Deadlines, (NANOTECHNOLOGY '09), Cambridge, UK, February 21-23, 2009

Plenary Lecture

Software Risk Management through a Shared Approach

Professor Khairuddin Hashim
Software Engineering Department
Tenaga Nasional University

Abstract: Data on past and current problems in software development and their solutions are scarce. Software development problems cover a wide spectrum including aspects of processes and resources. Organizations do not want to reveal the software development problems they face and their outcomes due to obvious ramifications. Problems recur and solutions are many and varied. Mistakes are repeated due to unavailability of documentation on effective practices and measures. Not much is shared although the benefit of sharing is known. This presentation will discuss a risk management model with a unique shared approach towards effective sharing of problems and solutions by organizations without compromising on anonymity. Analysis of historical data provides useful information on potential problems and facilitates effective risk management of the software development process.

Brief Biography of the Speaker:
Prof. Dr. Khairuddin graduated with a Ph.D. in computing science from the University of Bath, United Kingdom, in 1989. He has research interest, publications and international conference presentations on requirements engineering, software reuse, software risk management, software project management, human computer interaction and adaptive learning.
Dr. Khairuddin has over 20 years experience in academia spread over three academic institutions - University of Malaya, Tun Abdul Razak University and Tenaga Nasional University. He was a visiting professor at McGill University in 1995 and a research scholar at Kyoto University in 1993. Dr. Khairuddin was a consultant for SIDA (Swedish International Development Agency) in 2003. He was also a member of several international conference paper committees. He held top level administrative university posts such as Deputy President (Academic), Vice President (Technology) and Dean of Faculty. He has presented as keynote and plenary speaker at international and local conferences.
Apart from university related work, Prof. Dr. Khairuddin is/was also involved in being: panel member of Open System Expert Group for the Public Sector, Chief Editor of the Malaysian Journal of Computer Science, Software Engineering Consultant to Malaysian Institute of Microelectronic Systems (MIMOS), panel assessor for DAGS (Demonstrator Application Grant Scheme) for NITC, panel assessor for the Industry Research and Development Grant Scheme (IGS), member of Expert Group Service Sector (Information Technology) for IRPA (Intensified Research in Priority Areas), MSC Research & Development Grant Scheme Technology Assessment Consultant, Science Fund ICT Assessor and TechnoFund ICT Cluster Technology Assessment Consultant.




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