ACACOS-IMCAS-ROCOM-MUSP-Hangzhou-China-April-2008 --

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From left to right Professor Li Qing, China Jiliang University, Dean of the college of mechatronics Engineering Wu Hongkuan, China Jiliang University, International Exchange and cooperation Division, Director Ass. *Professor Amirmasoud Jafari Islamic Azad University of Elkhchi-Iran*.Professor Hassan Badkoobehi, MSIE, Ph.D., Department of Applied Engineering, SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY, San Diego Ass. Professor Bardis Nikolaos, Ph.D., High Military Educational Institution (Hellenic Naval Academy; Hellenic Air force Academy; Hellenic Army Academy), Technological Education Institute (T.E.I) of Chalkida Ass.Professor Hamid R Abachi, Electrical & Computer Systems Engineering, MONASH UNIVERSITY, Director of Postgraduate (Coursework), International & Professional Development Programs, Australia