MATH-CSECS-COMPUCHEM-Cairo-Egypt-Dec-2007 (132 images)

Post-Conference Report for the WSEAS Conferences:
Cairo, Egypt, December 29-31, 2007


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    WSEAS organized the following parallel conferences:

    With pride, WSEAS received the following Important contributions and upgraded them as keynote and plenary lectures:

    Plenary Lecture 1:

    Security and Biometrics in Modern Communications Networks
    by Prof. Stamatios Kartalopoulos, University of Oklahoma, USA

    Plenary Lecture 2:

    Multi-Time Optimal Control
    by Prof. Constantin Udriste, University Politehnica of Bucharest, Romania.

    Plenary Lecture 3:

    Recent Developments In The Fluctuation Expansion Of Univariate Functions’ Matrix Representations
    by Prof. Metin Demiralp , Istanbul Technical University, Turkey.

    Plenary Lecture 4:

    Extended Surfaces Heat Transfer Processes – Class of Approximate and Exact Solutions
    by Prof. Andris Buikis , University of Latvia, Latvia.

    Plenary Lecture 5:

    Through the Element Chart into Periodic Systems of Molecules
    by Prof. Ray Hefferlin, Southern Adventist University, TN, USA.

    Plenary Lecture 6:

    On the Solutions of Differential Equations Involving p-Laplacian and Pseudolaplacian
    by Prof. Gabriella Bognar, University of Miskolc, Hungaria.
  • Plenary Lecture 7:

    Software Radio – Revolution is Coming
    by Prof. Oleg Panfilov, Chief Scientist of Terocelo, Inc., USA.


    Conference Statistics
    Submitted papers: 1087
    Accepted papers:
    acceptance ratio = (Number of accepted papers / Number of Submitted)*100 = 35.23%

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    Review Process:
    Each paper was reviewed at least by 3 independent reviewers. The WSEAS Secretariat sent each paper to 5 reviewers. Some papers received reviews from 5 different referees. The WSEAS Secretariat forwarded these comments by personalized emails to the responsible for the correspondence author. The full list of the reviewers will be available in the web page: 

    Additional features of the conferences :

    1) Publication of the Proceedings in 3 media: hard-copy, CD, E-Library
    Five books in the "Electrical and Computer Engineering Series" of WSEAS  (see details, contents, author indices and editors below) with ISBN and ISSN indexed by the major Citation Indices (ISI ranked):

    (B)  CD-ROM Proceedings with pages' numbers with ISBN and ISSN indexed by the major Citation Indexes:

    (C) E-Library:

    and possible, for a very small number of papers:

    (D) JOURNAL PUBLICATION: Expanded and enhanced versions of papers published in the conference proceedings also going to be considered for possible publication in one of the WSEAS journals that participate in the major International Scientific Indices (Elsevier, Scopus, EI, Compendex, INSPEC, CSA .... see:     ).

    WSEAS provides a very important tool to all the participants; a permanent username and password for accessing WSEAS conference proceedings on-line for ever.

    3) The Participants received numerous coffee-breaks, and a Welcome Drink

    4) Cultural and social activities as customary in WSEAS events.

    5) The conference Books (Hard-Copy Proceedings), CD-ROM proceedings and Journals (with selected papers) published by WSEAS Press continue to sell for a long time after the meeting has taken place. This is another demonstration of the prestige the scientific community attribute to the meetings organized by the WSEAS.
    For example, they are distributed via AMAZON: 

    Books (hard-copy of the Proceedings):

    Applied Mathematics for Science and Engineering.
    Editors: Metin Demiralp, Constantin Udriste, Gabriella Bognar, Ritu Soni, Hamed Nassar.
    Pages: 446 pages, 
    Price: 110 EUR

    [ Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

    Selected Topics on Circuits, Systems, Electronics, Control & Signal Processing.
    Editors: Stamatios Kartalopoulos, Metin Demiralp, Nikos Mastorakis, Ritu Soni, Hamed Nassar.
    Pages : 640 pages,
    price: 150 EUR.

    [ Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]

    Computational Chemistry and Applications in Electronics.
    Editors: Ray Hefferlin, Maurice R. Kibler.
    Pages : 150 pages,
    price: 50 EUR.

    [ Contents], [Order], [Full PDF of the Papers], [Help]


    What is the Permanent Procedure for additional Journal publication for a very small number of High-Quality Papers presented in the WSEAS Conferences in China (after the recommendation of Chairmen). So, the authors with accepted & presented papers received the following e-mail:

    We have started now the procedure for the evaluation of the extended versions of your papers for possible inclusion in the WSEAS journals after new rounds of review.

    INTRODUCTION: You know that our goal is to maintain very strong international journals, to increase the impact of our beloved WSEAS Transactions, really top journals as they really are. To this end, we need only high quality papers, breakthrough works of archival value, i.e. papers that are well written from any point of view, completed studies (with their numerical examples or experiments that must be compared with the previous results in the literature), excellent English language and of course correct WSEAS format. The papers also must be substantially extended version of the paper that was presented in the conference (with more than 40% new material). We need papers that will attract the attention of other scholars citing them increasing our impact. In the next few years, the WSEAS transactions must be in every academic library, in every corner of the earth. To this end, we need your high quality contribution.

    HOW TO PROCEED: a) Check very carefully if your idea is really important, breakthrough in your field and can appear in a Journal of the quality and the level of the WSEAS Transactions. If you doubt, do not send it so easily. Your paper must not be only a good idea. It must be a complete study with theoretical background, complete bibliographical references; without grammatical and syntactical errors. For theoretical works: full comparison with previous published papers is necessary. We need numerical examples, applicability of the method, originality, novelty and directions for future research. For experimental or computational works: full comparison with previous published papers is necessary. We need real experiments with the necessary documentation, while for computational work, we need full benchmarks. Of course along discussions for the applicability of the method, originality, novelty and directions for future research.
    b) Complete the extended version of your paper until February 28, 2008 and upload it via
    http://...............  (the full web address was given only to authors that presented a paper)
    until February 28, 2008

    c) If your extended version fulfills the paragraph a), then our Editors will send it to 3 independent Reviewers outside your country. If not, our Editors are entitled to reject it from this early stage informing you properly. The positive answer of the 3 reviewers is necessary (attention: 2 yes and 1 no implies NO, i.e. rejection).

    d) Our Editors will collect the reviewers' remarks and will send them again to you for acceptance/ acceptance after minor revision / acceptance after major revision / rejection

    e) Possibly new rounds of review will be needed.

    f) No additional fee is needed in case of acceptance.

    After all this procedure, the accepted papers that come from WSEAS Conferences in Canada will be published in the various WSEAS Transactions. IF you miss the deadline of February 28, 2008 , or if your paper was not presented in the WSEAS Conferences, THEN: you can upload it quite independently as regular paper from the WSEAS Site for the Journals: 

    The final list of the papers must have the approval of our Editors and 3 Reviewers, and of course the Editor-in-Chief of the particular Journal.

    We want only authors that presented their papers to complete this web form:
    http://...............   (the full web address was given only to authors that presented a paper) So, in this form you will need a password (the password was given only to the authors that presented a paper).


    The Organizing Committee received the forms that the Session Chairmen filled in after the end of their sessions and after additional evaluation and discussion decided the following.
    The Criteria were:
       a) Originality and scientific impact
       b) Good presentation
       c) Paper presented by a student


    The results of this evaluation are:

    Won by: H. Nakashima
    Title: Theoretical Study on Structures of Gold, Silver and Copper Clusters Using Relativistic Model Core Potentials
    Authors: H. Nakashima, H. Mori, Ma San Mon, E. Miyoshi

    Won by: Stavros Dokouzyiannis
    Title: Defining Processing Elements in Dependence Graphs from for-do Programming Constructs.
    Authors: Stavros Dolouzyiannis, Argiris Mokios

    Conference:  The 12th WSEAS International Conference on APPLIED MATHEMATICS (MATH'07 - II)
    Won by: Nuzlinda Abdul Rahman
    Title: Space-Time Mixture Model of Infant Mortality in Peninsular Malaysia from 1990-2000
    Authors: Nuzlinda Abdul Rahman, Abdul Aziz Jemain


    PROCEEDINGS: The Proceedings related to the Conference are covered by:
    01. ISI (ISINET)
    02. INSPEC (IET, former IEE)
    03. CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)
    04. ELSEVIER and Elsevier Bibliographic Database
    06. ULRICH
    07. MATHSCINET of AMS (American Mathematical Society)
    08. MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS of AMS (American Mathematical Society)
    09. Directory of Published Proceedings
    10. Computer Science Bibliography Administrator
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    The WSEAS journals are covered by:
    01. ISI through the INSPEC (IEE)
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    From these excellent and well-organized conferences, WSEAS Press published also 5 Books that contain the conference proceedings.
    Please, order them from the WSEAS Press:

    .: SOCIAL PART (Coffee-Breaks, Banquet, Excursions)
    6 coffee-breaks - light lunches: Coffee, Tea, Milk, Sandwiches, Sweets, Cakes, Pastries, Juices were available for the Guests during the conference.
    A wonderful Gala with numerous different courses (self-service buffet) with delicacies from Egypt were given to the participants in the evening of December 30. You can see in the previous pictures a rich folklore show with many artists, different appearances and several happenings.
    Most of the participants danced and enjoyed themselves during this fantastic night.

    .: Some Excursions to the city, Pyramids as well as the Nile river took place after the conference.

    .: See your feedback about the Conference: