Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

The Brake Water under Current Action. A Distortional Simulation Approach

Professor Dumitru Dinu
Marine Engineering Department
Constantza Maritime University
104 Mircea Street, 900663 Constantza, Romania

Abstract: In many cases, it is very difficult to represent the phenomena in one scale. For long conduit (pipe-lines, gas transport tubes, long brake water) we use a great scale for length. If we use the same scale for diameter or breadth, it results a very thin line. That’s why it is necessary to use a different scale for diameter or breadth in our case, a small one. By applying the similitude criterions, we obtain other scales for physical magnitudes. Are there near the real values? What are the differences between the two approaches: one scale and two scales?
In the paper we propose to use the FLUENT program to make a comparison between the results of application normal similitude and distortional similitude in the experiments regarding current action on the brake water. First, we established the model law, taking into account the physical magnitudes which influence the analyzed phenomena. After, we calculated the scales of these physical magnitudes for normal similitude (one geometrical scale) and distortional similitude (two geometrical scales). Using FLUENT we determined the values of the forces acting on the brake water, putting the pressure parameters and the dimensions of the conduit according to the two cases of similitude. Finally, we compare the "experimental" results with theoretical results, calculated by application of scale of physical magnitudes.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Professor Dumitru DINU was born in Constantza in 1948. He graduated University of Galatzi and obtained the degree of Diplomat Engineer, Naval Architect. He is doctor in Fluid Mechanics.
Courses in France on Marine Technology, Deep Diving Systems; Courses in Romania on Marine Pollution, Marine Engineering; IMO Courses, etc;
Recognition as Supervisor of doctoral theses since 2001.
He worked as researcher in Romanian Marine Research Institute (1972-1986) and Chief of Marine Technology Laboratories (1986 – 1990).
Between 1993 and 2004 Professor Dinu was Rector of Constantza Maritime University.
Key qualifications: Fluid Mechanics, Marine Technologies, Marine Pollution, Maritime Education and Training.
International Position: Member CIESM (Conseil International pour Exploitation Scientifique de la Mer Mediteranee), Member of IMLA Committee (International Maritime Lecturers Association), Romania and IMLA representative at IMO Assembly, Chairman in various conferences on MET (Maritime Education and Training).
Scientific activities: 9 books on underwater technologies, hydrodynamics, marine pollution; over 50 papers published on marine technologies, marine pollution, maritime education and training; certificates for inventions and innovations; research contract leader.

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