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Cambridge Colleges, England Cambridge Streets, Cambridge, England  

Cambridge Colleges:
(Left)  Along with Oxford, Cambridge is the quintessential university town. The only thing it is lacking is a marching band and football team!

Quiet Streets of Cambridge:
(Left)  Only about one hour north of London, visitors to Cambridge feel like they've stepped into another world.

Cambridge University, Cambridge, England Cambridge:
England's second-oldest university after Oxford, Cambridge is unlike most other universities because the entire city grew up and around this beautiful campus, and they are so intertwined that it would be impossible to separate them.
King's College, Cambridge, England King's College:
Only in Cambridge can university buildings be mistaken for grand palaces. When you do visit England, take an entire day to explore this beautiful city and make sure you walk up and down every alley and even sneak onto the university grounds to capture views like this!

UK -- London

London & Greenwich
Tower Bridge, London, England Tower Bridge:
One of London's premier international symbols, the Tower Bridge is a stately reminder of the power and prestige of this grand city. Often mistakenly referred to as "London Bridge" (which is now in Arizona), this landmark has spanned the Thames for over 100 years.
Trafalgar Square Fountains, London, England Trafalgar Square:
Surprisingly, this square turned out to be my favorite section of the city to hang out and relax. I spent a lot of time in the "café in the crypt" at St. Martin in the Fields on the square where you could have delicious food and a beverage while listing to classical music or jazz.
Westminster Palace, London, England Big Ben and Double Decker Bus, London, England Westminster Palace:
(Left)  The gothic spires of Westminster Palace exude a grandeur that most government structures around the world lack. It is extremely hard not to be impressed when you visit.
Big Ben:
(Right)  London's other famous intern. symbol, Big Ben is actually the name of the bell located inside of the tower.
Notting Hill, London, England Westminster Palace Lion, London, England  

Notting Hill:
(Left)  A district unlike any other I've ever seen, Notting Hill district is unique due to the similar architecture and high-class feel that permeates the air.
Westminster Lion:
(Left) The gothic structures around the government offices were a statue-lovers delight. Everywhere you looked you saw ferocious animals, menacing gargoyles, and scariest of all... politicians!


The Ritz Hotel, London, England Trafalger Square Arches, London, England  

Puttin' On The Ritz:
(Left)  Sure, the Ritz is London's swankiest hotel and is steeped in history, but the real reason it deserves mention on this page is because whenever I see this picture I think of "Young Frankenstein". See, now you are too!

Trafalgar Square:
(Right)   It is a pity that London isn't better known for its architecture, because it does have some beautiful buildings!


Tower of London, England
Tower Of London:

While not quite a "tower" by today's standards, this site is especially interesting considering all of the ghoulish activities that occurred here. Plan on spending plenty of time here to fully take in all the sights, including the crown jewels and the many ravens which make the grounds their home.
Tower of London, England Tower Of London :
Although I don't believe in ghosts, if there ever was a structure in this world that could be haunted this would probably be the place. The tower was home to a large prison where executions were commonplace and many royal figures received gracious "severance" packages when they were dethroned.
Millenium Dome, Greenwich, England
Millennium Dome:

Quite possibly one of ugliest buildings in the world, the Millennium Dome in Greenwich is also an overwhelming flop, as it really has no useful purpose. While I was visiting London, news broke that the dome could be used for a housing experiment. Almost two years later, the building still stands empty.
Harrods of London, England Guard Graffiti, London, England

(Left)  If you've got the money, I don't think there is a better place to shop (and be seen shopping) than Harrods. If nothing else, be sure to stroll around the store and take in the opulent decorations and fantastic food halls.
Alley Graffiti:
(Right)   It always pays to step off the main thoroughfares and to explore the back alleys.
Tower Bridge, London, England Westminster Abbey, London, England Tower Bridge:
(Left)   The Tower Bridge is impressive from almost every angle.

Westminster Abbey:
(Right) One unique aspect of English life is the role of the national church. Westminster Abbey is the official church of the monarchy and is owned by the royal family.

London Eye along the Thames, London, England London Eye, London, England

London Eye:

(Left)   The most successful of all international millennium commemorations, the London Eye is a fantastic ride which provides you with beautiful views of London and the Thames.

London Eye:
(Right)  Much like the Eiffel Tower, the London Eye was built as a temporary exhibit. It too seems like it will become a permanent fixture of the skyline.
Royal Greenwich Observatory, England Greenwich Parks, England


(Left) How can one visit London without taking a side trip to Greenwich? Make sure you come during opening hours though, because otherwise you'll only be able to walk back and forth across a brass line and pose for stupid pictures.

Greenwich Parks:
(Right) Not too far from the revitalized Canary Wharf area of London, Greenwich is famous for its beautiful architecture and expansive parks.

The London Eye over the River Thames, London, England
The River Thames :
First settled by the Romans as a convenient crossing point, London owes its existence to the River Thames. As seen from the London Eye, most historically important structures in London are located within earshot of the Thames and a long stroll along both sides is an experience not to be missed.
Fox Hunting Protest, London, England

Fox Hunting Protest:

While many countries have protests concerning civil rights, unfair governments, and other such issues, the main protest issue while I was visiting was the right to continue hunting foxes. While this protest began small, by the end of the year it blossomed into the largest protest in over 200 years!
Punting at Cambridge, England Round Church, Cambridge, England


(Left) An old college tradition in Cambridge is to go punting down the river that passes through town. It seemed to be an activity dominated by amateurs, as the most frequent sound heard was that of people falling off their boats into the river.
Round Church:
(Right)  The city boasts gorgeous architecture almost one thousand years old.


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