Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Variable Structure-based Learning Algorithms
for Neural Networks

Professor Francklin Rivas-Echeverria
Universidad de Los Andes
Laboratorio de Sistemas Inteligentes (LabSIULA)
Merida, Venezuela

Abstract: This plenary speech covers Control schemes for nonlinear dynamical systems using Variable Structure Control (VSC)-based adaptation algorithms for Neural Networks (NN). The VSC approach has been used in diverse control applications, and is new in the NN area. Some of the features of these algorithms are: Finite time convergence to zero of the learning error, guaranteed by stability analysis, robustness with respect to input and external perturbations and easy for computer implantation.
The presentation includes identification and control applications in order to illustrate the feasibility of the approach.
The plenary speech will contemplate the following topics:
- VSC-based algorithms for a single neuron and for multilayer NN.
- Dynamical filter-weights Neuron.
- Dynamic NN VSC- based Adaptive Control of a Class of unknown Nonlinear Systems.
- On-line Identification of a direct and inverse transfer operator for dynamical systems.
- Inverse model-based Control using NN with VSC-based adaptation algorithms.
- Model Reference Adaptive Control using a VSC-based Neuron-like virtual model.
- Further works in the area of VSC-based learning algorithms applications.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Francklin Rivas-Echeverria Systems Engineer, MSc. in Control Engineering and Applied Science Doctor. Full professor in Control Systems Department, at Universidad de Los Andes, Venezuela. He has been invited professor in the Laboratoire d'Architecture et d'Analyse des Systemes (LAAS, Toulouse-France) and some Venezuelan and international Universities. He has also been technical advisor for “Venezuelan Oil Company” (PDVSA), “Aluminum Venezuelan Company” (VENALUM), “Steel Venezuelan Company” (SIDOR), Trolleybus System in Venezuela (TROLMERIDA). He has created and is the Director of the Intelligent Systems Laboratory and is the head of the University consulting unit (UAPIT-ULA). Over 180 publications in high level conferences and journals: the main topics of his papers are: Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Control, Automation Systems and Industrial Applications. He has applied his results to many fields: Processes Control and Supervision, Oil production, Steel production processes, among others. Also, has developed several tools for automatic control teaching. He is coauthor of two books concerning Artificial Intelligence and Nonlinear Systems.

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