Deadlines, (NANOTECHNOLOGY '09), Cambridge, UK, February 21-23, 2009

Plenary Lecture

Measuring Software Product Quality with ISO Standards: An Information Model

Professor Rafa E. Al-Qutaish
Department of Software Engineering
Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan
Amman, Jordan

Abstract: The ISO is developing a new ISO 25000 series on Software Product Quality Requirements and Evaluation (SQuaRE) to improve the interpretation and use of quality measures for software products. This chapter explains how the ISO 19539 Measurement Information Model can be used to implement the ISO 9126 models for software product quality. It also identifies some of the harmonization issues arising as a result of the addition of new documents like ISO 25020 and ISO 25021, in particular with respect to previously published measurement standards for software engineering.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Dr. Rafa E. Al-Qutaish received the B.Sc. degree in Computer Science from Yarmouk University, Jordan in 1993, the M.Sc. degree in Software Engineering from University of Putra, Malaysia in 1998, and Ph.D. degree in Software Engineering from the School of Higher Technology, University of Quebec, Canada in 2007. Currently, he is an assistant professor of Software Engineering in the Software Engineering Department, Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan, Amman, Jordan.
Dr. Al-Qutaish works mainly in the area of Software Engineering. He also has the interest in some areas such as, Computer Networks and Artificial Intelligence. He wrote and published more than 20 scientific papers. He is a senior member of IEEE-CS and acting member of ACM.




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