Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Strategies of Urban Pollution Diminishing by Controlling Emissions of Automotive Engines

Professor Corneliu Cofaru
Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
Transilvania University of Brasov
B-dul Eroilor nr.29, Brasov


Abstract: This research paper presents an overview of methods of engine emissions controlling related to automotive fleet and road traffic characteristics. As urban populations expand and city roads become increasingly congested, city planners need comprehensive urban development and transport strategies to address deep-seated social and demographic change.
Effective policies must meet multiple objectives:
-Establishing a balance between different modes of transport: public transport, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians;
-Providing security, safety and optimum service for transport system users;
-Maintaining the urban mobility that drives economic development;
-Reducing urban pollution caused by motor vehicles by controlling emissions.
Nowadays urban pollution exposure from road transport has become a great concern in major cities throughout the world, for this reasons is presented the most used active and passive methods for controlling the motor vehicle emissions.
In this paper, it were presented results obtained using a model software ADMS - Urban, on which ADMS-Roads is based, for air quality management and assessment studies of complex situations in towns, motorways, counties and large industrial areas. The ADMS model uses advanced algorithms for the height-dependence of all variables including traffic flows, traffic speeds, emission rates, and the wind speed, turbulence and stability to produce improved predictions.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Corneliu Cofaru is a full Professor at the Automotive and Engine Department within the Mechanical Engineering Faculty from Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. His area of expertise is the environmental aspects of internal combustion engines. He authored or co-authored over 200 scientific papers published in reviewed journals or presented at international conferences organized by FISITA, EAEC, SIAR, etc. He wrote as author and co-author 23 books. Two of these are written in English and are entitled: "Materials-Energy Sustainable Development" published in 2002 and "Transport and Environmental Engineering" published at the Transilvania University Publishing House in 2007. He had the opportunity to manage international projects in Tempus and Leonardo da Vinci frame and he is a member of Romanian society of automotive engineers.



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