Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Computer-Aided Adaptive Camouflage

Professor Jiri F. Urbanek
Department of Civil Protection
Faculty of Economics and Management
University of Defence
Kounicova 65, 662 10 Brno

Abstract: The article deals with results of a Project - acronym ADAPTIV which is Czech Defence Research Project. This Project solve adaptive camouflage by the Computer - Aided Mimicry (CAM) as Project terminal solution. Perceptive interface between recipient and camouflaged object is visualized by means of textile modular screens. Screen/s special light semi-permeability enables front/ back projection with nearly identical light parameters. Information permeability, towards illusion creation, is sure controlled by the camouflage provider by means sophisticated and mastered illusion with perfect scenarios. ADAPTIV/s financial possibilities and COTS principle have asked special definition of feasibility conditions, especially recipient/s space position. All participants of camouflage Use Case have pregnant scenario roles as the technologic system components, domains, actors, agents and art mediators. Project conclusions will be introduced especially in military and security environments in live PowerPoint presentation at the Conference CIMMACS '11.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Univ. Prof. Jiri F. Urbanek, Ph.D., born 1949 in Pelhrimov, Czech Republic was graduated 1972 at Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. 14 years he operated in Czech industrial and mining enterprises, including technical help for mining rescue services. Parallel he was graduated Ph.D. with thesis Mathematical Methods in Industrial Processes. Then he gave the lectures on technological, managerial and military universities in the branches Automation, Management, Logistics and Non-conventional Technologies. On Brno University of Technology, he first habilitated in branch Mechanical Technology and later second in branch Management and Battle Employment of Ground Forces at Vyskov Military University.
Now, he gives professor's lectures at University of Defence, Faculty of Economics and Management in Brno, Czech Republic. His research branches are Safety, Civil Protection, Interoperability, Security Management, Crisis Scenarios and Civil Emergency Planning. He is European Commission expert for Security Research and for the Development of Small and Middle Enterprises. He solves many national and international research and development projects. Now he is in the solution of EC 7FP Security Research project CAST. He is author of 245 articles, 6 books and 7 patents. 8 papers was published via WSEAS.

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