The 8th WSEAS Int.Conf. on CIRCUITS, the 8th WSEAS Int.Conf. on SYSTEMS, the 2nd WSEAS Intern. Conf. on MULTIDIMENSIONAL SYSTEMS (MDS 2004),  the 8th WSEAS Int.Conf. on COMMUNICATIONS, the 8th WSEAS Int.Conf. on COMPUTERS, as well as the 1st WSEAS/IASME Int. Conf. on ELECTROSCIENCE APPLICATIONS in NAVAL ENGINEERING and ALL-ELECTRIC SHIP took place in Vouliagmeni, Athens, Greece, July 12-15, 2004

This WSEAS/IASME Multiconference was really a big success.

6 Plenary Lectures by very important scientists and parallel sessions in 5 Conference
rooms. More details:
Most of the papers were of high quality and for this reason the
reviewers promoted them to WSEAS International Journals.
The organizing committee followed the rule:
Positive Comments from 2 reviewers --> Publication in the Proceedings
Positive Comments from 3 reviewers --> Publication in the Proceedings + Journals
Positive Comments from 1 or 0 reviewers --> Rejection
The proceedings (700 papers) were distributed to all authors during the event
while selected papers were published in WSEAS and IASME Transactions.
The Proceedings and the Journals related to this important
scientific multi-meeting have just sent (today, August 20, 2004) to
the following Science Citation Indexes:
INSPEC (IEE), ISI (ISINET), ELSEVIER, CSA, AMS. Mathematical Reviews, ELP,
NLG, Engineering Index, Directory of Published Proceedings, ZENTRABLATT

Based on the reviewers' and IPC members' evaluation, the following awards are given to the excellent papers

Best Paper Award on Neural Networks:  Dong Hwa Kim
Best Paper Award on Multidimensional Systems:  M. Bisiacco, M. E. Valcher
Best Paper Award on Naval Engineering: N. Xiros, V. Tsourapas, K. Mourtzouchos
Best Paper Award on Computers: F. Agostaro, A. Genco, S. Sorce
Best Paper Award on Biology and Biomedicine: G. Anastassopoulos, I. Stephanakis, A.J.Karayiannakis, D. Mantzaris, C. Simopoulos
Best Paper Award on Information Theory and Applications: B.-S. Seo, S.-w J. S.-H. Kim, J-b.Kim
Best Paper Award on Environmental Science and Engineering: N.Jacquinet-Husson, N.A.Scott, KGarceran, R. Armante, A.Chedin
Best Paper Award on Power Systems: K.Edelmoser
Best Paper Award on Communications: M.Hung Lee, R. Liyana-Pathirana
Best Paper Award on Knowledge Engineering: Z. Panian
Best Paper Award on Control: J.Carlos Quadrado
Best Paper Award on Signal Processing: Z.Kitiwski, J. Garus
Best Paper Award on Circuits and Electronics: A. Varonides, W.A Berger

Banquets, 8 (upgraded) coffee-breaks
The official Banquet of the conference was really a holiday with several happenings.
A great variety of food (over than 50 different plates), beverages
live orchester with 4 instrument players and singers (the well known greek singer VLACHOS)
and entertainment.
The "upgraded" coffee-breaks also were an non-informal discussion forum for many scientific discussions.

After the conference, several excursions to Greek Islands, Olympia, Delphi and Meteora took place via the collaborating travel agency "Dolphin Hellas". There was also a program for accompanying persons.

Note that the accomodation of WSEAS Guests in the hotel Armonia (4-Star Sea Resort) was at the discount price of 100 EUR per night!

Photo from the Banquet

Photo from the Banquet

Photo from the Banquet


Other Photos from the Hotel and the Conference