Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Multipath Routing over Wireless Mesh Networks for Multiple Description Video Transmission

Professor Michel Kadoch
Directeur de la maitrise en genie
Directeur du laboratoire LAGRIT
Departement de genie electrique
Ecole de technologie superieure
Universite due Quebec
Montreal (Quebec)

Abstract: In the past few years, wireless mesh networks (WMNs) have drawn significant attention from academia and industry as a fast, easy, and inexpensive solution for broadband wireless access. In WMNs, it is important to support video communications in an efficient way. To address this issue, this paper studies the multipath routing for multiple description (MD) video delivery over IEEE 802.11 based WMN. Specifically, we first design a framework to transmit MD video over WMNs through multiple paths; we then investigate the technical challenges encountered. In our proposed framework, multipath routing relies on the maximally disjoint paths to achieve good traffic engineering performance. However, video applications usually have strict delay requirements, which make it difficult to find multiple qualified paths with the least joints. To overcome this problem, we develop an enhanced version of Guaranteed-Rate (GR) packet scheduling algorithm, namely virtual reserved rate GR (VRR-GR), to shorten the packet delay of video communications in multiservice network environment. Simulation study shows that our proposed approach can reduce the latency of video delivery and achieve desirable traffic engineering performance in multipath routing environment.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Michel Kadoch (S'67, M'77, SM'04) received the B. Eng from Sir George Williams University (Canada) in 1971, the M. Eng from Carleton (Canada) in 1974, MBA from McGill (Canada) in 1983 and the Ph.D from Concordia (Canada) in 1991. He is a full professor at Ecole de technologie superieure ETS (Canada) and the director of the Master Program in engineering. He is active in research mostly in performance analysis and network management and control in wired as well as wireless networks. He is the director of the research laboratory LAGRIT at ETS. He is also an adjunct professor at Concordia University (Canada). He is presently working on Cognitive Radio, Cross layer, and on Reliable multicast in wireless Ad hoc and WiMax networks. Professor Kadoch has published many articles and is the author of a book Protocoles et reseaux locaux (Edition ETS, 2004). He is serving as a reviewer for journals and conferences and for grants for NSERC as well as track TPC for ICCCAS, WiMob. He has been involved for many years at ITU-T as a special rapporteur and with the industry namely Teleglobe Canada, CAE, and Communication Canada. He has been a consultant with Harris, Bell South, BC Tel, Concert and British Telecom UK, as well as the CTO (Commonwealth Telecommunication Organization).



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