Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Knowledge Based Multimedia System for
Teacher's Education

Professor Danimir Mandic
Informatics and didactic
University of Belgrade
Kraljice Natalije 43

Abstract: This paper deals with a concept of Knowledge system which is created to support medern learning and teaching. Educational technology is constantly changing and improving in line with the development of science and information technology. Traditional teaching is most often criticized for insufficient activity of students, inadequate teaching intuition and dynamism, the impossibility of individualisation of teaching, lack of continuous feedback on the achievements of students and others. Intensive development of telecommunications technology and computer systems, permanent connection to the Internet and WEB based learning systems enabled better use of computer technology in teaching. Computer based knowledge systems provide flexible organization of activities, lectures and study materials and a complex evaluation of students.
Teaching is often formalized, verbalized and not sufficiently visual, reducing knowledge durability as well as possibility of connecting theory with real life. Multimedia knowledge systems is created for personal computers offer possibility for making electronic text books involving text, pictures, sounds, animations and films, in such a way that learners can individually proceed in learning teaching contents, they can return to contents which are not clear enough to them, they can receive feedback and additional information in accordance with their own capabilities and interests. Interactivity and quality of presented materials, using multimedia and hypertext, offer considerably richer contents compared with teaching carried out in traditional classroom.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Danimir Mandic graduated at the Faculty of Mechanical engineering in Sarajevo, in the area of Information systems. Masters degree got at the University of Belgrade in the area of Information systems in traffic engineering. At the Faculty of technical sciences in Novi Sad he got a DSc in the area of Information systems in traffic engineering, and he got PhD at the University of East Sarajevo in the area of Educational technology. He was a postgraduate student at the Michigan State University at the department of Computer Sciences.
Currently he is a full professor of Informatics and educational technology at the University of Belgrade in Serbia and a chief of Department of Didactics and Educational Technology. From 1987. up to 1992 he was assistant at the Faculty of Traffic Engineering in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina). From 1992. he is professor at the Faculty of Teacher Training in Belgrade (Serbia).
Danimir Mandic published more than 50 scientific papers and 16 books in the area of Informatics and Educational Technology. He was a leader in three scientific projects: Educational software for students, Interactive multimedia classroom and Distance education systems for high education. Currently he is the leader in scientific project: Evaluation of the Curriculum at the Teacher Training faculties in Serbia using modern technologies and distance education. He is the author of several innovations in education. Currently he is developing a WEB portal for teachers, pupils, parents...
Danimir Mandic is advanced tester and coordinator for European Computer Driving Licence in Serbia.

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