WSEAS Format



The Organizing Committee can accept only *.pdf or *.ps or *.doc or *.rtf format. The Organizing Committee prefer *.pdf though)

1. PDF: For the format of the your Paper(s), please, download the file wseas-full.pdf To read this file, you must have the Acrobat Reader program. Get the new version of the Acrobat Reader program, free.

2. WORD FOR WINDOWS: We can also accept papers in Word for Windows (Microsoft). In this case, you could download the file wseas-full.rtf (you must have in your computer Word for Windows). Please, click here and get : wseas-full.rtf

3. If you use LaTeX, please download the LaTeX template: wseas.tex or wseas.txt. You have to convert it to .ps file and submit your .ps file to the conference via the web site.

4. If you use another Word Processor, please, first download the file wseas-full.pdf, or wseas-full.rtf read it using Acrobat Reader or Word for Windows, print out it and then make the necessary modifications in your word processor program (if needed) in order to agree with this format.  If you are a TeX or LaTeX user, please, don't send TeX or LaTeX files (i.e. TeX or LaTeX code), but a Postscript file (.ps) or better for us the final PDF file (*.pdf)

Please, submit the paper with the correct WSEAS format.

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