Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Research of Excellence in the National Centre Optimum from "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest

Professor Cristina Mohora
The National Research Centre for Performances of Technological Systems-Optimum
"POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest

Abstract: The paper presents some results obtained within the National Research Centre for Performances of Technological Systems - Optimum (CNCPST-Optimum) and implemented in industry.
CNCPST-Optimum ( is a research and consulting unit with an interdisciplinary profile, in the framework of "POLITEHNICA" University of Bucharest, Faculty of Engineering and Management of Technological Systems, Machine and Production Systems department ( The centre was founded in 1993 as the result of a project financed by the Global Bank.
The partners in research and educational projects are: INSA Lyon, Ecole Centrale de Paris and Lyon, ENSAM Aix en Provence, ENSAM Lille, Bordeaux 1, (FR), South Bank University of London (UK), Universite Technique De Darmstadt (DE), Bergamo, Torino (IT), Patras, Piraeus (GR), Porto (PT), KU Leuven (BE), University of Liege (BE) etc.
CNCSPT-Optimum carries on: fundamental and applicative research, consulting, education, development, post-graduate studies and distance studies.
The centre has results in: high speed machine design, study and optimization of the interfaces (hexapod-spindle and robot-hexapod); new design solutions (modelling and simulation); mechanical signature analysis (static, dynamic and temperature analysis); optimization by simulation of manufacturing systems; active and passive control, (SMART) solutions for vibrations damping; actuators and control design.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Cristina Mohora ( is professor at the University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest and International Relations Responsible at CNCPST-Optimum. She has competencies in Analyze of Mechanical Signature of the Technological Systems; Optimisation by Simulation of the Manufacturing Systems, Retrofitting and Open distance learning. From 2003 she is expert evaluator in different programs at EU Commission like FP6, FP7, LLP, and others. She authored or co-authored over 100 scientifical papers published in France, Italy (CIRP), Israel, Maroc, Pakistan, Romania, United Kingdom, Greece, Bulgaria, Croatia, Russia; 10 books; over 50 research contracts. Out of these, 16 research contracts and 4 international projects are finalized under her leading (3 contracts in the National Programme Research of Excellence).

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