Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Adaptive E-Learning and the Future of Technology Enhanced Education

Associate Professor Boyan Bontchev
Department of Software Engineering
Sofia University, Bulgaria


Abstract: Modern young generations got used with personalization and adaptation of digital surrounding since early childhood – they grow up accustomed to customizable mobile devices, adaptable computer games, user interface, social networks and recommendation applications. Thus, when developing online courses meeting modern educational requirements, teachers should not only cover a limited set of knowledge in particular scientific domain but have also to present the knowledge in a manner appropriate for different types of learners. Adaptive e-learning systems promises a much better learning effectiveness reached by dynamical and intelligent organization of technology enhanced educational processes meeting the learning preferences, goals, performance and style of an individual or of a group of learners.
In last decade, there were proposed many techniques, methods and tools in the area of adaptive hypermedia systems concerning both modeling mechanisms and implementation issues. Adaptation techniques as adaptive navigation, content selection and link annotations are controlled by the user model and adaptation rules for providing relevant adaptation to user's preferences, knowledge/performance, goals, learning styles and navigation history. The speech will present past, present and future of adaptive hypermedia systems and will outline future development trends of technology-enhanced learning. Adaptivity will be revealed as a key factor for reaching a better appealing and satisfaction of learners from one side, and for a better efficiency of the learning process from another side.
Next, the speaker will share his experience in practical development of courseware adaptation to both learning styles and learner’s performance as two important metrics of the learner model, within the scope of ADOPTA (ADaptive technOlogy-enhanced Platform for eduTAinment) project. He will discuss creation of various types such as lessons, exercise, projects, essay tasks, problem solving, games and others, in order to be used next for construction of adaptive storyboard according given instructional design. There will be presented practical results showing that students do prefer adaptive content delivery and assessment based on learning styles and knowledge level rather than traditional teaching methods.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Boyan Bontchev has obtained MSc degree in Computer Engineering in 1988 at Technical University of Sofia, Bulgaria, and PhD degree in Parallel Processing at Bulgarian Academy of Sciences (BAS) in 1993. During his PhD study, he has specialized in RWTH, Aachen and University of Vienna. Between 1993 and 2000, Dr. Bontchev has been researcher at BAS in the area of dataflow models and architectures and, at the same time, followed a career of software engineer and consultant within the OBLOG project initiated by CERN. He has acted as project manager in private entities in Portugal, Spain, Italy and Bulgaria. Since 2003 he is Associate Professor at Dep. of Software Engineering at Sofia University. He has participated in many research projects, both national and in the scope of EC FP5/6/7. Currently, he is project coordinator of the ADOPTA project dealing with adaptive e-learning platforms and, as well, leads a game-based learning research group. Dr. Bontchev is author of more than 80 scientific publications.



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