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WSEAS Conferences in A.I. Cuza University, Iasi, Romania, July 1-3, 2011

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The WSEAS Conferences of July have recently taken place in A.I.Cuza University, Iasi, Romania organized by the A.I. Cuza University (the oldest University of Romania), the WSEAS and the IAASAT. The meetings were chaired by important personalities.  The conferences opened with Greetings from Prof. Nicu Garriluta, dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and the Lecturer of Mathematics Faculty Dr. Razvan Raducanu and Prof. Nikos Mastorakis from the Technical University of Sofia and WSEAS

Mr. Dean,  Prof. Nicu Garriluta pointed out the promotion of the A.I.Cuza University through this international event. Many other Plenary Speakers of the event, all involved in WSEAS activities for many years gave short greetings underlining the role of the WSEAS as a network of excellence and as an important academic tool of knowledge transfer.

Professor Mastorakis repeated  the importance of the Journals launched by WSEAS and invited the authors to submit their original papers to WSEAS Transactions that are published in hard-copy and are the unique journals having the PDF of the papers open without charging with fees neither readers nor the authors.

Lecturer Dr. Razvan Raducanu also pointed out that  the WSEAS conference papers must have DOI numbers. Nikos Mastorakis, as WSEAS representative, promised to transfer the request to the President of WSEAS (Prof. Charles Long) and to the Administration of the society.

A TV Interview: During the 2nd day of the connferences (July 2 at 12:00) an important interview  related with the WSEAS activities was presented in the TV Channel:  Prima TV.
The interviewers were the general Director of the Channel, Mr. Petru Frasila and Lecturer Dr. Irena Ciobanu (representative of Petre Andrei University) and the interviewee was Prof. Nikos E. Mastorakis. In the 45 minutes interview, Prof. Mastorakis spoke about Knowledge Transfer through International Conferences, Organization of Network of Excellence in practice, Evaluation of Research, Ways of evaluation of research projects and Research and Educational Policies in Balkan Countries (Romania, Bulgaria, Greece). Petre Andrei University invited WSEAS for a common conference in the next year 2011.

A visit to Aula Magna "Mihai Eminescu"(see previous photo) and to Gallery "Lost Steps Hall" of the University was arranged by Associate Prof. Dr. George Farte and Lecturer Dr. Anca Croitoru. During the visit, the universities authorities welcomed the WSEAS authors and guests and gave speeches about the History of the University. Download the leaflet that the WSEAS Participants received (hard copy) about the History of the University. The History of the University was also presented by the academic authorities during their visit to Aula Magna "Mihai Eminescu" and to Gallery "Lost Steps Hall"

During the Banquet, the organizers invited all the Plenary Speakers and the Special Session Organiser to address a warm greetings to the Participants.


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The conference offered the delegates ample opportunity for interaction through a series of social functions and during dinner and coffee breaks. The conference dinner took place in the TRAIAN HOTEL. A great variety of many different courses, desserts and unlimited white and red wine with local and international music left an unforgettable  experience to WSEAS and IAASAT participants. The occasion was most enjoyable.

A successful special Session enhanced the papers of the conferences

Special Session:

Synthesis of Environmental, Economic and Social Processes in the Region
by Professor Vladimir Olej, University of Pardubice, Czech Republic

An Important KEYNOTE LECTURE was given by Prof. Bojkovic

"Further Trends in Fourth Generation Mobile Systems:Convergence, Quality of Service, Security and Applications"

Professor Zoran Bojkovic
Full Prof. of Electrical Engineering
University of Belgrade, Serbia

Abstract: In fourth generation 4G system concept, the user has freedom and flexibility to select any desired service with reasonable quality of service QoS and affordable price, any time, anywhere.There are many attractive features for 4G which ensure a very high data rate, global roaming, incorporating the mobile world into the Internet Protocol IP-based core network, establishing an efficient billing system and perfect handoff mechanisms. Improvements over the third generation 3G include enhanced multimedia, smooth streaming video, universal access and portability across all types of devices. Migrating current systems to 4G presents enormous challenges. Current systems must be implemented with a view to facilitate a seamless integration into 4G infrastructure. Today 4G is a convergence platform providing clear advantages in terms of coverage bandwidth and power consumption. It offers a variety of new heterogeneous services. All these characteristics are supported by multimode/reconfigurable devices and implementation of interworking ones. 4G mobile communication networks are expected to provide all IP-based services for heterogeneous wireless access technologies, assisted by mobile IP to provide seamless Internet access for mobile users.Methodologies for QoS and security support in 4G networks integrate signaling with authentication, authorization and accounting AAA services to guarantee the user applications, QoS requirements and achieve efficient AAA. An integrated service  and resource management approach is based on the cooperative association among QoS brakers,AAA, and charging systems. Seamless vertical handover VHO is an important function of beyond 3G systems. Concept transfer can help support seamless VHO, while maintaining the raquired security level. This presentation is organized as follows. After the introduction showing mobile system generation together with short history of mobile technologies,including various existing and emerging wireless technologies, the next section deals with converging of high speed Inernet and mobility as a major drivers of future wireless. Design objectives are also presented. The second part describes network selection with most appropriate selection criteria (service type, available resources, user content ). Then, quality of service providing guarantees in 4G networks is emphasized. This is one of the most difficult problems that are to be solved, when it comes to IP mobility. Mobile IPv6 have been proposed to reduce the handover lattency and the number of lost packets. Several approaches are opened for consideration like: security, convergence of mobile communications and broadcasting , as well as convergence benefits. Reconfigurable technology together with applications including multiple operators and billing system conclude further trends in the area of 4G mobile systems.

Brief Biography of the Keynote Lecturer:
Prof.dr Zoran Bojkovic ( is a full professor of Electrical Engineering at the University of Belgrade,Serbia and a permanent visiting professor at the University of Texas at Arlington, TX, USA, EE Department, Multimedia System Lab. He was a visiting professor in more than 20 Universities worldwide and has taught a number of courses in Electrical Technology, Telecommunication Systems and Networks, Speach, Image and Video Processing, Multimedia Wire/Wireless Communication Systems, Computer Networks. Prof. Bojkovic is the co-author of 6 international books/monographies ( Publishers: Prentice-Hall, Wiley, CRC Press, WSEAS ) Also, some of these books have been published and translated in Canada, China, Singapore and India. He is co-editor in 62 International Books and Conference Proceedings. He has published more than 420 papers in peer-reviewed journals, conference proceedings and publications.He has conducted keynote/plenary lectures, workshops/tutorials as well as seminars , and participated in more than 70 scientific and industrial projects all over the world.He has been a consultant to industry research institutes and academia. His activities included serving as Editor- in- Chief in 2 International Journals and as Associate Editor in 3 International Journals. Prof. Zoran Bojkovic is an active researcher in wire/wireless multimedia communications. He is a Senior Member of IEEE and WSEAS, member of EURASIP, full member of Engineering Academy of Serbia as well as a member of Serbian Scientific Society.

Five successful Plenary Lectures enhanced also the papers of the conferences
Plenary Lecture 1:

Boundary Value 1D and nD Linear Control Systems
by Prof. Valeriu Prepelita, University Politehnica of Bucharest, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 2:

A Fundamental Survey and An Efficient Soft Library for several Basic Models of Artificial Neural Networks
by Prof. Nicolae Popoviciu, Hyperion University of Bucharest, ROMANIA

Plenary Lecture 3:

Applied Statistics when Studying Turning Process Parameters Interdependence for S12Mn2Si Metallized Coating
by Assoc. Prof. Mihaiela Iliescu, "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 4:
Iatros-History from Past to Future through New Methods of Education Technology
by Prof. Liliana Rogozea, Transilvania University of Brasov, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 5:

Computer support for "CLIL" - content and language integrated learning
Prof. Suzana Cismas Polytechnic University of Bucharest, ROMANIA

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 WSEAS Journals:  The WSEAS Journals are entirely independent from the WSEAS Conferences, since they are currently candidates in ISI Web of Knowledge (all the WSEAS Conferences and Books have been already in ISI Web of Knowledge). Authors can send (upload) their papers to WSEAS Transactions regardless of whether they have attended a WSEAS conference or not. Also the WSEAS Transactions are the only open access journals in the world where the Authors do not pay any kind of registration fees or publication fees or "donation" (i.e. the full PDF files of the papers are permanantly open for everybody, without any restrictions, while the authors are not charged with any kind of fees). The Editors-in-Chief, being assisted by the members of the Editorial Boards, are the absolute decision makers for the acceptance or not of the submitted papers. WSEAS simply prints out the papers in hard copies & on the web.


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    --------------------------------------------------- Books -----------------------------------------------

    Books related to the Conferences

    5 books distributed to the conference participants. Many papers of these books were promoted to ISI Journals while the Books will be indexed by ISI, SCOPUS, ELSEVIER, EI Compendex etc...

    Computational Engineering in Systems Applications (Volume II)
    Editors: Nicu Gavriluta, Razvan Raducanu, Mihaiela Iliescu, Hariton Costin, Nikos Mastorakis, Vladimir Olej, Jiri Strouhal, Alina Barbulescu, Mihaela Costin
    Pages: 200
    Price: 60 EUR
    [Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

    Recent Researches in Applied Economics
    Editors: Nicu Gavriluta, Razvan Raducanu, Mihaiela Iliescu, Hariton Costin, Nikos Mastorakis, Vladimir Olej, Jiri Strouhal
    Pages: 215
    Price: 60 EUR 
    [Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

    Recent Researches in Computational Techniques, Non-Linear Systems and Control
    Editors: Nicu Gavriluta, Razvan Raducanu, Mihaiela Iliescu, Hariton Costin, Nikos Mastorakis, Vladimir Olej, Jiri Strouhal
    Pages: 312
    Price: 80 EUR 
    [Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

    Recent Researches in Educational Technologies
    Editors: Nicu Gavriluta, Razvan Raducanu, Mihaiela Iliescu, Hariton Costin, Nikos Mastorakis, Vladimir Olej, Jiri Strouhal
    Pages: 168
    Price: 50 EUR 
    [Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

    Recent Researches in Environment, Energy Planning and Pollution
    Editors: Nicu Gavriluta, Razvan Raducanu, Mihaiela Iliescu, Hariton Costin, Nikos Mastorakis, Vladimir Olej, Jiri Strouhal
    Pages: 257
    Price: 70 EUR 
    [Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

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    The Same Conferences in 2012 will be held as follows

    University of Algarve, Porto, Portugal, July 1-3, 2012

    University of Algarve, Porto, Portugal, July 1-3, 2012


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