Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

A Novel Technique of Digital Signal Processing on Solar Geomagnetic Induced Current to Detect and Prevent Power Black Out

Professor Hari Kumar Naidu
Adhiyamaan College of Engineering
Hosur, T.N., India

Abstract: The recent developments in the field of Digital Signal Processing and remote sensing with its wide spectrum of sensor systems provide opportunity to gather information on solar wind, solar flares and other solar phenomena occurring in space as well as high geological resistivity areas consisting of igneous rock formation on earth by Geographical information system, through which the power transmission lines are passing, in space and time domain.
Significant contribution is being made recently by developing state of art sensor systems, building launch capabilities of remote sensing series satellites & developing advanced Digital Signal Processing techniques. With judicious combination of satellite data sets with Geographical Information Systems by SCADA, it is possible to carry out detailed mapping and correlating advanced digital image processing techniques like artificial intelligence & neural network, which may further improve the accuracy of the derived thematic layers from satellite image for forecasting effects of developing solar Geo magnetic disturbances on power systems and transformers and the location of high resistivity area in which these power equipments are existing.
This lecture will present the causes & nature of geomagnetic storms & their resulting effects on Electrical power system since the solar flares can cause transient fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field. This in turn create transient fluctuations on the exposed power transmission lines and transformer neutral terminals by developing Geo magnetic Induced current in high resistivity earth areas, which is the quasi direct current compared to 50/60 Hz and thereafter analyzing it by novel Digital Signal Processing techniques to prevent blackouts in future.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Hari Kumar Naidu is a Professor of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Adhiyamaan college of Engineering, Hosur, Tamil-Nadu, India.
His area of expertise at present is Power system reliability and SCADA communication for real time reliable power system automation.
He authored two books in electrical engineering field. In addition, he authored or co-authored over 16 numbers of scientific papers published in reviewed journals or presented at International conferences. He is reviewer for a reputed International Journal. He had organized as coordinator for 6 numbers of National level conferences, seminars, workshops. In addition, he attended 17 numbers of conferences, workshops and training programmes in India & abroad including chairing few. Besides Academics he has vast field working experience in Saudi- Arabia, Sultanate of Oman and Qatar (Arabian Gulf) in various senior capacities. He had obtained Master of Electrical Engineering and Bachelor of Electrical Engineering qualifications from the reputed National Regional Engineering college, Bhopal, India.

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