Special Session

Special Session

Advanced Computational Techniques, Algorithms and Numerical Methods for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization

Professor Dana Simian
Head of Department of Computer Science
Faculty of Sciences
Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu
E-mail: d_simian@yahoo.com

Advanced Algorithms for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization
Advanced Computational Techniques for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization
Artificial Intelligence Techniques in Optimization
Formal Modelling
Software for Modelling, Simulation and Optimization
Numerical Methods and Applications in Modeling, Simulation and Optimization
Approximation Theory and Applications
Interpolation Theory and Applications
Advanced in Numerical Methods
Applied Mathematics in Computer Science, Modelling, Simulation and Optimization
Theoretical Models and Computational Techniques in Modeling Systems from Computer Science, Telecommunications, Computer Networks, Data Transmission, Economics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Ecology, Industry, etc.
Finite Element Method
Data Mining
Optimization Problems in Classification Theory
Applications of Formal Languages in Modelling and Simulation
Optimization problems in telecommunications
Optimization of networks protocols
Theoretical Models and Computational Aspects in e-learning
Grid computing

Brief Biography of the Organizer:
Dana Simian received the diploma. in engineering from the University of Sibiu, Romania, the diploma. in Mathematics - Informatics from the University Babes-Bolyai of Cluj-Napoca, Romania and the Ph..D. from Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj- Napoca, Romania. She graduated many courses in Computer Science. She is the head of the Department of Computer Science from the Faculty of Sciences, University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu, Romania. She has a great experience in algorithms and numerical methods for modelling and optimization. She published 16 books, more than 60 articles and participated in the editorial board of more than 22 scientific publications (proceedings of international conferences).
She organized 7 special sessions within WSEAS conferences, 2 international workshops and an international conference on topics related to algorithms and computational techniques in modeling, approximation and optimization. She was a member of many scientific committees of international conferences. She was plenary speakers in 6 international conferences. She is reviewer of many scientific publications. She was involved as director of many research grants.

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