Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Applied Statistics when Studying Turning Process Parameters Interdependence for S12Mn2Si Metallized Coating

Associate Professor Mihaiela Iliescu
"POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest
Manufacturing Department

Abstract: Statistical methods, as well as specialized software do represent successful means to be used when studies of important aspects in real engineering processes have to be done. This paper presents some relevant aspects of the research carried out in order to determine regression models of process functions specific to exterior cylindrical turning for a special metallized coating, S12Mn2Si . The models refer to the dependence of cutting tool durability on cutting speed, cutting feed, cutting depth and cutting tool wear.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Has graduated in 1989, "POLITEHNICA" Institute of Bucharest, ROMANIA and in1989 - 1991 worked as an engineer - in the Design Department of a Romanian peripheral equipment factory, FEPER
Since 1991 has been working, as a teacher in "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest, ROMANIA - Manufacturing Department, in 2004, being Associate professor. The Doctoral Thesis, in 2000 - was on Quality and Machinability of Thermal Sprayed Layers.
Teaches courses and works into the fields of: Applied Statistics for Engineers; Metal Forming; Manufacturing Technologies; Injection Moulding, being scientific researcher, in about 30 Research Projects and Grants. First-author or, co-author, of about 95 studies and papers - published to International/National Conferences, Sessions, Workshops, Platform Meetings etc; of 12 books on Statistics, Manufacturing Technology, Geometrical Precision Inspection. Member of some professional associations, as Plastics Industry Producers Association - ASPAPLAST, ROMANIA, Rapid Manufacturing Association - RAPIMAN; has some international awards as: Best Innovation Award - at Brussels INNOVA Fair, 2007, Golden Medal - in INVENTIKA - 2008, Bucharest, Romania.
Has papers presented in WSEAS Conferences, in 2008, 2009 and, also published in WSEAS Journals. Was invited Plenary Speaker in WSEAS Conferences, like Venice - November, 2008 ; Cambridge - February, 2009; Baltimore - November 2010. Has performed organizing activities for WSEAS Conferences in Bucharest, in June and, specially, in November, 2008 - when was General Chairman.

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