POST-CONFERENCE REPORT                                                             


The 2005 WSEAS/IASME Int. Conf. on ENGINEERING EDUCATION (EE'06) was held in Vouliagmeni Beach, Athens, Greece, on July 8-10, 2005.

Conference Statistics:

Submitted papers: 169
Accepted papers: 103


Review Process: Each paper was reviewed by at least 2 independent reviewers. The WSEAS Secretariat sent each paper to 4 reviewers. Some papers received reviews from 4 different referees. The WSEAS Secretariat forwarded to the responsible for the correspondence author these comments by personalized emails. The full list of the reviewers will be available in the web page:

Only authors of those papers, which are found to have very positive responses from 2 referees and which are adequately modified to take into account all the comments of (at least 2) referees of the conference are invited to send an extended version in the WSEAS Journals (WSEAS Transactions).

The level of researches that were presented was high, and the attendees had the opportunity to exchange ideas and discuss potential future collaborations.

WSEAS sent a full report of the whole review process and the whole correspondence
to the following international indexes that have recognized officially the Validity and the Reputation
of the WSEAS Conferences: (see also: )

3) CSA (Cambridge Scientific Abstracts).
4) ELSEVIER and Elsevier Bibliographic Database.
7) MATHSCINET of AMS (American Mathematical Society)
8) MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS of AMS (American Mathematical Society)
9) Directory of Published Proceedings
10) Computer Science Bibliography Administrator
11) American Chemical Society and its Index: Chemical Abstracts Service.
12) European Library in Paris (France)
13) DEST Database (Australia)
14) Engineering Information
17) British Library
18) National Library of Greece
19) German National Library of Science and Technology


1. Coffee-Breaks: The WSEAS Organizing Committee offered a variety of coffee-breaks. Each coffee-break was composed by filter coffee, decaf. coffee, tea, local sweets, biscuits, freshly baked pastries. During the Coffee-Breaks the attendees had several opportunities for to interchange ideas and proposals for common projects and collaboration.

2. Banquet: The conference Banquet took place around the hotel's swimming pool.

The attendees enjoyed a very rich buffet of Greek cuisine.

At the end of a day that was full of academic work, the participants could relax and enjoy the best of Greek traditional music, as well as a folklore ballet.

It didn't take long for the scientists to join the ballet, and the stage was pretty soon full of people of different countries and age groups, who did their best trying to imitate the complicated steps.

All of us members of the WSEAS staff were very pleased to see that all our hard work was compensated by the success of the conference. We would like to thank each and every one of you who honoured us with your presence, and we hope to see you again in one of our upcoming events.

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