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Salzburg, Austria, February 13-15, 2004





Chairmen / Editors:  Walter Dosch, Nikos Mastorakis

Associate Editors:  Constantinos Koutsojannis, Vilem Srovnal, Humberto César Chaves Fernandes, Jamal Zemerly,




FEBRUARY 13, 2004


Plenary Lecture I: ROOM A’,  08:00 – 09:00

Engineering Software Systems

Prof. Dr. Walter Dosch

Universität zu Lübeck

Institut für Softwaretechnik und Programmiersprachen

Seelandstraße 1A, D-23569 Lübeck




Software development has matured from heuristic practice to an engineering discipline. Over the years software engineering developed into a key qualification for mastering complex technical systems. Nowadays software engineers can benefit from a solid stock of basic research addressing specification, modelling, design and implementation techniques for sequential, concurrent, distributed and real time systems. The underlying software models should support different system views, in particular a data model, a state transition model, an architectural model, and a process model. We survey the scientific foundations of software engineering and outline future prospects. We conclude with a critical assessment of applying formal methods from academics to industrial practice.




ROOM A , 09:00-13:30  (with coffee-break at 11:00-11:30)

SESSIONS 1 and 2: Modelling, Control and Robotics                            .
Chair: Manuel Crisostomo,  Andrzej Swierniak, Dong Hwa Kim


Predictive Control of a Fossil Power plant Based on Locally Linear Model tree (LOLIMOT)

Babak Feizi-Khankandi and Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo

Identification Process, Design and Implementation Decoupling Controller for Binary Distillation Column Control

Sutanto Hadisupadmo, RJ.Widodo, Harijono A Tjokronegoro, Tatang Hernas Soerawijaya

Development of a flexible Manufacturing Cell

António Ferrolho and Manuel Crisóstomo

Intelligent Control of Inverted Pendulum System Using Immune Fuzzy Fusion

Dong Hwa Kim

Application of Neural Networks for Safety Control

Barbara Siemiatkowska, Robert A. Kosinski

Organization of an intellectual searching to support vehicles control

Bocharov Lev Aleksandrovich, Sokolov Nikolay Leonidovich, Udaloy Valeriy Alekseevich

Genetic design of gmdh-type neural networks for modelling of thermodynamically pareto optimized turbojet engines

K. Atashkari, N. Nariman-Zadeh ,       A. Darvizeh,  X. Yao,  A. Jamali,        A. Pilechi

Intelligent Control of Electrically Heated Micro Heat Exchanger with Locally Linear Neurofuzzy Identifier and Emotional Based Learning Controller

Hossein Rouhani, Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo, Babak Nadjar Araabi, and Caro Lucas

A Fuzzy Pool Player Robot with Learning Ability

Mohammad Ebne Alian,              Saeed Bagheri Shouraki

Real time monitoring odor sensing system using omx-gr sensor and neural network

Bekir Karlik, Yousif Al-Bastaki

Driver’s Micro-sleeps Detection Using Virtual Simulation

Petr Bouchner

Game Theoretic Approach to Multi-Robot Planning

Adam Galuszka, Andrzej Swierniak

Operational Completeness of a Fuzzy Operator

Elmira Khoshbakht Marvi, Saeed Bagheri Shouraki

Bio-Informatization and Application of Distributed Data Mining to Facilities Management

Ezendu I. Ariwa, Mohamed M. Medhat

Genetic optimisation of a fuzzy- PID

A. Soukkou , A. Khellaf, S. Leulmi

Bring Down the Automatic Test Equipment – A Call for the Low Cost Automatic Test Equipment and a Solution

Amarnath.R, Umamaheswari.B

Signature Verification and Forgery Detection Hardware Design Employing Fuzzy Inference System

L.T. Kong, H.Y. Ooi, F. Mohd-yasin, M.S. Islam, M.I. Reaz, M.S. Sulaiman

Applying Set Covering Problem in Instance Set Reduction for Machine Learning Algorithms

Prasanna K, Khemani D

Induction of Quadratic Decision Trees using Genetic Algorithms and k-D Trees

Sai-cheong Ng, Kwong-sak Leung

A Fuzzy Inventory without Backorder Model

Huey-Ming Lee

Application of the Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network to Classification of Manufacturing Technology Projects

Kim hua Tan, Chee peng Lim, Hooi shen Koay, Ken Platts

Free locomotion for Six Legged Robot

Efren Gorrostieta Emilio Vargas

Optimal Design of a Flexible Fixtures System Using Fuzzy C-means Clustering

Hossein Rouhani, Alireza Fazlirad, Babak Nadjar Araabi,Caro Lucas, Mohammadreza Nazirzadeh and Asadollah Ghazavi

A neuro PD control applied for free gait on a six legged robot

Efren Gorrostieta, Emilio Vargas and Alberto Aguado

Damping Oscillations in Material Handling Robot Using Input Shaping

Chockalingam Aravind Vaithilingam, Vijayarajan Kamaraj

Decision Boundary Formation of Neural Networks

C. Lee, E. Jung, O. Kwon, M. Park, and D. Hong

Sliding Mode Mition Control Of Linear Structural Systems Under Earthquake Excitation

Behrouz Gatmiri and Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo

Programmed control of mechatronical system for drills testing

Vladas Vekteris, Mindaugas Jurevichius, Algis Daktariunas

PolyUiBot: Sensibility Improvement Using Streaming Technology for Internet Telerobotics

Meng Wang, James N.K. Liu

The chaotic mobile robot

Vesna Rubezic, Milovan Radulovic Ana Jovanovic, Milos Dakovic

Performance analysis of micromobility protocols in JP - based cellular networks

D. Saraswady and S. Shanmugavel

Distributed embedded control system in remote laboratory

Jan Bilek, Martin Zoldak

Speed Control and Torque Ripple Minimization of Switch Reluctance Motors using Genetic Algorithms

Behzad Moshiri, Farzan Rashidi

A game theory approach to the robot tracking problem.

Carlos Rodríguez Lucatero,  Alvaro de Albornoz Bueno,  Rafael Lozano Espinosa

Neural Network Control of a Heat Exchanger Pilot Plant

Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo







ROOM B, 09:00-13:30  (with coffee-break at 11:00-11:30)

SESSIONS  3 and 4:  Signal Processing and Pattern Recognition
Chair: Mirko Novak,
Constantinos Koutsojannis


A new clustering criterion in pattern recognition

Marco Lopez-Caviedes, Guillermo Sanchez-Diaz

Comparison of Different Distance Measures on Hierarchical Document Clustering in 2-Pass Retrieval

Azam Jalali, Mahmoud Reza Hejazi, Farhad Oroumchian

Descriptive M easures of EEG Signal With Respect to Hypnagogium

Petr Svoboda, Josef Faber, Mirko Novak, Vladimir Tatarinov

Modeling and Simulation of a process using Time series data

A.Vimala Juliet, S. Renganathan and  D. Caleb chanthi raj

Hausdorff ARTMAP for Human Face Recognition

Arit Thammano and Chongkolnee Rungruang

New Error Concealment Method in JPEG2000 Images

Omid Fatemi, Farzad Zargari

Integrating monocular vision and odometry for SLAM

Aldo Cumani, Sandra Denasi, Antonio Guiducci, Giorgio Quaglia

Comparison of Properties of Analytic, Quaternionic and Monogenic 2-D Signals

Stefan L. Hahn, Kajetana M. Snopek

Passive Navigation System Using Fixed Position Beacons for Domestic Applications

M.H. Polatoglou,  O.R. Hinton

An Effective Method for Estimation of ARMA Parameters from Noisy Observations

M. K. Hasan, N. M. Hossain, M. S. Islam Patwary, and A. M. M. Reza

An Intelligent Tutoring System Teaching BioMedical Technology

Constantinos Koutsojannis, Jim Prentzas, Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis

Automated Knowledge Acquisition Based On Unsupervised Neural Network & Expert System Paradigms

Nazar Elfadil, Md.Abdus Salam,Zia Nadir

A new Context-based information retrieval system

Vivek Chanana, Athula Ginige, San Murugesan

A Neural system for managing and manipulating directional filtering in image processing

Xiujuan Guo

Design of delayless subband echo cancelers using parallel Kalman filters

Mohammad Zulhasnine and Md. Kamrul Hasan

Pattern recognition of power entropies of decomposed subbands of HRV analysis for identification of obstructive sleep apnea

Abdulnasir Hossen

New features from Fourier spectrum for induction machine broken bar detection using statistical pattern recognition

Mohamad R. Rafimanzelat,          Babak N. Araabi and Emad Sharifi





ROOM A, 15:00-19:30 (with Coffee-Break at: 17:00-17:30)

SESSIONS 5, 6, 7:  Information Systems, Decision Support Systems, Internet

Chair: Carlo dell'Aquila, Vrassidas Leopoulos


An Interactive Learning Environment for a Dynamic Educational Digital Library

Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Yin-Leng Theng, Yin Ming, Eng-Kai Suen, Ee-Peng Lim

Similarity measures between rough sets

Jiucheng Xu, Junyi Shen

Creating Graph Partitions for Fast Optimum Route Planning

Ingrid Flinsenberg, Martijn van der Horst, Johan Lukkien, Jacques Verriet

A virtual cooperative learning environment using human companion

Bouhadada Tahar, Laskri Med-Tayeb, Roukaya Nafissa, Klibet Lilia

English to persian translation using synchronous tree adjoining grammars

Heshaam Feili, Gholam-Reza Ghassem Sani

Assigning Context to Documents in a Collection to Improve Information Retrieval Effectiveness: Methodology and Experiences

Vivek Chanana, Athula Ginige, San Murugesan

Using case-based planning in designing and planning a multiagent system

Sahar Saberi, Mahmood Kharrat, Kambiz Badie

Information Mining Based on Fusing Results of Multi-Perspective Cluster-based Summarizations

Sarvnaz Karimi, Ali Moeini, Mahmoud R. Hejazi

An agent e-learning system for interactive and collaborative communication

Chun-yu Chen, Wei-shuo Lo

Cost Uncertainty Assessment and Management: The Integrated Cost-Risk Analysis Model

Vaggelis Bellos, Vrassidas Leopoulos, Michael Sfantsikopoulos

Minimal knowledge anonymous user profiling for personalized services

Alfredo Milani, Chiara Morici, Radoslaw Niewiadomski

A design of softbots for intelligent, reactive intrusion detection systems

Islam M. Hegazy, Hossam M. Faheem, Taha Al-Arif

A new sequential pattern discovery algorithm for web usage mining

Bunyat Thipmoud and Worapoj Kreesuradej

Using satisfiability in temporal planning

Kamal-Aldin Ghiathi,  Gholam-Reza Ghasem-Sani

Approximate query processing in decision support system environment

Carlo dell'Aquila, Ezio Lefons, Filippo Tangorra

Rough Set Based Classifiers For Decision Making

Qasem A. Al-Radaideh, Md Nasir Sulaiman, Mohd Hasan Selamat, Hamidah Ibrahim

An Integrated Simulation-Neural Network Meta Model Application in Designing Production Flow Lines

Mehmet Savsar and Ashraf S. Youssef

Assigning Relevance Weights for Case Retrieval

Mohamed Sadiq, Deepak Khemani

Economic and Minimum Emission Dispatch

Y.Demirel and A.Demiroren







ROOM B, 15:00-19:30 (with Coffee-Break at: 17:00-17:30)

SESSIONS 8, 9, 10:  Simulation, Modelling, Applications in Control and Robotics
Chair: Mirko Novak, Eung-Nam Ko


Volterra/Hybrid Equalization of Nonlinear ISI in a Magneto-Optic Data Storage Channel

Sunil Gupta B. Womack

Simplification of a control methodology for a class of uncertain chaotic systems

Jorge L. Estrada and Manuel A. Duarte-Mermoud

Optimal Camera Calibration for 3D Object Tracking

Aziah Ali, Rajasvaran Logeswaran, Michel R M Bister

An effective hybrid algorithm for mobile robot global path planning

Feng Yuanjing Feng Zuren

Tuning Function Point Analysis Model by Using Fuzzy Neural Network

Ho-Leung Tsoi

A constrained conjugate gradient method and its parallelization

Mhbm Shariff

Adding Functionality to a Distributed System with Herd

Olivier Buechel, Rudolf Scheurer, Beat Hirsbrunner

Atomic Specifications and Controlware Design

Ilya Levin, Vadim E. Levit and Hanania T. Salzer

A Multi-Paradigm Approach to Describe Software Systems

Adel Smeda, Mourad Oussalah, and Tahar Khammaci

Modified Bully Algorithm for Electing Coordinator in Distributed Systems

Quazi Ehsanul Kabir Mamun,  Salahuddin Mohammad Masum, 

Mohammad Abdur Rahim Mustafa

Improving a fixed-point RISC processor by a hybrid adder

Sayed Ahmad Mohseni Barandagh, H.S.Shahhoseini, Nikzad Babaii Rizvandi

Identification of a Fuzzy Automata by a KDD methodology for Supervision of Wastewater Treatment Process

Julio Waissman, Cherif Ben-Youssef, Guillermo Sanchez and Ramon Soto






FEBRUARY 14, 2004

ROOM A , 08:30-10:30  (with coffee-break at 10:30-11:00)

SESSIONS 11 and 12: Electronics and Hardware Systems
Chair: D. Purcaru, O.Neamtu


Chaotic operation of a colpitts oscillator in the presence of parasitic capacitances

O. Tsakiridis, D. Syvridis, E. Zervas, J. Stonham

Effects of packaging parasitics on high speed operation of VCSELs

K.Minoglou,E.D.Kyriakis-Bitzaros,A.Arapoyianni ,G.Halkias

Designing Circuits Detecting Different Types of Faults

I. Levin, M. Karpovsky, S. Ostanin,    V. Sinelnikov

Black box model of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers in c and l bands

António Teixeira, Davide Pereira, Sergio Junior, Francisco Couto, Mário Lima, Paulo André, José Da Rocha

Thermal Design of 25kA Current Injection Transformer (CIT) with Finite Element Method

Hossein Heydari, Mohsen Ariannejad,Faramarz Faghihi,

Minimum Components Universal Filters

Chun-Ming Chang and Hua-Pin Chen

Electronic DSP system for CO2 gas infrared measurement

Ovidiu Neamtu

Wireless networked single sensors

Frantisek Zezulka, Radimir Vrba, Zdenek Bradac

The architecture migration in multi-processor distributed systems

Roman Guzik, Jindrich Cernohorsky

Digit-serial Architecture for VLSI Implementation of Delayed LMS FIR Adaptive Filters

Basant Kumar Mohanty

Analysis of the Freeman outlines based on Fourier descriptors

Dorina Purcaru





ROOM A , 11:00-13:00  (with coffee-break at 10:30-11:00)

SESSION 13: Computational Intelligence and Applications
Chair: S.Dlay, A. Galuszka


Neural Network & Expert System Paradigms: An approach for Auto extraction of Knowledge base

Nazar Elfadil, Md.Abdus Salam and      Zia Nadir

Robust Control of Nonlinear HVAC Systems via Emotional Critic Based Intelligent Controller

Behzad Moshiri, Farzan Rashidi

GA-Based Statistical Model to be Used as an Auxiliary Tool in the Diagnosis of Human Neurocysticercosis

Julio Solano Gonzalez, Jose Manuel de la Cruz Gonzalez, Ana Lilia Laureano Cruces, M. Ivan Quintana Hernandez

Study on Determination and Exploitation of the Core competence of the Medium and Small Sized Technological Enterprises


Haili Xia,  Qiangguo Pu  and         Nikos Mastorakis

Spectral and statistical texture parameters in fuzzy neural network for cancerous colorectal cells images classification

Ephraim Nwoye, Satnam. S. Dlay and Lok Woo






ROOM B , 08:30-13:30  (with coffee-break at 10:30-11:00)

SESSIONS 14 and 15: Telecommunications and Signal Processing
Chair: Manuel Crisostomo, Beniamino Castagnolo


Evaluation of Highly Sensitive Parameters that Influence Service Access and Performance of Wireless mobile Communications

Aldo Mendez, Erickson Trejo, David Covarrubias, Cesar Vargas, Alejandro Lemus

Problems and solutions in setting up a low-cost Bluetooth positioning system

Francesco Agostaro, Fabio Collura, Alessandro Genco, Salvatore Sorce

Hardware/Software Partitioning and Simulation with SystemC

Richard Gallery, Deepesh Man Shakya

In Search of a Business Model for Hotspot

            Manuela Aparicio,  Carlos J. Costa,

            J. Paulo Costa

A model for OFDM-CDMA system with pilot tone

Zoran Veljovic, Milica Pejanovic, Igor Radusinovic, Zoran Petrovic

Performance analysis of downlink soft handover in the UMTS FDD system

Paolo Giacomazzi, Luigi Musumeci, Giacomo Verticale

Multi-Lamp High-Power-Factor Electronic Ballast Using a Fixed-Frequency Self-Oscillating Driver

Marco A. Dalla Costa, Rafael A. Pinto,

Alexandre Campos, and Ricardo N.    do Prado

WLAN Propagation Path Loss Prediction at 2.4GHz.

Umut Bulucu,  Aktul Kavas

Performance Improvement of Ad-Hoc Networks with ZRP using Route Maintenance

Alejandro Lemus and Aldo Mendez

Systematic Determination of a Models ’base for the Multimodel Approach: Experimental Validation

Ltaief Majda, Abderrahim Kamel, Ben Abdennour Ridha & Ksouri Mekki

Efficient Implementation of G.729 Annex A Speech Codec On a Fixed-Point DSP

Mojtaba Valinataj,Behjat Foruzandeh

Classification Of Different Mental Tasks Using Neural Networks

Kouhyar Tavakolian, Siamak Rezaei, A.M.Nasrabadi

Audio signal segmentation using recursive Bayesian change-point detectors

Roman Cmejla, Pavel Sovka

Efficient Compression Technique for Panorama Camera Motion

H. Farouk, S. Mashali, M. Rashwan

Software implementation of MPEG4 FGS codec using DIRECTSHOW framework

Omid Fatemi, Javad Ghasemi, Mohammad Hajibegloo

Segmentation of prostate ultrasound images using a parametric model

Nacim Betrouni, Maximilien Vermandel, Georges Palos, Jean Rousseau, Salah Maouche

Wideband Impact of Buildings and Trees on Satellite mobile Communication Systems

M. S. Al Salameh and M. M. Qasaymeh

Implementation of Video Streaming Framework by RTP and DirectShow

Omid Fatemi, Mohammad Hajibegloo, Javad Ghasemi

Direct and indirect blind equalizers of noisy fir channels: deterministic methods

Mohammed Elhajjami,  Fatiha Mrabti,    Mohcine Zouak

LDPC Coded OFDM Wireless Communication System Based on IEEE 80211.a Standard

Piming Ma, Dongfeng Yuan

Design Complexity Evaluation of an Access Control Mechanism Targeting the Performance Enhancement of Packet-Based GPONs

H.-C. Leligou,  T. Orphanoudakis,       J. D. Angelopoulos






ROOM A, 15:00-19:30 (with Coffee-Break at: 17:00-17:30)

SESSIONS 16, 17:  Information Systems and Applications

Organized and Chaired: M. J. Zemerly,
Co-Chair: Alessandro Genco


Query Clustering Using a Hybrid Query Similarity Measure

Lin Fu, Dion Hoe-Lian Goh, Schubert Shou-Boon Foo

Information Exploration Using Mobile Agents

Jawad Berri, Mohammed Al-Khamis

Actor oriented databases

Hidouci Walid-Khaled, Zegour Djamel Eddine

Ontology Development Portal

G. Zhao, R. Verlinden, R. Meersman

Personalizing interaction in a mobile environment

Sebastiano Pizzutilo, Berardina De Carolis, Antonio Petrone and Giovanni Cozzolongo

Scale space contour approximation for shape similarity evaluation

Antonio M. G. Pinheiro , Mohammed Ghanbari

Computation complexity of pulse compressors using digital Signal Processor

Young-jin Ryoo, Hyun-ik Shin, Kwang-kyu Shi, Wan-Woo Kim,

Bum-Seuk Lee

Power Dissipation and Gate Number Reduction of a utilized register, replaced by equivalent Counters

N.Babaii Rizvandi, S.A.M. Barandagh, A.Khademzadeh

Rotating Machinery Fault Diagnosis Using Time-Frequency Methods

M.S. Safizadeh, A. A.Lakis and M. Thomas

Analysis of the Freeman outlines based on Fourier descriptors

Dorina Purcaru

Proposing a New Architecture for Mobile Information and Consultation Support Systems

Mahdi Jalili-Kharaajoo and Mohsen Akbari

An analysis of IEEE 1394 on linux for cluster computing

Yong Yu, Yu-fai Fung

Design and Implementation of Session Manager for a Stateful Synchronization Server

Byung-yun Lee,  Gil-Haeng Lee,          Dae-Woong Kim

Timing Analysis of Doppler Filter Bank with Parallel Processing Configuration

Hyun-ik Shin, Bum-Suk Lee , Beyung-Gwan Choi  , Seok-Woo Lee and Whan-Woo Kim

Peer to peer networking: Main aspects and conclusions from the view of Internet service providers

Gerhard Haßlinger,

E - A Language for Thread-Level Parallel Programming on Synchronous Shared Memory NOCs

Martti Forsell

A New Model for C# Client-Side Search Agent

Ebada A. Sarhan, Iraky H. Khalifa and Wael S. Tawah

Software Engineering & Java Benchmarking for Process Control Systems Integration

Sian Hope, Michael J. Baxter

On-line WWW-Monitor

Dmitry Vazhenin, Alexander Vazhenin

Resource management for real time parallel processing in a distributed system

Matei Dobrescu, Stefan Mocanu

Performance Analysis of Cluster Based Interactive 3D Visualisation

P.D. Maselino, N. Kalantery, S. Winter

Super Linear Speedup for Parallel Givens Algorithm on a Network of Workstations (NoW)

M. J. Zemerly, K.M. S. Abdulla and M.H. Shariff

Parallelization of a 3-d computational model for wound healing

Belgacem Ben Youssef, Pauline Markenscoff, Kyriacos Zygourakis

Risk Management Issues in the Implementation of an ERP System for a Large Greek Company

N. A. Panayiotou, S. P. Gayialis, T. A. Panayiotou, V. I.N. Leopoulos

The Oracles-Based Software Testing: problems and solutions

Ljubomir Lazic, Dušan Velaševic, Nikos Mastorakis

A graph representation for use case specifications

Ondrej Rysavy, Frantisek Bures

Car simulator scene based on real world geographical data

Pavel Hrubeš







ROOM B, 15:00-19:30 (with Coffee-Break at: 17:00-17:30)

SESSIONS 18, 19:  Applied Electromagnetics and Antennas / Telecommunication

Chaired and Organized by: Humberto César Chaves Fernandes
Co-Chair: Beniamino Castagnolo, Maria Rizzi,

Change in the Directivity of Planar Array With PBG Substrate

Humberto César Chaves Fernandes and Sérgio Pinheiro Santos

Simulation and Measurement of Half-Volume Dielectric Resonator Antenna with CPW Feed

M. S. Al Salameh and Y. M. M. Antar

Optical dispersion techniques application in phased array antenna beam steering

Marcin Muszkowski, Edward Sedek

Analysis of Cavity Backing on Simple Rectangular Microstrip Patch Antenna

Rajneesh Verma ,P.K.Singhal

Analysis of the Phased Antenna Array With Photonic Material

Humberto César Chaves Fernandes and Davi Araújo Nascimento

Double Application of Superconductor and Photonic Material on Antenna Array

Humberto César Chaves Fernandes and Luiz Paulo Rodrigues

Enhancing Robustness of Telecommunications Networks

Moshe Zviran, Chanan Glezer

900 MHz Filter Design for Cellular-Mobile Telecommunication System

Mohammad Zulhasnine, M. Rezwan Khan

Multiuser transceiver what uses OFDM

Niculescu Marius Cristian, Bîzdoacă Nicu, Pană Cristina Florentina

Generation of Binary Sequences with good AIP using the Logistic Map -Application to DS-CDMA Decorrelating Receiver

Zouhair Ben Jemaa, Safya Belghith

Routing in ISL Network with Adaptive Forwarding Based on Local Link Load Information

Mihael Mohorcic, Ales Svigelj, Gorazd Kandus

Modelling and Simulation of sigma-delta ADC in VHDL-AMS

Maria Rizzi, Nicola Rosito,Beniamino Castagnolo

An Efficient Implementation of the 1D DCT using FPGA Technology

Hassan EL-Banna, Alaa A. EL-Fattah, Waleed Fakhr

Optical Link Solutions in an Integrated System for the Access Network

Paulo André, António Teixeira, Armando Pinto, Joăo Pinto, José Santos, Celso Lemos, Paulo Măo Cheia

Impact of User Speed on the Performance of a MAC Protocol for Vehicular Ad-Hoc Networks

Giuseppe Caizzone, Paolo Giacomazzi, Luigi Musumeci, Giacomo Verticale

Implementing the access control of packets on a slotted WDM MAN ring at 1us add-drop rates

Charalambos Linardakis, Brian Mortensen, Michael Berger, Rodrigo Jociles-Ferrer

Supporting multimedia streaming in VANS

Vincenzo Mancuso Marco Gambardella Giuseppe Bianchi

Design and simulation of a new multistage interconnection architecture

Maria Rizzi, Matteo D'Aloia, Beniamino Castagnolo

Single chip QPSK demodulator

Ashutosh Mundra

Design of 25 KA Current Injection Transformer Core with Finite Element Method

Hossein Heydari, Mohsen Ariannejad,Faramarz Faghihi

Analysis of predictive algorithms using mobile call traces

Paul Flynn, Tom Lunney

Irregular LDPC Coded BICM in Image Transmission over Rayleigh Fading Channel

Piming Ma,  Dongfeng Yuan

Small-Signal Properties of the Modified Boost Topology

Elena Niculescu





20:30:   BANQUET



FEBRUARY 15, 2004


Plenary Lecture II: 09:00 – 10:00


Neurofuzzy Systems

Constantinos Koutsojannis

University of Patras,
Department of Computer Engineering and Informatics,
Rio, Patra, 26500,







ROOM A , 10:00-14:00  (with coffee-break at 11:30-12:00)

SESSIONS  20 and 21: Software Engineering, Distributed Systems and Data Bases,
Distance Learning,

Invited Sessions:
Chairman and Organizer: Vilem Srovnal

Co-Chair: Dorina Purcaru, Elena Niculescu

Database Oriented Chart Parsing

Siamak Rezaei

Experimental Validation of a Systematic Determination Approach of a Models'Base

Talmoudi Samia, Abderrahim Kamel,  Ben Abdennour Ridha, Ksouri Mekki

Denoising of Images – a Comparison of Different Filtering Approaches

Piotr Bojarczak, Stanislaw Osowski

Whisker Sensors Enable Mini AUV Deployment Near Hazards

Daniel Toal, Colin Flanagan

A HLAC shape descriptor extraction method for 3D solid textures

Motofumi Suzuki, Yoshitomo Yaginuma, Noritaka Osawa

Observations on data distribution and scalability of parallel and distributed image processing applications

Roman Pfarrhofer and Andreas Uhl

Task Allocation on Fault-Tolerant Network of Processors Using a Primary Site Approach

Sameer Bataineh, B. Al-Sharaa and N. Qudan

Process Monitoring in Operating System Linux

Zdenek Slanina, Vilem Srovnal

Model Checking CSMA/CD Protocol using an Actor-Based Language

Marjan Sirjani, Mohammad Mahdi Jaghoori, Sara Forghanizadeh,      Mona Mojdeh, Ali Movaghar

Utilizing the H.264/AVC in distant undergraduate education

Theodore Zahariadis, Stamatis Voliotis, Nikolaos Katevas

The Helicoidal Life Cycle - A Tool for Software Development and Enhancement

Antonio Carlos Pinto Dias Alves

Distributed internet-based e-commerce tools

Jianming Yong Yun Yang

Performance Comparison of Assignment Policies Cluster-based E-Commerce Servers

Victoria Ungureanu, Benjamin Melamed and Michael Katehakis

Developing Small Web-Based Systems

 Carlos J. Costa,  Manuela Aparicio

Distributed Proxy Cash Cluster Optimization Simulation System

Khaled E. A. Negm

Implementation of Secure Mobile Agent for Ad-Hoc Netwoks

Khaled E. A. Negm

Communication Modeling Language

Siamak Rezaei

Evolution and Maintenance of Database Applications

Spyros Gardikiotis, Nicos Malevris

A data structure for distributed environments : CTH

Zegour D.E.

Parallel Sorting with Dynamic Load-Balancing in Stochastic Environments

Mohsen Lesani,  Amir Moghimi,          Ali Akhavan Bitaghsir, Nasser Yazdani

Quality of Service for Web Services

Saeed Araban, Leon Sterling

A Distributed Adaptive Learning Environment

Harris Wang, Oscar Lin, Qiangguo Pu, Nikos Mastorakis





ROOM A’ 15:00-19:00  (with coffee-break at 17:30-18 :00)

SESSIONS  22 and 23: Wavelets, Signal Processing
Chair: N. B. Pasalkar, C. V. Joshi


Tracking of the breast cancer by Microcalcifications segmentation based on Wavelet transform

Ahmed Rekik, Mohamed Salim Bouhlel

MRSI Brain tumor characterization using wavelet and wavelet packets feature Spaces and artificial neural networks

Azadeh Yazdan-Shahmorad, Hamid Soltanian-Zadeh, Reza A. Zoroofi

CSES: A Common Syntax-Directed Editing System

Yun Bai, Qiangguo Pu, Nikos Mastorakis

Shared variables in CSP

Frantisek Bures, Frantisek Scuglik

Highly Scalable Image Coding Based on Grouping the Wavelet Coefficients Gui Xie, Shen Hong
New Adaptive Speech Enhancement System Using A Novel Wavelet Thresholding Technique A. E. Mahdi, E. Jafer
Statustical research technique of perturbed trajectories of vehicles motion in atmosphere Udaloy Valeriy Alekseevich, Sokolov Nikolay Leonidovich
A Similarity Evaluation Method for 3D Models by Using HLAC Mask Patterns Motofumi Suzuki, Yoshitomo Yaginuma, Noritaka Osawa
Neural Edge Estimator Chi-kin Chow
Second Generation And Perceptual Wavelet Based Noise Estimation A. E. Mahdi, E. Jafer





OPTIONAL TOUR: Saltzburg by night