Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Monitoring of Distributed Parameter Systems based on Virtual Instrumentation and Sensor Networks

Professor Constantin Volosencu
Department of Automatics and Applied Informatics
Faculty of Automatics and Computers
"Politehnica" University of Timisoara
Bd. V. Parvan nr. 2
Timisoara, 300223

Abstract: This paper presents some technical solutions for monitoring of distributed parameter systems based on the new technologies of virtual instrumentation software architecture and intelligent ad-hoc wireless sensor networks. The virtual instrumentation allows the treatment of physical variables communicating with instruments as programs from a PC. The sensor networks may be placed in the areas of distributed parameter systems and they may be seen as distributed measuring sensors for the physical variables of distributed parameter systems, in space. Some applications, for the most usual distributed parameter systems as: the heat transfer in space, motion of vehicles, atmosphere pressure and noise accoustic intensity are illustrated with examples of virtual instruments, build using LabView. The developed technical solutions allow the implementation of the multivariable estimation techniques in fault detection and diagnosis in distributed parameter systems.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Constantin Volosencu is a professor at "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, Romania, Faculty of Automatics and Computers, Department of Automatics and Applied Informatics.
He graduated "Traian Vuia" Polytechnic Institute of Timisoara, Romania, in 1981, as an engineer in automatics and computers. He has a doctorate in automatics at "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, Romania.
Prof. Constantin Volosencu has researches in the field of linear control systems, fuzzy control, neural networks, control of electrical drives, system identification, sensor networks and distributed parameter systems.
Author of 10 books, over 130 scientific papers published in journals and conference proceedings and 27 patents. Manager of over 30 international and national research projects.
From 1982 to 1991 he worked as a research and design engineer at "Electrotimis" Enterprises Timisoara, Romania in the field of electrical drives. He developed electrical equipments for machine tools, spooling machines, high power ultrasonic installations and other.
Member of the Editorial Review Board for computer science, computer engineering, BCIS and MIS at Scientific Journals International SJI, member in the Authors Advisory Board at Journal of Biochemical Technology, member of the editorial board of Journal of Computer Science and Information Technology JCSIT.
Member in scientific committees and chair at international conferences.
Member of the following professional associations: S.R.A.I.T. and S.I.E.A.R Romania, IEEE Control System Society and Computational Intelligence Society, ACM.
In the frame of WSEAS prof. Constantin Volosencu is author of 18 papers published at WSEAS conferences and 8 papers published in WSEAS transactions. He was plenary speaker at the following WSEAS conferences: 9th Int. Conf. on Automatics & Information (ICAI'08), Bucharest, Romania, 2008, 8th Int. Conf. On Simulation, Modeling and Optimization (SMO '08), Santander, Spain, 2008, 8th Int. Conf. on Signal Processing, Robotics and Automation (ISPRA '09), Cambridge, U.K., 2009, 10th Int. Conf. on Automation & Information (ICAI'09), Prague, Czech Rep., 2009, 11th Int. Conf. on Automatic Control, Modeling and Simulation (ACMOS '09), Istanbul, Turkey, 2009, 9th Int. Conf. on Simulation, Modeling and Optimization, (SMO'09), Budapest Tech, Hungary, 2009, 1st Int. Conf. on Manufacturing Engineering, Quality and Production Systems, (MEQAPS'09), Brasov, 2009.

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