The following international conferences:

2006 WSEAS International Conference on MATHEMATICAL BIOLOGY and ECOLOGY (MABE '06)
-celebrating the 70th birthday of Professor Charles Long (January 19, 2006)-

2006 WSEAS/IASME International Conference on FLUID MECHANICS (FLUIDS '06)

2006 WSEAS/IASME International Conference on HEAT and MASS TRANSFER (HMT '06)

were held in Miami, Florida, USA, January 18-20, 2006.

Co-Chairmen and Co-Editors of the Proceedings:
Professor Charles A. Long (USA)
Professor Siavash H. Sohrab (USA)
Professor Haris Catrakis (USA)
Professor Andrei G. Fedorov (USA)
Professor Fotis Sotiropoulos (USA)
Professor A. C. Benim (Germany)
Professor Guanyu Wang (USA)
Professor Tuan Pham (Australia)

Conference Statistics:

Submitted papers to the 3 conferences: 213
Accepted papers
of the 3 conferences: 108


Plenary Lecture I

Control of Chemical Spills by Boundary Suction

Professor Nikolaos D. Katopodes
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI 48109

Plenary Lecture II

Functional and physical extrapolation relative to evolution of the mammalian erythrocyte

Professor Charles A. Long
Department of Biology
University of Wisconsin
Stevens Point, Wisconsin
54481 U.S.A.

Plenary Lecture III

MULTI-DISCIPLINARY RESEARCH ACTIVITIES: Mathematics/ High Performance Computing / Biology / Fluid Mechanics / Structural / Acoustics Applications

Professor Duc Nguyen
Civil & Environmental Engineering Department
Old Dominion University
1319 ECSB
Norfolk, VA 23529

Plenary Lecture IV

Challenges in Real-Time and Individualized Patient Monitoring, Diagnosis and Decision Assistance: New Paradigms of System Identification

Professor Le Yi Wang
Wayne State University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
5050 Anthony Wayne Dr.
Detroit, MI 48202

Plenary Lecture V

Advanced Computational Methods in Bio-imaging and Bio-data Analysis

Assc. Professor Tuan Pham
Bioinformatics Applications Research Centre
School of Information Technology
James Cook University
Townsville, QLD 4811



Review Process: Each paper was reviewed at least by 2 independent reviewers. The WSEAS Secretariat sent each paper to 4 reviewers. Some papers received reviews from 4 different referees. The WSEAS Secretariat had forwarded these comments by personalized emails to the responsible for the correspondence author. The full list of the reviewers will be available in the web page:

Only authors of those papers, which are found to have very positive response from 2 referees and which are modified sufficiently to take into account all the comments of (at least 2) referees of the conference are invited to send an extended version in the WSEAS Journals (WSEAS Transactions).

WSEAS sent a full report of the whole review process and the whole correspondence
to the following international indexes that have recognized officially the Validity and the Reputation
of the WSEAS Conferences:    (see also: )

*  1.  ISI (ISINET),
*  2.  INSPEC (IEE)
*  3.  CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts)
*  4.  ELSEVIER and Elsevier Bibliographic Database
*  6.  MATHSCINET of AMS (American Mathematical Society)
*  7.  MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS of AMS (American Mathematical Society)
*  8.  Computer Science Bibliography Administrator
*  9.  British Library
*  10.  DEST Database (Australia)
*  11.  Swets Information Services
*  12.  Engineering Information
*  13.  SCOPUS
*  14.  EBSCO
*  15.  Mayersche
*  16.  European Library in Paris (France) 
*  17.  National Library of Greece
(see also: )

The Organizing Committee received the forms that the Session Chairmen filled in after the end of their Sessions and after additional evaluation and discussion decided the following.
The Criteria were
a) originality and scientific impact
b) good presentation
c) paper presented by a student

So, the results of this evaluation is:

The Best Student Paper Aw
ard for 
was given to Patrick A. De Maziere for his paper:
New Approach to Nonparametric Statistical Analysis of fMRI Signals
[Patrick De Maziere, Marc Van Hulle]

The Best Student Paper Award for FLUID MECHANICS (FLUIDS '06)
was given to Shah Haque for his paper:
Numerical Simulation Of Turbulent Flow Inside The Electrostatic Precipitator Of A Power Plant
[Authors: S. M. E. Haque, M. G. Rasul, A. Deev, M. M. K. Khan, J. Zhou]

The Best Student Paper Award for HEAT and MASS TRANSFER (HMT '06)
was given to to Danijela Dobersek for her paper:
Heat Exploitation from Smoke Gases in Heating Plants
[Authors: J. Krope, D. Dobersek, D. Goricanec]


1. Coffee-Breaks: The WSEAS Organizing Committee offered 6 very rich coffee-breaks. Each coffee-break was composed by filter coffee, decaf. coffee, tea, local sweets, biscuits, freshly baked pastries. During the Coffee-Breaks the attendees had several opportunities to interchange ideas and proposals for common projects and collaboration.

2. Banquet: The Conference Banquet took place in the hotel's restaurant. In addition to the rich buffet, the participants had the opportunity of enjoying a group of local folklore dancers and singers.
The whole event was really impressive. All the participants had a very good time and enjoyed themselves very much.

The overall impression of the meeting was excellent. WSEAS Administrative Council thank each of you for increasing the WSEAS Reputation by these wonderful and important meetings.
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