Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Wave Propagation Modeling

Assistant Professor Asu Inan
Construction Department
Faculty of Technical Education, Gazi University
06550 Teknikokullar Besevler/ Ankara

Abstract: The speech is divided in four parts. In the first part, propagation and transformations of coastal waves will be told. In the second part, wave model approaches will be presented. In the third part, the development of mild slope equations will be given. Finally, UNDA07, a numerical wave model based on the extended mild slope equations, will be explained in details.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Dr. Asu Inan received her B.Sc. in Civil Engineering from Gazi University, Turkey. She then completed her M.Sc. and Ph.D. in Coastal Engineering at Gazi University. She worked for eight years as research assistant in Hydraulic Division of Civil Engineering Department during her graduate education. She had Ph.D. in 2007 and then she worked in the Environmental & Technical Research of Accidents Department of Institute of Science & Technology in Gazi University two years long as Assistant Professor and Vice Chair. Since August 2009, she has been working in Construction Department in the Faculty of Technical Education in the same university. Her works are focused on wave mechanics, mild slope equations and numerical modeling. She has authored and co-authored thirty scientific publications in several journals and conference proceedings.

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