Plenary Lecture

Plenary Lecture

Basic Concepts of Macroeconomic Development Marketing

Professor Liliana Duguleana
Statistics and Forecasting
at Faculty of Economic Sciences
University TRANSILVANIA of Brasov, Romania

Abstract: The New Economic Crisis which shakes all the national economies, causing deep consequences over people life incites to challenge marketing development.
The affairs' marketing approach was perceived al micro level to ensure more profit for organizations and their owners, based on analyzing the consumers' behaviour.
Later the social marketing has been developed for changing the beneficiaries' attitudes and behaviours for satisfying their market interests, promoting rather ideas instead of products and services. Separate marketing directions are developing fields as: education, health, culture, sports, religions, public administration and others as eco-marketing or electoral marketing.
At macroeconomic level, the beginning of economic crisis revealed some marketing actions of some public personalities, experts and party's leaders to act for changing the people expectations concerning the difficult changes of life. Using marketing tools, some of them succeeded in changing their nation's behaviour to consume mostly in the same manner as before the crisis started, even promoting the national consumption. These actions were accompanied by political measures to sustain the effects obtained by their macroeconomic marketing actions.
The paper analyses the real GDP and real consumption for Romania during a long period starting with 1990, using a model of adaptive expectations to explain and forecasting the final consumption. The correlation between the two macroeconomic indicators can explain a national weakening to fight with the causes of economic crisis. The model can be applied for the economies of other European economies, where government and their leaders used macroeconomic marketing actions to reduce the effects of economic crisis.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Liliana Duguleana graduated in 1982 the Faculty of Planning and Economic Cybernetics at Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania. She has PHD Economic Statistics specialization (1999) at Faculty of Cybernetics, Statistics and Economic Informatics, at Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, with the thesis "Strategies of Market Research using Statistical Methods with Application at S.C. ROMAN S.A. Brasov".
She is professor of Economic Statistics and Forecasting Methods at Faculty of Economic Sciences, Transilvania University from Brasov. Her competence fields are: Statistics, Forecasting and Econometrics; she is PhD coordinator in Marketing specialization (since 2005). She is coordinator of academic program "International Affairs" - distance learning education form (since 2005), coordinator of the scientific research master program "Marketing Strategies" (since 2008) and directory of interdisciplinary scientific research and forming platform/laboratory ASPECKT - "Economic Forecasting, Statistical Analyses and Marketing Research" (since 2006).
She is member of Economic Commission at Quality Assurance Romanian Agency in Higher Education (since 2006).
She authored or co-authored 12 books, 63 scientific articles in specialized reviews and economic publications and 36 scientific papers presented at international conferences and published in their proceedings.


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