Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Method for Classification in Interval-Valued
Information Systems

Professor Amaury A. Caballero
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Florida International University
10555 W. Flagler Street
Miami, Florida, USA

Abstract: Due to its importance in a number of fields, the problem of classification or classes discrimination in information systems has been approached by multiple authors, and various methods to address this issue have been developed. The combination of rough sets and fuzzy logic for classification is a widely adopted method. Rough set theory helps in minimizing the number of attributes that influence the selection and fuzzy logic permits to discriminate when there is more than one possible solution for the same attributes and intervals. Neural networks and information entropy have also been used to discriminate. When information is diffuse and the number of obtained values for each attribute is large, such is the number of rules for any type of solution method. Due to this fact, interval-valued information systems have been proposed by several authors, in which an interval of values is defined for each attribute, moving from the minimum to the maximum obtained values in the database or using the standard deviation from the original data to define the minimum and maximum values. Differently from other works, the concept of information measure is used in this paper, together with a fuzzy logic discrimination tool. Using these concepts, an attribute reduction is initially obtained and then fuzzy logic is applied for discriminating among the possible solutions. The method results simpler than others, and as accurate as the methods usually employed.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Amaury A. Caballero obtained his Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Havana, Cuba, earned his Ph.D. in Technical Cybernetics from the Energy Institute of Moscow, Russia, and his Professional Engineer License from the state of Florida, USA. For more than 20 years he taught and performed research at the Higher Polytechnic Institute of Havana, where he earned the category of Full Professor and directed research in the areas of Automatic Control and Robotics. He was also a member of the Higher Scientific Council of the Cuban Academy of Sciences and was awarded medals in recognition of his work from the Cuban Ministry of Higher Education and at the Technical University of Brno, in Czech Republic, where he participated in a post-doctoral Study in robotics and did research with the Faculty. Dr. Caballero Has been invited to give speeches at the Universidad de Pamplona in Colombia, the Universidad Catolica de Santa Maria in Peru, the Universidad Tecnologica Centroamericana in Honduras, and the Universidad Autonoma Estatal del Estado de Hidalgo in Mexico, where he also imparted a graduate course in fuzzy logic. He has published two text books and one monograph in the area of automatic control and obtained five certificates of invention in the same area. He also wrote published research reports and papers, published in scientific journals and conference proceedings. In total he has over 100 publications. Presently, he is a lecturer at Florida International University, where he teaches in the department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and has conducted in-depth research in the areas of automation applied to construction management and in fuzzy logic applications, and works as a consultant in electrical engineering.

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