Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Wireless Telecommunications Services Quality Management

Professor Tomas Zelinka
Czech Technical University in Prague
Technical Cybernetics

Abstract: Services quality management represents on of the key features of the wireless seamless telecommunications data solutions dedicated for the Intelligent Transportation Systems. Private solutions can frequently guarantee reasonable service quality level, however, their signal area coverage use to be significantly limited and the economical parameters of private solutions are much less desirable than the ones offered by the public provides. Public providers usually offer high service penetration in widely spread areas, nevertheless, these providers typically do not guarantee even lower level of the data services quality. Widely spread mobile solutions with reasonable quality level can be reached by the dynamical selection of the best possible service from the set of just accessible wireless services. Implementation is based on the seamless switching/routing structures managed by results of those adaptive decision processes. CEN TC204, WG16.1 team has been working on series of documents known as CALM family of standards. CALM is based on L2 switching and for decisions the Policy-based Management (PBM) principles are applied. In contrary to CEN team approach authors of this paper propose "alternative CALM" solution based on the L3 routing managed by the decision processes designed on principles of the adaptive classifications. This solution belongs to category of "intelligent routing". Related alternative solution can be more efficiently implemented if there is available deep enough understanding of the applied technologies. Paper presents the first implementations experiences based on the results of the laboratory studies of three most widely spread data wireless services.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
The Czech Technical University in Prague in "Technical Cybernetics", PhD in experimental (geo-) physics at the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prof. (assoc.) in Informatics at Faculty of Transport Sciences of the CTU in Prague.
2005 - Czech Technical University in Prague
-Lectures: telecommunications sciences, legal issues of telecommunications regulation, new technology trends, telecommunications in ITS, business management, strategy planning, ...
-R&D: new telecommunications trends and solutions within Intelligent Transport Systems
1993 2005 Communications business
-Development of new products, Strategy planning, Business development e.g.of alternative global voice and data communications in the Czech Republic and other countries of the CEE region namely in Global One (Sprint Int., France Telecom, Deutsche Telekom)
1976 1994 Academy of Sciences
-Experimental laboratory and observatory methods in Geophysics - studies of the variations and drift of the Earth magnetic field, Data communication solutions within international and national observatory system
-Computer modeling of magnetic material structures with on-line experimental identification studies done on the artificial samples with well defined magnetic particles structure. Laboratory measurement of the magnetic properties of rocks
1972 1976 Industrial R&D
-Automatic control systems for the technological processes - Computer Numerical Control (CNC)
-Data communications and computer based control within technological processes

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