The 1999 WSEAS International Conference on CIRCUITS, SYSTEMS, COMMUNICATIONS and COMPUTERS was held in Athens, Greece from July 4 till July 9, 1999. The conference was dedicated to Professor Lotfi Zadeh. Prof. Lotfi Zadeh presented the Plenary Speech: "From Computing with Numbers to computing with words". Over than 350 delegates attended the lecture of Prof. Zadeh. In the archives of the WSEAS Headquarters in Athens there exists a video-tape  with this historical (historical for the WSEAS) lecture of Prof. Zadeh.

Conference Statistics:
Submitted papers: 987
Accepted papers: 666

The best papers were selected and published in WSEAS post-conference books

The official Dinner of the conference took place in the Hotel President,
with a great variety of food, and  beverages.  The multiconference also offered another dinner (barbeque) in the last day of the conference as well as a full day excursion.

The overall impression of the meeting was good.