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WSEAS Conferences in Catania, Italy, Nov.3-5, 2011

Submitted Papers: 537
Accepted Papers: 215
Books and Proceedings from the Conference are included in ISI, EI COMPENDEX, Engineering Viallge, IET (INSPEC), ACM, SCOPUS, ELSEVIER, CSA, etc...





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The International Scientific Committee of the conferences met over the gala dinner to discuss matters related to the running of the WSEAS conferences and when and where to reconvene the 2012 meeting. There was general agreement that the conference was very successful and that it continues to evolve, reflecting contemporary interests in Computational Technology and Applications. A series of emerging topics were proposed for inclusion in the 2012 Call for Papers. WSEAS will investigate some of the possible venues.


See all the Photos from the conference here.

The International Scientific Committee of the conferences agreed that the announcement of acceptance or rejection for any paper in less than 40 days for any WSEAS Conference and in less than 60 days for any WSEAS Journal and WSEAS Book must be strictly prohibited.

All papers are sent to 5 independent reviewers by the WSEAS Organizers, Editors etc, but even if the comments of them are available, the WSEAS entities will not announce the result of the reviews before the aforementioned time frames. This policy also applies to any Conference where WSEAS is the main sponsor-organizer or simply a co-sponsor.
The submission forms are taken down on the exact date announced in the respective conference pages, at 23:59 Greenwich time, and no extensions is given. Abstracts, drafts and papers in non-WSEAS format are automatically rejected. 

Plenary Speakers cannot upload plenary lectures after the expiration of the deadline.

Keynote & Plenary Lectures:

Keynote Lecture 1:

Nonlinear Explicit Ordinary Differential Equations: Are They Really Nonlinear?
by Prof. Metin Demiralp, Istanbul Technical University, TURKEY.

Plenary Lecture 1:

Using Information Technology to Support Knowledge Conversion Process
by Prof. Angela Repanovici, Transilvania University of Brasov, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 2:

Idempotent Algebra Solutions for Some Minimax Location Problems
by Assoc. Prof. Nikolai Krivulin, St. Petersburg State University, RUSSIA

Plenary Lecture 3:

On Some Wireless Mesh Networks Issues: Architecture,Routing,Applications,Quality of Service
by Professor Zoran Bojkovic, University of Belgrade, SERBIA.

Plenary Lecture 4:

Steps in the Development of a New Skates System - Modelling, Simulation and Prototyping
by Assoc. Prof. Mihaiela Iliescu, "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest, ROMANIA.

Plenary Lecture 5:

Knowledge Visualization - Approaches and Application
by Prof. Wladimir Bodrow, University of Applied Sciences Berlin, GERMANY.

Plenary Lecture 6:
Controlling the Structure and Properties of Plastics by Specific Nucleation
by Assoc. Prof. Roman Cermak, Tomas Bata University in Zlin, Czech Republic




Books related to our conferences:

Mathematical Methods and Techniques in Engineering and Environmental Science
Editors: Metin Demiralp, Zoran Bojkovic, Angela Repanovici
Pages: 450
Price: 100 EUR 
[Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

Models and Methods in Applied Sciences
Editors: Nikos Mastorakis, Metin Demiralp, N. A. Baykara
Pages: 175
Price: 50 EUR 
[Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

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