hwa Kim
Keywords: - Fuzzy control; Power plant control; Immune algorithm, Multiobjective control

   Predicting Geomagnetic Activity Index by Brain Emotional Learning Algorithm

       by :   Ali Gholipour, Caro Lucas, Danial Shahmirzadi
Keywords: -
Prediction, Emotional Learning, BEL, Multi Objective Decision Making, SpaceWeather, Geomagnetic Activity, Warning System.

   Privacy-Enhancing Digital Rights Management Systems

       by :   V. Zorkadis, D. A. Karras
Keywords: - Digital rights management, Privacy protection, Privacy-enhancing technologies, Anonymous transactions

   Program Code Analysis Focused on its Structure

       by :   Satou Tadamasa, Yorinori Kishimoto
Keywords: -
Regular Expression, Program Structure, Static Analysis, Traceability

   Projector correction approach for unknown geometry surface

       by :   Dawei Cai
Keywords: - Projector-camera system, Projective mapping, Distortion correction, Neural network, Computer graphics, Keystone

   Promoting Agent-Based Knowledge Discovery in Medical Intensive Care Units

       by :   Analia Lourenýo, Orlando Belo
Keywords: - Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Data Preparation, Feature Selection, Data Mining, Multi-Agent Systems, Neonatal Risk Indexes and Receiver Operating Curves.

   Psychological interviews: characterization and modeling

       by :   Givanna Morgavi
Keywords: - Chaotic systems, Cognitive system, Modelling, Communication process, Feature extraction

   Q-analysis of ecological networks from tropical forests

       by :   Javier Burgos, Sonia Torres, Edilberto Sarmiento
Keywords: - q-analysis, simplicial complexes, food webs, networks, Small-Worlds.

   Quantum Searching and Encryption Systems

       by :   Filomena de Santis, Michele Guida
Keywords: - Quantum Interference, Quantum Entanglement, Searching Algorithms, Encryption Systems

   Query Expansion in a Distributed Search System

       by :   V.V.Kluev
Keywords: - Query Expansion, Search Engine, Context Information

   Real time system using secure socket connections

       by :   Florin Hartescu
Keywords: - Real estate, Client-server application, Software tools, Real-time transactions, Distributed database, Secured socket connections

   Recursive backstepping stabilization of a wheeled mobile robot

       by :   Faical Mnif
Keywords: - Backstepping. Mobile Robot. Chained form. Nonholonomic Systems

   Reflexive Time: The Magic Non-local Touch

       by :   E.Macer-Story
Keywords: - Key-Words: traction, time, logos, esp, non-local, reflexive, transduction, quantum, kinetic, relativity, causality, mass index, uncertainty, guage.

   Regulation of primary cytotoxic response by antigen-presenting cells

       by :   Igor M Rouzine, Kaja Murali Krishna, & Rafi Ahmed
Keywords: - Modeling, Biology, Immune, Response, Virus, CD8, HIV, LCMV, APC

   Robot Arm Modelling and Simulation in a 3d Factory environment

       by :   Madiha Jabee
Keywords: - Robot ARM Simualtion in 3d Facotry

   Robot vision using circular dynamic stereoscopy

       by :   Kikuhito Kawasue, Osamu Shiku
Keywords: - robot, vision, image processing, three dimensional measurement, CCD, multi spot laser, calibration

   Robotic Finger Actuated with Shape Memory Alloy Tendon

       by :   Nicu-george Bizdoaca, Ilie Diaconu, Marius C. Niculescu, Elvira Bizdoaca,Sonia Degeratu, Daniela Pana, Cristina Pana
Keywords: - robotic finger, shape memory alloy, mathematical modeling, numerical simulation, robotics.

   Rough Set Approach for Classification of Breast Cancer Mammogram Images

       by :   Aboul Ella Hassanien Jafar M. H. Ali.
Keywords: - : rough sets, mammograms, classification, feature extraction, rule generation, similarity measure, gray-level co-occurrence matrices

   Safe Protocol providing Authentication and Secret Sharing in Peer to Peer Computing

       by :   Soo-Jin Kim*, Gi-Bum Ahn*, Hyun-Jue Kim*, Dong-Ho Won*
Keywords: - secret sharing , authentication, peer to peer computing, public key, security

   Sampling a web subgraph

       by :   Paraskevas Lekeas
Keywords: - Internet domain Web subgraph sampling

   Saturation Analysis of IEEE 802.11e Burst Acknowledgment Mechanism over Infrared Wireless LANs

       by :   Evagelos Varthis, Giannis Karamitsos
Keywords: - IEEE 802.11 protocol, Burst Acknowledgement, Performance evaluation

   Scalable Probe Based Admission Control Schemes For Multicast QoS

       by :   Chunhui Le, Jianhua He, Zongkai Yang
Keywords: -
Multicast, quality of service, admission control, multimedia transmission, Diffserv

   Scheduling and Ordering Production Policies in a Limited Capacity Manufacturing: The Multiple Replenishment Products Case

       by :   Soundouss Bouhia, Frederick H. Abernathy
Keywords: - Ordering production, Scheduling production; Heuristic policies, Replenishment items

   SD-IMAS: a New Slip Detection system design for a Vehicle using an Induction Magnetometer and an Accelerometer

       by :   Tomoyuki Nagase, Daisuke Hasegawa And Takashi Araki
Keywords: -
ITS, sensor, induction magnetometer, accelerometer, slip

   Secure semantic web service using saml

       by :   Jooyoung Lee, Kiyoung Moon
Keywords: - Semantic web, SAML, Security, Intelligent agent, Web service, XML

   Secure Session Establishment with SIP in Environments containing Middleboxes

       by :   Klaus Umschaden, Igor Miladinovic, Johannes Stadler
Keywords: - SIP, Security, MIDCOM, Middlebox, VoIP, Firewall, NAT

   Semantic matching for digital library query service

       by :   Ji-hyeon Kim, Ji-hoon Kang
Keywords: -
Query Service Ontology, Digital Library, DL Matchmaker, Vocabulary Enlarged Query Services, Query Service Decomposition

   Sequential Cancellation Scheme and its Performance of Multi-user Detection for W-CDMA

       by :   Hirofumi Nakano, Masashi Miyamoto, Atsushi Fukasawa, and Yumi Takizawa
Keywords: - sequential interference cancellation, wideband CDMA, multiuser detection, multipass phase rotation, pilot signal

   Several Pattern Recognition Approaches for Region-based Image Analysis

       by :   Tudor Barbu
Keywords: - Image segmentation, Classification, Texture analysis, Moments, Uniform regions, Pattern Recognition

   Short-range Data Transmission Using Inductive Method

       by :   Milan Vajdik, Ivo Herman, Dan Komosny
Keywords: - Inductive data transmission, Induction coil, ASK modem, Municipal transport information system

   Simple & Accurate Device for Water-Cut in Oil Measurement

       by :   M. Habli, M. Meribout, A. Al-Naamany, A. Maashari , K. Al Busaidi, A. Al Ismaily
Keywords: - Water-cut, Oil, Pressure, Simple, Accurate, Inexpensive

   Simulation of specific absorption rate of electromagnetic energy radiated by mobile handset in human head using FDTD method

       by :   Bharoti Sinha, Ramesh Singh
Keywords: - simulation,FDTD modeling,specific absorption rate, human head,mobile handset,electromagnetic energy ,radiation

   Simulation on industrial mrmi system with multiplex wavelet model

       by :   Toshihiro Akita, Takakazu Yonezawa, Norio Tayama, Hironori Kato, Masahiro Daibo
Keywords: - Magnetic Resonance Multiple Imaging(MRMI),Fast Model Reconstruction(FMR),Image Sensing,Multiplex Wavelet Model

   Simulaton of a scheduling algorithm based on lfvc(leap forward virtual clock) algorithm

       by :   Leap, Forward, Virtual, Clock, Scheduling, Algorithm, Simulation, QoS
Keywords: - Leap, Forward, Virtual, Clock, Scheduling, Algorithm, Simulation, QoS

   SIR Improvement of Different Antenna Arrays Structures in CDMA Cellular Systems

       by :   Marco A. Panduro, David H. Covarrubias and Luis F. Solis
Keywords: -
Antenna array; SIR improvement; CDMA mobile cellular system; Smart antenna systems; BER

   Skeletonization algorithm for an arabic handwriting

       by :   Mohamed A. Ali, Kasmiran Bin Jumari
Keywords: - Character recognition, image processing, thinning algorithm, skeletonization, connectivity preservation and Arabic handwriting

   SMILE: Printed Thai Character Recognition System

       by :   Nucharee Premchaiswadi, Wichian Premchaiswadi, Surakarn Duangphasuk, Seinosuke Narita
Keywords: - Printed Thai characters, Character recognition, Feature matching, ART1, Feature analysis

   Solving a biobjective location problem using a geometric method

       by :   Teresa Ramos, Carmen Ramos and Rosa Ramos
Keywords: - Network, Location problem, Anti-cen-dian problem, Combinatorial optimization, biobjective network.

   Spatial and planar tessellations: Classification, database and applications

       by :   Petr Ponizil, Ivan Saxl
Keywords: - Classification of Voronoi tessellations, Database of tessellations, Grain size estimation, w-s diagram

   Spatial Electric Load Distribution Forecasting using Simulated Annealing

       by :   Hector Gustavo Arango and Germano Lambert Torres
Keywords: - Spatio-temporal Disorder; Dynamic Systems; Spatial Forecasting; and Simulated Annealing

   Speaker Recognition System Using the Prosodic Information

       by :   JongKuk KIM, WangRae JO, MyungJin BAE
Keywords: - Prosodic Information, Speaker Recognition, VQ, Pitch, Cepstrum, Codebook

   Spectrum characteristics of ternary psk signals amplified with non-linear amplifiers

       by :   Hideyuki Torii, Makoto Nakamura
Keywords: - Digital modulation, Phase shift keying (PSK), Ternary PSK (TPSK), Spectrum characteristic, Non-linear amplifier, Square root cosine roll-off filter

   Speed Control of Switch Reluctance Motor Using Genetic Algorithm

       by :   Farzan Rashidi, Mehran Rashidi, Caro Lucas
Keywords: -
SRM- PID Controller- Fuzzy Logic- Genetic Algorithm- Speed Control

   Spice simulations for a designed network that models the wp learning algorithm

       by :   Behjat Foruzandeh - Farzan Farbiz
Keywords: -
Artificial neural network- Weight perturbation- analog VLSI- synchronization

   Square Root of a Prime: A Monte-Carlo Approximation

       by :   Manzia Jamil, Partha Pratim Dey
Keywords: - Key-Words:- Approximation, error, sample, probability, confidence, random, root

   Stability and L2 gain analysis for discrete-time LMI systems with controller failures

       by :   Guisheng Zhai, Xinkai Chen, Hai Lin
Keywords: - Linear time-invariant (LTI) system, dynamical output feedback, exponential stability,

   Statistical Equation for Density in a State and its Applications

       by :   Singh, Abhishek
Keywords: - Statistical Mechanics, Dynamic equilibrium, Number density, Relaxation time etc..

   Statustical research technique of perturbed trajectories of vehicles motion in atmosphere

       by :   Udaloy Valeriy Alekseevich, Sokolov Nikolay Leonidovich
Keywords: - statistical method, motion of space vehicle, probability, discretization of a phase space

   Strain gradient notation for finite element polynomials

       by :   Joao Elias Abdalla Fo.
Keywords: - Finite element, Strain Gradient notation, artificial stiffening, parasitic shear

   Study of potential role assignment in multi-agent system

       by :  MENG Qing-Chun,  XIAN He-Qun  YANG Shao-Jun  WEI Tian Bin
Keywords: -
Potential Role Value, Multi-Agent System, RoboCup 

   Study of stack permutations

       by :   Suneeta Agarwal
Keywords: - Stack,Push,Pop, Induction.Expression

   Studying of the capability of the cermet tools during turning of steels

       by :   Tareq Ahmad Abu Shreehah
Keywords: - Machining, Turning, Alumina base ceramics, Cermet, process quality, Tool life.

   Subjective Quality Evaluation of Real-time audio transmission over Internet Protocol (IP) Networks

       by :   Robson l.k. Mandisodza, haifeng liu, martin j. Reed
Keywords: - VoIP, Perceived and network QoS, Receiver buffer management, Delay-jitter, Subjective test.

   Supplier Selection Using Fuzzy Logic 

       by :   Chiraz Gasmi & Sema E. Alptekin
Keywords: -
Fuzzy Logic, Combs method, Supplier selection

   Synchronized oscillator system with phase feedback

       by : V.Rapin
Keywords: - Oscillator , System, Synchronization, Phase feedback.

   Tabu-based Evolutionary Algorithm for Effective Program Module Assignments in Parallel Processing

       by :   Jerzy Balicki, Zygmunt Kitowski
Keywords: - evolutionary algorithm, multi-criterion optimization, distributed systems

   TclGen: a graphical interface for NS-2

       by :   Jorge SÜ Silva, Vitor Fonseca, Fernando Boavida
Keywords: - Networks, Simulation, Protocols, NS-2

   Tensor Decomposition Resolves Geoelectrical Structure Modeling Ambiguities in Mohr Circle Topology

       by :   John P. Makris, Filippos K. Vallianatos, Ioannis O. Vardiambasis
Keywords: - Geoelectrical Structure, Impedance Tensor, Ioannina Greece, Magnetotelluric, Mohr circle, Tensor decomposition, Tensor Invariants, Tensor Rotation

   The CBS Transponder Tesing by the EGSE

       by :   Jin-Ho Jo, Dong-Han Shin, Jong-Heung Park, Seong-Pal Lee
Keywords: -
CBS transponder, EGSE, CTS, PCTS, EQM, FM

   The Design of a Resource Broker for Optimal Resource Selection and Job Migration in Grids

       by :   Hwa Min Lee, Sung Ho Jin, Dae Won Lee, Seongbin Park, Soon Young Jung, Won Gyu Lee and Heon Chang Yu
Keywords: - Grids, Resource broker, Resource selection, Job migration, Grid computing

   The dual dynamic programming and production analysis with long time cost function

       by :   Iwona Nowakowska
Keywords: - Dynamic programming, Operation Research

   The effect of imperfect phase estimation on the performance of MMSE receiver CDMA systems

       by :   Ali f. Almutairi, Scott l. Miller, and Haniph Latchman
Keywords: - CDMA MMSE Receiver Phase Offsets

   The effect of word sampling on document clustering

       by :   Omar H. Karam, Ahmed M. Hamad, Sherin M. Moussa
Keywords: -
Data mining, Text mining, Document clustering, Agglomerative clustering, k-means clustering, and Word sampling.

   The Efficient Generation Method of Critical Fault Clearing Time Functions for Power System Transient Stability Assessment

       by :   Tetsushi Miki, Ryuzaburo Sugino, Yoshiyuki Kono
Keywords: -
Power Systems, Transient Stability, Critical Fault Clearing Time, Functions, Simulation, Algorithms, Knowledge Bases

   The Fast LSP Transformation Algorithm using not Uniform Searching Interval

       by :   Soyeon Min,Kyunga Jang,Myungjin Bae
Keywords: - LSP, CELP vocoder, mel scale, LPC, real root method, computational amount

   The genetic heuristics for the plant and warehouse location problem

       by :   Seong-kook Choi, Taehan Lee, Jinsuk Kim
Keywords: - Genetic Algorithm, Logistics Network Design, Facility Location Problem

   The location-based knowledge management system development for e-logistics application

       by :   Hyun ah Lee, Hye jin Lee, Dong ho Kim, Jin suk Kim
Keywords: - e-Logistics, Knowledge management, Inference, Trajectory, Moving object

   The nonlinear "authority-society" model

       by :   Michael Dmitriev, Alexander Petrov, Galina Zhukova
Keywords: - Semilinear parabolic equations, Singular perturbations, Contrast structures, Mathematical modeling

   The Optimal Configuration of Cogeneration Systems Based on Natural Gas: a Parallel Evolutionary Approach

       by :   Marco Goldbarg, Elizabeth Goldbarg, Francisco Neto
Keywords: - cogeneration system, natural gas, evolutionary algorithm, memetic algorithm, transgenetic algorithm, parallel algorithm

   The partly preserved natural phases in the concatenative speech synthesis based on the harmonic/noise approach

       by :   Zbynek Tychtl
Keywords: - Speech signal synthesis, Harmonic/Noise, Phase components

   The System Parameter Fusion Principle and its Application

       by :   Qiangguo Pu
Keywords: - Sensor fusion, data fusion, computer monitoring systems, real-time expert systems, computer applications

   The Uniform Generalized Decomposition Method for Generating Algebraic Expressions of Fibonacci Graphs

       by :   Mark Korenblit and Vadim E. Levit
Keywords: - Complexity of an algebraic expression, Fibonacci graph, Optimal representation of the algebraic expression, St-dag, St-dag expression

   Theory prime implicates of first order formulas

       by :   Manoj K Raut and Arindama Singh
Keywords: - Theory prime implicates, First order logic, Knowledge compilation

   Three-Dimensional Geometric Modeling by Initial Model Modification

       by :   Junta Doi, Yohei Miyamoto, Shingo Ando and Tetsuo Miyake
Keywords: - 3D geometric modeling, 3D model modification, Reuse of 3D model, Topology conserved model modification, Modeling of natural object, 3D machine vision.

   Three-dimensional measurement by free scanning of a CCD camera and laser

       by :   Kikuhito Kawasue, Go Uezono, Yoshinobu Gejima, Masateru Nagata
Keywords: - Shape Measurement, Vision, Image processing, Three dimensional measurement, Calibration

   Three-dimensional model algorithm of neared objects algorithm using videogrammetry

       by :   Eloina Coll, Jose-Carlos Martinez, Jesus Irigoyen, Jose Herraez
Keywords: -
Video, Videogrammetry, Scanner 3D, System automation, VRML, Computer vision

   Toward self-managing systems

       by :   H.T.Tian L.S.Huang J.L.Shan B.He
Keywords: - XML, System management, Self-managing system, Security advisory, Update notification

   Transmission Line Modeling (Tlm) For Evaluation Of Absorption In Ferrite Based Multi Layer Radar Absorber

       by :   M.R.Meshram, Nawal K.Agrawal,Bharoti Sinha,P.S.Misra
Keywords: -

   Tuning of Power System Stabilizers via Genetic Algorithm for Stabilization of Power Systems

       by :   Farzan Rashidi, Mehran Rashidi
Keywords: - Power System Stabilizer, Genetic Algorithm, Single Machine, Multi-machine.

   Two gains observer based control of a four cylinders engine fuel air ratio

       by :   P. Pepe, M. Di Gregorio
Keywords: - Fuel air ratio, Engine, Observer, Time delay, Event Based Model

   Two Level Crossover Genetic Algorithm For Unit Commitment Problem

       by :   V. Senthil Kumar M. R. Mohan
Keywords: - Unit Commitment, Genetic Algorithm and Two Level Crossover.

   Using bayesian networks to facilitate intelligent agents to make decision coordinately

       by :   Victor B. Kreng and Chia-hua Chang
Keywords: -
Multiagent, Information measurement, Negotiation, Bayesian Belief Network, Pooling information, Adaptation

   Using Conditional Probabilities of Weighted Terms for a Lexicon Based Sense Disambiguation System

       by :   Kostas Fragos, Yannis Maistros, Christos Skourlas
Keywords: - Word Sense Disambiguation ; Natural Language Processing ; Wordnet ; Vector space model

   Using wavelets for texture classification

       by :   Bayram Kara, Nurdal Watsuji
Keywords: - Wavelets, Texture analysis, Pattern recognition, Image processing

   Variational solution of the two-dimensional transport equation

       by :   Prof. Dr. Olga Martin
Keywords: - Transport equation, Variational calculus, Euler-Lagrange equation

   Video Sequence Coding by Neuro-Fuzzy Image Segmentation and Polynomial Modeling of Motion Fields

       by :   Cataldo Guaragnella, Giuseppe Acciani, Giacinto Calculli
Keywords: - Neural Network, Background-Foreground Video Segmentation, MPEG-4, fuzzy clustering

   Videogrammetry system orientation for small objects

       by :   Jose-Carlos Martinez, Jesus Irigoyen, Eloina Coll, Jose Herraez
Keywords: -
Video, Videogrammetry, Scanner 3D, System automation, Computer vision, VRML

   Visual Simulation of Ants Behaviour

       by :   Mohamed Hamada, Yoshitaka Nakamura
Keywords: -
Visualization, Simulation, Ants behaviour, Homing ability, Random walk, Collectivity

   Visual Steps towards Better Understanding of Cellular Automata Algorithms

       by :   Mahmoud A. Saber and Nikolay Mirenkov
Keywords: - Cellular automata, Multiple views, Visual representation, Self-explanatory components, Programming environment

   Voice Assimilation Phenomenon and Its Implementation in LVCSR System with Lexical Tree and Bigram Language Model

       by :   Aleã PraçÜk, Filip Jurûºûek, Lud¹k M?ller, J. V. Psutka
Keywords: - Voice assimilation, LVCSR system, Lexical tree, Bigram language model

   VSS Control for a Class of Underactuated Systems

       by :   Faical Mnif
Keywords: - underactuated, whiling pendulum, robust control, sliding mode, VSS

   WAN-WLAN roaming for voice application

       by :   qinghai dai, liu xin, qiufeng wu
Keywords: -
Wan-wlan, roaming, voice

   WAP Access to SCADA-typed database system

       by :   Wai-leung Cheung, Yong Yu, Yu-fai Fung
Keywords: - Wireless Application Protocol, SCADA system, WML, XML

   Wavelet based image compression using perceptual distortion metric and dithered quantization model

       by :   Hemen Goswami, Zia Nadir, Md. Abdus Salam, Samuel P. Kozaitis
Keywords: - Subtractive dithered quantization, Minkowsky metric, Perceptual coding

   Wavelet Video with Unequal Error Protection Codes for Wideband Multicarrier CDMA over Fading Channels

       by :   Minh Hung Le and Ranjith Liyana-Pathirana
Keywords: - Embedded Zero-Tree Wavelet Transform, Two Dimensional Wavelet Packet Transform, Unequal Error Protection Codes, Multicarrier Code Division Multiple Access, Rake Receiver, Additive White Gaussian Noise, Rayleigh Fading Channel.

   Web3D Environmental Science E-learning as 3D GIS Application

       by :   Minoru Ueda
Keywords: - Web3D, VRML, 3D geographical information system, environmetal science, E-learning

   Where, why, and when fuzzy regression analysis

       by :   Onur Baskan, Sansli Senol, Sinem Peker
Keywords: - fuzzy regression, vaguness, fuzziness, randomness, insufficient data, assumptions

   Wireless authentication protocol keeping low computation in mobile environment

       by :   Gibum An, Jin Kwak, Dongho Won
Keywords: - Mobile Internet service, Authentication protocol, Key agreement protocol, M-commerce

   Wireless ieee 1394 home networking profile

       by :   Qiaozhong Ke, Dimitrios Makrakis
Keywords: -
Wireless Broadband Home Networking, Wireless IEEE 1394

   XML Key Information System for Secure e-Trading

       by :   Nam-Je Park, Ki-Young Moon, Sung-Won Sohn
Keywords: - XKMS. XKISS, XML Security, XML. Key Management, Electronic Trading, PKI