Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Energy Labeling of Pumps and Electrical Motors Assemblies Method

Professor Mircea Grigoriu
Romanian Cleaner Production Center
University POLITEHNICA Bucharest
313 Spl.Independentei, Bucharest-6

Abstract: For the present and the near future, European plan for energy consumption mitigation dedicates a consistent chapter to electrical motors energy labeling, as a measure of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness of these equipments. The most adequate model for the pumps energy labeling approach seems to be a deepening particularization of the general installation and buildings labeling, accepted at international level and covered by national and international regulations. The paper presents the method developed by the Romanian Cleaner Production Center in cooperation with Multigama ltd., the representative of KSB Pumps Group from Germany. The method emphases follow ups of energy efficiency savings improvement and environmental impact effects evaluation. There are considered the potential extension to the whole pumping system evaluation from the energy efficiency point of view. The method consider the specific “electrical motor”-“pump” operation characteristics and restrictions, the potential of flexibility of the system and energy mitigation limitations.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Mircea Grigoriu is assistant professor of Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering, University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest, Romania, where he is also the coordinator of the Hydraulic Machineries Laboratory and director of the Romanian Cleaner Production Center. His main research interests concern Pumping systems energy efficiency and the energy savings and environmental impact; Pumping systems design, operation, automatics, diagnostics and protection; Climate changes assessment; Management systems. In these fields, he authored or co-authored over 50 scientific papers published in reviewed journals or presented at international conferences. He was minister of Environment counselor, national focal point of the UNFCCC of Romania and now is listed in the Roster of experts of UNFCCC. He is technical counselor of important pumping equipments producers. He is a redactor at the Energetica Journal edited by the National Energy Producers Association (IEA), representing Eurelectric in Romania.

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