Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Supercapacitors Application in Energy Hybrid
Systems for Automotive

Dr. Carmen Mihaela Lungoci
Electrical Engineering and Computers Science Faculty
Electrical Engineering Department
Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania

Abstract: Energy hybrid systems are key elements in automotive, that meet the energy demands of traction engine, provide a convenient life and present a minimum weight and volume. Supercapacitors are devices able to meet specified demands, especially when they work together with the other energy sources, such as batteries.
Present research aims to develop an energy hybrid system for transport, using batteries and supercapacitors, in order to optimize itís energy management. To achieve this goal, several steps are taken in account.
Based on a synthetic analysis on superacapacitors, models are developed and determinations are carried out, to characterize and determine the type of supercapacitors pack to be used in the proposed applications.
Two architectures of hybrid energy systems are presented and their operating regimes are detailed. Mathematical modeling is carried out, models for the components and for the two hybrid systems being obtained.
The final part is intended to simulation and experimental tests, done for both traction applications proposed. Through the data results, supercapacitors contribution is underlined by a comparative analysis of main parameters provided by simulations and experiments too. The energy management is also presented, in a traditional system with batteries and in a hybrid system that contains supercapacitors and batteries.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Carmen Mihaela Lungoci received the B.Sc. in 1990 on the Automation for Industrial Control from Politehnica University, Bucharest and the M.S.E.E. degree in 2004 from Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania and Technology University of Belfort, France. In 2009 she received the Ph.D. degrees in Electrical Engineering from Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania. She is lecturer at this university, on the Electrical Engineering Department of the Electrical Engineering and Computers Science Faculty. Her current research interests includes supercapacitors, energy management in automotive systems and control strategies in hybrid systems.

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