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WSEAS Conferences in Paris, April 28-30, 2011


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Two WSEAS Conferences (EUROPEAN COMPUTING CONFERENCE and F-and-B)  have recently taken place in Paris, organized by the Technical University of Sofia, NAUN and the WSEAS.
The current emphasis on computing and computational methods is a consequence of the general awareness of the need to solve numerous technical problems resulting from our modern society. This has resulted in the need to assess the impact of computational methods, systems theory and numerical analysis computing. The 2 conferences addressed the topic of Computational Engineering in Systems Application in an integrated way, in accordance to the principles of stability, considering the practical and social of our new investments.  The usual assumption is that it is difficult to solve a physical, technical problem using only closed forms. The conference addressed these problems of primary importance to our academic society, discussing and proposing more constructive and progressive approaches.

Opening Addresses
Professor Mastorakis, Professor Demiralp, Professor Tuba, Professor Martin, Professor Simian, all involved in WSEAS activities for more than seven years, gave short presentations regarding the role of the WSEAS, and in particular its objective of acting as a medium for transfer of knowledge amongst different partners, including academics and professionals. They stressed the future applications of many research ideas developed at the WSEAS, which are reflected in the growth of its Industrial Research Division. The work of WSEAS Professor Mastorakis said does not attempt to replace or compete with those of other institutions, but WSEAS sees itself as complimentary to many different organizations around the world. The conferences and publications program of the WSEAS provides an important mechanism to achieve this objective. Many new initiatives at the WSEAS reflect its commitment to advanced research dissemination. All WSEAS Publications, including Journals and books, are now offered in digital format, aiming to reach an even wider audience.
Professor Mastorakis also pointed out the importance of the Journals launched by WSEAS, particularly those in the field of Systems Theory, Mathematics and Computers. Outstanding papers, as well as new books are always valued by WSEAS.

Following these remarks, Professor Milan Tuba gave a special opening address on the topic of
Nature Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms. Professor Tuba discussed the importance of Nature Inspired Algorithms on Applied Mathematics and Computational Engineering

On the other hand, our Keynote Speaker, Prof. Metin Demiralp, of Istanbul technical University, presented a Keynote Speech about High Dimensional Model Representation (HDMR) and Enhanced Multivariance Product Representation (EMPR) as Small Scale Multivariate Decomposition Methods. As Prof. Demiralp underlined, the method of finite elements is quite frequently used in the solution of boundary value problems modeled as either ordinary differential equations (ODEs) or partial differential equations (PDEs). It is based on basically weak derivative and Sobolev space concepts. According to Prof. Demiralp's speech, an appropriate bilinear form is constructed from the given equations and accompanying boundary conditions by using these concepts. Then the unknown function is approximately expressed in terms of appropriately defined spline functions over certain convenient subregions of the problem geometry. The linear combination constructed towards this goal contains certain undetermined constants which appear in an algebraic equation, that is linear for the linear ODEs or PDEs, together with linear boundary impositions like Dirichlet or Neumann conditions. The important issue in this approach is the construction of the spline basis set, which is realized in such a way that the resulting algebraic equations possess rather simple structure to be solved for the unknowns. Finite elements can be used for almost anything either derived from ODEs or PDEs, or directly from a function in certain ways although the most desired cases are the differential equations.


High Dimensional Model Representation (HDMR) and Enhanced Multivariance Product Representation (EMPR) as Small Scale Multivariate Decomposition Methods
by Prof. Metin Demiralp, Istanbul Technical University, TURKEY.

Special Session:
The following plenary lectures were presented, with several comments, discussion and interaction with the audience

Nature Inspired Metaheuristic Algorithms
by Prof. Milan Tuba, University Megatrend Belgrade, SERBIA.

Plenary Lecture 1:

Improvement of Dynamical Stability for the Real Time Walking Robot Control
by Prof. Luige Vladareanu, Romanian Academy, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 2:

Reinforcements Learning and Applications
by Prof. Dana Simian, University Lucian Blaga of Sibiu, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 3:

Multicast Active Probing Measurement Technique for Multimedia Networks
by Prof. Tarek Saadawi, City University of New York, USA.

Plenary Lecture 4:
Stochastic Analysis without Probability: Study of Some Basic Tools
by Prof. Remi Leandre, Universite de Bourgogne, France.

Plenary Lecture 5:

Stress Analysis of Reinforced Axisymmetrical Shells using Substructures
by Prof. Olga Martin, University "Politehnica" of Bucharest, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 6:

How to Correlate Vibration Measurements with FEM Results to Locate Damages in Beams
by Prof. Gilbert-Rainer Gillich, "Eftimie Murgu" University of Resita, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 7:

Evolutionary Algorithms and their Applications
by Prof. Huiming Yu, North Carolina A&T State Univer




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The conference offered the delegates ample opportunity for interaction through a series of social functions and during dinner and coffee breaks. The conference dinner took place in the best traditional French restaurant, just walking distance from the Hotel, accompanied by excellent local red and white wines. The occasion was most enjoyable. Paris' culinary reputation has its base in the diverse origins of its inhabitants. In its beginnings, it owed much to the 19th-century organization of a railway system that had Paris as a centre, making the capital a focal point for immigration from France's many different regions and gastronomical cultures. This reputation continues through today in a cultural diversity that has since spread to a worldwide level thanks to Paris' continued reputation for culinary finesse and further immigration from increasingly distant climes.

The WSEAS organized a visit to the Louvre Museum and a boat trip in Seine. The delegates also visited the  royal Palace of the Louvre through the Tuileries, the Place de la Concorde, the Champs Élysées, the Place de l'Etoile and all the way to Neuilly-sur-Seine. This and other social functions helped cement the links between the participants and provided a friendly atmosphere in which to discuss opportunities for further research collaboration. The conference was highly successful, and will be reconvened in the near future in a location and date to be decided soon.

All the delegates attending these 2 parallel conferences received
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 WSEAS Journals:  The WSEAS Journals are entirely independent from the WSEAS Conferences, since they are currently candidates in ISI Web of Knowledge (all the WSEAS Conferences and Books have been already in ISI Web of Knowledge). Authors can send (upload) their papers to WSEAS Transactions regardless of whether they have attended a WSEAS conference or not. Also the WSEAS Transactions are the only open access journals in the world where the Authors do not pay any kind of registration fees or publication fees or "donation" (i.e. the full PDF files of the papers are permanantly open for everybody, without any restrictions, while the authors are not charged with any kind of fees). The Editors-in-Chief, being assisted by the members of the Editorial Boards, are the absolute decision makers for the acceptance or not of the submitted papers. WSEAS simply prints out the papers in hard copies & on the web.

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    Books related to the Conferences (Proceedings were also distributed in CD-ROM)

    European Computing Conference
    Editors: Remi Leandre, Metin Demiralp, Milan Tuba, Luige Vladareanu, Olga Martin, Nikos Mastorakis, Gilbert-Rainer Gillich, Suzana Carmen Cismas
    Pages: 486
    Price: 120 EUR 
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    Finite Differences, Finite Elements, Finite Volumes, Boundary Elements
    Editors: Remi Leandre, Metin Demiralp, Milan Tuba, Luige Vladareanu, Olga Martin, Nikos Mastorakis, Gilbert-Rainer Gillich
    Pages: 160
    Price: 50 EUR 
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