Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Advanced Integrative Strategy of Analyzing the Sound and Vibration Effects on Human
Bio-Behavior and Handling

Professor Mihaela Ioana Baritz
University Transilvania Brasov, Romania
Product Design, Mechatronics and Environment Department
Brasov, Romania

Abstract: Human bio-behavior in technical and social activities is very often affected by several external factors developed within the classical system, man-machine-environment.
Some of the human activities, using tools or machinery can induce a cumulative series of events in the upper or lower limbs and can change the rate of alertness and precision.
There is a wide range of methods, tools or methodologies to study of these qualitative values of human activities and this paper comes to integrate a new integrative analyze strategy.
Thus, in this research were taken into account aspects of the effect sounds and vibrations (controlled) degree on handling and postural stability in order to be integrated into the strategy of correlation with other structural factors.
In this respect, a series of tests were conducted on a sample of human subjects who were investigated and determined the bio-behavior degree (BBD) related to the structural factors.
The results of these tests come to confirm the assumptions of these correlative studies at which we were applied theory of analyze of variance (ANOVA) and allow the development of advanced integrative strategy for achieving rapid and highlight sounds and vibration effects on human bio-behavior.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Dr. Mihaela Ioana Baritz is professor in the Product Design, Mechatronic and Environment Department, at University Transilvania from Brasov Romania. She activates in this university over 30 years and she took the PhD diploma in precision mechanics field. Since 1997 she had teaching activities especially in optometry area, image processing and biomechanical investigations. She is scientific coordinator of optometry in teaching activities with students and she is biomedical engineering researches coordinator in Advanced Mechatronic Systems Center from Research Institute of University Transilvania. Also she has been advisor in several license projects and doctoral thesis.
She is member in different national and international scientific associations - IAENG, EOS, AEOO, ECOO, Patronatul OPTICA, SIROMECA, AGIR, HFES etc. She has been elected member of several conferences scientific committees.
Her research interests are focused on the application of the modern methods for investigations in optometry, image processing and biomedical engineering.
She is author of more than 100 papers in international conference proceedings and journals.

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