Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Improvement Research Activity Management in Universities, by using ICT Technology

Professor Maria Moise
Faculty of Computer Science for Business Management
Romanian American University

Abstract: Nowadays, the universities realize that research area is the most important asset for future development. In this context, the European Union and all the EU member states are committed to develop a common European Research Area. In this lecture I present an informatics system in order to improve the research activity management of the universities. This system is based on data base driven dynamic Web technologies and it provide: repository for collecting all the internal research results such as papers, books, contracts, patent, products etc. at each individual level, group level (research centers, faculties, university etc.) in order to coordinate the assessment processes; research dissemination and technology transfer in order to distribute and make available its patrimony of skills and resources in an accessible form that can be exploited by interested organizations; integration between the university research systems and national or EU institutional systems, in order to simplify and to increase the research development and administration; management all projects underway within a standard process which identifies various common operative phases, regardless of the nature of the financing body. In this way, the system realized can be integrated easily into the national/European research e-platform.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
At present, Maria Moise is full-time professor at the Faculty of Computer Science for Business Management of the Romanian American University of Bucharest, Romania, and also she is Vice Rector with research activity. Between 1999-2003 she was Dean and Rector at AISTEDA University of Bucharest. She received the M. Sc. in Mathematics at the University of Bucharest, specialized in Operation Research in 1972, and in 1996 she obtained his doctoral degree in Economic Informatics at the Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest in the field of information systems & intelligent systems applied in economic area. Since 1972 until 1999 she worked as scientific researcher at National Institute for Research & Development in Informatics (1972-1999), and also she was teaching at University of Craiova, Polytechnic University of Bucharest and Academy of Economic Studies of Bucharest. Between 1993-1994, Professor Moise obtained two Research Fellowships at LAFORIA Laboratory of P. M. University, Paris VI and she worked in the field of Decision Support System, Expert Systems and Fuzzy Logic. Between 2001-2003 she was standing member of Steering Committee regarding "Promoting Multimedia Access for Education and Training in European Society" - PROMETEUS - EU, as Romanian representative. Her research interests include intelligent systems, neural networks, fuzzy logic, rough sets, mathematic modeling, web technologies, e-learning environments, e-business, e-government and e-health. She is the author/co-author of 16 books and over 170 scientific papers. She has extensive experience in IT project management, having more than 50 research contracts funded by National/International Programs. She has been the organizer of several national/international conferences. She is also national assessor of National Programs (CEEX, PNCDI) and also European expert at FP6 (e-business) and FP7.

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