Photos from WSEAS Conferences in Malta (September 2003)

WSEAS IMCCAS-ISA-SOSM 2003 as well as WSEAS Applied Mathematics conferences were held in Malta, September 1-3, 2003. We thank Dr. Brault Patrice,
Dr. Bahram Tafaghodinia and Dr. Anton Abdul Basah Kamil for the very nice pictures that sent to WSEAS by email after the conference.

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From the conference excursion by boat

The Hotel where all the scientific program took place

St.John's Cathedral. You can see the graves of the Knights of Malta in the floor of the church.

In front of the church of "Maria Bambina"

Blue Lagoon in the islet Comino

During the lunch of the excursion

From the full-day WSEAS conference excursion in Malta

in front of the Hotel

in front of the Saint's Paul Catacombs