Special Session

Plenary Lecture

Shrinking Cities - Cases of Best Practices

Assistant Professor Ana Paula Catarino Barreira
Faculty of Economics
University of Algarve
E-mail: aprodrig@ualg.pt



  • State of the art on shrinking cities

  • Theory-Practice Interface on Regeneration Strategies

  • Theory Building and Problem Solving Strategies

  • Best Practices in city regeneration

  • Cities regrowing smaller

  • Shrinking smart

Scientific Committee:

Thorsten Wiechmann, Technische Universitat Dresden, Institute of Geography, Chair of Spatial Planning, 01062 Dresden, Germany (thorsten.wiechmann@tu-dresden.de)
Sylvie Fol, Universite Paris 1 Pantheon – Sorbonne, Institut de Geographie, 75005 Paris, France. (sfol@univ-paris1.fr)
Helen Mulligan, Cambridge Architectural Research Limited, 25 Gwydir Street, CB1 2EG Cambridge, United Kingdom (hm@carltd.com)
Karina Pallagst, Kaiserslautern Technical University, Pfaffenbergstr. 95, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany (kpalla@gmx.de)
Emmanuele Cunningham-Sabot, Universite Rennes 2, Place du recteur,35043 Rennes, France (emmanuele.sabot@uhb.fr)

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Ana Paula Catarino Barreira, PhD in Economics, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Algarve and member of the CIEO– Centre of Spatial Research and Organizations; has been lecturing Political Economics, Microeconomics, Monetary Economics and Local Finance, and has been doing research on the following topics: 1) national and sub national public policies; 2) fiscal federalism; 3) spatial effects on medium-sized cities and; 4) e-local government. She is the Portuguese delegate of the COST Action TU0803: Cities Regrowing Smaller (CIRES).



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