Plenary Lecture, ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE, KNOWLEDGE ENGINEERING and DATA BASES (AIKED '09), Cambridge, UK, February 21-23, 2009

Plenary Lecture

Agent Based Semantic Analysis

Professor George Rzevski
Complexity Science and Design, The Open University, UK
Founder, Magenta Corporation, London, UK and Samara, Russia

Abstract: The speaker will describe a new method for semantic analysis of text using multi-agent technology. The problem of semantic analysis is reformulated as the allocation of meanings to words and software agents are given the task to negotiate the matching. A comprehensive ontology contains general knowledge on text understanding, language oriented rules and specific knowledge on the problem domain. Every word in the text under consideration is given the opportunity to autonomously and practically search for its own meaning consulting knowledge available in ontology.
To simplify the process of extracting meanings, the method includes an initial morphological and syntactic analysis of the text, followed by semantic analysis. After that, a pragmatics program implements user-defined applications using the semantics descriptor, which has been generated during semantic analysis.
The method has been commercially applied to abstract selection.

Brief biography of the speaker:
George Rzevski is Emeritus Professor of the Open University, Milton Keynes, UK, engaged in research into Complexity Science Applications and Multi-Agent Technology. He is also Founder of Magenta Corporation Ltd, London, UK and Samara, Russia, an international company developing large-scale intelligent multi-agent systems for applications such as logistics, e-commerce, semantic search and knowledge discovery. George has edited nine books and published a very large number of papers in the areas of Applied Complexity Science, Design, Artificial Intelligence, Multi-Agent Technology and Information Society.

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