Special Session

Special Session

Risk Factors Evaluation, Management and
Mitigation in Medicine

Professor Milena Adina Man
Hospital of Phtizilogy 'Leon Daniello'- Cluj Napoca
6 I. B.P.Hasdeu Str, zipcode:3400
Cluj-Napoca, Romania
E-mail: manmilenaadina@yahoo.com

Professor Mircea Grigoriu
Universitatea Politehnica, Bucharest
E-mail: mircea.grigoriu@gmail.com

Medical risks of professional diseases
Malpraxis risks assessment and mitigation
Interdisciplinary risk evaluation in medical praxis
Specific medical specialties risks assessment
Risk in professional diseases

Brief Biography of the Organizers:
Milena Adina Man
Senior Chest Physician, Head of the Pulmonary Department Spitalul Clinic de Pneumftiziologie, “Leon Daniello” Cluj-Napoca, Romania from 2006
Senior Lecturer, University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Cluj-Napoca,
Romania from 2004
Participated to WSEAS Conference in Prague, Cambridge and Athena, ERS Congress, National Conference

Professor Mircea Grigoriu
Field of expertise: pumps and pumping stations; energy efficiency; climate changes; audit of management systems; audit of energy efficiency of buildings and installations; risk assessment and management.
Member of professional bodies: Professors Council of the Faculty of Energy, University POLITEHNICA Bucharest; (RHA)Romanian Association of Hydrology; (AIIR) Romanian Association of Engineers of Installations; (IRE) Romanian National Institute for Planning and Use of Energy Sources.
Scientific activity: Researches in energy efficiency of hydraulic machineries and installations.
Publications: 3 monographies and 25 articles on the field of expertise topic.



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