The 3rd WSEAS International Conference on ELECTRONICS, CONTROL & SIGNAL PROCESSING  and the 3rd WSEAS International Conference on E-ACTIVITIES
were held (jointly) in Creta Star Hotel, Rethymno, Crete Island, Greece,
from October 24-26, 2004


Conference Statistics:
Submitted papers: 263
Accepted papers: 188
From these 188 papers, 92 papers were selected for additional journal publication

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The KEYNOTE SPEECH of the Multiconference was addressed by
Prof. Dr. C. Manikopoulos, (Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
New Jersey Institute of Technology, USA)

Two Plenary Lectures were also presented by Prof. Martín López Morales,
Technical University of Monterey, Mexico as well as by Prof. Dalibor Biolek
Technical University of Brno, Czech Republic
This WSEAS Multiconference was very successful. The program is available:
Most of the papers were of high quality and for this reason the
reviewers promoted them to WSEAS International Journals.
The organizing committee followed the rule:
Positive Comments from 2 reviewers --> Publication in the Proceedings
Positive Comments from 3 reviewers --> Publication in the Proceedings + Journals
Positive Comments from 1 or 0 reviewers --> Rejection
The proceedings were distributed to the authors during the event
while selected papers were published in WSEAS Transactions.
The Proceedings and the Journals related to this important
scientific multi-meeting have just sent (today, September 22, 2004) to
the following Science Citation Indexes:
INSPEC (IEE), ISI (ISINET), ELSEVIER, CSA, AMS. Mathematical Reviews, ELP,
NLG, Engineering Index, Directory of Published Proceedings, ZENTRABLATT

Prof. Manolis Antonidakis address a welcome speech


Photo from the Swimming Pool
The official Banquet of the conference took place in the hotel with an impressive great variety of food, beverages, live orchester and fantastic Folklore Show (Cretan Dances, Greek-mainland dances, Greek Island Dances, European and International Dance)
The orchester played a variety of Greek rhythms and Songs. In the coffee-breaks, the guests except the usual coffee, tea, milk and juices and fruit-tarts.

Several Photos from the Banquet follow


Several Photos from the Banquet

The overall impression of the multiconference was excellent. See also: