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The  papers with the following ID numbers were Invited Papers for the 5th WSES CSCC, 3rd WSES MCP, 3rd WSES MCME International Conferences: 251, 314, 315, 415, 477, 512, 516, 523, 593, 602, 613, 614, 619, 641, 689, 722, 762, 799, 800, 801. Better view with the program ACROBAT 4.05 or newer (installation included in this CD-ROM)

By pressing CONTROL+F you can search for any scientific topic searching in the titles of the papers as well as in the keywords of the papers.  As one can see, the direction of the search is "down" (by default), but can also be determined the inverse one ("up"). 

90    Simultaneous pole placement and optimal state or output feedback controller design

pp.   901- 903

       by :   D. P. Iracleous, N. E. Mastorakis

Keywords: - Inverse optimal control, Pole placement techniques, Controller design, State, Output feedback

98    Factorization of Interval Multidimensional Polynomials into interval one-dimensional factors. Interval Multidimensional Systems

pp.   981- 987

       by :   N. E. Mastorakis

Keywords: - Multidimensional Systems, Interval Analysis, Factorization

99    Approximate Multidimensional (m-D) Polynomial Factorization into Linear m-D Polynomial Factors Using Genetic Algorithms

pp.  991-1003

       by :   N. E. Mastorakis, I. F. Gonos

Keywords: - Multidimensional Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Factorization

127    Neural Network Adaptive Control for Underwater Robotic Systems

pp. 1271-1276

       by :   V. S. Kodogiannis

Keywords: - Neural networks, Underwater vehicles, Stability theory, Adaptive control

129    Robust Filter Design based on Generalized Maximum-Likelihood Estimation

pp. 1291-1296

       by :   Stefan Leischner, Robert Klinski, Holger Hutzelmann, Rudi Knorr

Keywords: - Robust filter, Impulse noise, M-Estimation, Robust statistics, Influence function

134    Network optimization using linear programming and genetic algorithm

pp. 1341-1347

       by :   Ahmad Sadegheih, P. R. Drake

Keywords: - Linear programming, Genetic algorithm, Network optimization, Shortest path problem, transportation problem, maximum flow problem

139    Cooperative Sensation: A Mechanism For Robust Human-Computer Interaction

pp. 1391-1396

       by :   Parham Aarabi, Keyvan Mohajer, Majid Emami

Keywords: - Human Computer Interaction, Sensor Fusion, Multi-modal Perception

151    Neutrality Equation and Fermi Level Shifting in Selectively Doped GaAs/AlGaAs Superlattices

pp. 1511-1520

       by :   A. C. Varonides, W. A. Berger, K. Barhight

Keywords: - Quantum wells, Superlattices, Fermi level

209    Communities of broadcasting and communities of interactivity

pp. 2091-2096

       by :   Lelia Green

Keywords: - Broadcasting communities, Interactivity communities

246    Bringing Internet to the Wireless World

pp. 2461-2465

       by :   Eduardo Carrillo Zambrano, Ramon Cirilo , Juan Jose Martinez Dura, Gregorio Martin Quetglas, Jose Javier Samper

Keywords: - WAP, Wireless, WML, WMLScript, Web Applications, ASP, PHP, JSP, DataBases

250    A low-power 2GHZ CMOS LNA with active inductor and negative conductance generator

pp. 2501-2504

       by :   Jyh-neng Yang, Chen-yi Lee, Yi-chang Cheng, Terng-yin Hsu, Terng-ren Hsu

Keywords: - Active inductor, Negative conductance generator, S-parameter, Power consumption

251    Variational principles and algorithms in contact problem with friction

pp. 2511-2516

       by :   Vladimir Zozulya

Keywords: - Unilateral contact, Friction, Variational principle, Boundary variational functional

255    A Review of Network Server Based Distributed Speech Recognition

pp. 2551-2556

       by :   Yimin Xie, Joe Chicharo, Jiangtao Xi

Keywords: - Distributed speech recognition, DSR, DSR front-end, Server based DSR

256    Fuzzy Membership Function Generation and Defuzzification Through Analog Circuitry

pp. 2561-2564

       by :   I. Andraedis, Y. Boutalis, A. Giannakidis

Keywords: - Fuzzy logic, Controllers, Membership functions

257    On the decomposition of differential behaviors into the direct sum of irreducible components

pp. 2571-2575

       by :   Mauro Bisiacco, Maria Elena Valcher

Keywords: - Autonomous behavior, Controllable behavior, Decomposition theorem, Irreducible autonomous/controllable behavior, Smith form

258    Reliability and homogenisation of heterogeneous systems

pp. 2581-2586

       by :   Mirko Novak, Zdenek Votruba

Keywords: - Reliability, System theory, Translation, Interaction, Interface

261    Improving condensation methods in the presence of general masters by a modified Rayleigh functional

pp. 2611-2616

       by :   Heinrich Voss

Keywords: - Generalized eigenvalue problem, Condensation, Rayleigh functional, General masters, Generalized eigenvalue problem, condensation, Rayleigh functional, General masters

287    Modelling of the photonic bandgap materials used as distributed reflectors

pp. 2871-2874

       by :   F. Abdelmalek , M. Shadaram

Keywords: - Materials, Modelling, Photonics

299    Considering Causality In Data Mining

pp. 2991-2996

       by :   Lawrence Mazlack

Keywords: - Causality, Data mining, Association rules

300    On stability of jump linear systems

pp. 3001-3003

       by :   Adam Czornik, Andrzej Swierniak

Keywords: - Stochastic stability, Mean square stability, Systems with Markovian jumps

302    Study of a 1.3 µm micromachined tunable all air-gap vertical cavity surface emitting laser

pp. 3021-3024

       by :   F. Abdelmalek , M. Shadaram

Keywords: - Laser technology, Cavities

303    Rotational Time Dilation and Angle Contraction

pp. 3031-3036

       by :   Ling Jun Wang

Keywords: - Relativity, Rotation, Dilation, Angle contraction

304    Improving a GA-based ATPG for Sequential Circuits by Exploiting Dynamically Generated "Essential Sequences"

pp. 3041-3045

       by :   Michael Dimopoulos, Panagiotis Linardis

Keywords: - Sequential Digital Circuits, Sequence Compaction, Test Generation, Genetic Algorithms

306    Design of PR-QMF CDMA codes adapted to the multipath channel profile

pp. 3061-3066

       by :   Isabel Barbancho, Lorenzo J. Tardon, J. Tomas Entrambasaguas

Keywords: - CDMA, Filter banks, PR-QMF codes, Multipath channel, RAKE receiver, Correlation receiver

307    Robust control for gas turbine in electric power plant

pp. 3071-3076

       by :   Francisco Jurado, Blas Ogayar, Manuel Ortega

Keywords: - Modeling, Gas turbines, Turbines, Power generation

314    A Methodology for Easily Testable Core-Based SOCs

pp. 3141-3144

       by :   Dimitris Kagaris, Spyros Tragoudas

Keywords: - System on Chip, Cores, Design for Testability

315    QoS-based Transmissions in Ad Hoc Networks

pp. 3151-3153

       by :   Dimitris Kagaris, Spyros Tragoudas

Keywords: - Routing, Ad Hoc Networks, QoS

317    A FDI filter based-on inversion for nonlinear systems

pp. 3171-3176

       by :   Addison Rios-Bolivar, Ferenc Szigeti

Keywords: - Fault Detection and Isolation, Nonlinear System Observers, System Inversion, State Elimination, Invertibility Condition

318    Fuzzy betweenness and indistinguishability in modelling and control of uncertain systems

pp. 3181-3184

       by :   Andrzej Swierniak, Adam Galuszka

Keywords: - Fuzzy systems, Identifiability, Uncertain modelling, Indistinguishability, Reachability

320    Integrated System Reliability Estimates in a Multisystem Environment

pp. 3201-3210

       by :   Oleg Panfilov

Keywords: - Software Reliability, Software, Reliability Prediction, Reliability Estimates, Computer Systems

321    CNN model of brusselator equation and its dynamics

pp. 3211-3215

       by :   Angela Slavova

Keywords: - Cellular Neural Networks, Brusselator Equation, Describing Function Method

323    InfoSystem: An Interactive Educational Tool for Information Management

pp. 3231-3234

       by :   George K. Adam

Keywords: - Qualitative, Multimedia, Interactive, Educational, Application

324    Qualitative Modelling of Lime-mash Flow Processes and Measurements

pp. 3241-3244

       by :   George K. Adam, Edward Grant

Keywords: - Measurements, Qualitative Modelling, Model Simulation, Process Analysis

325    Comparison of Diversity Schemes for LEO Satellite Communication Systems

pp. 3251-3256

       by :   Stephan Fischer, Volker Kuhn, Karl Dirk Kammeyer,

Keywords: - LEO, Satellite Diversity, CDMA, Turbo Codes

327    Second order ARC filters using transconductance amplifiers and voltage buffers for high-frequency applications.

pp. 3271-3274

       by :   Tomas Dostal

Keywords: - ARC filter, Transconductance amplifiers, Voltage buffer, Diamond transistor.

333    Disturbance rejection tuning of a state-space predictive controller for a gas conditioning unit

pp. 3331-3336

       by :   Samo Gerksic, Stanko Strmcnik

Keywords: - Disturbance rejection, Predictive control, Kalman filter, Feedback systems, Robustness analysis

336    Musical Instrument Classification through the Model of Auditory Periphery and a Neural Network

pp. 3361-3365

       by :   Ladislava Janku, Lenka Lhotska

Keywords: - Neural networks, Machine listening, Pattern recognition, Music instrument classification, Models of audition

337    Voltage and reactive power control at distribution substations

pp. 3371-3376

       by :   Petr Ekel, Marcio Junges, Francisco Oliveira, Ambrosio Melek, Romao Kowaltschuk

Keywords: - Under-Load Tap Changing Transformers, Voltage Control, Compromise Control Conditions, Reactive Power Compensation, Control System, Control System Tuning

338    Channel estimation using Sinc-Interpolation for UTRA FDD Downlink

pp. 3381-3385

       by :   Klaus Knoche, Jurgen Rinas, Karl-Dirk Kammeyer

Keywords: - CDMA, UTRA FDD, Channel-Estimation, Sinc-Interpolation, CE, UMTS

339    Fast Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Linear-Phase Complex FIR Filter Design

pp. 3391-3394

       by :   Javier Davila

Keywords: - Two-dimensional filters, Complex filters, FIR filters

342    A Pad-Oriented Novel Electrostatic Discharge Protection Structure For Mixed-Signal ICs

pp. 3421-3425

       by :   H. G. Feng, K. Gong, R. Y. Zhan, Albert Z. Wang

Keywords: - ESD, Protection, Bonding pad, Mixed-signal, IC, SCR

344    OO Based Development of a Multi Media Application Server Prototype

pp. 3441-3446

       by :   E. Gul, G. Willekens, F. Hoste, T. Batsele, R. Selderslagh, N. Quartien

Keywords: - Object oriented design and programming, Multimedia, Communication systems, Java

345    Analysis and Measurement of the Modal Power Distribution for Guiding Multimode Fibres

pp. 3451-3456

       by :   D. Tomtsis, V. Kodogiannis, D. Zissopoulos

Keywords: - Optical fibres, Power distribution, Laser speckle noise, Chromatic sensing

346    Low Complexity Blind Channel Identification for OFDM Systems

pp. 3461-3466

       by :   Robert Klinski, Holger Hutzelmann, Rudi Knorr

Keywords: - OFDM, Blind channel identification, Autocorrelation

347    Novel bipolar current buffered amplifiers

pp. 3471-3474

       by :   Ivo Lattenberg, Kamil Vrba

Keywords: - Current conveyors, Analog filters, Current mode

348    High-Order Allpass Filter Design Using Current Conveyors

pp. 3481-3483

       by :   Kamil Vrba, Radimir Vrba, Josef Cajka

Keywords: - Current conveyor, Allpass filters, Group-delay equilizers

349    Existence of space periodic solutions for semi-linear hyperbolic systems controlability

pp. 3491-3496

       by :   Andrzej Nowakowski, Andrzej Rogowski

Keywords: - Hyperbolic PDE, Periodic problem, Dual variational method, Controllability

350    The Direct Kinematics for Path Control of Redundant Parallel Robots

pp. 3501-3506

       by :   Kvitoslav Belda, Josef Bohm, Michael Valasek

Keywords: - Direct kinematics, Planar redundant parallel robot, Nonlinear system, DAE-ODE equations, Trajectory

351    Separation Algorithm for Second Degree Convex Polygons

pp. 3511-3515

       by :  Reif Mordechai N.

Keywords: - Convex polygons, Intersection, Separation, Computational geometry, Parallel algorithm

353    ECG analysis using the mexican-hat wavelet

pp. 3531-3536

       by :   M. J. Burke, M. Nasor

Keywords: - Wavelet analysis, Mexican hat wavelet, Electrocardiogram, ECG, Timing

354    A System Architecture of Networked Pressure Sensors

pp. 3541-3546

       by :   Miroslav Sveda, Radimir Vrba, Petr Benes

Keywords: - Decentralized systems, Remote sensing, Smart sensors, Intranet, IEEE 1451, Pressure analyzer

364    A microcontroller-based precision ECG signal generator

pp. 3641-3646

       by :   M. J. Burke, M. Nasor

Keywords: - Electrocardiogram, ECG, Signal generation, ECG synthesis, ECG simulation

365    Diesel Power Generation on Rural Areas in Brazil and Effective Opportunities for Renewable Sources

pp. 3651-3655

       by :   Luiz Artur Pecorelli Peres, Luiz Augusto Horta Nogueira, Germano Lambert-Torres

Keywords: - Energy, Environment, Power generation, Country area, Planing

366    Frequency response of sampled data systems by multirate techniques

pp. 3661-3665

       by :   Carlos Camina, Julian Salt, Josep Tornero

Keywords: - Multirate systems, Frequency response, Discrete-time systems, Sampled data systems, Inter-sampling behaviour

367    Artificial neural networks for on-line trained controllers

pp. 3671-3676

       by :   Petr Pivonka

Keywords: - Back-propagation, Artificial neural nets, Neural controller, Adaptive neural controller

368    Neural networks in statistical anomaly intrusion detection

pp. 3681-3686

       by :   Zheng Zhang, Jun Li, C. N. Manikopoulos, Jay Jorgenson, Jose Ucles

Keywords: - Security, Intrusion Detection, Statistical Anomaly Detection, Neural Network Classification, Perceptron, Backpropagation, Perceptron-Backpropagation-Hybrid, Fuzzy ARTMAP, Radial-Based-Function

369    Prototype-Based Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search

pp. 3691-3696

       by :   Igor Dozorets, Isak Gath, Hadas Shachnai

Keywords: - Approximate Nearest Neighbors, Prototype-Based Search, Space and Time Complexities, Speaker Recognition

370    A Tool for Evaluation of Scheduling Algorithms in Real-Time Systems

pp. 3701-3707

       by :   Goran Martinovic, Zeljko Hocenski, Leo Budin

Keywords: - Deadline, Evaluation, Response Time, Scheduling Algorithm, Simulation, Task Set, Utilization

371    Formal Equivalence Checking of Folded Architectures

pp. 3711-3715

       by :   Tay-Jyi Lin, Chein-Wei Jen

Keywords: - Formal verification, Equivalence checking, High level systhesis

372    Iterative geometric representations for multi-way partitioning

pp. 3721-3726

       by :   Pascale Kuntz, Francois Velin, Henri Briand

Keywords: - Multi-way partitioning, Bipartitioning, Spectral method, Laplacian matrix, Eigenvectors, Circular ordering

374    On Homogenisation of Heterogeneous Whole

pp. 3741-3743

       by :   Zdenek Votruba, Mirko Novak

Keywords: - System, Reliability, Interaction, Translation, System theory, Information systems, Translation-ability, Disintegration of systems, Identity

375    Investigations of Online/Offline Tests for Integrated Sensors in the Operating Phase

pp. 3751-3756

       by :   Michael Fischell, Andrew Weigl, Walter Anheier

Keywords: - Online test, Offline test, Operation phase, Idd supervision

379    Increasing Natural Gas Production Using a Hybrid Intelligent System

pp. 3791-3796

       by :   Shahab Mohaghegh, Steve Wolhart, David Hill

Keywords: - Intelligent Systems, Hybrid systems, Natural Gas, Increase Production.

380    Fuzzy logic resource management and genetic algorithm based co-evolutionary data mining

pp. 3801-3807

       by :   James F. Smith III, Robert D. Rhyne II

Keywords: - Fuzzy Logic, Genetic Algorithms, Co-evolution, Expert Systems, Data Mining, Resource Management

382    On a Signal Detector using Wavelet-based Quadratic Time-Frequency Distribution

pp. 3821-3826

       by :   Hiroshi Ijima, Akira Ohsumi, Tatsuya Sodeoka, Hideaki Sato

Keywords: - Time-frequency analysis, Wigner distribution, Wavelet, Signal processing

384    General Sensitivity Function and its Application to a Fourth-order Low-pass Filter with CCII+

pp. 3841-3844

       by :   Lukas Matejicek, Kamil Vrba

Keywords: - Filter, Sensitivity, Filter characteristics, Current conveyor, High-order filter, Low-pass filter

385    Attitude and vibration control of space structures by singular perturbation approach

pp. 3851-3855

       by :   Xu Bo, Ichijo Hodaka, Masayuki Suzuki

Keywords: - Space structures, Attitude control, Flexible structure, Composite control, Singular perturbation

386    Subtractive-type algorithm utilizing the human ear masking characteristics

pp. 3861-3864

       by :   Jiri Poruba

Keywords: - Single channel, Subtractive-type algorithms, Speech detection, Noise-masking threshold, Noise reduction

387    An Improved Apriori for Mining Association Rules "Apriori+"

pp. 3871-3879

       by :   Issam Moghrabi

Keywords: - Knowledge discovery, Data mining, Machine learning, Databases, Apriori

388    Segmentation of the pectoral muscle edge on mammograms by tunable parametric edge detection

pp. 3881-3886

       by :   Ramachandran Chandrasekhar, Yianni Attikiouzel

Keywords: - Tunable parametric edge detection, Segmentation, Mammogram, Pectoral muscle edge

389    Cache-sorting-based cam for vpi/vci translation in atm switch

pp. 3891-3895

       by :   Yingtao Jiang, Yiyan Tang, Yuke Wang

Keywords: - Asic, Atm, Cam, Cache, Matcher, Memory, Sorting, Swapping, Vlsi

390    A set of novel multiplexer-based architectures for full adder designs

pp. 3901-3905

       by :   Yingtao Jiang, Abdulkarim Al-Sheraidah, Yuke Wang, Edwin Sha

Keywords: - Architecture, Full Adder, High performance, Multiplexer, Transmission gate, Vlsi circuit

391    Simplified approach to quasi-linear amplifier design

pp. 3911-3914

       by :   Alberto Costantini, Giorgio Vannini, Fabio Filicori, Alberto Santarelli, Antonio Cetronio

Keywords: - Quasi-linear power amplifier, Amplifier design, Nonlinear device model, Mmic

392    Non parametric learning of sensori-motor maps. Application to the control of multi joint systems

pp. 3921-3924

       by :   Marteau Pierre-Francois, Gibet Sylvie, Frederic Julliard

Keywords: - Non parametric learning, sensori-motor map, multi-joint system, Adaptive control

393    A new self-calibration technique in successive approximation A/D converters

pp. 3931-3936

       by :   Roberto Antonicelli, Beniamino Castagnolo, Maria Rizzi

Keywords: - A/D converter, MOS technology, Linearity errors, Offset errors, Calibration

394    Optimized Mains Filter for Grid Connected Solar Power Inverter

pp. 3941-3945

       by :   Karl Edelmoser

Keywords: - Solar Power-inverter, Grid-connected, Mains-filter, Mains-impedance

395    Prediction and observation of chaos in the buck converter

pp. 3951-3954

       by :   Denis Pelin,Ivan Flegar,Darko Fischer

Keywords: - Buck converter, Identification, Computer precision, Poincare map, Biffurcation diagram, Period-doubling

396    A tool for the management of the software maintenance process

pp. 3961-3965

       by :   Felix Garcia, Luis Marquez, Francisco Ruiz, Mario Piattini, Macario Polo

Keywords: - Software Engineering Environment Tools, Software Process Metamodelling, MOF, XMI

398    Optimized Implementations of Emerging H.26L Video Decoder on Pentium III

pp. 3981-3986

       by :   Ville Lappalainen, Antti Hallapuro and Timo D. Hamalainen

Keywords: - Video decoder, H.263, H.263+, H.26L, Implementation, Optimization, MMX

400    Solving the Probabilistic Decoding Problems Using Evolutionary Computation Techniques

pp. 4001-4008

       by :   Mahmoud Ahmed Ismail, Reda Abdul-Wahab Elkhoribi

Keywords: - Probabilistic Decoding, Evolutionary Algorithms, Error Correction, Stream Cipher

401    A Neurofuzzy Training Method for Mamdani-Like Structures

pp. 4011-4017

       by :   L. Schnitman, J. A. M. Felippe de Souza, T. Yoneyama

Keywords: - Fuzzy systems, Fuzzy sets, Discrete fuzzy

402    Design Considerations and prototype implementation of a piezoelectrically driven micro-vehicle for the internal inspection of small diameter pipes

pp. 4021-4026

       by :   Ioannis Katsikas, Ilias Katsoulis, Ioannis Antoniadis

Keywords: - Visual Inspection, Microrobots, Micro-vehicles, Piezoelectric motors, Pipe-inspection

403    Rapid assessment of an incoming business based on ressource capacity aggregation

pp. 4031-4034

       by :   Frederic Pereyrol, Pascale Baillet-Farthouat, Jean Paul Bourrieres

Keywords: - Manufacturing, Ressource capacity modeling, Data aggregation, Hierarchical structure, Production network

404    Application of Wavelet Packets in Bearing Fault Diagnosis

pp. 4041-4048

       by :   Nikolaos Nikolaou, Ioannis Antoniadis

Keywords: - Wavelets, Wavelet packets, Vibration, Bearing, Fault Diagnosis

406    Bearing Fault Diagnosis Using Shifted Wavelet Filters

pp. 4061-4066

       by :   Nikolaos Nikolaou, Ioannis Antoniadis

Keywords: - Wavelets, Wavelet Filters, Vibration, Bearing, Fault Diagnosis

407    Continuity of the algebraic Riccati equation for stochastic linear systems

pp. 4071-4074

       by :   Adam Czornik, Aleksander Nawrat

Keywords: - Linear systems, Optimal control, Algebraic Riccati equation

408    Determination of QCA Parameters using Optimal Angiographic Viewing Angles

pp. 4081-4086

       by :   Joeri Christiaens, Rik Van de Walle, Ignace Lemahieu, Peter Gheeraert, Yves Taeymans

Keywords: - Image Procession, X-ray Angiography, 3-D Reconstrucion, Coronary Arteries, Optimal Viewing Angles, QCA

409    Vibration Reduction of Gantry Crane Loads with Hoisting Using Finite Impulse Response (FIR) Digital Filters

pp. 4091-4097

       by :   Dimitrios Economou, Ioannis Antoniadis

Keywords: - Vibration Suspension, Input Preconditioning, Gantry Cranes, Hoisting, Finite Impulse Response Filters

410    Proposal for the Extension of MER for Knowledge Management and Fuzzy Consultations

pp. 4101-4105

       by :   Angelica Urrutia S., Mario Piattini V., Leoncio Jimenez C.

Keywords: - Model entity relationship (MER), Model of fuzzy data, Knowledge management system (KMS)

412    Interdomain communications in IP telephony

pp. 4121-4126

       by :   Maurizio Longo, Vincenzo Langone, Giuseppe Folino

Keywords: - Administrative Domain, Clearing, Settlement, Clearinghouse, Border Element, OSP, Annex G, H323, SIP

413    An Overview of Library Digitization Projects and the Current State of the "Digital Library"

pp. 4131-4136

       by :   Terry D. Webb

Keywords: - Libraries, Digital Libraries, Digitization, Internet, World Wide Web

415    On-Chip ESD Protection Design for Ics

pp. 4151-4164

       by :   Haigang Feng, Ke Gong, Rouying Zhan, Albert Z. H. Wang

Keywords: - ESD, Electrostatic Discharge, Reliability, SCR, NMOS, Clamp

416    Fast indexing: a comparative evaluation

pp. 4165-4170

       by :   Vincenzo Dilecce, Giovanni Dimauro, Andrea Guerriero, R. Modugno, Giuseppe Pirlo, Sebastiano Impedovo, Anna Salso

Keywords: - High dimensional indexing, Similarity search, Image database, Color histogram, Hough transform

417    Step-Down Converter with Inductive Input

pp. 4171-4173

       by :   Lutz. L. Erhartt, Karl Edelmoser

Keywords: - Inductive input characteristic, Wide-range, Step-down, Converter

419    Distance education and multimedia information systems

pp. 4191-4194

       by :   Danilo Korze, Marjan Krasna

Keywords: - Information system, Distance learning, Virtual learning environment, Streaming media

420    RNS Implementation of Two Dimensional Discrete Cosine Transform over FPL Devices

pp. 4201-4206

       by :   Pedro G. Fernandez, Javier Ramirez, Antonio Garcia, Luis Parrilla, Antonio Lloris

Keywords: - Residue Number System, Discrete Cosine Transform, Field Programmable Logic

423    An evaluation of string search algorithms at users standing

pp. 4231-4236

       by :   Ohdan Masanori, Takeuchi Ryo, Satou Tadamasa

Keywords: - String Search Algorithm, BF (Brute-Force), KMP (Knuth-Morris-Pratt), MM(MisMatched-character-heuristic), BSKMP (BackScan-Knuth-Morris-Pratt), RK (Rabin-Karp), RCC (Relative Comparison Counts)

425    Approximation of Optimal Value Stability

pp. 4251-4256

       by :   Iwona Nowakowska

Keywords: - Approximate solution, Dual e-value function, Dual Hamilton-Jacobi equation

427    Two-dimensional maximally-linear digital differentiators based on Taylor series

pp. 4271-4276

       by :   Ishtiaq Rasool Khan, Ryoji Ohba

Keywords: - Two-dimensional digital filters, Digital differentiators, Maximally-linear, MAXFLAT, FIR, Finite difference approximations, Digital signal processing, Taylor series

428    Sampling and Bandlimitation of Nonstationary Time Signals

pp. 4281-4285

       by :   Yumi Takizawa, Atsushi Fukasawa

Keywords: - Nonstationary signal, Time-dependent autocorrelation, Sampling of nonstationary axis, Bandlimitation of nonstationary characteristics, Processing error

429    Influence of Signal Processor Architecture on Generating Optimum Algorithm of Digital Signal Processing Methods

pp. 4291-4294

       by :   Zdenik Smekal, Petr Sysel

Keywords: - Digital, Signal, Processing, Processor, Filters, Programming

430    Adapting temperature for some randomized local search algorithms

pp. 4301-4306

       by :   John Shawe-Taylor, Janez Zerovnik

Keywords: - Randomized local search, Graph colouring, Adapting temperature, Combinatorial optimisation

431    Performance evaluation of buffered multiple-path ATM switch architectures

pp. 4311-4315

       by :   Andreas A. Veglis, Andreas S. Pombortsis

Keywords: - Performance evaluation, Analytical simulation, Clos networks, Uniform traffic load

432    An Interference Analyzing System for CDMA Signals Utilizing Lone Pilot Responses and Additional Dummy Pilot Response

pp. 4321-4326

       by :   Mitsuhiro Tomita, Noriyoshi Kuroyanagi, Satoru Ozawa, Naoki Suehiro

Keywords: - CDMA, SS, Optimum receiver, Noise estimation, Pilot Assisted System

433    A Web-Based Course-Support Environment

pp. 4331-4335

       by :   A.A.Veglis, C. A. Barbargires

Keywords: - Internet, Education, Web-design, Course-support environment

434    An inductive approach for the selection of innovative enterprises

pp. 4341-4346

       by :   Nadine Meskens, Philippe Levecq, Alix Dontaine

Keywords: - Business prospecting aid, Rough set

435    Modelling of electromagnetic transducers generating ultrasonic waves lamba-type in silicon microsensors

pp. 4351-4354

       by :   Jacek Golebiowski

Keywords: - Sensors, Lamba waves, Silicon membranes, Electromagnetic transducers

436    Server-Side Scripting With Databases using ASP, PHP, Cold Fusion and Java Servlets

pp. 4361-4366

       by :  Eduardo Carrillo Zambrano

Keywords: - Web Applications, Dynamic Applications, ASP, CGI, ISAPI, PHP, JSP, Cold Fusion

437    Improvement of Energy Characteristics of Semiconductor Detectors Using Genetic Algorithms

pp. 4371-4376

       by :   Noha Shaaban, Hiroyuki Takahashi, Shiyushi Hasegawa, Atsuyuki Suzuki

Keywords: - Semiconductor detectors, Genetic algorithms, Charge loss, Energy spectrum, EGS4 software

440    Internet based tools for remote measurement systems

pp. 4401-4406

       by :   Luigino Benetazzo, Matteo Bertocco

Keywords: - Remote measurement, Internet, Instrumentation, Computer network

441    Priority-Based Quality of Service in IP Routers

pp. 4411-4416

       by :   Grigoris Baklavas, Stavros Souravlas, Manos Roumeliotis

Keywords: - Modeling, Routers, Queueing Systems, Disciplines, FIFO, Priority, Quality of Service (QoS)

442    An efficient - high performance traffic shceduling and shaping component for ATM systems.

pp. 4421-4429

       by :   Spiros Dilis, Grigorios Doumenis, George Korinthios, George Konstantoulakis, George Lykakis, Dionysios Reisis, George Synnefakis

Keywords: - Traffic shaping, Flow control, Bandwidth assignment, Traffic scheduling, Quality of service, Network performance.

443    Analysis of circuits containing active elements by using modified T - graphs

pp. 4431-4435

       by :   Dalibor Biolek, Viera Biolkova

Keywords: - Signal flow graph, T-graph, Incidence matrix, Operational amplifier, Current conveyor.

444    A Fuzzy Logic Approach to Flow Control of Reentrant Manufacturing Networks

pp. 4441-4445

       by :   E. K. Dretoulakis, N. C. Tsourveloudis

Keywords: - Reentrant Networks, Work-In-Process, Flow Control, Fuzzy Logic

445    Controlling Lorenz Chaos with Neural Networks

pp. 4451-4458

       by :   Hernandez C., Martinez A., Mingo L. F., Castellanos J.

Keywords: - Neural Networks, Chaos Theory, Lorenz Chaos, Function Approximation

446    Automated estimation of blood volume around the ovarian follicles

pp. 4461-4466

       by :   Damjan Zazula, Nicolas Sergent, Veljko Vlaisavljevic

Keywords: - Ultrasound medical imaging, Computer image analysis, 3D reconstruction, Blood volume, Ovarian follicles

448    Robot Kinematics Development Environment: Application to a Configurable Redundant Manipulator for Heavy Robotics

pp. 4481-4486

       by :   David Puig, Martin Mellado, Juan V. Catret, Emilio Ruiz

Keywords: - Robotics, Robot Kinematics, Robot Control System Design, Robot Simulation, Computer Graphics, Heavy Robotics, Redundant Robots

449    A Sublinear Algorithm for Split-Merge Displacement Estimation on an Optical Architecture

pp. 4491-4496

       by :   Bruno Carpentieri

Keywords: - Video Coding, PRAM, Optical Computing, Algorithms

450    Improving neural detectors for slow fluctuating radar targets

pp. 4501-4506

       by :   Pilar Jarabo Amores, Manuel Rosa Zurera, Francisco Lopez Ferreras, Pablo Lopez Espi

Keywords: - Neural network, Radar, Detection, PCA, Time-frequency analysis

451    A novel parallel approach for numerical solution of the Schrodinger and Poisson equations in semiconductor devices

pp. 4511-4516

       by :   Yiming Li, Chuan-Sheng Wang, Jam-Wem Lee, Tien-Sheng Chao, S. M. Sze

Keywords: - Schrodinger and Poisson equations, Parallel divide and conquer, Monotone iterative technique, Semiconductor device simulation, Quantum confinement effects

452    Design and implementation of a high performance metropolitan multicasting infrastructure

pp. 4521-4527

       by :   Francesco Palmieri

Keywords: - Multicast routing, Mbone, Multimedia Applications, Protocol Independent Multicasting, RealTime Protocol

453    DIVISOR: DIstributed VIdeo Server fOr stReaming

pp. 4531-4536

       by :   Ekaterini M. Gialama, Evangelos P. Markatos, Julia E. Sevasslidou, Dimitrios N. Serpanos, Xeni A. Asimakopoulou, Evangelos N. Kotsovinos

Keywords: - video server, Quality of Service (QoS), Video on Demand (VoD), network protocol processing, scalability

454    An Empirical Study of Software Metrics in Artificial Neural Networks

pp. 4541-4546

       by :   Wing Kai Leung

Keywords: - Neural Networks, Backpropagation, Software Metrics, Algorithmic Complexity

455    Solving Application Problems involving Large Real Type Data Sets by Single Layered Backpropagation Networks

pp. 4551-4556

       by :   Wing Kai Leung

Keywords: - Single Layered Neural Networks, Backpropagation, Neural Metrics, Algorithmic Complexity

456    The Performance of Backpropagation Networks which uses Gradient Descent on Sigmoidal Steepness

pp. 4561-4566

       by :   Wing Kai Leung

Keywords: - Neural Networks, Backpropagation, Sigmoidal Steepness, Neural Metrics, Algorithmic Complexity

457    Applicability of Wavelet Galerkin Method for Solving High Level radioactive Waste Transport Model

pp. 4571-4576

       by :   Hesham Nasif, Atsushi Neyama, Hiroyuki Umeki, Keiichiro Wakasugi , Yoshinao Ishihara, Shuichi Hasegawa, Atsuyuki Suzuki

Keywords: - Geological disposal, Wavelet Galerkin method, Compactly supported, Orthogonality, Commection coefficient, Repository system

458    Novel Fiber-Optical Refractometric Sensor Employing Hemispherically-Shaped Detection Element

pp. 4581-4585

       by :   Sergei Khotiaintsev, Vladimir Svirid, Pieter L. Swart

Keywords: - Optoelectronics, instrumentation, refractive index measurement, liquid level measurement

459    Simultaneous Multithreading - Blending Thread-level and Instruction-level Parallelism in Advanced Microprocessor

pp. 4591-4596

       by :   Jurij Silc, Borut Robic, Theo Ungerer

Keywords: - Instruction-level parallelism, Microprocessor, Multithreaded processor, Simultaneous multithreading, Superscalar, Thread-level parallelism

460    Chip Multiprocessors - A Cost-effective Alternative to Simultaneous Multithreading

pp. 4601-4606

       by :   Borut Robic, Jurij Silc, Theo Ungerer

Keywords: - Chip multiprocessor, Instruction-level parallelism, Simultaneous multithreading, Thread-level parallelism

461    A New H-ARQ Scheme Using BCH Codes with Unequal data and Parity Frames

pp. 4611-4615

       by :   K. D. R. Jagath-Kumara

Keywords: - Link Protocols, H-ARQ Schemes, BCH Codes

462    The development of surface inspection system using the real-time image processing

pp. 4621-4625

       by :   Jonghak Lee, Changhyun Park, Jinyang Jung

Keywords: - Surface inspection system, CCD, Object detection, Defect detection, Classification, Cold rolled strip

464    New periodic sequence sets without corsscorrelation and new ZCCZ sequence sets

pp. 4641-4647

       by :   Naoki Suehiro, Toshiaki Imoto, Noriyoshi Kuroyanagi, Pingzhi Fan

Keywords: - Mobile communication, Signal design, Sequence design, Frequency usage efficiency, Crossscorrelation property

465    Paradigm-Independent Design of Composite Systems

pp. 4651-4657

       by :   Stefano Ferrari, Mariagiovanna Sami, Vincenzo Piuri

Keywords: - High level system synthesis, Design methodology, Composite systems, Paradigm-independent design, Partitioning

466    Diagnosis Decision Support for Airplane Maintenance

pp. 4661-4666

       by :   Oscar Kipersztok

Keywords: - Diagnosis, Airplane, Decision, Bayesian, Maintenance, Airline

467    Text and Image Processing: Non-Interrupted Skeletonization

pp. 4671-4675

       by :   Khalid Saeed

Keywords: - Scripts, Words, Image Processing, Digitalization, Skeletonization, Thinning

468    Towards Model Checking of Finite State Machines Extended with Memory through Refinement

pp. 4681-4686

       by :   George Eleftherakis, Petros Kefalas

Keywords: - Formal modelling, Specification, Verification, Model checking

469    Comparison of two analog realizations of linear-phase discrete-time FIR filters

pp. 4691-4694

       by :   Michal Lares, Dalibor Biolek

Keywords: - Analog filter, FIR filter, Linear phase

471    A new amplifier placement scheme to reduce noise in WDM networks

pp. 4711-4716

       by :   G.M. de Mercado, I. de Miguel, F. Gonzalez, P. Fernandez, J.C. Aguado, R.M. Lorenzo, J. Blas, E.J. Abril, M. Lopez

Keywords: - Wavelenght Division Multiplexing (WDM), Optical Metro Networks, Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers (EDFA), Placement Schemes, Gain Splitting, Amplified Spontaneous Emission (ASE) Noise

472    A Comparative Evaluation of Neural Classification Techniques for Identifying Multiple Fault Conditions

pp. 4721-4726

       by :   A. J. Hoffman, N. T. van der Merwe

Keywords: - Neural networks, Classifiers, Self-organising maps, Radial basis function, Vibrational features, Multiple fault conditions

473    Polyphase Filter Design with Reduced Phase Non-Linearity

pp. 4731-4736

       by :   Artur Krukowski, Izzet Kale

Keywords: - Filter design, Phase linearity, Digital filter, Polyphase structure, Multi-rate system

474    Verification of an IP Interface Prototype Design through Simulation and Emulation

pp. 4741-4746

       by :   Vesa Lahtinen, Kimmo Kuusilinna, Timo Hamalainen, Jukka Saarinen

Keywords: - System-on-a-chip (SOC), Intellectual property (IP), IP interface, Hardware emulation, Simulation, Verification

475    Reasoning about mobile processes in an ambient using the temporal logic of actions

pp. 4751-4756

       by :   Tatjana Kapus

Keywords: - Mobile system, Synchronous communication, Dynamical linking, Locality, Connectivity, Formal specification, Verification, Temporal logic of actions

476    Design and Implementation of Synthetic Humans for Virtual Environments and Simulation Systems

pp. 4761-4766

       by :   Spyros Vosinakis, Themis Panayiotopoulos

Keywords: - Virtual Reality, Virtual Environments, Simulation, Human Modelling, Computer Graphics, Computer Animation

477    Increasing Fault Simulation Performance Using Pre-Synthesis Behavioral Model

pp. 4771-4776

       by :   Zainalabedin Navabi, Mina Zolfy, Meisam Lavasani, Shahrzad Mirkhani

Keywords: - Fault Simulation Test, VHDL Test; HDL Test, Concurrent Fault Simulation

478    A Double Quadrature Low IF Receiver for the GSM band

pp. 4781-4785

       by :   S. Katsouraki, A. Chimonaki, L. Dermentzoglou, A. Arapoyanni

Keywords: - Double Quadrature front-end, Image rejection, Adjacent channel selection, Career to interferer

479    A Production Scheduling Strategy for an Assembly Plant based on Reinforcement Learning

pp. 4791-4796

       by :   Dimitris Dranidis, Evangelos Kehris

Keywords: - Scheduling policies, Manufacturing systems, Reinforcement learning, Neural networks

481    An Implementation Parallel Monte Carlo Method for Traffic Flow Simulation

pp. 4811-4816

       by :   Hsun-Jung Cho, Fang-Yu Lai

Keywords: - Monte Carlo method, Parallel computing, Traffic dispersion model, Traffic simulation, Transportation system

483    Model reduction for electromechanical systems with application to Tokamak control

pp. 4831-4836

       by :   Alessandro Beghi, Vincenzo Coccorese, Alfredo Portone

Keywords: - Large scale systems, Model reduction, Electromechanical systems, Tokamak control

484    Fuzzy linear programming for the optimization of land use scenarios

pp. 4841-4846

       by :   Arkadiusz Salski, Christian Noell

Keywords: - Linear programming, Fuzzy approach, Land use scenarios, Linear models, Fuzzy optimization

485    Correlation coprocessor for multichannel CDMA receiver

pp. 4851-4854

       by :   Peter Vicman, Filip S. Balan, Zmago Brezocnik

Keywords: - Correlator, Coprocessor, Dsp, Cdma, Fpga, Vhdl

486    FSK message indication service for analog telephone

pp. 4861-4864

       by :   Simon Nedok, Bostjan Vlaovic, Tatjana Kapus, Zmago Brezocnik

Keywords: - Telecommunications, Analog telephone, Switch node, Fsk, Sdl

487    The analysis of nuclear tracks with confocal microscopy and image restoration

pp. 4871-4876

       by :   Filip Rooms, Wilfried Philips, Geert Meesen, Patric Van Oostveldt

Keywords: - Confocal microscopy, Nuclear tracks, Space environment, Image restoration

488    Blind identification of FIR systems and deconvolution of white input sequences

pp. 4881-4886

       by :   Umberto Soverini, Paolo Castaldi, Roberto Diversi, Roberto Guidorzi

Keywords: - Blind identification, Blind equalization, Multichannel FIR systems, White input sequences

490    Improvement of digital filtration in time domain of chirp-signals

pp. 4901-4904

       by :   Wlodzimierz Pogribny, Ihor Rozhankivsky, Andrzej Milewski

Keywords: - Matching Digital Filters, Chirp-Signals, Time Domain

492    Using calibration in rssi-based location tracking system

pp. 4921-4925

       by :   Marko Helen, Juha Latvala, Hannu Ikonen, Jarkko Niittylahti

Keywords: - Wlan, Positioning, Navigation, Extended Kalman filter, Calibration, Rssi

493    WAP against Competing Technologies and Solutions

pp. 4931-4933

       by :   George Kormentzas, Dimitrios Vergados

Keywords: - Internet, I-mode, Palm VII, SIM-toolkit, WAP, Windows CE

494    Configurable Address Computation in a Parallel Memory Architecture

pp. 4941-4946

       by :   Eero Aho, Jarno Vanne, Kimmo Kuusilinna, Timo Hamalainen, Jukka Saarinen

Keywords: - Configurable parallel memory, Address computation, Conflict free access, Module assignment function, Page table

495    AutoTRANS: Hardware and Software Architecture for Mobile Robots

pp. 4951-4956

       by :   Jesus M. Aparicio, Ricardo Piza, Josep Tornero

Keywords: - Mobile robots, Auto-guided vehicles, Control-architectures, Hardware/software design, Multisensor systems, Intelligent sensors, CAN-BUS, Industrial applications, Forklifts

496    A Proposed Method for Improved Sound-Print Selection for Identification Purposes

pp. 4961-4964

       by :   Rego Kozma, Gabor Richly, Gabor Hosszu, Ferenc Kovacs

Keywords: - Audio signal processing, Pattern recognition, synchronization

500    Substrate-coupling noise analysis of a mixed-signal RF IC using an efficient technique for substrate parasitic extraction

pp. 5001-5007

       by :   Nasser Masoumi, M. I. Elmasry, S. Safavi-Naeini, S. J. Kovacic

Keywords: - Substrate coupling, Image method, Device contact, Impedance parameters, Mixed-signal, RF IC

501    Two New Computational Methods to Evaluate Limit Cycles in Fixed-Point Digital Filters

pp. 5011-5016

       by :   Manuel Utrilla-Manso, Francisco Lopez-Ferreras, Hilario Gomez-Moreno, Pilar Martin-Martin, Pablo-Luis Lopez-Espi

Keywords: - Limit cycle, Digital filter, Truncation, Round-off, Linear, Quantization

502    Advanced Computer Applications in Tele Dermatology

pp. 5021-5025

       by :   Bogdan Dugonik, Aleksandra Dugonik, Zmago Brezoenik

Keywords: - Videoconference, Teledermatology, Internet, Database, Digital Image

503    Unified Architecture for 8x8 DCT/IDCT with Register-Based Matrix Transposition

pp. 5031-5035

       by :   Jari Nikara, Jarmo Takala, Jukka Saarinen

Keywords: - Array processor, Linear mapping, Trigonometric transform, Digital signal processing, Systolic array, Multi-function

504    Memory Synthesis for Low Power

pp. 5041-5046

       by :   Wen-Tsong Shiue

Keywords: - Low Power Design, Memory Synthesis, Data Placement techniques, Exporation, Memory Design, Embedded Systems

505    Area-Energy Tradeoffs in Memory Design

pp. 5051-5056

       by :   Wen-Tsong Shiue

Keywords: - Low Power Design, Memory Design, Memory Exploration, Algorithms

506    Reliability Estimate using Degradation Data

pp. 5061-5066

       by :   G. Eghbali, E. A. Elsayed

Keywords: - Degradation, Reliability models, Statistics-based models

507    Analysis and synthesis of stacking charge pump voltage tripler

pp. 5071-5076

       by :   M. Zhang, N. llaser, F. Devos

Keywords: - Charge pump, Voltage tripler, DC-DC converter, EEPROM, CMOS

508    A soft handoff scheme for improving utilization efficiency of traffic channels

pp. 5081-5087

       by :   Xiaomin Ma, Yun Liu, K. S. Trivedi, Yue Ma, J. J. Han

Keywords: - CDMA, Soft handoff, Performance, Stochastic reward net

509    Unified Architecture for discrete Fourier and inverse cosine transforms

pp. 5091-5096

       by :   Tuomas Jarvinen, Jarmo Takala, Jukka Saarinen

Keywords: - Discrete trigonometric transform, Constant geometry architecture, Array processor, Partial-Column architecture, Permutation

512    Deploying ip-based virtual private network across the global corporation

pp. 5121-5125

       by :   Stanislav Milanovic, Zoran Petrovic

Keywords: - IP-VPN, Internet, Intranet/Extranet, IPSec, Tunneling, Encryption, Authentication

515    Electronic News Gathering via a wireless broadband infrastructure

pp. 5151-5156

       by :   E. Pallis, A. Kourtis, G. Gardikis, G. Xilouris

Keywords: - ENG, WLL, Broadcasting, Multicasting, MPEG

516    Normalization and Lack of Proportion in MLP Training: A Practical Purposal

pp. 5161-5165

       by :   Carlos E. Vivaracho, Luis A. Romero, Javier Ortega, Q. Isaac Moro

Keywords: - Input Vector Normalization, Training Set Clustering, Trainig Set Replication

518    Robust detection of actuator faults in linear systems

pp. 5181-5186

       by :   Mina Zele, Dani Juricic

Keywords: - Model-based fault detection, Modelling error, Stochastic embedding, Test statistics

522    Means of Pressure Analysis using Nitride Silicon Diaphragm

pp. 5221-5224

       by :   Frantisek Matejka, Jirina Matejkova, Radimir Vrba, Petr Benes

Keywords: - Diaphragm, Distortion, pressure, Diffractogram, Laser

523    Object-Oriented Modeling in Model Vision Studium

pp. 5231-5235

       by :   Yuri Kolesov, Yuri Senichenkov

Keywords: - Complex dynamical systems, Hybrid automata, Object-oriented modeling, Numerical methods

524    Space vectors simulations for references fault detection in the field oriented control of induction motor drive

pp. 5241-5245

       by :   Ovidiu Neamtu

Keywords: - Space Vectors, Simulation, Induction Motor, Fault Detection

525    Text Analysis for the New Slovenian Text-to-Speech System

pp. 5251-5255

       by :   Tomaz Sef

Keywords: - Speech synthesis, Slovenian text-to-speech system, Text analysis

526    Discrete-time Hoo control of a flexible sprayer

pp. 5261-5266

       by :   K.G. Arvanitis, E.C. Zacharenakis, A.G. Soldatos, G.E. Stavroulakis

Keywords: - Dynamical systems, Discrete-time control, Hoo control, Agricultural engineering, Agricultural machinery, Structural dynamics

527    Patterns For Databases Design

pp. 5271-5276

       by :   Javier Garzas, Mario Piattini

Keywords: - Patterns, Databases, Object-orientation

532    The Comparison of Deterministic and Stochastic VTG Schemes in the Application of MLP to Time Series Prediction

pp. 5321-5326

       by :   Taeho Charles Jo

Keywords: - Deterministic VTG Schemes, Stochastic VTG Schemes, Time Series Prediction

537    A Novel Fuzzy Logic Controller for IPMSM Drive System

pp. 5371-5377

       by :   M. Nasir Uddin, M. Azizur Rahman, Arifur Rahman

Keywords: - Vector control, Interior permanent magnet motor, Fuzzy logic control, Real-Time Implementation, Digital signal processor

548    Proposal of sub-optimum decoding algorithm and analysis of a bound of voronoi region v(c0)

pp. 5481-5485

       by :   Walter Jr., Emilio C. G. Walter Godoy, Emílio Wille

Keywords: - Error control codes, Error correcting codes, Algorithms, Soft decision decoding, Decoding stop rules, Voronoi region

551    A Realized SONY PS2 1-to-4 Joystick Multiplexer Interface

pp. 5511-5515

       by :   Chua-Chin Wang, Rong-Sui Kao, Po-Ming Lee, Yo-Lih Huang

Keywords: - Multiplexer interface, PS2, Joystick, MUX, FPGA, SONY

552    Stochastic Monitoring and Testing of Digital LTI Filters

pp. 5521-5526

       by :   Christoforos N. Hadjicostis

Keywords: - Testing, Monitoring, Stochastic, Linear systems, Digital signal processing

555    Generalization of Fuzzy and Classic Logic in NPL2v

pp. 5551-5555

       by :   Helga Gonzaga, Claudio Inacio de Almeida Costa, Germano Lambert-Torres

Keywords: - Paraconsistent Logic, Fuzzy Logic

557    Genetic algorithm with upgrading operator

pp. 5571-5576

       by :   Nidapan Sureerattanan

Keywords: - Genetic algorithm, Exploration, Exploitation, Selective pressure, Population diversity, Upgrading operator

570    Embedding audio into multimedia CAL programs

pp. 5701-5707

       by :   Rodica Ramer

Keywords: - Multimedia, Cal programs

571    Intra-parametric analysis of a fuzzy MOLP

pp. 5711-5716

       by :   Hsiao-Fan Wang , Miao-Ling Wang

Keywords: - Degree of possibility, Intra-parametric analysis, Fuzzy coefficients, Interval-valued

573    Optimized State Model of Chaotic Oscillator

pp. 5731-5733

       by :   Jiri Pospisil, Zdenek Kolka, Jana Horska, Vaclav Michalek, Stanislav Hanus

Keywords: - Dynamical systems, State models, Piecewise-linear models, Sensitivity, Chaos

574    A method for obtaining the input-to-node transfer function in order to calculate roundoff noise ln ladder wave digital filters (ldwdf)

pp. 5741-5746

       by :   Antonio Alvarez-Vellisco, Diego Andina, Francisco Ballesteros

Keywords: - Ladder wave digital filters, Roundoff niose, Node, Flow diagram, Transfer function

575    Calculating the node-to-output transfer in ladder wave digital filters (ldwdf)

pp. 5751-5756

       by :   Antonio Alvarez-Vellisco, Diego Andina, Francisco Ballesteros

Keywords: - Ladder wave digital filters, Roundoff niose, Node, Flow diagram, Transfer function

578    A direct modulation of electrical conversions for a multilevel NPC chopper

pp. 5781-5786

       by :   Bruno Francois, Jean-Paul Hautier

Keywords: - Multilevel converters, Converter modeling, Modulation strategies, Converter control

579    Compressed Domain Detection Of Gradual Scene Changes in MPEG Video

pp. 5791-5796

       by :   Amarnag Subramanya

Keywords: - Scene Change, Gradual Scene Change, Motion Vectors, Threshold, Histogram

580    GMDH-Type Neural Network Modelling of Explosive Welding Process of Plates Using Singular Value Decomposition

pp. 5801-5808

       by :   N. Nariman-Zadeh, A. Darvizeh, M. Darvizeh, H. Gharababei

Keywords: - Gmdh, Explosive Welding Process, SVD

581    Low Power 4-2 Compressor with Fully Restored Node Voltages

pp. 5811-5816

       by :   Damu Radhakrishnan

Keywords: - Multiplier, XOR-XNOR gate, Compressor, Switching activity, CMOS, Full adder

582    Availability work products - a strategic approach

pp. 5821-5826

       by :   Gregory Ignatious, Mohammad Malkawi, Brian Moore, Larry Votta

Keywords: - Availability, Reliability, Operability, Maintainability, Dependability, Performance, Safety, FMEA, FMECA, Fault Tolerance, Software Fault Tolerance, Failure Mode Analysis, Rules for Errors and Exceptions, Detection Design, Containment / Isolation Design, Recovery Design, Upgrade Design, Availability Models, Fault Insertion, Operator Procedures, Operator Interface, Operations Minimization, Availability Project Plan

583    Location-dependent comparison of downlink capacities between two DS-CDMA mobile systems

pp. 5831-5836

       by :   Dongwoo Kim

Keywords: - DS-CDMA capacity, High-speed packet access, Location-dependency

584    Comparative Analysis of Some Objective Function Based Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms Applied in Fuzzy Systems Modeling

pp. 5841-5846

       by :   Dragan Z. Saletic, Dusan M. Velasevic, N. E. Mastorakis

Keywords: - Data analysis, Fuzzy logic, Expert systems, Takagi-Sugeno rules, Knowledge acquisition

585    Connections in the Human Brain

pp. 5851-5856

       by :   Ales Grmela

Keywords: - Human Brain, Neuron, Axon, Axon-Hillock, Dendrite, Dendritic Tree and Connections of Neurons in the Brain, Human Soul and Development of the Human Soul

586    Quality of Service (QoS) in multimedia communications: modeling, architecture, management

pp. 5861-5867

       by :  Zoran Bojkovic, Dragorad Milovanovic, Zoran Perisic

Keywords: - QoS, Multimedia, Resource management architecture, Protocol, Internet

587    Low-delay pipelined architectures for the TD-LMS adaptive filter

pp. 5871-5875

       by :   George-Othon Glentis

Keywords: - Transform Domain LMS, Delayed LMS, Pipelined adaptive filters

588    Clustering-based blind equalization for time varying channels

pp. 5881-5886

       by :   Kristina Georgoulakis

Keywords: - Blind equalization, Clustering techniques, Time varying channels

590    Stability Criteria of an "Elastic" Universal Fuzzy Position Controller for Motor Drives

pp. 5901-5908

       by :   Jose Carlos Quadrado, Jose Fernando Silva

Keywords: - Stability, Fuzzy control, Position control, Electromechanical actuators, DC motor, Universal controller

592    Operation principles of the curvature gauge

pp. 5921-5925

       by :   YuZhu Hi, Alexandar Djordjevich

Keywords: - Curvature gauge, Distributed measurement, Deformation mode-shapes

593    Discovery of conflicting data for neural-network-based transient stability classification of power systems

pp. 5931-5936

       by :   X. P. Gu, S. K. Tso

Keywords: - Power system transient stability, Conflicting data analysis, Pattern classification, Knowledge discovery, Neural networks, Separability

594    Neural Network Weight Space Symmetries Can Speed up Genetic Learning

pp. 5941-5946

       by :   Roman Neruda

Keywords: - Feedforward neural networks, Genetic learning algoritms

595    Assurance of Secure Sessions for Security Policy Negotiation

pp. 5951-5956

       by :   Geon-Woo KIM, Ji-Hoon Jeong, Sung-Won Sohn

Keywords: - Security Policy, Negotiation, IPsec, IKE, SA, Secure Session, Diffie-Hellman

596    A Study of Telephony Domain Name System (T-DNS) for Internet Telephony Service at All IP Network

pp. 5961-5965

       by :   Miryong Park, Changmin Park, Jonghyup Lee

Keywords: - Domain name system, All ip network, VOIP, Telephone DNS

598    Analysis of IEEE 802.11 in a power line system

pp. 5981-5986

       by :   Torsten Langguth, Markus Zeller, Helmut Steckenbiller, Rudi Knorr

Keywords: - Power line, Access control, Mac, Performance analysis, Plc, Protocol design

600    A Comparison Between Multilayer Perceptron and Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network in Power System Dynamic Stability

pp. 6001-6006

       by :   Shahram Javadi, Nasser Sadati, Mehdi Ehsan

Keywords: - Power System, Dynamic Stability, Perceptron, Fuzzy ARTMAP, Neural Network

602    Automated Code Generation from Petri Nets based System Specification

pp. 6021-6026

       by :   Luis Gomes, Joao-Paulo Barros

Keywords: - Petri nets, Automatic Code Generation, CASE tools, Graphical User Interface

605    Wavelet based approach towards noise detection and filtration

pp. 6051-6054

       by :   D. S. Bormane , T. R. Sontakke

Keywords: - De-noising, Thresholding, Rejective-filter, Shrinkage, Discretization

607    Fluidice: A New Theory of Interdimensional Transduction

pp. 6071-6076

       by :   Eugenia Macer-Story

Keywords: - Psychokinesis, Telekinesis, Extrasensory perception, Non local perception, Interdimensional transduction, Terrestrial gravitational lenses

608    Multisensor Particle Estimation of 3D Motion and Structure

pp. 6081-6088

       by :   Christophe Boucher, Jean-Charles Noyer, Mohammed Benjelloun

Keywords: - Multisensor Data Fusion, Non-linear Signal Processing, Image and scene analysis

609    A Simple Two-Microphone Array Devoted to Speech Enhancement and Source Tracking

pp. 6091-6095

       by :   A. Alvarez, P. Gomez, R. Martinez, V. Nieto

Keywords: - Binaural negative array processing, Speech enhancement, Source tracking, Noise cancellation

610    Design of a configurable integrated circuit to support the Transmission Convergence sub-layer of ADSL and VDSL systems

pp. 6101-6106

       by :   Euripides Zervanos, Ioanna Theologitou, Vassilis Kaloudis, Kyriakos Satlas

Keywords: - ADSL, VDSL, G.Lite, xDSL, ATM, Transmissin Convergence sub-layer, ASIC

612    Modelling and simulation of optical communication systems

pp. 6121-6125

       by :   P. L. Lopez-Espi, J. Alpuente-Hermosilla, F. Lopez-Ferreras, M. P. Jarabo-Amores

Keywords: - Lightwave simulation, Optical communication systems

613    A new method for trajectory control of mobile robots using artificial neural networks

pp. 6131-6134

       by :   Ivan Nunes Da Silva, Andre Nunes De Souza, Jose Alfredo Ulson

Keywords: - Mobile robots, Neural networks, System identification, Intelligent systems, Motion planning, Feedforward networks

614    Neural networks applied in linear programming problems: design and complexity analysis

pp. 6141-6146

       by :   Ivan Nunes Da Silva, Andre Nunes De Souza, Jose Alfredo Ulson

Keywords: - Artificial neural networks, Linear programming, Complexity analysis, Operations research, Artificial intelligence, Systems optimization

615    Joint Time-frequency Coding of Audio Signals

pp. 6151-6153

       by :   Karthikeyan Umapathy, Sridhar Krishnan

Keywords: - Audio coding , Matching pursuit , Time-frequency functions, Gabor functions, Variable quantizers

618    An iterative method for pole assignment

pp. 6181-6187

       by :   Nian Li

Keywords: - Moore-Penrose inverse, Ofpap, Miep, controllability, observability

619    Application of Neural Network and Interior-Point Linear Programming Algorithm for Voltage and Reactive-Power Control

pp. 6191-6197

       by :   S. K. Tso, M. B. Liu

Keywords: - Reactive-power optimization, Neural network, Sensitivity calculation, Interior-point algorithm

621    New Methods for Classification of CPM and Spread Spectrum Communications Signals

pp. 6211-6216

       by :   Vis Ramakonar, Daryoush Habibi, Abdesselam Bouzerdoum

Keywords: - Modulation Classification, Spread Spectrum, CPM Signals, Decision Theoretic, Approach

622    Experiments In Farsi Text Retrieval

pp. 6221-6225

       by :   Farhad Oroumchian, M. Zolfy, N. Karimi

Keywords: - Information Retrieval, Farsi Text Retrieval, Vector Space, NGRAM

623    Representing block diagrams with Xml: an application for production flow specification in Workflow area

pp. 6231-6235

       by :   Vincenza Carchiolo, Alessandro Longheu, Michele Malgeri

Keywords: - XML, Workflow, Java, Specification language

627    Novel variable step size blind adaptive algorithms for smart antenna applications

pp. 6271-6274

       by :   Zhimin Du, Peng Wan, Lu Gao, Weiling Wu

Keywords: - Variable step size gradient descent method, CMA, Constrained CMA, CMOE, Smart antenna

628    Consolidation Problems and Solutions for ABR Multicasting Service in ATM Networks

pp. 6281-6286

       by :   Dong-Ho Kim, Yong-Beum Park, Jang-Kyung Kim, Chee-Hang Park

Keywords: - ATM, ABR, Multicast, Point-to-Multipoint, Feedback consolidation

630    A Digit-Serial Systolic Multiplier for Finite Fields GF(2m)

pp. 6301-6307

       by :   Chan Hun Kim, Sang Duk Han, Chun Pyo Hong

Keywords: - Digit-serial multiplier, Finite field multiplier, Cryptography, Systolic array, Finite field arithmetic, VLSI

633    Texture Classification Using Shift-Invariant Wavelet Packet Decomposition

pp. 6331-6335

       by :   Pun Chi-Man, Lee Moon-Chuen

Keywords: - Wavelet Packets, Shift-Invariance, Texture Classification

634    Performance Evaluation of the IEEE 802.16.1 MAC Protocol According to the Structure of a MAP Message

pp. 6341-6344

       by :   Kwangoh Cho, Jongha Ko, Jongkyu Lee

Keywords: - IEEE 802.16 BWA, MAC protocl, Performance evaluation

639    A new variable wordlength direct form filter structure and finite wordlength analysis with SARON

pp. 6391-6395

       by :   N. T. van der Merwe, C. P. Bodenstein

Keywords: - Filter design, IIR filters, Variable wordlength, Digital filters, Product quantization

640    Video Proxy System for a Large-scale VOD System

pp. 6401-6405

       by :   Kwun-chung Chan, Kwok-wai Cheung

Keywords: - Video Proxy, Video Caching, Proxy Server, VOD, Two-stage replacement policy

641    Low-cost embedded systems design using Statecharts

pp. 6411-6416

       by :   Luis Gomes, Carlos Soares

Keywords: - Statecharts, Reactive systems, Embedded systems, Automatic code generation, Verification

643    Hierarchical Factor Analysis

pp. 6431-6436

       by :   Hsiao-Fan Wang, Ching-Yi Kuo

Keywords: - Factor selection, Fuzzy neural network, Sufficient and necessary conditions, Data mining

644    A fast VLSI hardware modular multiplication/division algorithm

pp. 6441-6444

       by :   Satnam Singh Dlay, Raouf Naguib

Keywords: - Multiplication, Division, VLSI, Signal processing, Cryptography

645    A Frisch filtering approach to blind identification and equalization in unbalanced noise environments

pp. 6451-6458

       by :   Roberto Guidorzi, Paolo Guidorzi

Keywords: - Blind identification, Equalization, Multichannel FIR systems, Frisch filtering

646    Innovative knowledge system for project risk management

pp. 6461-6466

       by :   Konstantinos Kirytopoulos, Vrassidas Leopoulos, Charalampos Malandrakis, Ilias Tatsiopoulos

Keywords: - Knowledge system, Risk management, Project management, Risk identification

647    Fast Algorithms for TVAR and MTIE Computation in Characterization of Network Synchronization Performance

pp. 6471-6474

       by :   Stefano Bregni

Keywords: - Clocks, Digital communication, Jitter, MTIE, SDH, SONET, Synchronization, TVAR, Wander

648    Comparison of sinogram and reconstruction based correction for partial volume effects in ECT imaging

pp. 6481-6484

       by :   Michel Koole, Rik Van de Walle, Koen Van Laere, Yves D'Asseler, Stefaan Vandenberghe, Ignace Lemahieu, Rudi Dierckx

Keywords: - SPECT, PET, Quantification, Partial volume effects, Linear Regression

649    Synchronization Processes and Jitter Generation along a SDH Transmission Chain: a Review and Measurement Results

pp. 6491-6494

       by :   Stefano Bregni

Keywords: - Digital communication, Jitter, Pointer, SDH, SONET, Synchronization, Wander

650    Generation of Pseudo-Random Power-Law Noise Sequences by Spectral Shaping

pp. 6501-6504

       by :   Stefano Bregni

Keywords: - Digital communication, Jitter, SDH, Simulation, SONET, Synchronization, Wander

651    WWW Cache Updating: An Active Networking Approach

pp. 6511-6514

       by :   Rohan De Silva, William Dewar, Graham Low

Keywords: - Internet caching, Active networks, Dynamic objects

652    Implementation of Error-Feedback RLS Lattice on Virtex using logarithmic arithmetic

pp. 6521-6523

       by :   Felix Albu, Jiri Kadlec, Anthony Fagan, Nick Coleman

Keywords: - Error Feedback RLS Lattice, Logarithmic number system

654    Data mining of Personal Information: Perspectives and Legal Barriers

pp. 6541-6550

       by :   Dionysios Politis, Konstantinos Gogos

Keywords: - Personal Data, Data Mining and disclosure of information, Cross-frontier data flow, Directive 95/46/EEC, Rights of the individual and protection of privacy

657    Generation of multi low cost multicast trees for load balancing

pp. 6571-6576

       by :   Lan Tran Ngoc, Kris Steenhaut, Ann Nowe

Keywords: - Genetic algorithm, Multicasting, Maximally disjoint trees, load balancing, multipath routing

658    Neural Network-based auto-tuning for PID controllers

pp. 6581-6585

       by :   Francklin Rivas-Echeverria, Addison Rios-Bolivar, Jeanette Casales-Echeverria

Keywords: - PID, Neural Networks, Auto-tuning, Integral error criteria, Control systems

659    Technologies Supporting Programmability of Future Military Networks: A Review and a Critical View

pp. 6591-6594

       by :   D. Vergados, J. Soldatos, N. Protopsaltis, E. Vayias

Keywords: - tactical communications, Military, Programmability, Network control, QoS, Agents

660    A high level synthesizable divider-multiplier core for rapid prototyping

pp. 6601-6603

       by :   M. A.Sacristan, V. Rodellar, A. Diaz, V. Peinado, P. Gomez

Keywords: - Multipliers, Dividers, Division algorithms by multiplication, Fixed-point arithmetic, VHDL, SYNOPSYS, FPGA

663    On the validity of realizable physical approximations to dirac/s delta input impulses to obtain impulse responses. Application to synthesize discrete-time models for LTI systems

pp. 6631-6636

       by :   Aitor J. Garrido, M. De La Sen, Rafael Barcena

Keywords: - Modelling, Impulse response, System identification, Discrete-time systems

664    A simple technique for thermal resistance measurement in electron devices

pp. 6641-6644

       by :   Giorgia Zucchelli, Alberto Costantini, Alberto Santarelli, Giorgio Vannini

Keywords: - Thermal resistance, Device characterization, Electron device, Self-heating effects

665    IIR PRQMF Bank Design Based on Lagrangian Method

pp. 6651-6654

       by :   Emir Tufan Akman, Koray Kayabol, Vedat Tavsanoglu

Keywords: - Lagrangian multiplier method, perfect reconstruction filter bank

667    A Method to Determine Battery Charge/Discharge Resistance in Stand-Alone PV Power Systems

pp. 6671-6675

       by :   Yahia Baghzouz, Robert Boehm

Keywords: - Deep-cycle batteries, Battery charge/discharge resistance, Stand-alone pv systems

668    Remote Network Fault Management based on the GSM Short Message Service

pp. 6681-6686

       by :   Stavros Vougioukas, Manos Roumeliotis

Keywords: - Network Fault Management, Wireless, GSM, SMS

669    A modified median filter for the removal of impulse noise based on the support vector machines

pp. 6691-6696

       by :   H. Gomez-Moreno, S. Maldonado-Bascon, F. Lopez-Ferreras, M. Utrilla-Manso, P. Gil-Jimenez

Keywords: - Enhancement, Impulse noise, Support vector machines, Classification, Median filter, Nonlinear filtering

670    CACSD Using Fuzzy Sets and Optimization with Surrogate Functions

pp. 6701-6709

       by :   Hilton Cleber Pietrobom, Karl Heinz Kienitz

Keywords: - Fuzzy Sets, Control Engineering, Optimization, Surrogates

671    State of the Art of Optical Switching Technology for All-Optical Networks

pp. 6711-6714

       by :   Stefano Bregni, Giacomo Guerra, Achille Pattavina

Keywords: - Optical communication, Internet, Switching, Acousto-optic, Holography, Thermo-optic, Optical amplifiers

673    Biquadratic Resonant Filter based on a Fully Differential Multiple Differences Amplifier

pp. 6731-6736

       by :   Antonio J. Gano, Nuno F. Especial

Keywords: - Fully Differential, Analogue, Biquadratic, Buterworth, Filter, Fdmda

675    Using artificial neural networks as an image segmentation module of an OCR-system: A Preliminary Study

pp. 6751-6756

       by :   Regina Bernhaupt, Sandra Schonet

Keywords: - Optical Character Recognition, Segmentation, Document analysis, ANN, Comic, Color processing

677    HF Broadcasting System Design Based on a Overlapping Coverage Concept

pp. 6771-6774

       by :   Pilar Jarabo Amores, Jesus Alpuente Hermosilla, Francisco Lopez Ferreras, Pablo Lopez Espi

Keywords: - HF communications, Broadcasting, Ionosphere, MUF, Coverage

679    XFL3: A New Fuzzy System Specification Language

pp. 6791-6796

       by :   F. J. Moreno-Velo, S. Sanchez-Solano, A. Barriga, I. Baturone, D. R. Lopez

Keywords: - Formal languages, CAD tools, Fuzzy systems

680    An implementation of Rinjdael algorithm through programmable logic devices

pp. 6801-6806

       by :   J. E. Munoz, A. J. Yuste, F. J. Sanchez-Roselly, S. G. Galan

Keywords: - Block Cipher, State Round, Byte Transformation, Key Addition, Distributed Control

681    Multidimensional modeling using MIDEA

pp. 6811-6816

       by :   Jose Maria Cavero, Mario Piattini, Esperanza Marcos

Keywords: - Data base design, Multidimensional modeling, Data warehouse design

682    Simulation of Image Sensor Design and other parallel signal processing structures using pictures as an input and output

pp. 6821-6824

       by :   Petr Simandl, Zdenek Burian

Keywords: - Analog, Image, Sensor, Camera, Parallel, Processing, Simulation

683    Multi-stations telemonitoring system using the Internet

pp. 6831-6834

       by :   J. A. Fernandez, J. C. Bago, J. E. Munoz, F. J. Sanchez-Roselly, P. J. Perez

Keywords: - Internet, Socket, TCP/IP, Telemonitoring, Sensors

684    Local Area Network Videconference System

pp. 6841-6846

       by :   A. J. Yuste, J. A. Fernandez, J. C. Bago, L. R. Lopez, S. G. Galan

Keywords: - LAN, Video, Audio, Codecs, Videconference, Applications

687    Model of temperature microsystem with wireless communication

pp. 6871-6874

       by :   Miroslav Husak, Jiri Jakovenko

Keywords: - Microsystems, Intelligent systems, Sensors, Actuators, Control, Temperature, Data communication, Wireless

688    Application of Kinematic Modeling Methods to Wheeled Mobile Robots

pp. 6881-6886

       by :   Luis Gracia, Josep Tornero

Keywords: - Kinematic modeling, Wheeled mobile robots, Modeling methods, Homogeneous transformations

689    Saving energy using the sun as a lighting source

pp. 6891-6895

       by :   Patricia Romeiro da Silva Jota, Mirna Suely dos Santos Bracarense

Keywords: - Daylighting, Solar power, Save energy, Statistical analysis, Lighting, Scale model

690    Subjective Hierarchical Neighborhood Load Profile Driven Routing

pp. 6901-6908

       by :   Markus Borschbach, Ralph Jansen, Wolfram-M. Lippe, Bernd Freisleben

Keywords: - Load profile driven reserving routing concept, Protocol design, Wireless channel switched ad hoc communication network, Self-organizing network, Modeling and simulation

691    An all-analog time-walk free SCA for event counting pixel detectors

pp. 6911-6915

       by :   Munir A. Abdalla, Christer Frojdh, Sture Petersson

Keywords: - SCA, Window discriminator, Pixel detector, Photon counting, Radiation imaging

692    Application of neural networks on cursive text recognition

pp. 6921-6925

       by :   Habib Goraine

Keywords: - Pattern recognition, Arabic character recognition, Artificial neural networks, Back-propagation, Skeleton, Segmentation

693    Integration of Computational Techniques for the Modelling of Signal Transduction

pp. 6931-6941

       by :   Pedro Pablo Gonzalez, Maura Cardenas, Carlos Gershenson, Jaime Lagunez-Otero

Keywords: - Intracellular signalling pathways, Behaviour-based systems, Autonomous agents, Blackboard architecture, Virtual laboratory

694    Educational simulations using MATLAB/Web toolbox over the World Wide Web

pp. 6942-6947

       by :   P. S. Shiakolas, D. C. Wilhite J. Kebrle, P. Trogos

Keywords: - Engineering Software, Education, MATLAB, Web, Internet, Simulation

695    Optimizing game strategies using Genetic Algorithms in a multi-coach framework

pp. 6951-6954

       by :   A. Cincotti, V. Cutello, G. Sorace

Keywords: - Genetic Algorithms, Fuzzy Logic, Game playing

696    The T broker platform for the interoperability of communications systems

pp. 6961-6966

       by :   Ousmane Kone, Richard Catanet

Keywords: - Protocol Engineering, CORBA, Interoperability, Testing, Interfaces

697    Specific Self-Organized System Architecture optimized and controlled via a Load Profile driven ad hoc Network Routing Scheme

pp. 6971-6978

       by :   Markus Borschbach, Ralph Jansen, Wolfram-M. Lippe, Bernd Freisleben

Keywords: - System architecture, Load profiling, Network control scheme, Self organizing, Ad hoc, Adaptive unidirectional antenna system

698    Modelling the Cooperative Information Filtering Problem

pp. 6981-6986

       by :   Sueli Mendes, Claudia Motta

Keywords: - Logic of Information Flow, Situation Theory, Information Flow, Information Filtering, Cooperative Information Filtering, Distributive Lattice, Heyting algebra/s, Well-founded Theories, Replacement Systems

699    Evolutionary Learning Through Growth of the Damain Coverage Using a Classifier System

pp. 6991-6996

       by :   S. G. Galan, J. R. Velasco, L. Magdalena

Keywords: - Fuzzy Logic Controller, Classifier System, Genetic Algorithms, Machine Learning, Rules Based System

700    Active Adaptation in QoS Architecture Model

pp. 7001-7005

       by :   Drago Zagar, Snjezana Rimac-Drlje

Keywords: - QoS, Application, Architecture, Adaptation, Variation, Service, Resources, Network

702    Perceptually-driven moment thresholds for shape description in image databases

pp. 7021-7025

       by :   P. Androutsos, D. Androutsos, K.N. Plataniotis, A.N. Venetsanopoulos

Keywords: - Shape classification, Content-based image retrieval, Subjective Testing, Invariant Moments

703    Dataflow Computation On Reconfigurable Gate Arrays

pp. 7031-7036

       by :   Segreen Ingersoll, Sotirios G. Ziavras

Keywords: - Dataflow computation, FPGAs, Reconfigurable computing, Intelligent memories, Processor design, Data-driven design

704    Split and Merge - an algorithm to implement security on the Internet

pp. 7041-7045

       by :   Joao Paulo Pimentao, Pedro A. C. Sousa, Adolfo Steiger Garcao

Keywords: - Cryptography, Communication, Security, RSA, Internet, Distributed system

705    Improving disturbance rejection by using a model-based approach

pp. 7051-7057

       by :   D. Vran I., S. Strm Nik, M. Huba

Keywords: - Disturbance Rejection, PID Control, Controller Tuning, Magnitude Optimum, Multiple Integration, Optimal Control

709    Gain scheduling values definition for disturbances control of an electrical automobile active suspension

pp. 7091-7096

       by :   Paulo Gamboa, Ismenio Martins, Jorge Esteves, Elmano Margato, Pina da Silva

Keywords: - Electromagnetic Actuator, Adaptive, Bode Diagrams, Control Laws, Gain Scheduling, Sprung Accelerations, Tyre Deformations

710    Dynamic Versioning of CORBA Applications

pp. 7101-7105

       by :   Derek Elssesaer, Dan Ionescu

Keywords: - CORBA, Metamorphic, Reconfiguration, Forwarding, Versioning.

711    Active control of trusses under heavy static loads

pp. 7111-7115

       by :   Abdoreza Joghataie

Keywords: - Truss, Static, Active Control, Neuro-Controller, Optimality Criteria, Non-linearity

712    Matrix Splitting Properties

pp. 7121-7127

       by :   Zbigniew Woznicki

Keywords: - Linear equation systems, Regular splittings, Nonnegative splittings, Weak nonnegative split-tings, Weak splittings, Weaker splittings, Comparison theorems

713    Target estimation using multimodel partitioning techniques

pp. 7131-7135

       by :   N. V. Nikitakos, A. Leros, S. K. Katsikas

Keywords: - Target estimation, Multimodel partitioning techniques

717    Op Amp Noise in Dynamic Range Maximization of Integrated Active-RC Filters

pp. 7171-7178

       by :   N. G. Maratos, V. M. Mladenov

Keywords: - Integrated analog circuits, Active filters, Dynamic range maximization, Op amp generated noise

718    On Neural Networks for Solving Nonlinear Programming Problems

pp. 7181-7189

       by :   V. M. Mladenov, N. G. Maratos, A. C. Tsakoumis, T. A. Tashev, N. E. Mastorakis

Keywords: - Neural networks, Nonlinear programming, Constrained optimization, Convex programming, Penalty functions, Exact penalty functions

719    Feature Extraction Approach for Recognition of Handwritten Electrical Symbols

pp. 7191-7195

       by :   V. M. Mladenov, Hans Hegt, Hans Tolboom

Keywords: - Handwritten symbol recognition, Feature extraction, Neural networks, Learning Vector Quantization (LVQ)

720    Expert systems for the configuration of measurement stations: The supply section module

pp. 7201-7204

       by :   T. A. Tashev, V. M. Mladenov, A. C. Tsakoumis

Keywords: - Intelligent measurement, Expert system, Optimum configuration, Power supply

721    On The Analysis of CDMA AAL2 Backhaul Voice Efficiency

pp. 7211-7214

       by :   David T. Chen

Keywords: - CDMA, AAL2, Backhaul Efficiency

722    Hierarchical Hybrid Control for Innovative Air-conditioning Equipment

pp. 7221-7225

       by :   Luis Gomes, Francisco Henriques, Aniko Costa, Carlos Frade, Pedro Malo

Keywords: - Reactive systems, Embedded systems, Automatic code generation, Air-conditioning

724    A Text Wavelet-based Watermarking Technique

pp. 7241-7245

       by :   S. Armeni, M. Sifakaki, D. Christodoulakis

Keywords: - Text Watermarking, Superimposing, Wavelet Transform, Detail Subband Component

725    An Interval Branch and Bound Method Dedicated to the Optimal Design of Piezoelectric Actuators

pp. 7251-7257

       by :   Frederic Messine, Valerie Monturet, Bertrand Nogarede

Keywords: - Interval Analysis, Deterministic Global Optimization, Branch and Bound Algorithms, Design of Piezoelectric Actuators, Mixed Problems, Categorical Variables

726    High-Level Synthesis of Digital Comparators

pp. 7261-7268

       by :   Walter Dosch

Keywords: - High-level synthesis, Combinational circuit, Comparator module, Tree-structured network, Linear network, Functional hardware description

728    Handwritten numerals recognition using moment invariants

pp. 7281-7286

       by :   Ryszard S. Choras

Keywords: - Character recognition, Moment invariants, Pattern recognition, classification

729    A Replica-Aware Extension for Object Replacement Algorithms in Distributed Web Caching

pp. 7291-7298

       by :   T. T. Tay, M. N. Wijesundara

Keywords: - Replica-Aware Replacement Algorithms, Distributed Web Caching, World Wide Web

734    Integration of Simulation and Optimization for Solving Complex Decision Making Problems

pp. 7341-7344

       by :   S. Iassinovski, A. Artiba, V. Bachelet, F. Riane

Keywords: - Simulation, Optimization, Decision making, Modeling, Discrete systems

736    A 64-bit, scalable file system for storage area networks

pp. 7361-7367

       by :   Gyoung-Bae Kim, Chang-Soo Kim, Bum-Joo Shin

Keywords: - Global file system, Storage area network, Cluster file system, Linux, SANtopia

737    Monotone Iterative Method for Parallel Numerical Solution of 3D Semiconductor Poisson Equation

pp. 7371-7376

       by :   Yiming Li, T. S. Chao, C. S. Wang, S. M. Sze

Keywords: - 3D Nonlinear Poisson's Equation, Semiconductor Device Simulation, Monotone Iterative Technique, Parallel Computing, Domain Decomposition

738    Mobile electrical power sources

pp. 7381-7384

       by :   Jan Leuchter

Keywords: - Mobile electrical power sources, Power electronic control, frequency converter

739    Rise-time and fall-time profile of erbium luminescence in silicon

pp. 7391-7394

       by :   M. Q. Huda, S. I. Ali, S. A. Siddiqui

Keywords: - Silicon, Luminescence, Erbium, excitation, Recombination

740    ISM : Intelligent Scenario Management

pp. 7401-7406

       by :   V. S. Belessiotis, N. Alexandris, T. Panayiotopoulos, S. Dimitroukas

Keywords: - Scenario Building, Scenario Analysis, Knowledge representation, Modeling History

746    Cursive-Script Recognition using Muqla Word-Processing Model as a Tool for Segmentation

pp. 7461-7464

       by :   Khalid Saeed, Agnieszka Dardzinska

Keywords: - Image Processing, Word Segmentation and Recognition

748    On Z-Isograded Isovector Space and Z-Isograded Isotensor Product

pp. 7481-7484

       by :   G. R. Rezaei, N. Gerami, M. R. Molaei

Keywords: - Isotopies, Isofield, Isovector space, Z -isograded isovector space, Isotensor product

749    Analysis of Some Deterministic Models for TCP Congestion Window Control

pp. 7491-7495

       by :   Ina Taralova-Roux

Keywords: - TCP model, Congestion control, Flow control, TP network, Dynamical system, Simulation, Phase portrait, Attractor, Chaotic behaviour

754    Synchronization of hyperchaotic circuits using a one-dimensional signal: Robustness Analysis

pp. 7541-7546

       by :   Donato Cafagna, Leonarda Carnimeo

Keywords: - Non-linear circuits, Chaos, Hyperchaos, Synchronization, Parameter mismatch, Channel noise

755    A dynamical system approach to performance monitoring of plasma cutting process

pp. 7551-7554

       by :   Sam Y. S. Yang, Trevor N. Kearney

Keywords: - Performance monitoring, Plasma cutting, Phase-space attractor, Polynomial filter

759    A CORBA-based Collaborative Environment for Java Applications

pp. 7591-7596

       by :   Bodgan Ionescu, Hadi Nasrallah, Dan Ionescu

Keywords: - Distributed computing and applications, CORBA, Collaborative applications, Event management, Event services

762    Feedback control of a Nitinol wire actuator

pp. 7621-7626

       by :   G. R. Dunlop

Keywords: - Shape-memory, Digital control, Nitinol

770    Influence of a microwave transistor amplifier on the electromagnetic noise radiation of a passive resistor

pp. 7701-7706

       by :   A. P. Venguer, J. L. Medina, R. A. Chavez

Keywords: - Electronic cooling, Noise temperature, Electromagnetic radiation, Microwave amplifier

772    Applications of the Agents Reference Model for Intelligent Distributed Control Systems

pp. 7721-7728

       by :   Jose Aguilar, Mariela Cerrada, Hermes Diaz, Francisco Hidrobo, Gloria Mousalli, Francklin Rivas

Keywords: - Agents, Distributed Control Systems, Automation

774    program2circuit

pp. 7741-7748

       by :   Eric Hehner, Theodore Norvell

Keywords: - Digital Circuit Design

776    Requirements for Privacy - Enhancing Electronic Copyright Management Systems

pp. 7761-7765

       by :   Vasilis Zorkadis, Dimitris A. Karras

Keywords: - Copyright management Systems, Digital Watermarking, Multimedia Contents, Privacy enhancing techniques

778    Neural Network Techniques for Improved Intrusion Detection in Communication Systems

pp. 7781-7785

       by :   Dimitris A. Karras, Vasilis Zorkadis

Keywords: - Secure Communication Systems, Neural Networks, Intrusion Detection, Multilayer Perceptrons

779    Information Security and Privacy Audit Modeling

pp. 7791-7795

       by :   V. Zorkadis, E. Siougle

Keywords: - Secure Communication Systems, Audit Modeling, Privacy Enhancing methods

780    Design of SF6 Switchgear Components by Means of Electric Field Calculations

pp. 7801-7806

       by :   Joze Pihler, Igor Ticar, Joze Vorzic, Oszkar Biro, Kurt Preis

Keywords: - Computer Aided Design, Finite Elements Method, Application, Medium-Voltage Switchgear

781    Finite Element Analysis of Linear Reluctance Motor

pp. 7811-7814

       by :   Anton Hamler, Mladen Trlep, Bojan Stumberger, Marko Jesenik

Keywords: - Finite element methods, Force, Linear motors, Reluctance motors

782    The Diagonally Optimized Spread: A Tool for Quantifying Local Stationarity

pp. 7821-7826

       by :   Robert A. Hedges, Bruce W. Suter

Keywords: - Covariance Estimation, Best Basis Methods, Local Cosines, Nonstationarity, Local Stationarity, Numerical Spread

783    Target segmentation and extraction from geographic images based on multiscale analysis

pp. 7831-7836

       by :   Xiao-Ping Zhang

Keywords: - Target extraction, Image segmentation, Multiscale analysis, Bayes classifier, Wavelet packet transform, Geographic information systems, Remote sensing.

788    A Variance Reduction Method for Monte Carlo Traffic Flow Simulation

pp. 7881-7884

       by :   H. J. Cho, H. M. Lu, Y. J. Jou, F. Y. Lai

Keywords: - Monte Carlo Method, Variance Reduction Technique, Poisson Equation, Traffic Flow Simulation

789    Development of a medical guideline server

pp. 7891-7893

       by :   Gert Funkat, Anne-Kathrin Kaeding, Vesselin Detschew

Keywords: - Medical Practice Guidelines, Medical Information System

793    Classification of Taste using a Neural Network: A Case Study in Mineral Water and Drinking Water Classification

pp. 7931-7936

       by :   Teo Jau Shya, Mohd Noor Ahmad, Muhammad Suzuri Hitam, Ali Yeon Shakaff

Keywords: - Neural network, Classification, Disposable taste sensor, back-propagation, Conjugate Gradient, Quasi-Newton and Lavenbert-Marquardt algorithm

796    Image Processing Issues Involved In The Analysis Of Unaveraged MEG Data With Magnetic Field Tomography (MFT)

pp. 7961-7966

       by :   P. D. Bamidis, E. Hellstrand, C. Pappas

Keywords: - Magnetic Field Tomography (MFT), Magnetoencephalography (MEG), Independent Component Analysis (ICA), Image Registration, Image Back-averaging, unaveraged epileptic data

797    Influence of the Soil Non-uniformity to the Potential Distribution around a Driven Rod

pp. 7971-7970

       by :   I. F. Gonos, F. V. Topalis, I. A. Stathopoulos

Keywords: - Finite Element Method, OPERA-2d, Grounding system, Non-uniform soil, Potential distribution

798    Evolving Finite State Machines for the Propulsion Control of Hybrid Vehicles

pp. 7981-7988

       by :   Jonas Hellgren, Mattias Wahde

Keywords: - Hybrid vehicle, Control strategy, Control algorithm, Propulsion control, Finite State Machine, Evolutionary algorithm

799    Optimisation of Cotton Fibre Blends using AI Machine Learning Techniques

pp. 7991-7996

       by :   Zoran Stjepanovic, Anton Jezernik

Keywords: - Cotton fibre, Cotton yarn, Fibre blends, Artificial intelligence, Machine learning

800    Visualisation and Optimisation of Motorhome Prototypes Using Virtual Environment Tec

pp. 8001-8005

       by :   Gorazd Hren, Borut Golob, Anton Jezernik

Keywords: - CAD, Virtual reality, Virtual environments, VRML, Data base, Visualisa

801    Optimization of the Conceptual Phase of Design using Feature-based Methods

pp. 8011-8018

       by :   Borut Golob, Gorazd Hren, Anton Jezernik

Keywords: - Conceptual design, feature-based modeling, data-structure