Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Approaches to Fuzzy Modeling and
Control of Dynamic Processes

Professor Eliezer Colina Morles
Division of Graduate Studies
Faculty of Engineering
Universidad de Los Andes

Abstract: This talk includes some empirical approaches to fuzzy modeling of physical processes, based on input-output variables measurements. These models may be used to design fuzzy controllers in some feedback control configurations. There will be a reference to the use of fuzzy clustering techniques, such as Gustafson-Kessel and C-means algorithms for constructing Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy type models as well as fuzzy invertible singleton type models, which are appropriated controllers in the Internal Model Control scheme.
The talk also includes some considerations on the design of controllers with fixed and mobile set points for the regulation of some uncertain dynamical systems.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Eliezer Colina Morles, was born in July 1954 and is a native of Zulia State, Venezuela. He graduated as a Systems Engineer at the University of Los Andes, Merida, Venezuela, the degree of Master of Science in Systems Engineering at Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, USA and the degree of Doctor of Philosophy at the University Of Sheffield, England. He has held various academic positions, from Instructor in 1979, to Professor today. He has conducted research in the area of Automatic Control Systems, in particular in the fields of Intelligent Control Systems, Supervisory Process Control and Fault Detection and Diagnosis in Dynamic Systems, in which he has published several scientific articles. Likewise, he has served as academic supervisor of many undergraduate, master and doctoral students.
Currently, he serves as Coordinator of the Division of Graduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering of the Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela.

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