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Corfu is a beautiful overgrown island in the Ionian Sea, with very long history and lively people. It is situated at the Northwestern part of the Greek territory, opposite to the Albanian coasts. Along with Cefallonia, Leukada, Zakynthos (Zante) and a few smaller islands form the complex of "Eptanissa" (meaning "seven islands"); the complex was incorporated to the Greek State in 1864.
The island has a mild, rather humid, climate, its coastline is more than 200 kilometers and its extent is some 580 square kilometers. Corfu has numerous beaches, all of them very nice. The road network is quite dense, so, you can reach almost every place, with the help of your map and the advise of the locals. Don’t hesitate to ask them; possibly, they will show you something worth visiting.

On Corfu island it is easy to combine relaxation with intense night life. Having decided to visit Corfu Greece, one of the most interesting islands of the Ionian sea, prepare yourself for an unparalleled experience. An amalgam of natural beauties, traditional features and archaeological sites. Corfu island lies to the north of the Ionian sea at the entrance of Adriatic.
It is the second largest island in the group known as the Seven Islands, or Eptanisa. Corfu is the island of miracles and wonders, where every moment the scene changes without affecting the harmony of the terrain.
The most green of the Greek islands, Corfu has three million olive trees. As well as flower-strewn countryside and Adriatic-style villages, it has splendid coastal scenery and some excellent secluded beaches. On this cosmopolitan island, you’ll be able to combine relaxation with good times and a full nightlife, for corfu is an international tourist centre which can satisfy the demands of the most difficult visitors.

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How to get to Corfu

Travelling by plane
From the end of April until the middle of October there are numerous charter flights from all of the major Airports in Europe. Scheduled flights go through Athens. Olympic Airlines and Aegean Airlines fly at least 4 times every day to Corfu. In addition to these flights there is an old propeller plane leaving from Thessaloniki 2 or 3 times a week to Corfu island.

Travelling by boat
There are several ferry services between Corfu and many Italian cities on the Adriatic coast such as Ancona, Brindisi,Triest and Venice. The shortest route is from Brindisi taking approximately 8 hours but the most comfortable way is by boat from Venice (24 hours) and Triest (27 hours). These are cities you can easlly reach by train or car, but travelling from Venice by boat has also an extra advantage, that you can admire the San Marosquare. If you want to compare travel costs with the different possibilities, you have to take into consideration the toll costs on the highway in Italy. Travelling through Austria and Switzerland you require a Vignet. This is a special sticker you have to buy and place on your windscreen. You can also combine your trip flying to Venice and then by boat to Corfu.

Travelling by Bus
From Athens to Igoumenitsa by bus, then from Igoumenitsa to Kerkyra or Lefkimi by Ferry-Boat. There are daily departures from Athens Bus terminal (KTEL, 100 Kifissou str., Athens) to Corfu. Tickets are about 30 € and should be bought in advance if you want to be assured of a seat. The distance from Athens to Igoumenitsa is about 500 km and the trip lasts 7-8 hours. From Igoumenitsa you must take the Ferry-Boat to Corfu Town or Lefkimi. The distance is 18 n.m., and the trip lasts 1h 45min and 1h 30min respectively. Tickets are about 4 € per persons and 30 € for Cars.
There are also daily departures from Salonica Bus terminal to Igoumenitsa. The trip from Salonica to Igoumenitsa lasts about 8 hours. Tickets are about 30€. From Igoumenitsa you must take the Ferry-Boat to Corfu Town or Lefkimi.

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