Plenary Lecture, GEOLOGY and SEISMOLOGY (GES'09), Cambridge, UK, February 21-23, 2009

Plenary Lecture

Is there a Relation between the Geological Structure and the Prehistoric Art Manifestations? A Case History: The El Castillo Mountain Prehistoric Caves, Puente Viesgo, Cantabria, Spain

Professor Alberto Foyo
Director of Ground Engineering and
Material Sciences Department
Cantabria University

Abstract: The relation between the regional geological structure, characterize by the presence of mayor hercinian thrust and normal faults with a second sequence of minor alpine faults, and the evolution of the karstic phenomena and consequently the development of the caves in the El Castillo Mountain, they have been demonstrated any years ago.
Recently, during the geological risk and stability research works, taken into account inside the five caves with important representations of prehistoric parietal pictures, a special, perhaps estrange relation between the little fracture joints and the situation of the pictures, have been detected.
Here we show the geological observations carried out inside the caves, the geological cartography of the discontinuities, and a collection of the main art manifestations in the El Castillo Mountain Prehistoric Caves.

Brief Biography of the speaker:
Was born on 1949 in Lugo, Galicia, North of Spain. Graduate in Geology (1976) and Doctorate in Geology (1980) in the University of Oviedo, Asturias.
Since 1977, as a Chief of the Applied Geology Research Group of the University of Cantabria, participate in many civil engineering projects, mainly in motorways, large dams foundations, geological risk in hydraulic works and since 1999, in the geological risk research around the main prehistoric caves in the North of Spain.
Since 1977, Professor of Applied Geology to Public Works, since 1983, Professor if Geomorphology and Engineering Geology in the Civil Engineering School of the University of Cantabria, and between 1993-2004 Prof. of Dam Geology in the Master of Engineering Geology, Geological Faculty of the University of Madrid. Member of the Cantabria International Institute for Prehistoric Research.
Director of many Projects I+D+I and Postdoctoral Courses in relation with the Universita Paderborn and Universitat Munster, Germany, San Luis Potosi University Tehcnological Institute of Monterrey, Mexico, Universite Bordeaux I, France, Politechnic Institute J. A. Echevarria, Cuba, Salamanca University, Spain, and the UNED Costa Rica.
Actually, Director of the Ground Engineering and Material Sciences Department of the Cantabria University, Spain.



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