WSEAS Post-Conference Report
MMACTEE, WAMUS, NOLASC in Vouliagmeni, Greece. December 29-31, 2004


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   With much success, WSEAS closed the conferences of 2004 celebrating in the sea resort of HOTEL Armonia   in the nice suburb of Athens, Vouliagmeni, the end of the 8th year of WSEAS and the beginning of the 9th. The year 2004 was the year of Olympic Games in Athens and for this reason the conference participants had the opportunity to enjoy also the festive atmosphere of Athens and admire the holidays in the Syntagma Square.
   The scientific level of the conference was high and the participation satisfactory taking into account the narrow subject of the meeting (mathematical methods).

Conference Statistics:
Submitted papers: 278
Accepted papers: 157
From these 157 papers, 74 papers were selected for additional journal publication

Plenary Lectures

1.  The Challenges of Subspace Techniques and Their Impact on Space-Time Communications
by Dr. A. Manikas, Deputy Header of Communications and Signal Processing at Imperial College London, UK
More Details: Download the Plenary Lecture

2.  Recent Developments and Trends in Deterministic Global Optimization,
by Panos M. Pardalos, Professor and Co-Director, Center for Applied Optimization,
Industrial and Systems Engineering Department,  University of Florida, USA
Abstract: Global optimization has been expanding in all directions at an astonishing rate during the last few decades. New algorithmic and theoretical techniques have have been developed, the diffusion into other disciplines has proceeded at a rapid pace, and our knowledge  of all aspects of the field has grown even more profound. At the same time one of the most striking trends in global optimization is the constantly increasing interdisciplinary nature of the field. This talk will cover the following topics: Nonconvexity and discreteness in optimization, DC (difference of convex functions) and monotonic optimization, multiquadratic programming and applications in biomedicine, multi-variable partition approaches and hierarchical (multi-level) optimization, optimization with massive datasets, and parallel computing.
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Social Part:

Following the tradition, WSEAS cuts the New Year's cake (Saint Vassilios' Cake) in December 30 during the Banquet of the Multiconference. It was really a wonderful banquet with live orchester and folklore show took place in the cosmopolitan salon of the Hotel where almost all the participants of the conference participate in the dance


Professor Nikos Mastorakis (left)  welcomes Professor Denizar Cruz Martins (right) from WSEAS
Chapter of Brazil -- Honorary person of the evening.

Prof. Nikos Mastorakis (Greece) cutting the Saint Vassilios' Cake for the 2005.

Award to Prof. A. Drigas (National Center of Scientific Research "Demokritos")

Banquet - Greek Folklore Dances

Banquet - Greek Folklore Dances



Banquet - Greek Folklore Dances

Banquet - Greek Folklore Dances


Other Photos from Banquet