Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Identities and Inequalities Derived from Euclid's Algorithm with Applications in Cutting-Covering Receipts

Professor Marius Paun
Universitatea Transilvania din Brasov
Brasov, Romania

Abstract: Starting from the original demonstration of the Euclid's Algorithm (Elements, Book VII,2) we deduce one using rectangles. From this proof we deduce after some calculus some identities and inequalities that we use in Cutting-Covering Receipts.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Dr. Paun Maris is an Associate Professor at the department of ALGEBRA, GEOMETRY AND DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS in the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. He is a Ph.D in Applied Mathematics and his field of expertize is Inavriant frames in Lagrange spaces. Author of more then 40 articles on this subject or connected ones published in BDI Journals or proceedings of international conferences. Member of The Balkan Society of Geometers and cenzor of this scientific society.
His teachable span the fields of Algebra, Special mathematics and Differentiable Geometry.
Deputy chair of the department he works in.





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