The 6th WSEAS Int.Conf. on Circuits, the 6th WSEAS Int.Conf. on Systems, the 6th WSEAS Int.Conf. on Communications, the 6th WSEAS Int.Conf. on Computers, the 2nd WSEAS Int. Conf. on Signal Processing and Computational Geometry and Vision, the 2nd WSEAS Int. Conf. on Scientific Computation and Soft Computing, the 2nd WSEAS Int. Conf. on Applied Informatics, as well as the 2nd WSEAS Int. Conf. on Biomedical Signal Processing and and Computation took place in Rethymna Beach Hotel, Rethymno, Crete Island, Greece, from 7th July 7 until the 14th July, 2002. This WSEAS Multiconference was very successful because
1. attracted approximately 600 papers and from them 450 were accepted
2. several invited speakers, plenary lectures, panel discussions

The organizing committee followed the rule:
Positive Comments from 2 reviewers --> Publication in the Proceedings
Positive Comments from 3 reviewers --> Publication in the Proceedings + Journals
Positive Comments from 1 or 0 reviewers --> Rejection
The proceedings were distributed to the authors during the event
while selected papers were published in WSEAS Transactions.
The Proceedings and the Journals related to this important
scientific multi-meeting have just sent  to the following Science Citation Indexes:
INSPEC (IEE), ISI (ISINET), ELSEVIER, CSA, AMS. Mathematical Reviews, ELP,
NLG, Engineering Index, Directory of Published Proceedings, ZENTRABLATT

Professor Mastorakis founder of CSCC addressing the Official Speech

The official Banquet of the conference took place in the hotel with a great variety of food, beverages
live orchester and fantastic Cretan, Greek and International Show. The 6-members orchester played a variety of Cretan, Greek and International Songs and Dances. Also a traditional ballet dance with 12 professional dancers was a wonderful surprise of the conference. The official excursion of the conference took place in Knossos Minoan Palace, Archaeological Sites of Heracleio (Candia),
Archaeological Museum of Herakleio as well as a visit in the house of the famous painter El Greco.
 In the coffee-breaks, the guests except the usual coffee, tea, milk and juices also enjoyed a variety of traditional cretan sweets and delicacies. The overall impression of the multiconference was excellent. See also:

Photos from the Banquet (Professor Varonides, Professor Mastorakis)