Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

On the Mechanical Systems Processed by Infrared Thermography Combined with Wavelet Transform

Professor Vincenzo Niola
Department of Mechanical Engineering for Energetics
University of Naples Federico II
Via Claudio 21, 80125 Naples

Abstract: The industrial plants are continuously monitored in order to maximize the performance, in terms of quality and productivity.
Nowadays, the study is also steered to their capability of working without any interruption or, at least, without unwanted interruptions.
One can easily understand that this aspect of the research is synergistic to the previous one because the reduction of unproductive time of machines increases the time available for production.
The predictive maintenance is based on methods and techniques which are still evolving rapidly, even on a consolidated basis; the approach to the evaluation of economic benefit deriving from its application deserves a particular attention.
The results achieved by the application of infrared thermography (IT) encourages for monitoring mechanical systems. In fact, it provides a complete representation of effective working conditions, putting out of sudden failures and allowing better planning of any technical intervention.
The measurement of radiation emitted from any kind of material, equipment or plant, performed by using IT, provides the corresponding heat map. The analysis of surface thermal fields allows to detect fractures and / or anomalies that may occur during the working process. In fact, every worn or not properly lubricated mechanism tends to overheat before reaching the fault.
A thermographic survey can identify such overheating since its onset and the related thermal assessment should provide the alarm before the fault occurs.
The observation of the images as well as the evolution of raw data does not provide any information on possible anomalies connected to the monitored object. Therefore, it is quite evident that the thermographic analysis, by itself, does not provide sufficient evidence to predict any anomalies related to the observed system. Then, starting from this sequence of data it is already possible to obtain interesting information by applying the Wavelet Transform both to thermographic images and to numerical vectorial sequence. In particular, it is possible to evaluate and to take out the information characterizing the pattern of the signal as well as morphological features and mean dynamics, related to the various epochs.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Vincenzo Niola is professor of Applied Mechanics at Naples University Federico II since 31 march 1987. After he got an Univerisity Degree in Mechanical Engineering, he started in january 1978 didactics activity as helper at course of Applied Mechanics and Machines et as member of their committee of examination. Since september 1979 he carried on that collaboration as owner of a scholarship from C.N.R. (National Research Council). Since december 1981 to march 1987 he was a researcher carrying on the practice course for Applied Mechanics, taking a part at examination meeting and working as proposer in many degree thesis. Since 1981 to 1984 he carried on his didactics activity as university teacher for Bioengineering course of locomotive apparatus at Orthopaedy and Traumathology specialization school of 2th Department of Medicine and Surgery of Naples University. Since 31 March 1987 is professor of Applied Mechanics at Naples University Federico II, and since A.A. 86/87 to A.A. 92/93 he carried on the Applied Mechanics and Machines course for electronic engineers, and since A.A. 93/94 to today carry on the Applied Mechanics course for computer science engineers. Since A.A. 88/89 to 89/90 he carried on as supply teacher the Applied Mechanics course for building engineers at Salerno Engineering University. By A.A. 94/95 to A.A. 97/98 he carried on as supply professor Tribology course at Naples University Federico II. By A.A. 2001/2002 he holds the chair of Applied Mechanics for University Degree of "Orthopaedic Technician" at 2th Department of Medicine and Surgery of Naples University. Since A.A. 2005/2006 is professor of Tribology and of Complements of Mechanics. During this years Prof. Vincenzo Niola has been the chairman of his courses examination meetings, and was proposer of many degree thesis.. During his activity Prof. Vincenzo Niola was owner of financings from MURST and (in past and present) cooperate scientifically with research corporation and national industries (MERISINTER, MONTEFLUOS, INDESIT, ALENIA, C.I.R.A.). He's scientific member of Naples research unit for PRIN 2003. He's fellow of Italian Association of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics (AIMETA). He's member of IFToMM Linkages on cams committee. He belongs to the International Scientific Committee of the "World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society (WSEAS). He is President of the WSEAS Italy Chapter on the "Analysis of the Mechanical Systems". He was been Chairman and "invited author" in some session of Internatinal Conferences. He's author of more than 130 national and international papers.

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