Photos from WSEAS Conferences in Crete (August 2003)

were held in Rethymno, Crete Island, Greece, August 11-13, 2003.

We thank the WSEAS team from Hong Kong that sent to WSEAS web master the following
very nice photos. The following photos are the web version of the photos that the WSEAS team from
Hong Kong sent us. If you want the full version of each photo (50-100 times higher resolution), we will be glad to
send them to you by email.

We have also received many messages with warm greetings from all of you after the conference.
Here is a sample:
First of all I want to express my sincerest thanks for all your efforts
in making sure the multi conference event is a success, creating a
lively atmosphere of interchange of ideas, and generally an enjoyable
experience for all participants, which will always be remembered. I was
especially impressed by your plans for future development of WSEAS and
hope that you and your colleagues will succeed in making WSEAS a very
important and prestigious academy.

Perhaps we can also plan a conference to be held in Iran in the near future.
If you still think it a good idea, I propose the Irano Armenian Workshop
on Intelligent Information Technologies in Data Analysis and Control,
which we hold in alternate years in Iran and Armenia as a possible candidate.
Once again I thank you for your hospitality and considerateness and wish
you success in your future work. With warmest regards,

Professor Caro Lucas, University of Tehran, Amir-Abad Ave, Tehran, Iran

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From Left:  Prof. S. Javadi,  Prof. CARO LUCAS


From Left:  Mr.Javadi,  Prof. CARO LUCAS

BANQUET with cretan and greek folklore dances.
The Proud Cretan Dances start.

All the participants enjoy themselves during the banquet
In the photo: WSEAS participants from ISRAEL (left),
IRAN (center), USA (right)

You can enjoy the youngest participant of the WSEAS multi-
conference in Crete. He is only 6 months old.

Part of the WSEAS team from Hong Kong

Prof. Caro Lucas is dancing with us the greek dance:
Full-moon night (see the moon among the leaves of the
trees) -- WSEAS August 2003.



"SYRTAKI" Everybody dances the well-known greek
very popular dance that made world famous by the film


Crete is on the crossroad of the three ancient continets.
WSEAS is on the crossroad of Science, Technology and Culture.
The WSEAS logotypes are on the tables.


"SOUSTA" dance of Crete comes from the ancient
greek dance: "PYRICHIOS" that ancient cretans
used to dance before the war and modern cretans use
to dance in the weddings ceremonies.


Typical cretan costum for ladies ...