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100    Real-Time Implementation of a Dynamic Fuzzy Neural Controller for a SCARA Robot

pp. 1001-1018

       by :   Meng Joo Er, Nikos Mastorakis, Moo Heng Lim and Shee Yong Ng

Keywords: - Algorithms for Real-time Control, Adaptive Control, Fuzzy Systems, Neural Network Systems, Manipulators

102    Intelligent Control of a Pole Balancing Robot

pp. 1021-1043

       by :   Meng Joo Er, Nikos Mastorakis, Moo Heng Lim and Shee Yong Ng

Keywords: - Intelligent Control, Static Balancing, Dynamic Balancing, Pole-Balancing Robot

104    Using the Internet for Tracking & Tracing in Transport Logistics

pp. 1041-1046

       by :   Kai Jakobs

Keywords: - Transport, Logistics, Internet, System Architecture, User Requirements

105    Minimizing Lateness of Multimedia Data Object Requests Using Genetic Algorithms

pp. 1051-1056

       by :   Fawaz S. Al-Anzi, Mohamed S. Al-Fares

Keywords: - Lateness, Minimization, Multimedia Data Object, Genetic Algorithms

108    Image Retrieval by Texture Analysis Based On Angular Spectrum and Gabor Function

pp. 1081-1086

       by :   Vincenzo Dilecce, Giovanni Dimauro, Andrea Guerriero, Giuseppe Pirlo, Sebastiano Impedovo, Anna Salzo

Keywords: - Image retrieval, Texture analysis, Angular spectrum, Gabor function

109    Optimization using Discrete Structures and Iterative Methods

pp. 1091-1096

       by :   Ahmad Sadegheih

Keywords: - Linear Programming, Iterative Methods, Genetic Algorithm, Transportation Problem, Integer programming, Non-linear Programming, Discrete Structures

110    Standardization of a descriptor system under discrete derivative feedback

pp. 1101-1106

       by :   Maria Isabel Garcia-Planas

Keywords: - Quadruples of matrices, Controllability, Observability, Discrete derivative feedback

114    Computing the Gramian matrices

pp. 1141-1144

       by :   Carmen Coll, Nestor Thome

Keywords: - Generalized systems, Reachability and Observability properties, Gramian matrices

115    Management of Efficient Service Provision in Distributed Systems

pp. 1151-1156

       by :   Dirk Thissen

Keywords: - E-Commerce, Open service market, Trading, Load balancing, Management proxy, CORBA, Distributed systems

117    An increase of the rate of convergence for blind channel estimation

pp. 1171-1174

       by :   Robert Klinski, Holger Hutzelmann, Helmut Steckenbiller, Rudi Knorr

Keywords: - Blind channel estimation, OFDM systems, Rate of convergence, Linear prediction

118    Numerical Computation of a Class of Bessel Function Series

pp. 1181-1186

       by :   Kaveh Heidary

Keywords: - Bessel functions, Infinite series, Convergence, Floating point operations

121    ASSET: A Testbed for Teleoperation Systems

pp. 1211-1216

       by :   Aura Nancy Rodriguez Lesmes, Jean-Pierre Jessel, Patrice Torguet

Keywords: - Teleoperation testbed, Robotics, Simulation, Interaction devices, Frameworks, Virtual Reality

122    Network Services Deployment for QoS provisioning in a multi-layer DiffServ Architecture

pp. 1221-1226

       by :   E. Nikolouzou, S. Maniatis, P. Sampatakos, H. Tsetsekas, I. Venieris

Keywords: - Quality of Service, Differentiated services, Resource management, Network services

123    Privacy in E-Commerce

pp. 1231-1237

       by :   Mark Borning, Dogan Kesdogan

Keywords: - Anonymity Privacy Web Transfer HTTP E-Commerce B2C

124    Estimation of non Distortion Audio Signal Compression

pp. 1241-1246

       by :   Micael Bank, Stanislav Podoxin, Vladimir Tsingouz

Keywords: - Audio Signal, Compression, Human hearing system

125    SONIC: A System for Transcription of Piano Music

pp. 1251-1254

       by :   Matija Marolt, Marko Privosnik

Keywords: - Music transcription, Polyphonic pitch recognition, Neural networks, Adaptive oscillators

126    The Development of Emergent Properties In Massive Multi-Agent Systems

pp. 1261-1263

       by :   Marko Privosnik, Matija Marolt

Keywords: - Emergence, Agents, Multi-Agent Systems, Decentralization, Evolutionary Computation

127    Enhanced Filter Design based on Influence Functions

pp. 1271-1276

       by :   Stefan Leischner, Holger Hutzelmann, Robert Klinski, Rudi Knorr

Keywords: - Filter Design, Influence Function, Robust Statistics, M-Estimation, Tukey Function

128    Agent based profile management

pp. 1281-1286

       by :   Carsten Pils

Keywords: - Mobile Commerce, Mobile Agent, Wireless Access Network

129    Efficient DSP simulation for Multimedia Applications on VLIW architectures

pp. 1291-1294

       by :   Ivano Barbieri, Massimo Bariani, Alberto Cabitto, Marco Raggio

Keywords: - VLIW, Simulation, ILP, Hw-Sw Co-design, DSP, Multimedia, Development Tools

130    Design considerations for a platform supporting location-aware services

pp. 1301-1306

       by :   Michael Wallbaum, Peter Dornbusch

Keywords: - Location-aware services, Middleware, Cellular networks, IEEE 802.11, M-commerce, E-commerce

132    Security for Mobile Commerce Applications

pp. 1321-1327

       by :   Marko Schuba, Konrad Wrona

Keywords: - Mobile commerce, Applications, Wireless networks, Mobile networks, Security, Cryptography

133    Modelling of measurement microsystems with membranes of silicone ultrasonic sensors

pp. 1331-1334

       by :   Jacek Golebiowski

Keywords: - Microsensors, Lamb Plate Waves, Silicon Membrane, Electromagnetic Transducers

138    Image scrambling using 2D DPSS

pp. 1381-1386

       by :   Dimitri Van De Ville, Rik Van De Walle, Wilfried Philips, Ignace Lemahieu

Keywords: - Content protection, Video signal scrambling, Discrete prolate spheroidal sequences, Orthogonal transforms

140    A Lox-Cost text-to-speech synthesis system

pp. 1401-1404

       by :   Ali Yerbou, Brahim Bennour, Kamal Meghriche

Keywords: - Allophone, Concatenation, Parsing, Phoneme, Speech Synthesis

142    Implementation of 2-D discrete wavelet transform for real-time video signal processing

pp. 1421-1426

       by :   Ricardo J. Colom, Rafael Gadea, Angel Sebastia, Marcos Martinez, Vicente Herrero, Vicente Arnau

Keywords: - FPGA, Wavelet, Biorthogonal, Digital Image Processing, VHDL

144    Logarithmic Helix simulating based on satellite cloud image for tropical cyclone center location

pp. 1441-1445

       by :   Yanyan Wang, Hong chen, Han Wang, Weichi Sun

Keywords: - Tropical cyclone, Typhoon center location, Satellite cloud image, Feature cloud, Logarithmic helix, Method of least square, Simulate, Erode/dilate

145    Object Detection in Natural Scenery

pp. 1451-1455

       by :   P. Makris, N. Vincent

Keywords: - Zipf law, Image segmentation, Geometrical objects, Image categorization, Statistical approach, Natural patterns, Global approach

146    A contour extraction method based on uncertainty management and fuzzy modeling

pp. 1461-1466

       by :   M. Baury, A. Benlakhel, N. Vincent

Keywords: - contour extraction - image analysis - data fusion - uncertainty management - utility theory - fuzzy modeling

147    On time-optimal strategy of analog system design

pp. 1471-1476

       by :   Alexander Zemliak

Keywords: - Time-optimal system design, Control theory approach

150    Examining Filtration Performance on Remotely Sensing Satellite Images

pp. 1501-1506

       by :   Yas Al-Sultanny, Nidal Shilbayeh

Keywords: - Filter, Color image satellite image, Image processing

151    Performance optimization of radio frequency systems

pp. 1511-1516

       by :   Martin Horn, Thomas Guntschnig, Franz Amtmann, Nicolaos Dourdoumas

Keywords: - RFID-systems, Optimization, Mutual influences, Range gain, Modelling

152    New compression and decompression of speech signals by a Neural Predictive Coding (NPC)

pp. 1521-1526

       by :   Jean-Luc Zarader, Bruno Gas, Cyril Chavy, David Charles-Elie-Nelson

Keywords: - Speech coding, Compression, Neural Networks, Speech prediction

153    The determination matrix size for videogrammetry correlation

pp. 1531-1534

       by :   Eloina Coll, Jose-Carlos Martinez, Jose Herraez

Keywords: - Image matching, Correlation, Videogrammetry, Computer vision, Photogrammetry, System automation

155    Speech-Music Discriminator from MPEG-1 Bitstream

pp. 1551-1555

       by :   Roman Jarina, Noel Murphy, Noel O'Connor, Sean Marlow

Keywords: - Audio, Video, Classification, Speech, Music, Signal processing, MPEG

156    Robust overlapping decentralized control of a platoon of vehicles

pp. 1561-1566

       by :   Lubomir Bakule, Jose Rodellar, Josep Maria Rossell

Keywords: - Decentralized systems, Large scale systems, Dynamic systems, Systems and control, Transportation systems

158    Implementation of a lifting based biorthogonal wavelet on a fpga

pp. 1581-1584

       by :   Vicente Herrero, Marcos Martinez, Joaquin Cerda, Rafael Gadea, Ricardo Colom, Francisco Ballester

Keywords: - Lifting, Fpga, Wavelet, Biorthogonal, Vhdl

160    A Highly Rate-Scalable System Based on MPEG-4 Spatial-Temporal-FGS Video Coding

pp. 1601-1606

       by :   Yi-Shin Tung, Ja-Ling Wu, Chi-Hui Huang, Hsi-Kang Tsao

Keywords: - Scalable video, MPEG-4, FGS, Hybrid scalability, Dependency graph

163    Sidelobe minimisation in integer-positioned sparse antenna arrays

pp. 1631-1635

       by :   Nicholas K. Spencer

Keywords: - Antenna Arrays, Sparse Array Geometry, Integer Optimisation, Sidelobe Minimisation

164    Calibration free 3D control system based on agents

pp. 1641-1646

       by :   Mirjana Bonkovic, Darko Stipanieev

Keywords: - Agents, Robot positioning, Visual feedback control, Robot control, Image processing

165    Progressive Improvement of Multi-band Image Analysis

pp. 1651-1657

       by :   Noriaki Asada, Kazutoshi Horiuchi, Hiroko Watanabe

Keywords: - Multi-band, Registration, Affine transformation, Interpolation, Category classification, Clementine, Spatial resolution

166    Epipolar frames in a line for videogrammetry

pp. 1661-1664

       by :   Jose Herraez, Eloina Coll, Jose-Carlos Martinez

Keywords: - Video, Correlation, Videogrammetry, Computer vision, System automation, Image matching

167    A subsegment based voicing classifier

pp. 1671-1676

       by :   Ari Heikkinen, Vesa T. Ruoppila

Keywords: - Speech coding, Multimode coding

168    K-means Clustering Algorithm - A Hardware Perspective

pp. 1681-1686

       by :   Saurav Bhattacharyya, Thambipillai Srikanthan

Keywords: - K-means, Architecture, Parallel, Hardware, Usupervised Clustering, Area-time Optimal

169    OASIS: High-Speed Network Possibilities

pp. 1691-1694

       by :   V. V. Kluev, Akiyasu Hayashi

Keywords: - Search Engine, Distributed System, High-Speed Network, ATM Technology

170    Image segmentation for a breast cancer identification system

pp. 1701-1706

       by :   Ovidiu Grigore, Andre Puga

Keywords: - Medical image segmentation, LVQ neural networks, RGB-HSI transform, 2-dimensional DCT

171    Development of a Web Based Simulator Engine for Programmable Software Environments

pp. 1711-1715

       by :   Vinod Kannan, Murali Damodaran, Simon See

Keywords: - Web Simulator, Matlab, Mathematica, Jnl, Servlet, JAVA, Client-server, Remote execution

172    DSP implementation of real time edge detectors

pp. 1721-1725

       by :   Vincenzo Gemignani, Marcello Demi, Marco Paterni, Massimo Giannoni, Antonio Benassi

Keywords: - Edge detector, DSP, Real time, Contour tracking

174    Evolutionary Cognition for Autonomously Obtaining Primal Behaviors

pp. 1741-1746

       by :   F. Bellas, A. Lamas, R. Duro

Keywords: - Cognitive mechanism, Evolutionary brain, Artificial neural networks, Autonomous robots

175    Integrating Advanced Simulators for the Automatic Design of Controllers for Underwater Vehicles

pp. 1751-1755

       by :   F. Bellas, A. Lamas, R. Duro

Keywords: - Evolutionary Mechanisms, Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Artificial Neural Networks, Automatic Design.

176    Exploiting Toys and the Internet for Robotics Education

pp. 1761-1766

       by :   Gerard T. McKee, Roy M. Maunders

Keywords: - Internet Robotics, Education, Human-Robot Systems, Telerobotics, Toys

177    The predicted sequential regularization method for differential-algebraic equations

pp. 1771-1776

       by :   Colin B. Macdonald, Raymond J. Spiteri

Keywords: - Differential-algebraic equations, Multi-body systems, Sequential regularization method

178    Configuration of Shared Backup Cycles for Local Restoration in ATM Mesh Networks

pp. 1781-1786

       by :   Hoyoung Hwang, Sanghyun Ahn, Younghwan Yoo, Chongsang Kim

Keywords: - ATM Network, Virtual path, Virtual channel, Protection, Restoration, Survivability

180    Agent-based Telecommunications Networks for E-Commerce Applications

pp. 1801-1805

       by :   Frank Imhoff, Kuan Lun Lee

Keywords: - Agent-based Telecommunication Networks, UMTS, Agent-based Service Provisioning, Performance Evaluation

181    Detection of shorted turns in the field winding of turbogenerators using the fuzzy neural network approach

pp. 1811-1816

       by :   D'Angelo Marcos, Pyramo P. Costa

Keywords: - turbogenerator, fault detection, neural networks, fuzzy logic

182    A hybrid genetic algorithm for project scheduling

pp. 1821-1825

       by :   Hongqi Pan, Chung-Hsing Yeh, Robert Willis

Keywords: - Genetic algorithm, Tabu search, Metaheuristic, Renewable resource, Project scheduling

183    Discriminant features extraction by predictive neural networks

pp. 1831-1835

       by :   Gas Bruno, Zarader Jean-luc, Chavy Cyril, Chetouani Mohamed

Keywords: - Phoneme recognition, Neural Networks, Neural predictive coding

185    Private information retrieval by pattern matching

pp. 1851-1856

       by :   V. Oleshchuk

Keywords: - Pattern matching, String matching, Privacy protection on Internet, Information retrieval

186    Virtual Communities and Elderly Support

pp. 1861-1866

       by :   Luis M. Camarinha-Matos, Hamideh Afsarmanesh

Keywords: - Intelligent agents, Tele-healthcare, Remote sensing, Federated information management

187    Small Entrepreneurs' Incentives to Accept the E-Business Concept: An Empirical Survey

pp. 1871-1876

       by :   Zeljko Panian

Keywords: - Small entrepreneurship, Information technology, Internet, incentives, E-business, E-marketing

192    Software for videogrammetry image matching

pp. 1921-1925

       by :   Jose-Carlos Martinez, Eloina Coll, Jose Herraez

Keywords: - Video, Correlation, Videogrammetry, Computer vision, System automation, Image matching

193    Simulation Model for a Hardware Implementation of Modular Multiplication

pp. 1931-1936

       by :   Nadia Nedjah, Luiza De Macedo Mourelle

Keywords: - Modular Multiplication, Simulation, Cryptosystems

194    A Technology of Adaptive Link Insertion in Educational Hypermedia

pp. 1941-1945

       by :   Alenka Kavcic

Keywords: - Educational hypermedia, Adaptive hypermedia, Adaptation technologies, Adaptive link insertion, User modelling, Evaluation

199    Implementation of Modified Multilayer Neural Networks with On-chip Learning

pp. 1991-1999

       by :   Rafael Gadea, Ricardo Colom, Vicente Herrero, Marcos Martinez, Francisco Ballester

Keywords: - Neural Networks, Backpropagation , VHDL, FPGA, Piecewise Linear

202    Utilization of object-oriented models

pp. 2021-2026

       by :   Ilka Philippow

Keywords: - Object oriented modeling process, Model checking, Object-Process-Model, Software reuse, Extended collaboration

203    Spatial linear feature simplification using wavelets

pp. 2031-2036

       by :   Chen Liang, Hae-Young Bae

Keywords: - Linear feature, Spatial feature, Simplification, Wavelets, Multidimensional space

204    The New Slovenian Text-to-Speech System

pp. 2041-2046

       by :   Tomaz Sef

Keywords: - Slovenian text-to-speech system, Text analysis, Prosody generation, Speech production

205    Knowledge engineering in medical domains

pp. 2051-2054

       by :   Anne-Kathrin Kaeding, Gert Funkat, Vesselin Detschew

Keywords: - Knowledge Engineering, Medical Practice Guidelines, Medical Information System

206    Multiplierless FPGA FIR Filter Design Using a New Signed Common Subexpression Algorithm

pp. 2061-2065

       by :   Marcos Martinez-Peiro, Rafael Gadea, Ricardo Colom, Vicente Herrero, Francisco Ballester

Keywords: - Subexpression-sharing, FIR Filtering, FPGA implementation, DSP synthesis, HDL

208    An automatic technique for visual quality classification for MPEG-1 video

pp. 2081-2085

       by :   Sorin Sav, Sean Marlow, Noel Murphy, Noel O'Connor

Keywords: - Video quality, Mpeg-1 video compression, Decoded domain, Automatic technique

209    Rechargeable Power Sources in Robotics

pp. 2091-2095

       by :   Brendan Andrews-Howe

Keywords: - Batteries, Photovoltiacs

211    Methods for Intgrating Phonetic and Phonological Knowledge in Speech Inversion

pp. 2111-2116

       by :   Sorin Dusan

Keywords: - Speech inversion, Acoustic-to-articulatory mapping, Vocal-tract estimation, Phonetics, Phonology

212    A DCT Architecture based on Complex Residue Number System

pp. 2121-2126

       by :   J. Ramirez, A. Garcia, P. G. Fernandez, L. Parilla, A. Lloris

Keywords: - Residue Number System, DCT, QRNS, DSP, Field Programmable Logic

214    XML Data Processing Support by Generating Object Serialization Codes

pp. 2141-2146

       by :   Kazuaki Maeda

Keywords: - XML, DOM, Java, Code Generation, Object Serialization

215    Speaker recognition with mismatched coded speech

pp. 2151-2154

       by :   Waleed Fakhr

Keywords: - Fixed-text speaker recognition, Speech coding, Mismatched conditions, Linear transform, Neural networks, Feature extraction

216    A comparative study on the performance of filters for speckle reduction in radar SAR images

pp. 2161-2166

       by :   Dalila Cherifi, Youcef Smara, Thierry Ranchin

Keywords: - Speckle filtering, SAR images, MAP approach, Wavelet coefficients, Coefficient of variation

217    Digit-serial distributed arithmetic butterflies for FPGA

pp. 2171-2176

       by :   Trini Sansaloni, Asun Perez-Pascual, Javier Valls

Keywords: - FFT, Butterfly, Distributed arithmetic, FPGA, Digit-serial

218    Automatic construction of translation lexicons

pp. 2181-2186

       by :   Dan Tufis, Ana-Maria Barbu

Keywords: - Alignment, Bitext, Evaluation, Lemmatisation, Tagging, Translation equivalence

219    Advent of generic components in a mechatronic control software environment

pp. 2191-2197

       by :   M. Singh, A. White, R. Gill, S. Prior

Keywords: - Generic Component, Open Control Systems, Reusability, Modularity, Interoperability, Mechatronics

220    On-line radix-2 butterflies on FPGA

pp. 2201-2205

       by :   Asun Perez-Pascual, Trini Sansaloni, Javier Valls

Keywords: - Butterflies, On-line Arithmetic, FFT

223    Foreground segmentation using luminance contrast

pp. 2231-2235

       by :   Luis M. Fuentes, Sergio A. Velastin

Keywords: - Segmentation, Contrast, Luminance contrast, Foreground detection

224    Parallel Prefetching in VOD based on RAID

pp. 2241-2244

       by :   Zhou Xinrong, Li Yu, Zhang Jiangling

Keywords: - Continuous media, Raid, Vod, Parallel prefetching, Task dispatch

228    Electromagnetic Transmission and Reflection Characteristics of an Array of Electrically Thin Conducting Cylinders

pp. 2281-2286

       by :   Kaveh Heidary

Keywords: - Electromagnetic Scattering, Transmission, Reflection, Cylindrical Array

229    Neural networks in classifier systems (NNCS): an application to autonomous navigation

pp. 2291-2297

       by :   Lubnen N. Moussi, Ricardo R. Gudwin, Fernando J. Von Zuben, Marconi K. Madrid

Keywords: - Classifier systems, Evolutionary computation, Neural networks, Autonomous navigation

230    Task and behavior object transmission among multiple robots

pp. 2301-2306

       by :   Zhidong Wang, Takayuki Takahashi, Takafumi Nitsuma, Takashi Ninjouji, Takuji Matsukawa, Eiji Nakano

Keywords: - Autonomous robot, Control architecture, Behavior object, Task object, Robot communication

232    A Concise Local Algorithm for Contour Primitives Detection and Extraction

pp. 2321-2326

       by :   Keng-oon Chiam, Andrzej Sluzek

Keywords: - Image understanding, Contour primitives, Multi-corners, Contour segmentation, Reasoning, Unmanned vehicles

233    Software development of components for complex signal analysis on the example of adaptive recursive estimation methods

pp. 2331-2335

       by :   Simon Boymann, Ralph Maschotta, Silke Lehmann, Dunja Steuer

Keywords: - Software development, Signal analysis strategies, Components, Adaptive recursive estimation method, Object-oriented technologies

234    A Probabilistic Approach to Description of Molecular Biological Processes on DNA and Their Object Oriented Simulation

pp. 2341-2346

       by :   Uwe Hatnik, Thomas Hinze, Monika Sturm

Keywords: - Object oriented simulation, Stochastic processes, Molecular biological processes, DNA computing, Probabilistic approach, Model for computation

240    Modelling, simulation and verification of massively parallel algorithms

pp. 2401-2406

       by :   Matej Zajc, Radovan Sernec, Jurij Tasic

Keywords: - Parallel processing, Systolic array, Verification, Modelling, Simulation, Prototyping, Matrix multiplication

241    Mobile Agent Approaches for Developing Communication Systems with Handwriting Capabilities

pp. 2411-2417

       by :   Hsin-Chu Chen, Jho-Ju Tu

Keywords: - Agets, Client-server, Handwriting, Master-slave, Mobile agents, Peer-to-peer

242    Contour Extraction in Ultrasound Images using Ziplock Snakes

pp. 2421-2426

       by :   Qiang Chen, Kin Choong Yow

Keywords: - Ultrasound Imaging, Contour Detection, Active Contour, Ziplock Snakes

243    Voice Switching in Packet Data Networks

pp. 2431-2436

       by :   Julije Ozegovic

Keywords: - Voice-data integration, Voice-switching, Flow control, Internet

245    A Control-Theoretic Mechanism for Rate-based Flow Control of Real-time Multimedia Communication

pp. 2451-2456

       by :   Chia-Hui Wang, Jan-Ming Ho, Ray-I Chang, Shun-Chin Hsu

Keywords: - Feedback control, Buffer-occupancy, Control theory, Error control, Video on demand

246    Automatic Human Face Detection and Tracking

pp. 2461-2466

       by :   Amol Dabholkar, Kin Choong Yow

Keywords: - Computer Vision, Human Face Detection, Tracking, Kalman Filters

247    Determining Differences in Visual Field Patterns in Open Angle and Angle Closure Glaucoma

pp. 2471-2474

       by :   Yew Peng Tan, Kin Choong Yow, Gus Gazzard

Keywords: - Glaucoma, Visual Field Pattern, Pattern Classification, Neural Networks

248    Towards Social Intelligence in Autonomous Robotics: A Review

pp. 2481-2493

       by :   Brian R. Duffy

Keywords: - Social robots, Social intelligence, Embodiment, Emotion

249    Multigrid-based mosaic reconstruction for image processing

pp. 2494-2498

       by :   Evgenia Gelman

Keywords: - Image compression, Edge Detection, Multigrid, Mosaic, JPEG

251    Software architecture for modular, extensible and reusable signal processing components

pp. 2511-2515

       by :   Ralph Maschotta, Simon Boymann, Dunja Steuer

Keywords: - Software architecture, Architectural pattern, Design pattern, Pipes and Filters, Reflection, Microkernel, Signal processing, Object oriented technology, UML

252    Power optimization for H.263/MPEG-4 VLSI video coding

pp. 2521-2527

       by :   Antonio Chimienti, Luca Fanucci, Riccardo Locatelli, Sergio Saponara

Keywords: - Image coding, Motion estimation, Low-power, Vlsi architecture, Hardware-software co-design

253    Multi-Agent Model for Power System Simulation

pp. 2531-2535

       by :   Ahmed Ali Abdala Esmin, Alexandre Rasi Aoki, Claudio Ribeiro Lopes Junior, Germano Lambert-Torres

Keywords: - Multi-Agent System, Power System Simulation, Artificial Intelligence

254    An Interactive Video System for Live Coverage Transmission using Real Time Video Hyperlinks

pp. 2541-2545

       by :   Reiner Wichert, Matthias Finke, Dirk Balfanz

Keywords: - Hyperlinked video, Marker, Live video content, User interaction, Dynamic reassembled information, Image processing

255    An interactive Video System supporting E-Commere Product Placement

pp. 2551-2556

       by :   Dirk Balfanz, Matthias Finke, Christoph Jung, Reiner Wichert

Keywords: - Hyperlinked video, Electronic commerce, Online shopping, Interactive catwalk, Dynamic reassembled information, Databases, PHP, SQL

256    Modified Private Key Generation for Biometric Signatures

pp. 2561-2566

       by :   MalePawan K. Janbandhu, M. Y. Siyal

Keywords: - PKI, Electronic Commerce Security, Biometrics, Biometric Signatures, Digital Signatures, RSA, DSA, Cryptography

257    Spectral Monitoring of Biosignal Parameters by Adaptive Recursive Estimation Methods

pp. 2571-2576

       by :   Dunja Steuer, Gert Grieszbach

Keywords: - Adaptive recursive estimaton methods, Monitoring, Spectral parameters, Biosignal Analysis

258    EMMA - Architecture and Subsystems of a Mobile Autonomous Robot with a Preference for Soccer

pp. 2581-2587

       by :   Helmut Mayer, Josef Schmidbauer, Gerald Stieglbauer

Keywords: - Mobile Autonomous Robots, Robot Architecture, Evolutionary Robotics, Robot Soccer, Fuzzy Controller

259    Distance Learning - Didactical Aspect

pp. 2591-2595

       by :   Ivan Gerlic, Marjan Krasna

Keywords: - Distance education, Didactics, Psychology, Methodology, Learning, Computer

260    Flexion of Virtual Fingers Controlled by Artificial Neural Networks

pp. 2601-2606

       by :   Fernando Buarque De Lima Neto

Keywords: - Neural networks, Venn networks, Control, Simulations of movements, Pyramidal pathway, Fine movement control, Volitive movement control

261    Implementing interactive operations of MPEG-2 compressed video

pp. 2611-2616

       by :   Kostas Psannis, Marios Hadjinicolaou

Keywords: - Mpeg-Fast forward/rewind, VCR control operations, Scanning operations

262    Stereo Face Recognition Using Discriminant Eigenvectors

pp. 2621-2626

       by :   Soodamani Ramalingam, Ronda Venkateswarlu

Keywords: - Face Recognition, Linear Discriminant Analysis, Stereovision, Wavelet Decomposition

265    New Approach Based on Morphological Residues For License Plate Localization

pp. 2651-2656

       by :   Alessandra Bussador, Jacques Facon, Miguel Diogenes Matrakas

Keywords: - Mathematical morphology, Fast Granulometry, Morphological Residue Approach, Segmentation, License Plates

266    A Dynamic Multicast Tunnelling Architecture for Multimedia Applications

pp. 2661-2666

       by :   Pathik Gupta, Chai Kiat Yeo, Bu Sung Lee, Meng Hwa Er

Keywords: - Multicast, Unicast, Tunnel, Bridge, QoS, Gossip, Peer

267    Human Language Acquisition by Computers

pp. 2671-2676

       by :   Sorin Dusan, James Flanagan

Keywords: - Language acquisition, Adaptive dialogue systems, Computer language learning, Structured knowledge

268    Conventional Speech and Language Therapy vs Computerised Multimedia Therapy

pp. 2681-2689

       by :   Elizabeth Stokes, Trevor Corner, Dave Lawrence

Keywords: - Speech and language therapy, Intervention, Multimedia

269    Gravitational Waves Detection via Sequential Analysis

pp. 2691-2695

       by :   Maurizio Longo, Stefano Marano, Vincenzo Matta, Rocco Restaino

Keywords: - Gravitational waves, Data analysis, Sequential tests

270    On Two-Dimensional-Round-Robin:Performance Assessment

pp. 2701-2705

       by :   Maurizio Longo, Luigi Panico, Rocco Restaino, Giovanni Vassallo

Keywords: - Performance Analysis, Scheduler, Queuing, Traffic, Telecommunications

272    Community TV: An Approach to Interaction for Groups and Single Users on Internet Video

pp. 2721-2726

       by :   Norbert Braun, Matthias Finke, Thomas Rieger

Keywords: - Group behaviour, Internet community, Internet video broadcast, Multimedia, Lifelike avatar

274    Design of Safe Textile Chemicals

pp. 2741-2746

       by :   Les Sztandera

Keywords: - Fuzzy entropy, Feed-forward neural networks, Molecular modeling, Density functional theory

276    Encoding of Video in Layers Based on Perceptual Quality of Video

pp. 2761-2766

       by :   Aruna Thakur, Lenka Motyckova-Carr

Keywords: - Video, Layering, Codec, Perceptual quality

279    An optimal caching scheme for delivery of streaming media

pp. 2791-2796

       by :   Shin-Hung Chang, Ray-I Chang, Jan-Ming Ho

Keywords: - Media streaming, QoS delivery, Proxy cache, Optimal caching

280    Control Synthesis of Discrete Manufacturing Systems using Timed Finite Automata

pp. 2801-2805

       by :   Jaroslav Fogel

Keywords: - Timed automata, Control synthesis, Model verification, Production systems, Game automaton

281    On Evolutionary Programming for Channel Equalization

pp. 2811-2816

       by :   Adina Burian, Arto Kantsila, Mikko Lehtokangas, Jukka Saarinen

Keywords: - Channel equalizers, Intersymbol interference, Digital communications, Evolutionary programming, Offspring, population

283    Integrate Dynamic Service Classes for Real Time Multimedia Communication on Cellular IP Environment

pp. 2831-2836

       by :   Daniele Barretta Zungrone, Maurizio Lancia, Antonio Laureti-Palma, Alessandro Neri

Keywords: - Real time, Interactive, Cellular IP, Wireless, Playout, Adaptive

286    An improved variable step LMS algorithm

pp. 2861-2865

       by :   Eniko Beatrice Bilcu, Jukka Saarinen, Radu Ciprian Bilcu, Pauli Kuosmanen

Keywords: - Adaptive filter, Variable step-size, System identification, LMS, Variable step LMS

293    Optimization of the Conceptual Phase of Design using Feature-based Methods

pp. 2931-2936

       by :   Borut Golob, Gorazd Hren, Anton Jezernik

Keywords: - Conceptual design, Feature-based modeling, Data-structure

294    Controllability of continuous-time jump linear systems with delay in control

pp. 2941-2944

       by :   Klamka Jerzy

Keywords: - Controllability, Linear systems, Continuous-time systems, Markov chain, Finite-dimensional systems

The  papers with the following ID numbers were Invited Papers for the WSES / IEEE SSIP '01, MIV '01, SIM '01, RODLICS '01 International Conferences: 105, 186.